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Holiday Outfit Inspiration Round-Up 2022

December 22, 2022

We are oh so close to Christmas! In fact I’m heading out of town today to begin festivities with my family. So I’m closing up shop and counting myself officially on vacation. All the same I’ve gathered up lots of holiday outfits for a little outfit inspiration here today. And tomorrow I’m inviting you to a Holiday Coffee with Kay, just to chat a bit before we all celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

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I think I’ll share our holiday outfit inspiration from dressy to casual. So let’s begin with this moody floral dress from Chico’s. If you have a special holiday dress you may want to style it like I did with black sheer hose and black pumps.

Glamorous Holiday Outfit from Chico's
See the Original Post for details. rose-print velvet midi dress // sequin bucket bag // glitz multi strand necklace // shimmery front to back hoop earrings // black and gold tone stretch bracelet // Sarah Flint perfect pumps – use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair (more economical options)

It looks like most of the items from the outfit above are sold out. And it may turn out to be that way for many of the outfits I’m sharing. But I’m also linking you to the original post so you can get more styling details. And sometimes I’ve shared alternatives in those posts.

Here’s a silk jacket from LilySilk that I styled over a Clara Sunwoo dress in a recent YouTube video.

LilySilk blazer and Clara Sunwoo Dress
See this video and the description box below it for more details.

Maybe the combination above could inspire an all neutrals pairing from youR closet that you could elevate with similar styling and accessories. You can see and hear more about this look in the video below. And don’t forget to use code kay12 for an additional 12% savings at LilySilk and code KAY10 for 10% off at Clara Sunwoo.

I think those are probably the two dressiest outfits I have among my holiday styles this year. But I do have more than are party ready. The two below, also featured in the video above, have a definite casual vibe with those brown coated jeans. But I’ve elevated them to a more festive aesthetic with the addition of silk pieces from LilySilk.

Party Ready Outfits from LilySilk
See this video and the description box below it for more details.

Use the pairings above to inspire an elevated look with faux leather pants or similar coated jeans. I think the key is keeping it simple, but adding those refining details like heels or pointy toe flats, sparkly jewelry and maybe a blazer or nicer jacket.

Below I created a similar look with faux leather pants from Kohl’s in a recent blog post.

Faux Leather Pants for a Holiday Look
faux leather pants from Kohl’s // See the recent blog post for more details and to shop other items.

Don’t be afraid to layer on the bling and sparkle and luxurious fabrics at this time of year. At other times multiples of those things may seem like overkill. But during the holidays MORE is truly more fabulous!

The look below is from another recent videos in which I shared 5 Secrets to Elevating an Outfit from Casual to Chic.

Elevated Outfits for the Holiday
See this video for details.

Some viewers seemed to misunderstand my goal in that video. I wasn’t trying to create especially fancy outfits. These are meant to be casual enough for a family gathering or simple holiday outing with your spouse, but elevated enough to feel special and polished.

Of course you can also elevate a holiday look without a lot of sparkle or bling. I think the combination of simple but elegant red slacks and a cashmere sweater and blazer below is quite chic and sophisticated.

How to Look Classy in Colored Pants this Winter
Red slacks // See the original post for details.

Sometimes I like to opt for simple but oh so chic color pairings rather than add a lot of jewelry or fuss to create a party ready outfit. And while some women shy away from the traditional red and green of the holidays, I actually love wearing those colors. I think the key is simply to “anchor them” with a great neutral such as grey, black, camel or even blue denim.

Red and Grey Christmas Outfit

Above I’m showing those same red slacks with a grey sweater and coat (both sold out). I think I wore that outfit to church one recent Sunday morning. But it’s certainly worthy of a holiday party or even a worship service on Christmas eve or morning.

Holiday Outfit with Barbiecore pink
lace pants // See the original post for details.

Circling back to more festive holiday combinations, the lace pants and Barbiecore pink sweater above make a fun pairing for Christmas and into the New Year. You could create a similar look with other festive black pants and a bright colored top or sweater. And in the outfit below I combined another pop of bright color with traditional black watch plaid pants.

Pale Reed and Pear Green with Tartan Plaid
ribbed turtleneck (this color is sold out) // See the original post for details.

The soft lime green ribbed turtleneck is sold out in that particular color. But it’s still available in similarly fun colors. And the velveteen black watch plaid pants are also gone. But really this is all about inspiration at this point. So if you have traditional plaid pants in your closet, pull them out and top this with a fun splash of color.

Lime Turtleneck and Watch Plaid Pants
ribbed turtleneck (this color is sold out) // See the original video for more details or shop the look HERE.

Speaking of these black watch plaid pants and that fun top, let’s run through all the holiday outfits I created with Talbots in my recent video.

I thought this outfit was fun for a potluck brunch with friends, but it also works for a Christmas service or after party.

See the original video for more details or shop the look HERE.

I slated the next outfit for a book club holiday gathering, but you’re probably past that by now. However, this is also a great combination for a family dinner or brunch.

See the original video for more details or shop the look HERE.
See the original video for more details or shop the look HERE.

I certainly plan to keep it simple for my family gatherings this holiday weekend. So simply wearing a pair of holiday plaid pants or festive shoes can make a classic combination look party-ready.

See the original video for more details or shop the look HERE.
See the original video for more details or shop the look HERE.

And this next look from that Talbots sponsored video was designed for baking cookies with grandkids. Maybe that’s still on your calendar! A bright-colored, cheerful holiday t-shirt is just the ticket.

See the original video for more details or shop the look HERE.
See the original video for more details or shop the look HERE.

Here’s another fun and colorful look from that video.

Shop the look HERE.

And if you’re looking for a little outfit inspiration for a New Year’s Eve party, here’s a fun but simple idea.

Shop the look here.

And as I write this blog post on Wednesday, that Cheers sweater is still available. Cheers! And the corduroy pants are available in some colors and sizes.

Shop the look here.

For more information on the styles above, check out this recent video below.

Let’s check out a few other outfits that I’ll be wearing this weekend. These are the things that are in my suitcase as I travel to Georgia for the holidays today!

I don’t think I mentioned taking that v-neck camel cashmere sweater in this week’s video, but I am indeed taking it. I just can’t get enough camel and red this year!

apple cider plaid Hampshire ankle pants // Shop the looks here.

But I’m also carrying my apple cider plaid Hampshire ankle pants. I’m going to wear those pants as often as I can this weekend! I love that they are so versatile. Just by switching out shoes and sweaters I can create very different looks with them.

You can see more of what I’m wearing on my Christmas Holiday HERE.

Thank you so much for stopping in for a little holiday outfit inspiration. I hope you enjoy wearing the festive outfits you put together. Be sure to join me here tomorrow for a holiday tea with Kay. I’ll see you then!

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So I’m taking a little time off during the holidays to recalibrate and rest. You’ll see blog posts going up and emails going out because I’ve scheduled them ahead. And I really do hope you’ll meet me here when it appeals to you. But I won’t be responding to comments or answering emails for at least a week. Pulling the boundaries in a little tighter is just something we all must do occasionally to allow our souls to breathe and our hearts to soften. My husband says I need to do better about taking a weekly Sabbath, and I agree. But right now I’m taking a bit of a Sabbatical to get the extensive rest I need. I’m going to bake goodies, play games, worship with my family and take long walks.

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2 thoughts on “Holiday Outfit Inspiration Round-Up 2022

  1. Merry Christmas Kay to you and your lovely family! Thank you for the wonderful past year of great blogging and keeping us in style! Looking forward to the coming year, and enjoy your well deserved vacation!

  2. Kay,
    Your red and gray outfits are so nice and festive. Red is a color I love but have to be careful of the shade. The “Merlot’ darker tones are best for me, Your pairings with camel and gray are great alternatives.
    Have a safe trip and enjoy your family!

    Merry Christmas and Thanks for all you do.