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Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds under $50

August 18, 2018

As I’ve been working on blog posts about transitional clothing that will help us move into fall even while the temps are warm, I’ve come across some good buys. The nine I’m showing you here are some of my favorites…because they’re under $50. They’re items you can wear now and later. When applicable, they’re available in lovely fall colors that you could begin wearing now but layer with other pieces as the weather cools. Most importantly, these won’t break the bank.

Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds under 50

I’ve chosen some of my favorites from the shoes, handbags, jeans, athleisurewear and tops that I’ve come across while trolling the new arrivals at several retailers. I think these are a good place to begin your fall shopping. In fact, I’ve bought a few of these myself.

Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds under 50

Fall Fashion Finds under $50 – Tops

I think this short sleeve thermal top is a nice nod to autumn without the long sleeves or weight usually associated with fall clothing. It would pair nicely with jeans or a denim skirt. It’s available in a couple of other fall-ish hues and currently there is availability in most sizes and shades.

Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds under 50
Tie Hem Thermal Tee by Socialite from Nordstrom – available in this olive, honey and ash – $39.00

I bought this silky feeling Sandwash Button Down from Lucky Brand recently, and I have a post featuring it next week. But since I’m wishing now that I also had it in the other two shades, I thought I should go ahead and share it with you now. This thing feels crazy good on, and it drapes so nicely. I wore it this week when our church leadership took photos because I thought it looked chic but casual and really non-seasonal. This is a winner. Oh, and supposedly you can machine wash and dry it.

Sandwash Button Down from Lucky Brand – available in this wine, navy and moss green – $49.50 – currently Lucky Brand is offering buy one, get one 50% off through 8/22

Fall Fashion Finds under $50 – Handbag & Reading Glasses

I haven’t purchased a new fall handbag yet, and I’m not sure I’m going to. I just really love my Fossil Fiona small leather satchel, and I just got it last December. And while I’d love to have a new handbag, I catch myself just looking at other cognac colored satchels! What would the point be in that?

Meanwhile, if I do get one it will be a little dressier bag, like this structured satchel from Sole Society. It’s available right now in this beautiful, elegant taupe and a slate blue. Either would be a classic addition to your wardrobe, and could be used year-round.

Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds under 50
Mikayla Vegan Medium Structured Satchel from Sole Society – available in taupe and slate blue – $33.48 – final purchase, no returns // Printed Blue Reading Glasses from Chico’s – $25.50 – Chico’s is offering 40% off your purchase with code 85372 now through 8/26/2018

If you’ve been around Dressed for My Day long, you know that I love beautiful reading glasses. I well actually, I hate reading glasses. But since they’re a necessity for so many of us I just think we ought to wear readers that add to our look rather than detract from it. I did a whole post about this here. Anyhow, I think these printed blue reading glasses from Chico’s might make a nice addition to any gal’s wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Finds under $50 – Athleisure

I’ve been on a crazed hunt for the perfect athleisurewear recently. I don’t know why this bee got in my bonnet, but it won’t stop buzzing. Except maybe it has now. I recently ordered the next two pieces from Nordstrom and I’m eagerly awaiting their arrival. In fact, I think these are the colors I selected, too.

Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds under 50
Z by Zella On Edge Pullover Sweater – available in navy peacoat and grey ebony – $26.97, all sizes available right now at Nordstrom Rack // Z by Zella Knees Up Jogger – available in grey ebony and black – $24.97, only available in select sizes when I composed this post

Fall Fashion Finds under $50 – Belt & Sneakers

I mentioned in my post about the 10 colors, patterns and textures essential for fall that leopard print continues to weigh in heavy on fall and winter fashion. And that’s fine with me. I love it. And I think one of the easiest and most effective ways to work this dynamic pattern into your wardrobe is through accessories like shoes, handbags, scarves and belts. Right now this leopard print haircalf skinny belt is available at Ann Taylor for 40% off with code HELLONEW (through 08/20/18).

Fabulous Fall Fashion Finds under 50
Leopard Print Haircalf Skinny Belt from Ann Taylor – $39.50, right now Ann Taylor is offering 40% off your purchase with code HELLONEW // Arctic Grey Slip On Sneakers from Loft – $59.50, but right now Loft is offering 40% off your purchase with code SUMMER4EVER (I can’t find how long this offer lasts. Sorry.)

Still thinking in the athleisure vein, these slip on sneakers would look great with the joggers and sweatshirt above or other similar pieces. They’d also look great with jeans. You’ll find these arctic grey sneakers on the Loft website.

Fall Fashion Finds under $50 – Jeans

I’ve looked at a lot of jeans on the Internet recently. While there is no shortage of jeans to be had, I think these are both trendy and suitable for most body types and tastes. And I like the price on these Sam Edelman jeans at Nordstrom Rack. If you’ve been contemplating trying the distressed look or the raw hem, but haven’t taken the plunge yet, these might be your safest best.

The Kitten Midrise Skinny Ankle Jeans by Sam Edelman at Nordstrom Rack – $49.97 – sizes are going fast

Thanks for Reading

Well there you have it. I hope if nothing else you’ve gained some ideas that will help you look for simple and fairly inexpensive ways to freshen up your wardrobe as you head into autumn. No big spending here, just reasonable purchases that can make a big difference.

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Have a blessed and happy weekend!

Blessed for My Day

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If you’ve been wounded by church, I’d like to suggest that you ask the Lord to heal those wounds. Even ask Him to take away the scars. My bet is He’ll begin the healing process by asking you to trust Him and go back to church. Find one where the Bible is honored and proclaimed, where love abounds and grace flows freely. It won’t be perfect, mind you. But neither are you or I. If you’d like to share with me and let me pray for you in this area, I’d be glad to. 

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