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10 Colors, Textures and Patterns Essential for Fall

August 16, 2018

Hello, dear readers. As most of you know, this is my first year blogging about style, and I’ve learned a lot along the way. Recently I began thinking about transitioning my wardrobe from the easy-breezy, long days of summer into autumn’s cooler and shorter days. It occurred to me that the keys to that transition really lie in the colors, textures and patterns of the approaching season more than the weight of the clothing. So today I’m offering you my 10 colors, textures and patterns that I think are essential for creating a fall-like wardrobe even while the temps are still on the warmer side.

10 Colors, Textures & Patterns Essential for Fall (1)

Here in Arizona I’ll not be able to really bundle up in heavy sweaters or boots until November or later. But starting in September (that’s just two weeks away, y’all!) I’ll want my wardrobe to reflect a more autumnal mindset and lifestyle. My husband is fine with wearing the same clothes he wore to our 4th of July fireworks show when we gather apples at a local orchard this fall. But I want at least to wear the colors, textures and patterns that resonate more with apple picking, leaf gazing, corn maze traipsing and pumpkin spice latte drinking. Amen?

My 10 Colors, Textures and Patterns Essential for Fall

Okay. I used the word essential mainly for Google optimization. Really these are more like suggestions than essentials. But you know that, right? You certainly don’t need all 10 of these to transition your wardrobe into autumn successfully. But I hope these 10 tips provide you with some good ideas. In fact, I surmise that you’ll find many of these in your closet or storage bins already! But in case you want to add a few renditions of these “essentials” to your closet, I’m providing some shopping suggestions in each category.

1. Color #1 – Red Pear

Each year Pantone creates a color swatch chart with hues we can expect to see in fashion (and home decor) during the upcoming seasons. You can find the full chart of Fall 2018 Fashion color swatches here. But I’ve selected three of them that I think will best help you bring your wardrobe into fall. At least these are the ones I gravitate toward.

The first shade I recommend is Red Pear.

Red Pear – From

Indeed, red pears say autumn. And this rich hue will take even a casual jeans & t-shirt outfit into the next season. In fact, now that I think about it, I just took photos last evening of a transition outfit that will feature this shade. Call it wine, burgundy, deep red or red pear, this red is all autumn. Here are some great items you could add to your wardrobe in this shade.

2. Color #2 – Quetzel Green

Sure, you can wear any of these colors that I’m suggesting year round, but I think this deep, elegant blue-green hue is one of those jewel tones that speaks the language of fall. I think most of us would identify this shade as a deep turquoise or teal. It’s a great hue for a handbag, scarf, tunic or even jeans. I’ve included some current fashions and accessories in this shade in the shopping widget here.

Quetzel Green – from

3. Color #3 – Martini Olive

Pantone describes this hue as “smooth, sophisticated and urban green.” That’s a lovely description, but most of us probably identify this color as simply olive or army green.

Martini Olive – from

It’s easy to add this rich olive to your wardrobe, but I bet you already have some of this shade in your closet or tucked away with your fall clothing. If not, here are some suggestions.

4. Pattern #1 – Leopard Print

Really, you can treat animal print as a solid color when you’re incorporating it into your wardrobe. That’s why you can wear it with so much, even other prints. I especially think leopard print says fall, maybe because it incorporates the autumn hues of black, brown and burnished gold. While I do wear some leopard print in the spring and summer, I think it takes on a new appeal when paired with other fall colors like the ones I mentioned above.

I recently bought a pair of leopard print shoes (when they were reduced in the Nordstrom sale) and an inexpensive leopard print belt from Target (not included in the widget below). I won’t wear them together, mind you, but I’ll enjoy incorporating each into my fall outfits. Here are some ideas for how to add leopard print into your wardrobe beginning right away.

5. Pattern #2 – Fall Florals

During the summer we enjoyed pastel gingham, summer garden florals, tropical novelty designs and nautical prints, but now it’s time to shift to fall florals. Look for fabrics that incorporate more traditional fall foliage and flowers. And of course these prints will abound with deep jewel and earthy tones. The colors mentioned above may be joined with these additional Pantone Fall 2018 colors:

Here are some pretty items for this transitional season featuring beautiful fall florals.

6. Texture #1 – Suede

For some reason we tend to associate suede with fall and winter clothing. But unless it is used in heavier clothing such as coats or jackets, it doesn’t really have to be relegated to the cooler seasons. Still, adding some suede to your clothing and accessory choices is a great way to achieve a fall look, even before it gets especially cool. I suggest incorporating suede into your belt, handbag and shoe choices first. Then when it gets cooler you can enjoy wearing suede boots, jackets, coats and skirts. Oh, and of course your suede additions don’t have to be genuine suede. Man-made fabrics that mimic suede are just as fashionable and appealing.

I recently purchased these brown microsuede heeled mules from Target, and I’ve really enjoyed wearing them already.

7. Texture #2 – Woven Fabrics

Despite the fact that we do wear summer sweaters, somehow we associate fall even more with these woven fabric tops and cardigans. Whether you like to layer t-shirts, tanks or even button-up shirts under cardigans or you prefer to pull a sweater over your head, you undoubtedly begin to long for these woven garments as fall approaches.

Even before the coolest days arrive we can begin wearing woven fabrics. Just choose those made of cotton or a loose weave. And once again, be sure to incorporate fall-ish hues. Here are some nice options below.

8. Texture #3 – Leather

Yes, we also wear leather year-round. But we tend to wear more leather in richer tones and heavier proportions in the fall and winter. So simply shifting from your woven straw handbag to your leather one can transition your outfit into a more autumn-like look. You might also want to put away your fabric belts and reach for leather ones. And soon it will be time to step out of your canvas espadrilles and into leather flats or booties.

The shopping widget below contains some great leather or faux leather (because faux leather achieves the same results even if it may not last as long) items to add to your wardrobe for fall. And, yes, this shopping widget contains some very inexpensive items but also some pretty pricey ones. That’s because, while I am apt to buy a faux leather handbag occasionally that is especially trendy, I am also prone to splurge a little in this area for a classic, well-constructed bag that will last me for years. So I thought I’d show you some at all price points.

9. Texture #4 – Denim

I suppose it goes without saying that we wear more denim in the fall and winter months than we do the warmer ones. Yes, I’ve worn my denim shorts more than any of my others, but I’ll wear jeans, denim skirts and blue jean jackets almost daily in the fall and winter. And if I do wear shorts into September and October (and I almost certainly will in Arizona) then I’ll probably opt for either my hiking shorts or denim ones (both of these are at great prices right now).

You just can’t do fall without denim. And since you’ll be wearing denim pieces a lot more often, now is a good time to invest in some new styles and colors. Check these out.

10. Texture #5 – Flannel

Now flannel is something you don’t see a lot of in the warmer months. But it feels warm and luscious and, well, right in the cooler months. Flannel reminds us that fall is the time for raking leaves (if you have any!), picking apples, going on hayrides and gathering around an outdoor fire pit for roasted wieners and marshmallows. And don’t you just want to do all of that in a flannel shirt?

That’s why adding a little flannel to your wardrobe will help usher it into fall. And there’s plenty of lightweight flannel to be had. Check out the options below.

As I think about transitioning my wardrobe from summer to fall, these are the colors, patterns and textures I’ll be adding. What about you? Can you think of other colors, patterns or textures that speak fall to you? I’d love to hear about it.

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I’ve used affiliate links in this post so that you can shop the looks I’ve mentioned easily. If you do browse or shop through them I receive a little bit of commission…at no cost to you. Winner, winner, chicken dinner! And if you’ve not already subscribed to my email community, today’s the day to join! In fact, today is the cut-off date for being eligible for the August subscriber of the month $25 gift card to Nordstrom! You can get all the details here. Thanks so much for reading. I’d love to hear from you!

I’ve linked today’s post to Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up. Check out the other great styles there.

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11 thoughts on “10 Colors, Textures and Patterns Essential for Fall

    1. Hi Joan. No, I don’t have either of them, nor have I tried them on. I am, however, featuring this one from Lucky Brand in a post next Wednesday, and I’ve also tried on this one from Lucky Brand and LOVED it. I didn’t feel like the slit in the front went up as high as it indicates in the picture either. I also have worn one from Talbots before, but mine is too big for me now. I REALLY liked it, too. I don’t think they have the exact same skirt this year, but this one is comparable. So those three are ones I can really recommend. Oh, and I liked the one I featured in this post, too, but of course it has embroidery on it.

      I also tried on this one by Reba and liked it a lot. And I bought this one from Target. I like it ok for the price.

      Whew! It must sound like I have every denim skirt in the world! But I don’t. I’ve only actually kept the Target skirt. But I really liked the second Reba one, the Lucky Brand skirts and the one I had previously from Talbots. Hope that helps more than it complicates! 🙂

  1. I really enjoyed today’s post. I love seeing the new fall colors and imagining the pretty outfits made from them. I remember years ago when it clicked for me about the colors and weight of of fabrics changing with each season. Thank you for all your hard work on this subject!

  2. Enjoyed this post! I love the colors of fall…I especially like wearing flannel shirts & jeans…thanks for sharing these fashion ideas!

    1. Thanks, Anita. I’m glad you liked it. I’ve got more coming this week with this wonderful setting. More jeans with fall tops!