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Easy Summer Day Outfits with Frank & Eileen

June 29, 2023

I continue to get requests for everyday outfits for summer. After all, isn’t that where most of us live this time of year? In the everyday? I hear you! We want to look and feel put together and a little stylish, but still feel comfortable and appropriately casual. And that’s why I’m excited to share with you one of my favorite brands for all things comfortable, casual and classy: Frank & Eileen.

Classy but Casual Outfits from Frank & Eileen
Kinsale Italian performance linen pants in rosemary || Patrick white heritage jersey

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Frank & Eileen’s styles are known for their effortless cool factor, their soft, natural fiber fabrics and their timeless appeal. But there’s so much more to this slow fashion brand. The women’s fashion label was birthed in 2009 when former engineer Audrey McLoghlin set out to create the perfect classic button-up shirt for women. Inspired by her Irish grandparents, she named her brand after them. Today this woman-owned, women-led business has diversified well beyond its iconic button-up shirt. But Frank & Eileen is a pace setter in the industry and continues to work with the same ethical, sustainable manufacturers they began partnering with over ten years ago.

Patrick Jersey
Kinsale Italian performance linen pants in rosemary || Patrick white heritage jersey

Not only is Frank & Eileen a B Corp, but their impact score among globally recognized U.S. apparel companies trails only that of Patagonia. And they received the highest impact score for any woman-owned U.S. fashion brand. I love supporting women led brands, but especially those that willingly and doggedly adhere to such admirable standards and practices.

Kinsale Italian linen pants

I’ve been wearing Frank & Eileen for a couple of years now. Their garments are crafted from the highest quality fabrics, many of them sourced from Italy, where they can trace every garment directly to the field from which it began. My Kinsale Italian performance linen pants, shown here in rosemary, felt soft and luxe right out of the package. And my Patrick white heritage jersey, crafted in California, has been a favorite for four seasons now.

Kinsale Italian linen pants

Remember, I’m 5’8″. So you can see that the Kinsale hits me right above the ankle bone for an easy, breezy vibe that is perfect for late spring through early fall. The pant comes in six shades of Italian performance linen (which has a nice amount of stretch), as well as vintage white Italian performance denim.


I also have the Kinsale in white Italian performance linen. It’s one of my favorite go-to pants for creating easy summer day outfits. On this day I topped the white Kinsale with my favorite Frank & Eileen button-up shirt, the Joedy in superfine cotton. I have the white Joedy, but here I’m wearing my new French blue shirt. I find the Joedy to run true to size; I’m wearing a medium.

Joedy Superfine in French Blue
Joedy French blue, superfine

By the way, don’t worry about the soft wrinkles in the Joedy or my Kinsale pants. They’re part of the charm of this relaxed, casual clothing brand. Look at them as visible signals that you are off the clock. These easy summer day outfits are as much about a state of mind as they are about form and functionality.

Easy Summer Day Outfits

The Kinsale pants run true to size; while I waffle between 8s and 10s in misses clothing, I’m comfortably wearing size 10 in both Kinsales here. They fit slightly snug right out of the package, but stretch to conform to your body within minutes of wearing them. Plus, you’ll find lots of helpful sizing information (and affirming comments) in the customer reviews on the Frank & Eileen website. Study those, along with the size charts, and you’ll feel very comfortable ordering the best size for you.

Kinsale pants

When styling easy summer day outfits, I definitely opt for comfort first. But I still want to look polished. So both of the outfits above work great for me when I’m getting out and about a little. But the black Carmel travel set below is a hands down favorite for slow mornings and/or evenings at home.

black Carmel Travel Set
black Carmel travel set

Of course I absolutely will travel in my black Carmel travel set, too. But the Catherine sweatpant and the Patrick sweatshirt, featuring raw edges and relaxed fits, are too comfortable and classy to reserve for plane rides and car trips.

travel set

Both pieces can be purchased separately, too, and in other colors. But you can get the travel set at a slightly reduced price when you purchase both pieces together and in the same color. The travel set also comes in navy and white.

travel set
black Carmel travel set || Aiden vintage muscle tee

Of course you can create additional easy summer day outfits by splitting the set and wearing the pieces with other things, such as the white Aiden vintage muscle tee shown above. I suggest you carefully check out Frank & Eileen’s size charts for the best fits. I’m comfortably wearing a large in the muscle tee and the travel set per their size chart recommendations.

travel set
travel set

I really encourage you to check out the Frank & Eileen website to see more of the selections from this popular brand. They have lovely dresses, shorts and jackets, among other things, all perfect for creating elevated but very casual easy summer day outfits. And I’ve filled a shopping widget below with the pieces I’ve shared here as well as some of my other favorites.

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7 thoughts on “Easy Summer Day Outfits with Frank & Eileen

  1. Good morning Kay, I absolutely adore your outfits today, they look cozy, casual and ready to go anywhere.

    1. Thanks so much, Pat. Isn’t it amazing how putting together the simplest, classic pieces can actually look so modern and fresh. I’m trying to wear my button-up shirts more these days because when I see other women wear them they look so sharp. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I especially enjoyed your “Blessed For the Day”. I want to make a positive mark on the lives of others, so I pray every morning….”Make me a blessing to those that I come in contact with today”. You are an inspiration and I look forward to your blog when i open my email, have my coffee and get started for the day. God bless you.

    1. That’s very kind of you, Bonnie. Thank you. I am so glad that my blog is a place of inspiration and joy for you.

  3. Hi Kay you look so laid back and lovely in those outfits today , you really do suit those shirts so well . That colour of your linen pants ‘Rosemary’ is such a good colour on you , beautiful and subtle . I loved your BFMD today too , how very true that is and if we can’t say something nice then don’t say it at all! I think sometimes we forget that we might be the only person that someone has seen that day and its not good if we make that a negative experience for someone ! It costs nothing to be nice and how much better does it make everyone feel . I love your break down descriptions of the Scriptures you post daily it really gives me food for thought . You and James have a beautiful date night at the new restaurant you are trying ❤️Xx

  4. I’m really debating about these pants! I am 5’2″ and exclusively wear petites because standard rises are more than high waisted on me. Years ago I had three pairs of Talbots linen-cotton blend jeans that I completely wore out – my very favorite pants ever, which is why I am tempted to try these out. I’ve never found a good replacement for my favorites.

    I so agree with your BFMD! The words we speak to ourselves also must be loving, too! And when others speak or comment hurtful things, I remember Matthew 12:33-37 ….out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The good person out of his good treasure brings forth good….. I pray that I have a heart full of good treasure to encourage others. And I consider that hurtful remarks probably come from a heart that is wounded and I am able to forgive and pray for them. And in the end, like Paul, I remember that ultimately I don’t care what others think and I don’t even care what I think! It is what God thinks that matters to me (I Corinthians 3:21-4:7)