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Fall 2022 Women’s Wardrobe Base Layers

August 25, 2022

Fall is just around the corner. I’m switching things up a bit this fall in how I present the wardrobe essentials for the season. In fact, I’ll be presenting my entire fall wardrobe to you soon in capsule form. And I’ll have shoppable options at different price points if you’d like to create a similar wardrobe from the items in your closet plus a few new things. But today I thought I’d start with just the base layers…for a couple of reasons. Read on!

Fall 2022 Women's Wardrobe Base Layers

First of all, I won’t be including the base layer essentials in my capsule wardrobe. Instead, it will consist of the more interesting pieces that add personality and style. But of course that fall capsule wardrobe won’t work without functional base layers.

Second, I think it’s important to have both classic base layers in your wardrobe as well as a few interesting ones. Even base layers can have personality and interesting details. But if all of your base layers have lots of details, you’ll be at a loss when you need something pared back and, well, basic to complete an outfit. So it’s good to strike a nice balance.

Work from Home First

Shopping for Base Layers

Base layers include basic items that provide the backdrop for the interesting blouses, shirts, jackets and sweaters you’ll love wearing in the fall. In most instances, these are garments you’ll be wearing right next to your skin. So when you shop for base layers, I suggest you look for:

  • decent quality
  • easy garment care instructions
  • great fit
  • basic neutrals
  • necklines you prefer
  • breathable or moisture wicking fabrics (because you’re wearing these next to your body)
  • no fuss, muss or itch
  • superior comfort
  • interesting details for some, but not all

And while you certainly don’t need to replenish all of your base layers every year, it is wise to carefully examine what’s in your closet and drawers (or storage, as the case may be) for wear and tear. Since you may be prone to wear these essential garments frequently, they can begin to look worn, faded and stained with time. So you may need to refresh your base layer essentials as we approach a new season.

Which Base Layers You Need

Since we’re talking fall, the weather will be up and down. So I do suggest you have t-shirts with varying sleeve lengths in your closet for the season. The same principle applies to other base layers. You’ll need a variety of lengths and weights of fabric.


Black Suit Blazer
white v-neck tee (TTS)  // Italian luxe knit blazer (similar more in stock)

For the fall I like to have short and long sleeve basic t-shirts in white and black. Then I usually sprinkle in a few in neutrals like navy, oatmeal or grey as and if I find them to suit me. If you like or prefer 3/4 length sleeves, those work here, too. I generally prefer v-necks because I think they are more flattering, opening up to the face and showing a little more skin. But I do make sure I have a few crewnecks, too, just because some outfits seem to call for them. Of course, you may opt for boatnecks, scoop necks or the trending squared necklines, too.

Wearing Retro Trainers with a Blazer
the Goodlife tee above is one of my favorite brands.

You may also want to have some tank tops. I find I wear those more in the summer, but they’re a good option for wearing under blazers and cardigans in the earlier days of fall.

I’ve gathered some of my favorite t-shirts and tanks at a variety of price points in the shopping widget below. Remember, these and all other links in this post are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission, but at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my work here by shopping through my links. I am grateful.

Once you have the basics covered, I think it’s smart to add a few simple t-shirts that have more interesting details. The details could be in the sleeves, the stitching, the fabric or the neckline. For instance, Henley, polo and Johnny collars are all trending right now. I’d definitely suggest adding one or more of those to your wardrobe. But you can also find t-shirts with small ruffles at the edges of the sleeves, ribbing throughout and exposed seams. These simple details can elevate your basic jeans and t-shirt outfits to the next level.

Cotton Sweater Just in Case

The top above is a good example of a base layer tee with a little more styling, but I’m just showing it in this baby blue because that’s what I happen to own. I also have the white one. And, again, I think it’s a good idea to get a few of these more interesting tees in the neutrals of your choice as well as maybe one or two of your signature colors. And I purchased the one shown below for this fall.

Design History Alexa Henley PUllover
Design History Alexa Henley Pullover

Having a few of these more interesting t-shirts in your wardrobe can be the game changer that helps you create really great outfits. However, I have found that the money is in the details. In other words, you pay for those little interesting collars and sleeves. So they can take a toll on your budget.

But no worry, you don’t need but a couple of these to make a real difference in your wardrobe. This year I added just the Henley Pullover above and this black ribbed button front pullover. Both fit close to the body but are not tight. I wear my usual size medium in them very comfortably. I rounded up more at various price points in the widget below.

Button-Up Shirts

Some years I enjoy button-up shirts more than other years. But this year they are really trending, and I’ve decided to join in. I’ll be featuring a few printed button-up shirts in my fall capsule, but for those essential base layers I think it’s smart to have one or two very simple solid shirts.

White Shirt
Open Edit Fitted Cotton Poplin Button Up Shirt

I purchased the Open Edit Fitted Button Up Shirt in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, but it’s still a reasonable price. This cotton poplin shirt runs true to size; I’m wearing a medium. I like how I can turn up the cuffs on this crisp white shirt.

White Stretch Shirt
Chico’s Fitted Stretch Shirt

I also have the Chico’s Fitted Stretch Shirt shown above. I really appreciate the tailored silhouette of this comfortable shirt. At the website you’ll see they offer this shirt in regular and fitted; mine is the fitted. The regular fit appears to have some black top stitching and it does not have the seams in the front. So choose the option that works best for your body and wardrobe. I like the fitted option because it will work nicely with fuller width long trousers.

Work from Home First
straight leg high waist ankle jeans // shirt (wearing a large; should have gotten my usual medium) (more economical option) // mules // similar belt // necklace // similar earrings // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off your purchase at Nordgreen)

But this year oversized button up shirts are definitely trending, so I’m all for having at least one of those among your base layers, too. I recently purchased the famed Frank & Eileen Joedy superfine cotton button up shirt above. I do love this shirt, but I mistakenly ordered the large. Fortunately I was able to return it for a medium, which hopefully will arrive soon. These shirts are spendy, but they are beautifully crafted to fit a woman’s body (including a button situation right at the bust), feel amazing on and are from a woman-owned American small business, which I love.

I also love having a great chambray or denim shirt in my wardrobe for fall.

Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt
similar denim shirt

I’ve collected more button up shirts for you to shop below. The Chico’s Fitted Stretch Shirt is not included in the widget. Oh, and don’t let me box you in. If your style aesthetic calls for a softer shirt or a different silhouette or color, you do you. Just make sure you have the base layer essentials you need for your wardrobe to work for you. I’m just sharing what works for me here.


I know many women enjoy wearing pretty, simple camisoles under a blazer or cardigan during the fall. I’ve tried this option off and on over the past few years and haven’t really hit on one I like. However, I’ve decided to give it another try this year, so I hunted for one yesterday at Nordstrom. I struck out with several that I tried, but ended up purchasing this one from Rag & Bone in black. Since I spent so much on that one, I won’t be purchasing more than one. Ha! In fact, I’m not sure I’m keeping it. Tags are still on! But it was the only one that really suited me at all in the store.

camisole and blazer

The reason I purchase this camisole is because it fits close to the body and isn’t too long. It has adjustable spaghetti straps, so I can wear it to fit my body. I won’t be wearing it at all without a jacket or cardigan, so I’ll probably still wear a regular bra with it. Others didn’t make the cut because they were too flowy at the midsection, they were too low at the chest, they were uncomfortable or they didn’t come in colors that worked for my wardrobe.

If you enjoy this outfit formula or want to give it a try, I’ve collected a variety of camisoles at different price points in the shopping widget below. Oh, and keep in mind, these are not the same as the camisoles or tanks I’ll wear later for warmth under sweaters and such. I’ll be sharing those as undergarments later. These camisoles are meant to be worn alone under a completer piece.


The final set of base layer essentials I’m going to share is denim. While some may have a dressier wardrobe in which jeans play a lesser role, they are indeed the bottom base layer I wear most days in the fall. Because I wear them frequently in “real life” and need a variety for my job here and on my YouTube channel, I have a lot of jeans. More than most women would probably really need. But only a few of these are recent purchase; most are jeans I’ve had in my closet for a while now.

Comfort Sandals and Jeans
Le Sylvie High Waist Raw Hem Crop Jeans

Of all my jeans I think the Le Sylvie High Waist Raw Hem Crop Jeans I purchased in last year’s NSale are my favorite. They’re in the trending straight leg silhouette, have a raw edge that isn’t overly ragged, have no distressing, fit at the true waist and feel absolutely fabulous.

But I’m also still enjoying my Talbots’ straight leg jeans, too. They fit true to size and feel really nice, too.

Elevated Casual Fall OUtfit
Talbots’ straight leg jeans

But this year I have added some of the newer silhouettes. I’m anticipating wearing the wide leg full length jeans with booties, clogs and maybe other heels.

Joe's Jeans
Joe’s the Mia high waist raw edge wide leg jeans

And I’m looking forward to wearing the flare leg jeans more this year, too.

Bootcut Jeans
Paige Laurel Canyon high waist chewed hem flare jeans

I’ve also added new grey and black jeans to my wardrobe this year. Here’s a graphic with all the jeans in my fall wardrobe. Yes, it’s a lot. But I like to have the jeans I’ll need to share interesting stylish looks with you throughout the season. By the way, I do have in my possession other pairs of jeans that I love from Loft, Target, Chico’s, Madewell, J.Crew and others, but I keep them just for blog posts and videos so that I’ll have a variety to share. The ones below are in my personal wardrobe.

Paige Cindy // Joe’s the Mia // Paige Lauren Canyon // Frame Le Sylvie // Fidelity Katie // Talbots // Veronica Beard Ryleigh // L.L.Bean 207

A lot of my denim is premium because I’ve just grown to love the difference. When you buy premium denim, not only do you get the best fit because these brands have done the research to create great fitting jeans, but you also get better denim. It’s softer, has good stretch but does not stretch out with wear, and has a prettier texture. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you get jeans that have been responsibly sourced and produced in factories with good wages and safe, clean working environments. In fact, Frame, Mother, Joe’s, Fidelity and Paige all manufacture their jeans in the U.S.

But I’ve collected jeans that I am familiar with and can highly recommend at a variety of price points in the shopping widget below. Just make sure you have good denim that works for your body, lifestyle, personal style aesthetic and needs.

So we’ll wrap it up there today. In a few days I’ll share the rest of my fall wardrobe. But hopefully today’s post got you to thinking through your base layers for the fall. Have a great day!

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Blessed for My Day

After a few days of steadily growing more and more discouraged as I thought on certain matters, I knew it was time for a mind shift. Yesterday morning I was confronted with Psalm 145 in my quiet time. Honestly, I found this Psalm to bring me great relief. It reminded me that if I’ll switch my focus from myself to my God, I will see everything from a different perspective. The psalmist reminded me in verse five to choose to meditate on God’s character and His wondrous works rather than my problems or concerns.

I decided to deliberately put this principle into practice. Throughout the day when my mind drifted in certain directions, I consciously chose to think instead about the Lord. I meditated on His righteousness, His holiness, His goodness and His grace. I remembered how He had provided for me at different times in my life. And I reflected on how much He has blessed me and my family. Sure enough, this little mindful practice changed my outlook as the day went on. But it also helped me to see some things in my life with more clarity. I think my self-centered focus was preventing me from seeing some bigger truths that God generously opened my eyes to with clearer thinking. I wonder if you might want to read Psalm 145 and change your thinking today, too?

On the glorious splendor of your majesty,
    and on your wondrous works, I will meditate. ~ Psalm 145:5

xoxo, Kay
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14 thoughts on “Fall 2022 Women’s Wardrobe Base Layers

  1. Thank you, Kay, for the encouragement, today. I have been thinking my prayers are maybe not getting through to my loving Father. Some issues have persisted for SO long.
    He is gracious and good! We can look to Him in our need. Hannah Whitall Smith says in ” The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life “…’all discouragement is of the evil one ( the devil).
    Yes, let’s turn our minds to our precious Lord, who suffered on our behalf and rose again victorious.

  2. Hi Kay, Thank you for all the great info. Could you please address the pantyhose issue when wearing shorter shirts with heels for women with not so gorgeous legs. Especially with colder weather coming? Thank you.

  3. I want to add one good pair of jeans to my wardrobe this year. I have several pairs but think I need one new good pair. Do not care for distressed jeans.
    Will have to go through your suggestions again and make a purchase. Maybe the ones from Nordstrom. They are pricey but may be worth thr monry.
    Loved the BFMD Love Psalm 145. Will need to read again today. Have a blessed day.

    1. Hi Sherry. If you do order from Nordstrom I suggest you order several pair and even a couple of sizes in the same jeans. Since they offer free shipping and free and easy returns it really is the easiest way to find the jeans that work best for you.

  4. Good Morning, Kay-thank you so much for your encouragement again this morning-I agree with Lois B. that I needed to hear this as well. Our Heavenly Father is so good and kind to us and answers all our prayers, in His time and direction-what a wonderful Saviour we have! As always, love your blog and all the ideas and hints-I love a long sleeved white shirt and do need a new one-have a wonderful day and may our Lord continue to bless you and your family and the work you provide for all your readers(friends).

  5. Hi Kay!
    Happy Friday! You have given me a lot of food-for-thought, both in BFMD and base layers!
    I look so very forward and appreciate your daily blog posts and weekly videos. You have helped me greatly in the past year plus, since I found you!

  6. Dear Kay, Thank you so much for mentioning that Frame, Mother, Joe’s, Fidelity and Paige Jeans are manufactured in the United States. Recently I have been very frustrated that most of the clothing I buy is made in countries that I really do not want to support! I have been wanting to find clothing made in the US. As a matter of fact, that would be a very interesting post to see some day, US clothing manufacturers that we can support with our purchases. Thank you not only for bringing current styles before us, but also for the fashion education you give us. It’s great!

    1. Hi Meg, That’s becoming more and more important to me, too…for several reasons. No need to go into those here, but I do plan to start featuring more made in the USA brands and more American based brands. I welcome information from readers who can share such brands they enjoy shopping. And I do hope to do some posts designated to this theme. Thanks so much for sharing your interest.

  7. I want to order the Henley you showed…cuddle Henley . I usually wear a large, but it suggested that I size up. That would be unusual for me. Did you size up in this shirt?

  8. Dear Kay
    I so enjoyed your latest post on Fall basics- well I enjoy all your posts. We are in Australia and are going into Spring here but your post on basics equally applies to moving to a Spring wardrobe. Such useful advice and it has galvanised me into thinking about pulling out Spring wardrobe items.

  9. Hi Kay,

    I always enjoy hearing from you and the advise you give. I wanted to ask if you know where the model at the very top of your article got her hoops that resembles a wood grain.

    Thank you!