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Elevate the Simplest Outfit to Party-Ready

August 6, 2020

Hello, dear reader. Today I’m once again sharing an all neutrals look…for a good reason. I intentionally kept this outfit pared back and oh so simple so that we could see how a few dazzling accessories could elevate the simplest outfit to party-ready.

I could have worn one of my bright colored tank tops just like this black one or the white one I shared in yesterday’s video. But I intentionally chose more of a blank canvas with my white ankle jeans and black tank so that we could more easily see how accessories alone elevate this look.

black tank top // white jeans // little mesh clutch // Brighton Bowie flip flops // Veronica hoop earrings // customized Elisa mutli strand necklace

While I love this black tank (I’m wearing a medium or Chico’s 1, but I wish I’d gotten the 0) and consider my white denim jeggings to be summer wardrobe essentials, this post is all about the accessories. (I’m wearing an 8 in the white denim jeggings, TTS.)

I think it’s important to know how to take the most basic look and elevate it with a few accessories. Why? Because when we travel we want to keep fashion beautiful, but easy. And even when we’re home, it’s nice to be able to just switch out our shoes and jewelry before heading out to a nice dinner.

Plus, at this point in life, I just love the effortless style of a woman who looks completely comfortable and at ease in what she’s wearing, but she also looks oh so chic and sophisticated. There’s nothing beautiful about fussy or uncomfortable clothing. So I like the idea of heading out to a special occasion dinner or gathering in something as simple and comfortable as jeans and a tee or tank, but still turning heads as you walk in the door.

So for my party-ready look I just added some of my prettiest jewelry, even adding the sparkling dinner ring I bought for my son’s wedding. My ring is no longer available, but this one, while different in style, is similar in price and effect. My bracelets are also from last season, but you can find many comparable ones here. I especially love this crystal cutout hinge bangle.

I do wear this customized Elisa mutli strand necklace for everyday, but the pretty gold chains and black drusy stones make it modern and elegant enough for a special occasion, too. Likewise, I frequently wear my Veronica hoop earrings, but the iridescent crystals really add brightness to the face…perfect for candlelight dinners!

Finally, let’s talk about these shoes. These aren’t just flip flops. These Brighton Bowie flip flops are party shoes! Aren’t they just darling??? Brighton generously sent them to me recently to share with you. And I’ll admit, when they initially offered them, I was a little skeptical. But it turned out these Brighton Bowie flip flops are truly darling and comfortable. And they really elevate a simple jeans and tank to party-ready.

Brighton Bowie flip flops

Here’s a little shopping widget with some other fun and flirty flip flops from Brighton, too. (Brighton did gift me my flip flops, but the opinions expressed are my own and genuine. I was under no obligation to share these shoes with you.)

My little mesh clutch is only available in silver now, but the price has been deeply discounted. If you need a dressy little clutch, this one’s a great deal.

black tank top // white jeans // little mesh clutch // Brighton Bowie flip flops // Veronica hoop earrings // customized Elisa mutli strand necklace

By the way, a couple of other little touches that can really elevate an ordinary outfit to party-ready include pretty nails and false eyelashes. Can you tell I have them on??? The lashes, that is! Would you like for me to share how to apply them sometime?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I really love how a few sparkling accessories and flourishing touches can elevate the simplest outfit to party-ready. What do you think?

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It’s okay to wrestle, you know? That is, it’s okay to wrestle with concepts, current events, relationship dynamics, and even biblical precepts. Jacob wrestled with God and he left the wrestling match forever changed and blessed. God does not mind us working things out in our minds, thinking deeply on His truths.

And I’ve found lately that I need to spend some time mulling things over before I try to formulate my position on current events. Otherwise, I’m standing on shaky ground at best. But when we wrestle with things, we’re wise to lean into the one thing we know to be stable and steadfast…God’s Word. Are you thinking through things with God’s Word or apart from it?

The unfolding of your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple. ~ Psalm 119:130

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25 thoughts on “Elevate the Simplest Outfit to Party-Ready

  1. Love this outfit (and I have all the pieces already in my closet). Perfect!
    The only socializing we have done is small pool get-togethers (not our usual larger gatherings pool side) with neighbor/friends. We are so glad to have this space where we can social distance and still get together. We also had Book Club at the pool which was a blast! This works great with warm weather, but once winter comes, we will be back to isolation until life gets back to “normal”.

    1. Thanks for sharing Arna. I’m in a book club too and we’ve been meeting via Zoom. But a poolside or outdoor gathering sounds like a great idea.

      1. It was a scorching hot day as it turned our for Book Club. Everyone arrived and headed into the pool. Then pre-dinner wine in the pool. Dinner on the pool patio (we do pot luck, and the host does the main dish). Then we headed back into the water for the book discussion.
        We did not do Book Club until the warmer weather with quarantine because one member does not do “zoom”, but this winter we are going to set up a computer for her so everyone can join in. We miss each other too much not to keep meeting.

        1. Hahaha! I love that. Doing it all in the pool! Yes, I think it’s so important to do what we can to meet up with friends and family…in the safest ways possible of course.

    1. Thanks Ellenene. I’ll work on both of those. I’m still working on learning how to do my hair. But I’ve gotten pretty good with the lashes. It’s only taken me a few years! Ha!

    2. Wonderful tips on elevating a simple outfit! Yes, please show how to use false lashes and how you style your hair !

  2. Those FLIP FLOPS KAY!! Super cute and yes, elevates an outfit that would somewhat be boring.

    Yes, I would love to know where you got the false eyelashes and how to!


    1. You bet! And the flip flops are really great. When I read the reviews on the Brighton website I was a little concerned. They speak of an odor and not being comfortable. But I found that the “plastic smell” went away immediately after taking them out of the package. And they are in fact very comfortable. And so versatile! I’m wearing them today for lunch with my friends. ?

  3. I waLk most mornings with a friend. That helps a lot with need for time with other women. I do go out to lunch about once a week. We go early ( not as crowded) and only go places where the restaurant is following the proper procedures.

  4. Great looks, Kay! Those Brighton sandals have just the right amount of bling. Eyelashes would be an interesting video. Your outfit is simple but it makes an elegant statement. Your hair is so natural and so pretty.
    It is hard to know how to think about our current situation for sure. I find focusing on God’s unchanging Word and the promises in His Word help me to keep things in perspective. We do get out and see our neighbors in an over- the- fence kind of way and we keep in contact with our close friends with calls and emails.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Suzanne. Yes, I think the eyelashes would definitely have to be a video tutorial.

  5. Hi Kay! I love this idea, and have actually done it with a black tank and black and white floral jeans. Your suggestion about travel makes so much sense too, because you can easily dress this look way up or way down, which makes it versatile for packing to take on a trip. Accessories take up lots less space. I like the tank in the size you bought – Chico’s tanks that are size O can be rather clingy, and when you’re wearing it without a topper, the way you are showing it looks best, truly. I’m wondering about your hair….it’s so pretty and I wondered if you could share (or maybe do a post on) how you style it. I have tried to get those loose waves in mine and it’s been a major fail! If I let it go naturally it will do this on its own, but by the end of a day it starts to get frizzy. If you could share tips on how you curl it, that would be wonderful. If you’ve already done this, I must have missed it so if you could direct me to the post… Just curious because I want to keep my hair at its current length, but dress it up at times! Thank you!!

  6. Oh Kay, this is your mother speaking. Do you take criticism well? Well, I’m not a fan of the jeggings you wore in today’s blog. You need one size larger. These are two tight. When I went to the Talbots site the model showing those pants had very slim legs. No bunching or wrinkles.

  7. Love your outfit and the way your style your hair. I am not doing too much social gathering. My daughter is expecting her third child and I’m planning to drive from Texas to Virginia. I’m trying to limit my exposure to alot of people. But we had a small 4th of July bbq. Less than 8 people.

  8. My Mama’s advise was always to make sure your brain is in gear before you start your mouth. She fractured some great quotes. Or, wherever you go, there you are. That was stolen from yogi, I think.
    I like the black and white look for summer and navy and white. I think adding sparkle and fun in sandals for summer just takes this look up a notch.

  9. Dear Kay,

    Thank you for your beautiful and helpful videos! Yesterday’s with all the combinations using one piece was inspiring!!

    As many have commented, I, too, love love love your hair! I’ll join my voice to the many asking about how you get the wavy curls. My hair is about chin length now in a classic angled bob with ends curled under, and in our humidity I work hard with product to get it smooth and sleek. Very chic, but sometimes a girl wants to change it up a bit. Please do share with us when you are ready! Your style was very complimentary before, but Kay, it’s even more lovely now.

    As far as socializing, our church has a small ladies summer Bible study that is able to meet in keeping with guidelines, and that’s wonderfully encouraging. At home, we share our table with a small gathering here and there, just one couple or two. We join another couple for morning fitness walks one day a week. It’s little bits here and there, a patchwork of bright spots that punctuate our days and bring joy.

    Thank you for encouraging us all, where we are, in ways large and small. You are indeed a joy-bringer, reminding us we’re beautiful women, daughters of the King.

    P. S. Change of subject, but pertaining to accessorizing with jewelry: could you address scale and proportion with earrings and necklaces relative to a woman’s height and build? Thank you!

  10. Even though shorter tops are in style now, is it best to wear longer tops with jeggings. You look fine in this outfit, but some others shaped a little differently, not so much.

    1. Hi Judy. While Talbots calls these jeggings they are really just ordinary skinny jeans. They’re a very thick denim and not see through at all. So they read just like a normal slim fit jean. I did size up as I always do in white jeans. But other than that I think most women could wear them well.