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How I Really Dressed for My Day This Week

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September 15, 2023

Happy Friday! I’m in eastern Ohio this morning, following a speaking engagement last night. I spoke at the Genesis Healthcare Services Girls’ Night Out in Zanesville, Ohio, and it was a lot of fun. Today we’re moving on to another location James has picked out for us to do a little exploring and take some photos. We try to get out and explore our state at least once a month, so this work trip worked nicely for us to do that. Below I’m sharing how I really dressed for my day this week.

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How This Works

These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

All available items are linked in the captions of the photos. Even if they don’t look like links (sometimes they don’t highlight for some reason), they generally are. So just click through if you’re interested.

What I Wore on Friday

Friday I mostly worked from home, but did go out for a few errands, too. I opted for jeans that day, something I haven’t worn in a while surprisingly. I paired my Mother jeans (size 31) with my vintage white tee and cashmere vest, both from J.Crew.

vintage white cotton tee // v-neck sweater vest // jeans // sneakers // earrings

I finished the look with my On Cloud sneakers. I’ve had some foot issues recently, so I’m needing to wear good shoes with arch support and solid foundations. These feel so good on my feet!

What I Wore on Sunday

I didn’t wear anything of note on Saturday. I was icing my foot off and on and even took a nap. So I really didn’t get dressed for my day, to be honest. But Sunday I pulled this outfit together with some favorite jeans and my white Cloth & Stone button-up shirt. This shirt is different from others in that it’s 100% Tencel and super-duper soft. That fabric also gives it a lovely, close to the body drape.

white shirt // jeans // belt // shoulder bag  and here// sandals // necklace // earrings (similar) // bracelet

You know I’m really crushing on cognac accessories, so I felt like this was a great opportunity to wear my cognac sandals, belt and new shoulder bag. I love the cognac with dark denim, but I think it works really nicely with this low intensity outfit, too.

What I Wore on Monday

Monday I shared my blog post with high and low options for this classic fall outfit. Right off the bat I got requests for photos. Ha! I do prefer to always show photos with my blog posts, but sometimes I just don’t have them available for what I want to share. Anyhow, I threw this outfit on that day and took some mirror selfies.

white shirt // jeans (size 30) // shoulder bag // lipstick // earrings // belt // sunglasses // shoes are unavailable from last year (option)

You can read more about this outfit in Monday’s blog post where I really walked through the way I’ve put things together and I’ve provided lower priced options for most everything.

But…I already had the outfit below on that morning, so I did return to it after snapping the above photos.

crew neck tee // cargo pant // jean jacket // belt // earrings (similar) // coin necklace // sandals unavailable (similar) // similar shoulder bag

I’ve been enjoying this cargo pant in green so much, I purchased them in this light khaki, too. They are so comfortable and easy to pair with things in my closet. Oh, and right now they (along with a lot of other things) are 30% off for everyone, but 40% off if you’re a J.Crew Passport member (sign up!).

What I Wore on Tuesday

Tuesday I shared this controversial outfit on the blog. Ha! In the blog post I mentioned that I never let myself share outfit inspiration that I wouldn’t actually wear so I would in fact be wearing this combination that day. Good to my word, I wore it to my nail appointment and the mall.

 pleated midi skirt // crewneck tee // cashmere vest.//  croc-embossed cutout loafers // bracelet // earrings (similar) // shoulder bag 

I did indeed receive compliments. But that was neither here nor there for me. I just truly enjoyed wearing this modern outfit. The croc-embossed cutout loafers (that’s what J.Crew calls them; I’d call them Mary Janes) were super comfortable, especially for my foot condition. And the skirt felt good and fresh and feminine. I loved wearing this outfit!

What I Wore on Wednesday

Sorry for the squinty eyes in these photos. But Wednesday, as I prepare for my speaking engagement, my closet in my office fell down. Yes, you read that correctly. The entire closet fell down and exploded out onto my office floor. Ugh. It wasn’t even really loaded down with heavy things. I think it was just an accident waiting to happen. Anyhow, my office already had clothing strewn all over as I was pulling outfits for my presentation. So I had James snap this photo outside.

short sleeve button up (low availability) // cargo pant // belt // earrings (similar) // shoes

Honestly, I was in and out of outfits most of the day. But I did wear these green cargo pants and short sleeve button up for a good portion of the day. I love combining this color of green with blue. And I had wanted to wear my new cognac colored mules, too. I bought them in black in the NSale, and just couldn’t resist the cognac ones when they were on sale again over the Labor Day weekend. They run true to size.

What I Wore on Thursday

Somehow I missed taking a photo of what I wore for travel yesterday. But I wore these joggers in flint with a white tee and this zip-up hoodie in pale grey heather. Super comfy! Anyhow, I also neglected to get good photos of my outfit last night. Well, James took photos with his camera, but I can’t get one of those yet, so I grabbed a few still shots from an Instagram video I uploaded last night.

skirt // tank // denim jacket // gold glitter shoes are old and no longer available // bracelet // earrings

It was a girls’ night out event, so this fun, feminine skirt and glittery pumps paired with the simple white tank and denim jacket seemed fitting. Do you recognize the 2×2 style formula I shared in this recent blog post?

Thanks so much for stopping in. Have a great day!

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Blessed for My Day

Have you ever had a good thing get out of control in your life? I have. Sometimes a good thing comes along – whether it be a new job, a fun friendship, an interesting hobby, an unexpected blessing – and we grab hold with all we’ve got. Before we know it we’re in over our head and things are out of control. In fact, the good thing is actually controlling us!

Proverbs 25:16 reminds us to exercise a little self-control when we come across something good. A little bit goes a long way in most things. Whether that be the yummy cake sitting on the counter under the cake dome or the new neighbor you just love spending time with. Let’s remember to draw closer to the giver of all good and perfect gifts, but to create a little appropriate space between ourselves and those lovely blessings.

If you find honey, eat just enough—
    too much of it, and you will vomit. ~ Proverbs 25:16

xoxo, Kay
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6 thoughts on “How I Really Dressed for My Day This Week

  1. I am so inspired by these outfits Kay! I especially like the low contrast outfit featuring the white shirt with light-colored jeans. If my light blue Levi’s 501s weren’t in the wash I would be copying that today. I am so on board with the cognac accessories too! I would love to see the pleated skirt in a low-contrast pairing with a dark fluffy cropped cashmere sweater. I’m sure you have one in your cashmere sweater arsenal!

  2. Glad the event went well, Kay, and I hope you and James are enjoying your Ohio exploration weekend. I loved the skirt and jacket and yes! – I spotted the formula! 🙂 I really wanted to say thank you for BFMD though. I had been thinking along the same lines this week so it was a real encouragement and challenge for me.

  3. Oh, dear. BFMD is SO on target! Dare I say DFMD may fall in that category with me? I know that I sometimes get really carried away pouring over your outfits and window shopping the stores online. Sometimes I catch myself spending hours loading carts and dreaming, just to realize that there is still a mountain of laundry, I’m running out of time to do it, and not nearly enough in the bank account to pay for the overloaded cart….. and sometimes that is exactly the little escape from reality that was needed to energize me, so I guess it’s not so bad, after all.;-) Love the outfits this week. I am a HUGE fan of the white shirt, jeans and darker brown leather combos. I don’t know why I don’t have more items for that combo in my closet. It is truly a timeless classic. I am also seriously crushing on the 2X2 formula. I adore the outfit from last night! Last, but not least, the more I look at the skirt/tee/vest outfit, the more it grows on me. Seriously cute and cheerful, it is such an unexpected mix, yet it works so well together. It just makes me smile! When the weather gets a little more chilly, I can see a denim chore coat or trucker jacket over it.

  4. Ooh Kay I love your Blessing today , it really resonates with me , just yesterday I was sharing this very thought with my Friend , about hanging on for dear life to good things in life that come our way , we decided between us that everything in life is either Lessons or Blessings and we have to show good grace for either that we receive from Our Lord God 🙏🏻. So pleased your Presentation and Girls Night Out went so well in Zanesville , bet you were buzzing ? Enjoy your day out with James and have fun . I Love ALL of your outfits you wore in dressing for your day throughout the week . I know your outfit with the chocolate pleat skirt/white Tee/ Red ( or is it Cerise) V sleeveless top and your Cutout (MaryJane shoes I would say too) there seemed to be divided comments when I read them , but to be honest Kay if we didn’t have Beautiful and Gracious Ladies like yourself encouraging us to come out of our comfort zones, fashion would never move forward . I personally think you look good and fun and modern in that outfit , I adore the chocolate pleated skirt but being petite I would have to wear heels albeit kitten heels with it . Now before I started subscribing to your blog the only time you would have seen me in flat shoes would have been either at work in my nursing assistant role or when I broke my toe and needed to wear flats I didn’t own any at all and thought Im not wasting money on soft flats I will only wear for 6 weeks until my toe healed , so my lovely much younger brother loaned me his Converse hi top sneakers Bless him they were his pride of joy at the time , but he always had a gracious soul ❤️Anyway its down to you I have worn Ankle Grazer Trousers this summer with sneakers or trainers , being petite I Never thought I would suit them !!! But ive had so many compliments from my loved ones and friends and ex colleagues and I already have my eye on some of those gorgeous NAOT flat sandals you wear , plus you encouraged me to wear jeans again which I hadn’t worn for years and White Shirts and Chambray Shirts and Denim Jackets which I’m loving this new casual me and its all down to you ❤️. Because I wore a nursing uniform for last 38 years , when I got my 2 days off I used to dress up to the nines day/night to make up for it. So Thank you Kay for All your hard work , your Inspiration , your excellent Tips and your Blessings for the Day I love it ALL. You ooze Style and Loveliness Xx

  5. Thanks for sharing this verse. Don’t remember hearing that before. Thanks for saying that you didn’t get dressed that day. Nice when someone is honest, transparent,especially during these days. God is using you.

  6. As always love your blessed for my day message. I like the brown pleated skirt styled with the cashmere sweater and heels. I went back to read the other post. I will be honest I don’t like the skirt with the black shoes. I think those types of shoes shorten the legs. What matters is that you like them. I love all the cognac accessories in the other outfits.