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Cropped Pants Outfit I’ll Wear in London

August 15, 2023

I’m traveling to London…this Friday! Well, I’ll arrive in London on Saturday morning. I’ll be there for a little over a week, and I’m traveling with one of my best friends from high school. She and I will meet up with a handful of other women we’ve met only through Zoom calls, and my friend Shelly from Discover Walkabout will be our hostess and guide for the week. I’ll share everything I pack for my trip later, but today I’m sharing a cropped utility pants outfit I plan to wear in London.

Cropped Utility Pants Outfit

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As I’ve been preparing to pack for this overseas trip, I’ve developed a few goals:

  • pack for carry-on only (COO)
  • be comfortable
  • but look presentable and polished
  • create a capsule that mixes and matches beautifully
  • enjoy what you wear
Cropped Utility Pants Outfit I'll Wear In London

I’ve been watching the London weather for weeks, and while it definitely looks cooler than here, the temperatures have actually fluctuated a lot. But I think I’ve finally settled on a mix and match capsule wardrobe that will help me handle whatever weather may come our way. I understand people dress casually in London, but a little more polished than here in the states. And I think everything I’m planning to wear will indeed look pulled together.

Cropped Utility Pants Outfit
Naot Whetu water resistant sandals // black cropped utility pants (on sale here!) (more economical option)

I started putting together what I’ll wear in London by selecting my footwear. To make the cut, the shoes had to be comfortable and at least a little stylish. I’m carrying the Naot Whetu water resistant sandals above and my grey tweed cap toe flats (they’re actually part of Ally’s limited edition London collection!). And I’ll be wearing my On Cloud 5 running shoes on the airplane. (They’re slip on sneakers!)

Next I chose the pants I would wear in London.

Next I chose the pants I will wear in London. I decided to take all black pants so that they work nicely with all the same shirts and shoes. So I’m taking the black cropped utility pants (more economical option) shown above, as well as my raw hem high waist ankle jeans I purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale and the black and white Eileen Fisher pants I also purchased in the NSale. I’ll wear my ankle length Talbots travel pants on the plane.

Pants I'm wearing in London
travel pants // cropped cargo pants (best price) (also here) // tapered pants (plus sizes) // antique black straight leg ankle jeans

Ooh! I just noticed my Agolde cropped cargo pants are on sale here! They come in other colors, they run a little large (I’m wearing a 29) and they are soooo comfortable and lightweight. By the way, I know I may be taking too many pants. I really intended to wear one and take two. But I just don’t want to leave any of these behind and I have plenty of room in my suitcase. 🤷‍♀️ I’ll share my assessment of how all this worked out after the trip.

black cropped utility pants (more economical option)
black cropped utility pants (on sale here!) (more economical option) // tank and here and here // shirt // Naot Whetu water resistant sandals // crossbody // earrings // sunglasses

I did in fact consider dresses and a couple of skirts, too. But as of now I’ve decided that skirts and dresses just present me with a whole other set of challenges (undergarments, self-tanning & shaving, specifically) that I’d just as soon not have to deal with. I feel really good about how the three pants and one pair of jeans (which I’m not even sure I’ll wear???) will work with my tops selection.

I chose tops I can layer easily and that feel comfortable but look a little elevated.

I chose tops I can layer easily and that feel comfortable but look a little elevated. I’m taking a black tank as well as the white one (sized up to a large) above, and I can enjoy wearing either under the windowpane button down shirt (TTS). I’ll share more about the tops I’m rounding out my capsule with later, but I’ll be wearing this cute tee on the plane. And I have this white tee to go with this vest and this one for a little color.

I'm packing this crossbody in my "personal item" bag and then using it as I explore London.

I’m packing this crossbody in my “personal item” tote bag for the trip over the pond, and then using it as I explore London. I love the shiny, crinkly texture of the leather on this Hobo crossbody. And it’s the perfect size with so many functional pockets and zippers.

So that's a little sneak peek at what I'll wear in London next week...Lord willing!

So that’s a little sneak peek at what I’ll wear in London next week…Lord willing! I’ll definitely share more soon, but right now I’m busy just trying to get organized for the trip in real life. Ha! I am so very excited.

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15 thoughts on “Cropped Pants Outfit I’ll Wear in London

  1. Thank you for finding that crossbody! I just ordered in in the truffle. I really like your travel outfit. I don’t often wear button-downs but thanks to you I’m understanding how to style them.

  2. Hi Kay,
    I can tell you are excited about your up-coming trip. And I am excited for you! I hope you have a wonderful time and safe travels. I am praying for the Lord to bless you with an enjoyable adventure.
    Love you,

  3. Have a wonderful trip & don’t forget to pack one of your beautiful black & white silky scarves! It will go with everything you packed !

  4. I just returned from The British Isles on Saturday night. It was definitely cooler there. Pack a light weight jacket, as the winds can be cold. It also rained often, not hard or long, but it rains even when the weather doesn’t show it in the forecast! Have a marvelous time. It was our first time to London and we walked everywhere and loved every minute.

  5. Packing for an overseas trip is sooo challenging. There are so many considerations: the weather, how locals dress, comfort, dressing appropriately and respectfully for the varied adventures on your itinerary. I found it very difficult, and admittedly, I did not do a good job. I overpacked, some of my items were too wrinkle prone, some were too “colorful” for my venue; oh I could go on and on. Anyway, I think you are doing a wonderful job and your selections are so spot on! I cant wait to hear more about what you are bringing, and how it all works out. I will adopt your tips for future travel. Before the trip, it is so easy to let packing consume us. Once you zip up that suitcase, let it go and just enjoy every moment of your trip! It’s a once in a lifetime adventure!

  6. Hello, I think the outfit looks really good on you, cleaned up, but casual. Please let me know what else you are taking. Maybe a list. What kind of jacket, rainwear, foot wear. Thanks.

  7. So excited for you, Kay! I’ve never, ever taken a girl’s trip or one without my husband so I can’t wait to hear all about it. Very interested in your packing. I’ve also never done carry on only for any trip that length. Just curious but why multiple pants of the same color (black)? Why not black, khaki and jeans for example? They would mix and match with everything. I’d love to see what footwear you’re taking besides the black sport sandals. I just haven’t got the hang of carry-on only (not sure I even want to really). Are all the ladies doing carry on only? We go to Ireland in October for 2 weeks and I already know I’m doing it with carry on and one check in piece.
    I really love your vests you’re taking. Great choices! Enjoy!

  8. How exciting! Hope you have fun, fun, fun! I travel a lot so I’m eyeing those slip on sneakers! I’ll say a prayer for safe travels:)

  9. How so very exciting! I have never been but my son is going next month with a few friends. He has been saving for a very long time for this trip. I pray all goes well for them traveling to and from. Cant wait to see and hear more!

  10. We were just in UK last month for 2 weeks and spent 5 days in London. The weather was very warm in London and women wear a lot of dresses & skirts there than us. Have a nice time!

  11. Enjoy London but if I might be so bold….
    Pack a brolly and jumper
    Pack more than walking sandals (I’m sure you have!) the pavements are long and hard.
    Do see the Crown Jewels and have tea at fortum and masons (and no lunch before hand)

    Have a fantastic time!

  12. Hi Kay-
    I’m going to London about a month after you, and I look forward to all the travel packing posts! My trip is 10 days and will probably be cooler then. I like your idea of packing all pants. I agree with the issues dresses present! We have one theater date planned so I’m thinking black jeans will be fine with a dressy top. I’m doing COO also. Can’t wait to see where you go and what you do.

  13. I wish you a wonderful trip to my home city, Kay, and really hope you all enjoy being here. Praying for you and the other ladies, for a safe and very special time.

  14. So excited for you on your trip. I’d like to see a list of what you took on a carry on. It would be a challenge for me. I like how you think in terms of what outfits and shoes to take.