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Fall Hiking Clothes Ready to Hit the Trails

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October 9, 2018

Fall is my favorite time for taking a hike. For years my family traditionally hiked different mountain trails of southeastern Arizona the day after Thanksgiving. In fact, I believe James and I have continued that tradition most years even since the kids have been grown and gone. And then a few years ago REI even began closing their store doors on black Friday and encouraging people to #optoutside instead of shopping, which we had already been doing. Ha!

Fall Hiking Clothes Ready to Hit the Trails

So in the spirit of hitting the trails I thought I’d share some great fall hiking clothes with you today. And I’d also like to encourage you to put a hike on your calendar if you haven’t been for a while…or ever.

Fall Hiking Clothes Ready to Hit the Trails

My Royal Robbins Discovery pants are full length but feature mid-calf roll-up tabs so you can shorten them. They’re made of all the things you want in a good hiking pant: durable nylon with just enough spandex for easy movement, UPF protection, moisture-wicking and quick drying fabric, and waterproof technology.

Fall Hiking Clothes Ready to Hit the Trails

I’m wearing the falcon green, but they also are available in jet black and sandstone. I’m wearing the 6, but I accidentally bought these. I meant to get the 8, and they would have fit better. These are just a little snug in the waist and a little binding. And I want my hiking pants comfortable, but not so roomy that they chafe.

I especially like the zipper compartment they have at the thigh, which is big enough to hold my cell phone or i.d. and some cash.

Fall Hiking Clothes Ready to Hit the Trails

My snap-up-the-front shirt is also from Royal Robbins. This 100% polyester shirt features 3/4 length sleeves which can also be rolled up and buttoned into place. It has an upper back mesh panel for ventilation and has UPF 50+ for sun protection. It’s moisture-wicking and extremely soft and lightweight. I especially like the feminine curved hemline and the pretty colors. This shade is called rumba red, but it also comes in a cream and white combination. The photo above depicts the color of this shirt most accurately.

I’m wearing a medium and it fits me nicely. I often have to size up in Royal Robbins clothing.

Fall Hiking Clothes Ready to Hit the Trail

My boots are about ten years old, but they still serve me well. They feature Goretex waterproofing and are made by Vasque. I believe these Vasque Breeze III are probably the most similar. Like mine, they are made for day hiking or extended overnight trips, and they traverse well over various types of terrain. I bought mine for backpacking the Appalachian Trail, so I needed shoes that were waterproof, supportive and multi-terrain.

Fall Hiking Clothes for Hitting the Trail

If you prefer a lighter weight shoe and don’t plan to carry a heavy pack, and especially if you don’t hike often enough to invest in high end shoes, I’d suggest something more like the Pacific Trail lightweight hiking boot at Kohl’s. Here’s the thing. You really do want to hike in hiking footwear if at all possible, especially if you will be on the trail long or if the trail has multiple surfaces. You need shoes that will support your ankles, keep your feet dry, and support your arches appropriately. Another pair to consider would be this mid-weight waterproof hiking boot by Merrell.

Hiking Clothes for Hitting the Trails

Hiking Clothes for Hitting the Trails

Fall Hiking Clothes Ready to Hit the Trails

Here are my top 5 tips for hiking the trails:

  • pack light, but pack: plenty of water, i.d., lip balm, hat or visor, sunglasses, cell phone, lightweight snacks such as granola bars or trail mix or jerky, whistle, bandanna
  • get in shape for hiking by doing some lunges, squats and calf raises in the couple of weeks prior to hiking. It’s especially important that you strengthen the muscles around the knees if you will be carrying a heavy pack.
  • always let someone know where you’re going, and hike with a buddy if possible. If you do hike alone, definitely tell someone what time you are starting and ending your hike.
  • wear the right socks. Besides good hiking boots or shoes, you really need to wear wool socks. You can buy lightweight ones, but they are simply best at keeping your feet dry. I also suggest sock liners like these.
  • wear the right clothing. Never wear jeans or denim if you can help it. Instead wear moisture wicking fabric that is light and has some stretch to it. UPF is a plus, as are pieces that are convertible (pants that can be unzipped to convert to shorts, sleeves or pant legs that can be rolled up). Carry or wear a light weight fleece jacket if you will possibly need it. You can always tie it around your waist if you don’t.

I hope you have the opportunity to enjoy a hike this fall. I love walking the trails when the air is crisp and the leaves are turning or falling. We always pack a cooler with apples and water for when we return to the car. For some reason, an apple just really hits the spot after a rigorous hike. Of course, then I like to go out for a big burger or pizza!

I’ve created a shopping widget with a few other great hiking clothes so that you have more to choose from if you’re considering buying any. One of the reasons I don’t mind investing in a good set of hiking clothes occasionally is because they also make great travel clothes. Of course, they’re also good for camping or other outdoor activities. Happy trails!

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Have a blessed and beautiful day, ladies!

Blessed for My Day

Did you know that October is Pastor Appreciation Month? While I know your pastor treasures your prayers every day, I bet he would love to receive a word of encouragement and appreciation from you this month. most people realize that a pastor’s job is never done, that he is on call 24/7 and that he must often forsake even time with his family to minister to the needs of his flock. But honestly, most pastors knew all that going into the job.

What you may not be as aware of is your pastor’s heart. Because I’m married to one, I can tell you that I’m 99% sure that your pastor deeply cares for you and the others in his congregation. Whether you ask him to or not, he carries your burdens close to his heart, he feels your pain as you walk through valleys of loss or heartache and he loses sleep over whether or not he is preaching the Word with authenticity, accuracy, power and breadth. He takes seriously your discipleship and your personal ministry. He deliberates on his knees over the decisions he must make that concern your church, and it pains him when one of those decisions must displease some in order for him to fulfill his calling to God. 

So pray for your pastor, but encourage and support him, too. And above all else, unless he has done something immoral, unethical or unbiblical, please trust his heart. His actions may not always please you, but his heart’s desire is to serve well.

And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” ~ Romans 10:15

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6 thoughts on “Fall Hiking Clothes Ready to Hit the Trails

  1. I love hiking! I have only been hiking for about a year. I bought a pair of hiking boots and am debating about another, lighter pair. I also am always on the look out for hiking clothes so this post was helpful! This is my favorite time of the year to hike and be outdoors!! I would also rather hike than shop?

    1. Oh, I’m so glad to hear that, Kathy. Hiking really is the exercise that most anyone can do. And it opens a new world to us!

  2. Hi Kay! Is the Faster Way to Fat Loss something I could do with my husband? We have kind of come to the conclusion that we will have to be on the same page with any healthy eating plan if we want to succeed.

    1. Hi Diana,

      Yes, you absolutely can do it with your husband. My husband eats what I eat, and he really enjoys it. I’m cooking healthier, which is good for both of us. And it’s not far-fetched food, so there’s plenty he likes. There is also a men’s program and I believe your husband gets a discount if you sign up together. So he would also have an accountability group and exercise plan, and he’d learn how to adjust his calories and macros to fit his body, if he’s interested in that component. But if you just meant can he easily eat what you’re eating and count his macros if he desires, absolutely.

  3. I agree that having the right shoes for hiking is so important! I’ve had the wrong shoes before and they made hiking anything but fun. Since we live in the mountains, we do go for long walks or hikes from time to time, so over the years my boyfriend has gifted me hiking shoes and boots on holidays like Easter and Valentine’s day instead of chocolate. 🙂