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Denim Skirt 6+ Ways – Video

May 6, 2020

Happy Wednesday! You know what that means. It’s time for another YouTube video. Today on my Dressed for My Day YouTube Channel I’m sharing style hacks for wearing a denim skirt this spring and summer.

Copy of 9 Ways to Style a Denim Skirt

I think a denim skirt is a spring and summer wardrobe essential for the modern classic gal. And while I’ve styled mine sort of “preppy” today, there are really so many ways you can wear this trending skirt. You can bet I’ll be sharing more style options through the coming months.

So without further fanfare, here’s today’s video:

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You absolutely can shop the items in the video on YouTube. Just click on the little arrow at the description box and it should unscroll with all the information I’ve put there. But you can also shop the looks through the shopping widget below.

Size information

First let me give you some size information. I’m wearing a 6 in the denim skirt. It runs large, so consider sizing down one. I’m wearing a medium in the madras plaid shirt, a medium in the t-shirt and a medium in the cardigan. Both pairs of shoes run true to size.

Pin This!

Last week a reader asked for a pinnable graphic to be included with my videos when appropriate. That’s a great idea. It is a little more work, but I’ll try to have one up when possible.

9 Ways to Style a Denim Skirt
9 Ways to Style a Denim Skirt

Be sure to watch the video for all the styling tips and hacks. Remember, these tips apply to other versions of the same types of pieces I’ve shown. Thanks so much for watching and for visiting Dressed for My Day today.

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17 thoughts on “Denim Skirt 6+ Ways – Video

  1. Kay,
    Your video’s are just adorable. Love how you give multiple options for styling just a few pieces.

  2. I’m enjoying your videos so much, Kay! I loved the combination of colors you highlighted today. And oh I wish I could get my hands on that skirt, but Talbots doesn’t ship overseas. I was originally planning on traveling to the States this summer and would have fit in a trip to Talbots, but with the current situation, that’s not likely to happen. I’ll have to take pleasure in getting inspiration from your videos.

  3. I just love your videos! A new highlight to my week Kay! I have the Madras shirt (from Talbots) and the white tee (from Talbots) and this video inspired me to buy the denim skirt (from Talbots!) today! I like everything about every outfit you showed, and now will be able to recreate them myself. This is so much my style, as was the white shirt video from last week. These videos are so professionally done, very impressive. I love how you model the outfits, so fun!

  4. Great look in all the combinations…’s so fun to see how you will put the pieces together and it definitely helps older minds not to have to think so hard about getting our wardrobe together to look “stylish”…..we can just copy!!! Thanks to you and your hubby putting together such a “happy” for us girls each Wednesday!

  5. Wow! Only your second video and you looked like a pro! I have similar (mostly Talbots) items in my closet and am inspired to put together some new looks. Thanks!

  6. Your videos are great and so are these outfit options! I’d wear every single one of today’s outfits! As I’ve gotten older, I’m preferring a skirt for summer instead of shorts. But I do have some issues with my upper thighs rubbing together (even with year-round exercising!!!). I bought a pair of slip shorts last summer, but they tend to roll up under my skirt. Does anyone else have this problem and what solution have you found?

  7. This is now my favorite video on YouTube. I saved the graphic so I really appreciate being able to keep that in a place I can get to easily. What I love about it the most is I can visualize so many ways to use things I already have. The bright pink cardigan needs to be gifted to me for Mothers Day, : ) by my Son.

  8. Wonderful video! I enjoyed seeing the darling outfits you created. I’m a Talbots shopper also and have similar pieces I can put together. Keep up the great work!
    You look like you’ve been doing this forever!

  9. Wonderfully done and great info. Kay, you are a YouTube natural!
    Loved your outfits. I am a long time Talbots fan.
    Maybe I will run in to you at the Kenwood store sometime. Looking forward to being able to shop in the store again!!!