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Easy On the Eyes Early Fall Outfit

September 19, 2023

In over five years of blogging in this space, I’ve learned a little about what makes an outfit exceptionally chic. For my personal style aesthetic, I love an outfit that is easy on the eyes. When the colors meld seamlessly and the fabrics look soft and a little luxurious, the outfit comes together to create something that is oh so pleasing to look at. And that’s a sweet spot, in my book. So today I’m sharing an easy on the eyes early fall outfit that I wear over and over this time of year.

Easy On the Eyes Early Fall Outfit

I love the feel, the weight and even the look of a fisherman style cotton sweater for early fall. You might assume this is my fisherman sweater from Jenni Kayne, the one I tend to go on and on about. But this lovely 100% organic cotton fisherman sweater is actually from Quince, a brand that is proving that you can offer high quality essentials at a price within reach. The sweater runs true to size; I’m wearing a medium.

100% organic cotton fisherman sweater
100% organic cotton fisherman sweater (c/o)

A cotton fisherman sweater is such a smart investment for early fall because you’ll definitely wear it again in spring. And in some climates – like my old stomping grounds in Arizona – this is the perfect weight sweater for year-round. In fact, I never put all of my cotton sweaters away. They’re the perfect sweater to carry on a summer vacation when you may encounter cool mornings or evenings. And they’re snuggly for wearing around the house in the winter, too.

100% organic cotton fisherman sweater
100% organic cotton fisherman sweater (c/o)

This 100% organic cotton fisherman sweater features some thoughtful details like a contrasting band around the waist and cuffs, small unique stitching on the sides and an ample neckline. I love that Quince strives to be a slow fashion brand, creating classic clothing you can wear year after year. And even at their extremely affordable prices, they guarantee that their clothing is made in factories that meet or exceed global guidelines for workplace safety and equitable wages. Quince provides affordable prices by using a factory-direct model that cuts out the supply-chain middlemen and reduces costs.


I love the quality of my cement marl 100% organic cotton fisherman sweater (c/o) and I also received one in grey that is equally lovely and versatile. But this cotton fisherman sweater comes in a number of other great colors, too. And be sure to check out Quince’s selection of clothing and accessories for everyone in the family, as well as home and bath products.

Ayr T-shirt

I wore my cotton fisherman sweater over a knit ribbed t-shirt that fits pleasantly close to the body. I sized up to a large in this Ayr 50% Pima Cotton/ 49% Modal/ 1% Spandex tee for a less bodycon fit. I love that it looks a little dressier than your basic tee. The t-shirt is also available in black and grey, and if you purchase two or more of Ayr’s tees (of any kind) you get 20% off.

t-shirt and jeans with sweater over shoulders
Mother ankle jeans // knit ribbed t-shirt // 100% organic cotton fisherman sweater (c/o) // loafers // convertible leather satchel (c/o) // chain necklace

To keep this combination easy on the eyes, I wore my oatmeal colored fisherman sweater over lighter wash jeans. These are my Mother ankle jeans in the county line wash. If you like a darker wash, you might like these similar Mothers. But here’s a more economical option for a lighter wash, straight leg ankle jean, too. And I also like these Re/Done jeans that are marked down. By the way, I’m wearing size 30 in the Mother ankle jeans, so I’d say they run TTS.

Loafers and Satchel
Aimee Kestenberg Day Dream satchel in Vanilla Ice (c/o) also available in teal and in black croco

I kept my leather choices soft and neutral to coordinate with the light wash jeans and oatmeal colored sweater. My loafers are from a couple of years ago, but these Sam Edelman Loraine Bit Loafers are just the same and still available in beautiful colors. I love having these soft, neutral loafers in my wardrobe for fall and spring.

Aimee Kestenberg bag

Recently Aimee Kestenberg reached out to me (the brand, not the woman, ha!) and offered to send me a bag to share with you. I chose the Day Dream satchel in Vanilla Ice (c/o), but it’s also available in teal and in black croco. This perfectly sized satchel is made from glove tanned leather and features several great compartments, including an interior open pocket and zip pocket. It converts into a shoulder or crossbody bag with a detachable strap. By the way, ivory colored leather accessories are very on trend this year, yes, even for fall and winter.


I loved the way these pieces pulled together to create an easy on the eyes early fall outfit. And bonus points for being comfortable and oh so easy to wear. This is an outfit I would wear on most any given day during the fall and even spring. In fact, I wore the same outfit, but with the grey cotton fisherman sweater this past Saturday as we explored Amish country in Ohio.

Early Fall Outfit Easy on the Eyes
Mother ankle jeans // knit ribbed t-shirt // 100% organic cotton fisherman sweater (c/o) // loafers // convertible leather satchel (c/o) // chain necklace

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Blessed for My Day

First impressions matter. And it’s true that actions speak even louder than words. But never underestimate the weight of your words. What we say absolutely does matter. Those words often hang in the air longer than it took to speak them. And more often than we know, our words continue to vibrate in other peoples’ minds even after we have moved on in the conversation or even said our goodbyes. We seem to know this instinctively about the words spoken to us, but for some reason we speak our own words lightly all too often, giving no care as to how they land on someone else’s ears, much less their heart.

Today let’s be careful with our words. Let’s be wise. And we should covenant to take care with the words we type out in texts and social media comments and direct messages, too. Let’s remember to choose our words carefully, filtering our thoughts so that only the best, most wholesome and edifying words part our lips or land in others’ inboxes. Our words matter, and they can do good or harm today.

Let no unwholesome word come out of your mouth, but if there is any good word for edification according to the need of the moment, say that, so that it will give grace to those who hear. ~ Ephesians 4:29

xoxo, Kay
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22 thoughts on “Easy On the Eyes Early Fall Outfit

  1. Thank you for mentioning the ethics of the brand. My daughter is getting me to think about that.

    Your devotional was spot on today. I’m having difficult conversations with people and it is easy to slip into words I should not use. Life can be so hard. Come Lord Jesus.

  2. I just discovered Quince last month. I ordered a couple of cashmere sweaters (one for me and one for my husband). They are reasonably priced and look wonderful! I’ve been looking at the sweater that you have on – now I’m definitely going to order it! It looks great on you!

  3. I certainly wish you would include plus size options! I generally appreciate your style and the outfits you wear, including accessories and makeup tips, I just wish your ideas were more size inclusive.

    1. I do the best I can, Karen. I’m really a mid-size blogger/influencer. But I understand the desire for more inclusive sizing. I will continue to try to provide plus size options when available. Meanwhile, I really encourage you to follow some of the wonderful plus size bloggers and influencers out there.

  4. I have a crossbody purse by Amee Kestenberg. Same color and I love it! Will buy more of her brand.
    Love your blog!

  5. I too just discovered the Quince brand and love it!
    Quality and economical
    You look amazing in the sweater as you do everything else
    Thank you Kay 

    1. Medium. I’ll fix that in the post. I apologize for neglecting to mention that. I got away with all my flowery descriptions and forgot the sizing. Ha!

  6. A great causal outfit go Fall! Love the lipstick you’re wearing; could you please share the brand and color?!

  7. Kay, You need to see a specialist for your foot pain. Go to a foot& ankle doctor asap. I am under the care of a specialist for my chronic foot issues. Good luck!

  8. Kay , you are looking particularly lovely and glowing lately! Is it the excitement of being a grandma soon, or a new makeup and lipstick? I’ve never seen you so vibrant ! Any secrets you can share ?

  9. Hi Kay! Happy to see you carrying an Aimee K. bag! I have purchased several at QVC who has the best selection and pricing!! Do you have an affiliate link for QVC? I need to check out Quince for sure. Such a pretty outfit all around!

  10. Hi Kay your outfit today was lovely , really easy on the eye and lovely soft colours and that bag was gorgeous too❤️. I must agree with a couple of the other ladies A. You have been looking even more lovelier and more vibrant recently . B. You really do need Specialist advice for that foot , I hope you get it sorted and its not too serious.
    I loved your BFMD today and absolutely agree with thinking before speaking or writing etc especially if its just unkind and not necessary. I got quite a reputation for being a ‘Soft Touch’ but its only because I count to 10 before speaking out and in that 10 seconds I weigh up if I want this person in my life if not I walk away , if I do then its worth solving and saving . I don’t respond to texts or other if I am angry , I go for a walk say a prayer and wait for the right response . Too many people think they can just have the right to mean and unkind especially if they don’t have to stand face to face with that person . I’m certainly no Saint and definitely not perfect , but from a very early age I learned just by watching a particularly volatile relative who really lashed out with words that cut like knives not just with me but other family and friends , and wow how those words hang around long long after the backlash !!!! I vowed then that would never be my way and I also learned neither is it Gods way . Xx