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Floral Print Top + Denim Skirt for Summer

July 17, 2019

Happy hump day! Y’all. The summer is flying by! But not before I share this summer staple with you. I think a simple denim skirt is such an easy peasy piece to wear three seasons out of the year. But when I think of styling a denim skirt for summer, I gravitate to something floral and fun up top.

Denim Skirt + Floral Print Top for Summer
denim button front skirt // floral print top // sandals // camera bag // sunglasses // necklace // earrings

I purchased this button front denim skirt last year from Loft, but here is this year’s version of the skirt. It’s a nice heavy denim with plenty of stretch in it. I’m wearing a size 6, so if you vacillate between two sizes, go with the lower one. Do you enjoy wearing a denim skirt for summer?

Denim Skirt + Floral Print Top for Summer

This floral print top is pretty blousy and long, so tucked it in all around, but then pulled the hemline almost all the way out in the back. That way you can see the pocket flaps and buttons on the front of the skirt, but you still have a blousy fit.

Floral Print Top

The split neck blouse is a cotton/viscose blend with a light, gauzy texture. It comes in several other prints, including a camo. But I definitely prefer this cheerful pink, yellow and ivory floral. I’m wearing a small.

Floral Print top

You’ve seen my palm necklace if you’ve been around Dressed for My Day long, but I just received these large brushed gold teardrop earrings in my last Trunk Club trunk. I can already tell they’re going to get lots of wear. I’d been needing some larger, modern earrings. I think they help keep this sweet floral look a little more contemporary.

Denim Skirt + Floral Print Top for Summer

My blush pink sandals are quickly selling out, so I was surprised to find that my rose studded camera bag is still in stock. Both are reduced in price drastically. (If you order from Michael Kors – they have great customer service, by the way – be sure to join the Kors VIP group so you can get free shipping and free returns.) The bag is also available in red or black, and the sandals come in white and black.

Denim Skirt + Floral Print Top for Summer

I’ve styled this denim skirt for summer the way I enjoy wearing it to lunch with a friend, shopping around town or even just working at home. I showed a similar denim skirt look about this time last year in this post.

Denim Skirt + Floral Print Top for Summer

By the way, I’m well aware that my legs are whiter than light bulbs in these photos. Ha! It’s been a crazy few weeks, gals, and tanning my legs has been low on my list. But I’m getting back on it!

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Similarly, when our heart is broken – by loss, rejection, disappointment or other deeply painful life wound – we must give it time to heal. But time alone won’t heal wounds of the heart either. We must intentionally take our wounds to God, the Great Physician, so that He can tear down and rebuild, bind up our wounds and instruct us in how to facilitate the healing. Then, dear gal, He truly can heal the brokenhearted. Do you believe that?

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2 thoughts on “Floral Print Top + Denim Skirt for Summer

  1. You look so pretty in that top and I like the denim skirt on you! Denim skirts and I don’t have a good relationship, so I don’t own one. I am going to watch for that top to go on sale at Nordstrom or maybe it’ll end up at Nordstrom Rack at the end of the season. Your legs look tan compared to mine. I deal with a lot of skin cancer, and I now have a saying that if God meant for me to have dark skin, I would have been born with it. So, I have learned to celebrate being very pale. Have a blessed day!