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HOT at DFMD in December 2023

January 3, 2024

Before I turn my focus to brand new content…and I do indeed have some in the work…let’s look back at what was popular here at Dressed for My Day in December, 2023. Here’s what was HOT at DFMD last month.

HOT at DFMD in December 2023

I know we’re three days into January, 2024, and you’re probably chomping at the bit for some new content. But I do have a couple more review posts that I want to knock out before we move on. So I hope you’ll indulge me on these. It’s really so helpful for me to look back, run the numbers, analyze and think through the previous year (or in this case, month) before moving forward. The plan right now is to share my favorite 23 outfits of 2023 tomorrow, and then we’ll move forward!

We’ll run through these in true countdown order, culminating in the number one most popular item at DFMD in December. But before we start, remember these are really just the items that were most frequently clicked through and then resulted in a purchase. Your privacy is secure; I have no way of knowing who made a purchase or even what exactly was bought.

#16 – Dolce Vita Linny H2O Booties

These Dolce Vita Linny H2O Booties are definitely some of my favorites. I have them in the truffle suede, which is a color that works so nicely with most everything in my closet for an elevated casual look.

sweater (gifted) // straight leg jeans // boots // purse // earrings // See the original post for details.

I noticed on the website that reviewers say these Dolce Vita Linny H2O Booties run slightly small. I’d say that’s true, but I do have them in my usual 9.5m and they feel really good to me. I probably have been wearing mostly thin socks with them. So just take that into consideration. They’re great mid intensity booties.

By the way, for all of our HOT items you can get more information about how I styled them through the original post or video in which they were shared. I’ve given you links to those posts and videos in the captions of the photos.

#15 – Cotton Button-Front Shirt in Beautiful Plaid

I’m so glad to see this cotton button-front shirt on our list. I’ve really enjoyed wearing it during the holidays. But when I put some holiday-ish things away the other day, I actually kept this shirt in my closet. I’ll certainly continue to wear it.

button-front plaid shirt

This shirt is super soft and not too heavy. It feels like a light flannel. It fits true to size and the sleeves are full enough to accommodate my larger upper arms. It’s been marked down and you get an extra 40% off.

#14 – 180° Two-Way Tank in Belleville Stripe

I would be surprised to see the 180° Two-Way Tank in Belleville Stripe on our list, but I did feature it in our 23 Hottest Sellers at DFMD in 2023 post on December 27. At that time I think it was available at a lower price, but now it is full price again.

5 Wardrobe Essentials for Great Spring Outfits
180° Two-Way Tank in Belleville Stripe

Not only was this 180° Two-Way Tank in Belleville Stripe a top seller at the blog in 2023, but it’s one that still hangs in my closet today. I definitely wore it more in the spring and summer (on repeat in fact!), but I do occasionally reach for my tanks in cold months, too. I have the navy and white strip, but it also comes in black and white and rattan and white. Oh, and you can wear it as a scoop neck or v-neck.

#13 – Talbots Hampshire Ankle Pants

You know I love my Talbots Hampshire Ankle Pants. I have them in several colors, but I’ve shown them most recently in this beautiful red.

boots and coat
sweater (c/o; use code KayH15 for 15% off or code KayH20 for 20% off purchases of $200+) // red Hampshire ankle pants // Brighten duo tone earrings (c/o) // long station necklace (c/o) // suede booties (sold out in grey; these are similar) // coat is old // similar scarf // cardinal brooch // satchel (c/o) // similar leather gloves // See the original blog post for more details.

I wear a size 10 in the Talbots Hampshire Ankle Pants. And think they’re such a nice basic trouser for year round.

#12 – Talbots Tribeca Pants

But I also love the more modern elements of the Talbots Tribeca Pants. These favorite trousers feature a single pleat at the top, belt loops and an ankle length.

Blouse and Pants and Jacket
blouse (TTS; wearing medium) // trousers (TTS to roomy; wearing 8) // double faced jacket (TTS; wearing large) // clutch // black pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels at Ally) // earrings // bracelet // gloves // See the original blog post for more details.

I wear a size 8 in this roomier trousers. They come in other colors, too.

#11 – Plaid Cashmere Scarf

I’m so pleased that this Plaid Cashmere Scarf is on our HOT at DFMD list for December. I love wearing my cashmere scarfs.

Red and Black Outfit for Daytime
red Hampshire ankle pants // black cashmere turtleneck // coat or here // pumps sold out (another option on sale) // earrings // scarf // clutch bag // brooch // similar gloves // See the original blog post for details.

But in fact I gave this Plaid Cashmere Scarf to my daughter for Christmas. I have a similar one from a past season, so I thought I’d get her one, too.

#10 – Tish Chelsea Boots

Now I love MY Tish Chelsea boots, but these are actually a little different. The ones that trended at DFMD in December have a higher shaft than mine. I’ve not even tried them on. Please let me know if you purchased them and what you think.

Cardinal in Snow Crewneck Sweater
snow cardinals crewneck cardigan (TTS; wearing a misses medium) // plaid cotton button-front shirt (TTS; wearing a misses medium) // straight high waist relaxed jeans (TTS; wearing a 10 misses) // Chelsea boots (TTS) // earrings // similar red shoulder bag // See the original post for details.

I can tell you that my Chelsea boots shown above are my favorite and most worn boots. I have them in three colors. And I have to imagine that the HOT selling Tish Chelsea Boots are just as comfortable. But please let me know if you can provide some feedback.

#9 – Metallic Puffer Vest

It took me a while to figure out where some of these top sellers were initiating from on my blog. I was struggling to find pictures of me wearing them. That was the case with this Metallic Puffer Vest, which I did indeed wear on my trip to Georgia several times.

Paige jeans (no longer available // similar option) // camel heather cashmere Donegal sweater // (my vest is from previous year// the trending metallic puffer vest) // silver loafers (TTS) // purse // necklace // bracelet // earrings // See the original blog post for more details.

But I couldn’t figure out how people saw me in the vest in time for it to be such a big seller. Then I realized I’d shown it in a YouTube video. Along with several of our other top sellers. This vest runs a little large. You might want to size down. I’m wearing a small.

#8 – Hampshire Ankle Pants in Apple Cider Plaid

These Hampshire Ankle Pants in Apple Cider Plaid are actually from Talbots’ holiday line LAST YEAR. But I shared them in this recent video when I noticed that they were still available. I LOVE them. I was all set to wear them just like this for Christmas.

Shop the look here. // As seen in this recent YouTube video.

But we had a heat wave during Christmas in Georgia. So I had to ask my daughter if I could borrow from her a white button-up shirt. She loaned me this organic cotton big shirt, and I have to tell you, it’s a winner. It’s evidently VERY oversized because I was able to wear her x-small quite comfortably. I’d probably purchase a small for me.

organic cotton big shirt (wearing an XS) // Hampshire Ankle Pants in Apple Cider Plaid // loafers (sized up one half size) // necklace // earrings // bracelet

So those Hampshire Ankle Pants in Apple Cider Plaid are VERY versatile. And they’re still available and marked down. So you can get another 40% off them today. Yay!

#7 – Ribbed Turtleneck

I also shared this Ribbed Turtleneck in that same trending video. I’ve loved wearing this cheerful lavender, but I think it’s sold out.

Shop the Look Here. // As seen in this recent YouTube video.

But during our Christmas holiday I wore the Ribbed Turtleneck in this pretty festive fuchsia, and I think it’s stunning.

ribbed turtleneck Talbots black straight leg jeans // Chelsea boots // necklace // earrings // See the original post for details.

The Ribbed Turtleneck runs true to size for a generous fit with nice stretch. It’s available in many great colors.

#6 – Floral Tie-Neck Top

I love having a pretty blouse in my closet. You can dress up a pair of jeans or pair it with nice slacks.

Blouse and Pants and Jacket
blouse (TTS; wearing medium) // trousers (TTS to roomy; wearing 8) //  black pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of heels at Ally) // earrings // bracelet // See the original blog post for details.

This pretty floral blouse is still available and marked down. It fits true to size.

#5 – Link Pendant Necklace

I also showed this Link Pendant Necklace in a couple of videos. It’s such a nice length for wearing with turtlenecks or crewneck sweaters.

Don't neglect to accessorize your outfit.
both turtlenecks // black pants // jeans // black pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $50 off your first pair of heels at Ally) // Tish Chelsea boots // coat // brooch // pendant necklace // shoulder bag // earrings // See the original blog post for details.

Of course it’s perfect with button-up shirts, too.

#4 – St. John’s Bay Straight Leg Mid-Rise Jeans

These St. John’s Bay Straight Leg Mid-Rise Jeans were my #1 top seller at DFMD in all of 2023. So of course they’re at the top of the board for December, too.

How to Look Relatable But Classy
Garcon cotton poplin button-up shirt (slightly oversized; in an 8) (more economical option)// mid-rise straight leg jeans in dk formation (TTS; in a Misses 10) (available in Plus Sizes, too) // loafers (sized up .5) (more economical option) // belt (more economical option) // bucket bag (more economical option)// earrings // bracelet // necklace // similar sunglasses // See the original blog post for details.

These Mid-Rise Jeans jeans are not my favorite because I prefer a high rise. But they are great jeans. They come in a number of rinses including black. They run true to size; I wear a 10 in these.

#3 – Knit Button-Front Shirt in Crocus Stripe

Now here’s a top seller that I don’t even have a photo for…because I haven’t purchased it yet. But it’s in my Talbots wish list! In fact I tried on the Knit Button-Front Shirt in Crocus Stripe at the store last week. It fits true to size and is SO flattering.

Knit Button-Front Shirt in Crocus Stripe // Knit Button-Front Shirt in Vivid Pink (also in indigo blue)

The Knit Button-Front Shirt in Crocus Stripe also comes in Vivid Pink, as shown above, and indigo blue. I do need to let you know that, like many button-up shirts, it does pull a little at the bosom. I think I can wear it without reservation, but if you are more blessed in that area you may want to skip this style. I don’t think that sizing up would be an option because then you’d lose the flattering silhouette. It’s such a great top!

#2 – Microfleece Funnel Neck Top

Oh my! I love my Microfleece Funnel Neck Top in this vibrant orange. Unfortunately that color is sold out. It’s strange that I love this top so much because I tried one on in the store last year and literally could not get it to go on my head. The neck had absolutely no stretch in it and I wrote that top off as not good for me. Now I’m thinking that I was trying on a defective top because this neck has lots of stretch and slips on and off with no problem, even after laundering.

Shop the look HERE. // As seen in this recent YouTube Video.

Since so many of our top sellers come from this recent YouTube Video, I’m providing a link to it below. By the way, that Microfleece Funnel Neck Top is still available in lots of other nice colors. It’s so fun to wear, very comfortable and so soft.

So many of our December HOT sellers were from this video.

#1 – Boucle Cardigan

Okay, here’s a big surprise. Once again, I could not figure out how this Boucle Cardigan ended up at the very top of our HOT at DFMD in December list. Then I remembered that this video has been very popular on YouTube.

pants // tee no longer available // Boucle Cardigan // brown suede pumps (use code SARAHFLINT_CCLAURAKAY1 for 15% off your first order at Sarah Flint) // similar loafers // socks // As seen in this YouTube video.

It’s a fun lady jacket and comes in several nice colors. You can wear it alone or with something underneath. I like it dressed down a little, as I did above. But you absolutely can dress it up more if that’s your thing. I’d say it runs a little large. And you can remove the shoulder pads if you’d prefer.

This was a popular video.

Those are our HOT at DFMD items for December, 2023. BIG QUESTION!!! Please give me your input on this. I’ve been doing this particular post monthly for the past year. And really I’ve done similar round ups most every year. It’s helpful for me. But is it helpful, enjoyable, useful for you? I’d love to hear if you want me to continue these or not. Thanks so much for chiming in!

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28 thoughts on “HOT at DFMD in December 2023

  1. I really enjoy this content of showing the top sellers. Gives an insight if I like what other people like. The #1 item the boucle cardigan, I think is my favorite item I purchased. I bought it in black, as brown is not one of my colors that I wear that much. I thought I would wear it with jeans, denim, black, and white jeans, also white skirt and white slacks, black or gray and maybe even red. Love this cardigan! NIce BFMD.

  2. I enjoy seeing these recap posts because it reminds me that I may not have ordered an item that I liked and do I want to purchase it. I love the gold puffer vest with the fur collar.

  3. I bought the Tish Chelsea boots and feel they are TTS in length, but a little snug in width. However, I believe that they will stretch out a little over time.

    I do enjoy the monthly round-up of top sellers each month, so I vote to continue them this year.

  4. Yes, I enjoy the monthly recap of top sellers. This list also confirms that Talbots is our favorite clothing source! I don’t have the ribbed turtleneck but I bought two of the non-ribbed.

  5. I could go either way on these hot sellers each month, as I am from Canada and cannot easily order these items because of shipping costs but do enjoy getting a sense of what people are enjoying to wear! Thank you

  6. I like the end of the month round ups. It’s always interesting to see what folks are interested. It’s a chance to give it another look if I opted-out.

  7. I do enjoy these posts, mainly because I can review the outfits and style my own clothes with the ideas. I also see things on sale that I might want to buy.

  8. Hi Kay, Yes, I like these top-seller round-ups! Pls keep ’em comin’. I like to put items on my wish lists and think about them, maybe wait for sale prices. So these posts, coming at the end of the month, prompt me to go ahead and pull the trigger sometimes.

  9. I enjoy all of your posts and videos. Appreciate the scripture and commentary very much. Also would like you to continue to comment when a shirt, top, coat has fuller sleeves. I have lymphodema in one arm as a result of cancer surgery and have a difficult time finding things that fit on top. I wear a medium petite or a small regular but often they are too tight in the arm but when I size up too big in the shoulders. Thank you for all you do!

  10. I am interested in what your readers comment. I like the posts, but find the more popular items often surprise me:). I enjoy the recapping of the month and year. It often reminds me of what I wanted to go back and look at. It’s hard to remember everything at one pass through. I like your mix of price ranges. I don’t think you go too high but I like economical also. Thank you for providing great content. I also enjoy the Christian blog. Thank you.

  11. I love what the DFMD team produces, but since you asked, I’ll share that I try to avoid the list of “hot” items. Why, you ask? I am trying to be much more intentional about my purchases, so if I love something you share the first time through, that’s great, but I just don’t want the additional influence and am not so interested in what others are buying. Thanks and cheers to a great year for you and your team!!

  12. I am a fan of the monthly round-up of top sellers. Sometimes there’s something I’ve been keeping an eye on that I want to buy, sometimes it reminds me of an essential piece I’m missing, and sometimes I just like to compare with what’s in my closet. I hope you will keep this feature.

  13. I usually skip over these posts because I feel like they are repetitive if you read the blog daily. I know all the other bloggers I read do them but don’t think they help me much to determine what to wear or buy. Same as if a blog doesn’t interest me I skip them. If it helps you then I have no objection.

  14. Happy New Year, Kay! I find these posts helpful to remind me of some of the things from your posts. It allows me one more chance to think about whether I should add them to my wardrobe, beauty routine, etc. I am slow to try new things, but these posts give me some encouragement to step out of my comfort zone (or is it a rut – ha!) and try something new.

  15. Did you decide to have a group who will share thoughts on the Bible readings from the Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible Readings? I thought I read something on that line at the same time you spoke on the Memory Work Challenge. I could be mistaken!

    1. Hi Susan. No, I don’t think I’ll be able to do that this year. But I probably will be sharing from my readings in the Blessed for MY Day section.

  16. At your request, here’s my input on the monthly and year end reviews
    I’m not that interested. I’m sure it’s helpful to you, but it’s a very long post going over ground you have already covered. I would rather you skip a day than present again the same content. Or perhaps it’s an attempt to garner further sales? I vote no.

    1. Hahaha! No, it’s really not any kind of attempt to “garner further sales.” Much of the time the items are no longer available. But thank you for sharing your vote. 😊

  17. Hi Kay,
    I saw your instagram story about how and why you chose your outfit today and I loved it! I know you include all the info in your What I Wore this Week posts, but this was a fun change!
    Awhile ago you mentioned that you had purchased or were thinking of purchasing jewelry in ‘sets’ and that was an ‘a-ha’ moment for me! I struggle with knowing what goes together in my outfit and then selecting accessories is a struggle too. When you said sets ‘go together’ that completely made sense to me! I do like posts about accessories- what is current, fresh and modern each season, because I think accessories get worn, faded and become an afterthought when they really are the ‘finish’ to our outfits. I also liked the post you did featuring Julie Vos and Lagos as a way to show different ‘looks’ and styles.
    I really like your most popular each month posts. It’s a snap shot of the best stuff and a good way to review to see what I might have missed! lol!
    Love your blog and the work you do. I can see and feel how genuine, thoughtful and kindness in your work and how you interact with this huge audience. Thank you for being you!

  18. I like these posts, like many mentioned it gives me a chance to revisit items I either decided to wait on or overlooked. I am getting ready to retire and have alway dressed in classic business attire so this year I have started adding more casual pieces still leaning toward the classics. Love that you give us so many great options. Wishing you a Blessed New Year!

  19. I love the What’s HOT at DFMD post. It’s sort of like a review for a test or quiz, and I can see, once again, the outfits you posted.