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Fall 2022 Color Trend: Styling Brown

September 12, 2022

Even here on the Gulf Coast of Florida, where James and I are spending a few days for R&R, it’s beginning to look and feel a little more like fall. Don’t get me wrong; it’s hot and steamy here! But the sun has shifted in the sky and evenings chill just enough for a light jacket. I’m so ready for pumpkin spice and colorful leaves and chilly days and…brown. Ha! Well, we don’t have to wait to wear brown. You absolutely can begin incorporating this fall 2022 color trend into your outfits now.

Color Trend Fall 2022: Styling Brown
slim ankle knit pants (more availability in other colors) // cashmere sweater // basketweave shoulder bag // suede flats // earrings // necklace

Now the outfit I’m sharing with you today will undoubtedly be one that I’ll wait a few more weeks to wear. But the point is you absolutely can start wearing brown now. And in fact, incorporating a little of this fall 2022 color trend into your outfits is a great way to look a little more autumnal without adding any warmth.

Brown Pants – a Great Way to Wear this Fall 2022 Color Trend

I’m wearing a lovely dose of dark brownstone in these Eileen Fisher slim ankle knit pants. I’m wearing a size medium, which seems to be out of stock. But other sizes are available in limited quantities and the slim ankle knit pants are marked down 40%. They run roomy.

brown pants

In fact, I wore these same slim ankle knit pants in a previous post…and in real life. I wore the outfit below out to dinner to celebrate James’ birthday last month. The slim ankle knit pants are lightweight and very comfortable with an elasticized flat front waistband.

The Print Button-Up Shirt
See the details for the above photo at the original post.

And I’m also enjoying my brown Astrid wide-leg chinos from J.Crew already. You’ll be seeing these in this Wednesday’s upcoming YouTube video. (Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel so you get a notification when I publish new videos!)

Astrid wide-leg chinos (wearing TTS medium) // Frank & Eileen Johnny collar popover (more economical option) // sneakers (more in stock option) // necklace // earrings

And I do actually have one more pair of mid to lightweight brown pants for fall that I haven’t worn yet. I purchased the Eileen Fisher crop lantern pants in dark brownstone, too. Those are also 40% off. All of three of these pairs of brown pants actually work with the beautiful cashmere sweater I’m sharing today. And I’ll round up additional brown garments and accessories for the shopping widget at the end of today’s post.

Pair it with Pink! – Fall 2022 Color Trend

Perhaps it is because brown is trending that pink is equally on point this year. I’m seeing bright, almost neon pinks in the stores, as well as softer shades. And most any shade of pink is a beautiful match for brown. But I was immediately drawn to the heather peony color of this Johnny collar cashmere sweater.

Heather Peony Cashmere Sweater with Johnny Collar

J.Crew rarely marks their cashmere down, but I purchased this cashmere sweater with a store credit, so I didn’t mind too much breaking my “no full price purchases” rule. The sweater is also available in navy and grey, and it is oh so soft and cozy. It runs a little large for an oversized fit. I believe I have a small, but, unfortunately, I’m not home to know for sure.

Cashmere Sweater

Speaking of fall 2022 trends, these Johnny collars are everywhere this year. I purchased one Johnny collar cashmere sweater last year from Everlane (similar) and really enjoyed wearing it. So I didn’t hesitate at all when I saw that this heathered peony cashmere sweater featured this trending neckline.

Accessorizing the Fall 2022 Color Trend

I generally prefer gold or even rose gold jewelry with brown clothing. But if you ae a silver jewelry wearer, you can certainly wear it with brown, too. I wore a hammered link chain necklace and gold filigree earrings with this outfit. When wearing a Johnny collar top or sweater I prefer to wear a necklace inside the collar rather than outside it. These collars are generally not as structured as a polo collar and they wear a little wider.

Jewelry with Brown

My rose colored lipstick had all but worn off by the time we shot this outfit. But I believe I was wearing my Lancome Peut-être lipstick here. Obviously I think more about the color of my top instead of my pants when selecting a lip color. But I do think soft pinks, fig, nude and even fiery reds can look beautiful with the trending brown clothing.

Accessories with Brown

I have received several questions about what color accessories to wear with brown. I think the basic question behind those inquiries is, “do I have to wear brown shoes and handbag with brown or do I have other options?” And the answer is that you absolutely do not have to wear or carry brown. You can of course, but then it can even get difficult to find coordinating tones of brown for your belt, handbag and shoes. So why bother trying to match?

You absolutely can wear shades of nude, taupe, caramel and camel accessories. But yes, you can wear black shoes, belt and handbag with brown, too. I think the key is simply to choose accessories in a similar undertone (mine are both cool) and that look intentional. My Cole Hahn suede flats are very comfortable, come in other colors and fit true to size. They’re currently marked down 30%. My Tory Burch basketweave shoulder bag is also significantly discounted.

Styling Brown for Fall 2022

I have a couple of pairs of navy slacks in my wardrobe, but I’ve put them aside this year so I can enjoy wearing brown instead. But you absolutely do not have to participate in this fall 2022 color trend to look stylish this fall. What neutrals will you be wearing this fall and winter? I’d love to hear from you today!

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Besides containing the articles from my outfit, the shopping widget below also has LOTS of other beautiful styles in trending brown.

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Blessed for My Day

Today is my mother’s birthday. She is an inspiration to me in so many ways. She has always been a lovely hostess. She and my dad have been devoted to one another in marriage for over 60 years. She taught both children and teenagers in her 30+ years as a public school teacher, and many of them keep in touch to this day and say she was one of their favorites. My mother has also been a blessing to her children and grandchildren.

But I think the ideal that first comes to mind when I think of my mother is that she has shown me what it means to be a loving and devoted friend. My mom has loved well the women God has given to her as friends, some for well over 60 years. And indeed she is fortunate to still have so many of those women in her life today. I know they mean much to her because she has been faithful and gracious to them. On this, my mother’s birthday, I’d love for you to share with me something you love about your own mother, whether she is living or not. 

A friend loves at all times,
    and a brother is born for adversity. ~ Proverbs 17:17

xoxo, Kay
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22 thoughts on “Fall 2022 Color Trend: Styling Brown

  1. Happy birthday to your mom Kay. Mine has been gone for 10 years and I miss her everyday.
    She was so kind and loving. She was always there for us children. I have one sister and 3 brothers.
    Cherish the time you have together. My husband is doing good after his heart surgery and 2 complications
    during surgery, but God was there with him.
    Love your brown pants but sizes are gone in medium as you mentioned, Have to find something else.
    I tried the wide leg pants this Spring and Summer but did not care for them for me.

  2. If I had to choose one I think it would be her unconditional love she showed to me. No one loves you quite like your mom. She has been gone 12 years now and there isn’t a day that I don’t miss her. Thanks Kay for all your hard work. Enjoy your time off .

  3. Kay. my mama celebrated her 94th birthday yesterday. She still surprises me with her quick wit and the things she can remember. Oh yes she will tell you in a minute she doesn’t remember things like she used too but can tell me things from the past that I have forgot about! One of the things I am most blessed to have received from my mama is her love of God and worshiping in our church. That is not to say we didn’t battle about going to church young, Didn’t understand but I do now! So many things become clearer as we age! I am continually grateful I still have my mother today. So many are not given that opportunity.

  4. Happy birthday to your Mom!
    My Mama loved unconditionally. I remember when someone needed a place to stay, they stayed with us. She was the ultimate hostess, incredible cook and always welcomed everyone with open arms.
    She didn’t give lectures, she taught by example! I miss her!

  5. Happy birthday to your (cute)mom!! Wishing her a blessed day and year!!
    Everyone loves my mom!! She is warm and always uses kind words as she speaks to all the people around her!!! Her advice is always positive as well as her opinions!! She always available to help out any way she can!! My siblings and I are very blessed and lucky to have such an awesome/amazing mom!!😊

  6. Thank you for sharing the photo and your memories of your mom.
    My mom has been gone for 15 years, and is also missed. It is a wonderful blessing to have had a Christian mother who, in my memory, was always patient, kind and giving of herself to her family and to others. She was a nurse all her life and is still remembered fondly by the families of those she served as a private duty nurse. I had an opportunity to work with her one summer (as a college student) at the Rehab where she was working at the time (I was an aide then). I have such a pleasant memory (and fun) of working on her ward that summer. Our patients were also calling her “Mom”–Ha! She exemplified being a nurse, in the best sense of the word, to me. Many of my friends who visited me (while growing up) liked talking to her and getting her advice and continued to visit her after she retired.
    Life was not all perfect for her, but she took the ups and the downs in stride–I never heard her complain– and I’m so glad that she was my mother.
    Let’s enjoy those that God has put in our lives–they are gifts to us. —-Jane

  7. Happy Birthday to your sweet Mom! So happy for you and your husband to get away for some change of scenery and rest.

    I’m so blessed to have my mother on this earth still. She is 82 years young and God has gifted both of my parents with exceptional health and energy to keep serving Him. My mother has a servant’s heart and is a mighty prayer warrior for her family and friends. What a gift that is to me!

  8. What a lovely woman your mother is – just like her daughter. My mother was my best friend.

    We were close since I was single until I was 43. She was a mother of six children and also owned and managed a flower shop. Her life was not easy due to financial problems and having to go through an unwanted divorce from my father at age 43. She later said said she would not have changed things because her trials help lead her to Christ and show His provision.

    Four years ago she died from ovarian cancer. September is ovarian cancer awareness month.I would like to take this opportunity to remind women of the symptoms of ovarian cancer. Most women will present with gastrointestinal symptoms such as change in bowel habits, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation or increased abdominal girth. Due to the nonspecific symptoms the condition is often diagnosed after it has been present for sometime and advanced.

    I am a doctor and sad to say that even physicians often do not think of GYN problems when women present with gastrointestinal symptoms. They are often sent to a gastroenterologist who may perform GI procedures but do not pursue gynecological causes.

    So please if you are experiencing any of these symptoms do not accept this as the new normal. Insist you be evaluated for gynecologic disease. The tests may include pelvic ( including transvaginal). There is also a blood test CA 125 which may be elevated in ovarian cancer but also non-malignant conditions.

    There are new treatments that have improved outcomes. Early diagnosis though is key for long-term survival.

    1. Thank you, Jen, for sharing. I’m so sorry for your loss but grateful for your sharing this information with such passion and urgency.

  9. I wish your mother a very happy birthday! You are so lucky you still have her.

    My mother taught and was a principal in Cobb County Public Schools. Your parents could have crossed paths with her. Her name was Miriam Specht. She died in 1999 and I think of her and miss her everyday.

  10. Kay, you have a beautiful Mom. Hope she has Happy Birthday. My mother who died in 2006 gave unconditional love. She had a great sense of humor, always up for a good time and loved musicals and dancing. Taught me jitterbug moves when I was a kid and we would perform songs together in the living room! Ha. All my friends loved her and would bring their problems to ask for advice. She and my son had a special relationship and were like two peas in a pod. We miss her a lot.

  11. Happy Birthday wishes to your mom, Kay. She sounds like a lovely woman and the best of her is surely reflected in you. My mom will be 95 in January and I love her most for the gift of faith she instilled in me, passed down from her mother, my dear Baba. Enjoy your R&R, it is well deserved.

  12. Kay, what a lovely tribute to your Mother! I thank the Lord daily for my Mom. She has taught me to see the beauty in God’s creations. She cares so lovingly for the animals she is given to nurture. She has shown me that the beauty of His creations are around us daily. Through her words and example, I’ve learned to really appreciate and enjoy the Lord’s handiwork! Hope your Mom has a wonderful Birthday!

  13. Hi Kay,

    A very Happy Birthday to your mother. My mom passed in 2011 at the age of 85, and I miss EVERYTHING about her. I was born a week after she turned 17 and we grew up together until I was 22 years old. At that time, I was married, and my husband’s job took us to Hawaii 5,000 miles away from home and all of my family. My mom was ever supportive and loving, no matter the distance. By the time she had her heart attack I was divorced, so I sold my condo in Hawaii, packed my belongings and moved back to FL to care for her (and my dad). She lived a year & a half after I arrived. Even though she wasn’t well, it was such a quality time for us. I will be ever grateful for a Godly mother who led by example.

  14. Happy Birthday to your mom! I miss my mom, she had such a great sense of humor and made us laugh every day! I spent a lot of time with my parents and I’m so glad I did. You never regret time spent with your parents.

  15. Dear Kay, how blessed we both are to still have our mothers in our lives. My mother taught math in a public school. She loved her students and yes, they remain in contact. Her faith, strength and resilience and love for her family and friends are a guiding compass in our lives. However, this week as a. firm Royalist, she is glued to the BBC footage of the Queen’s final journey. My Mom grew up in a former colony and Elizabeth was a constant in her life.
    On a lighter note, you look smashing in brown along with the white, pink and baby blue shirts. Your accessories are perfect. This is going to be a lovely Autumn

  16. My mom died 23 years ago, at the age of 62. What a tremendous loss for all of us! I loved the way my mom and I could laugh and have fun together. We listened to music and drank wine. She never met a stranger, and always had time to listen to me. Today, I count it a blessing for my kids to tell me how like her I am. Also, I see her personality traits so clearly in my daughter and in some of my granddaughters! She truly was my best friend. She left a legacy of joy.

  17. Happy Birthday to your dear mom! Here’s hoping her special day was wrapped in smiles.

    I lost my beloved mom 6 years ago and she is often in my thoughts and prayers. Mom was my best friend and someone I looked up to and wanted to emulate. She was the most selfless person I have ever known. She lived for her family and would always put others before herself. I often wish I could spend time with her again but I would never want for her to go through the terrible illness that took her from us. I rest gently now knowing her suffering has ended and she now rests in the arms of her Saviour ❤️

  18. My mother had the gift of hospitality. When she entertained, her guests felt special…something I aspire to. She was also a good listener. My mom lived to be 99 and had a great life!