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2 Summer Staples: Linen Tunic & Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat

July 27, 2018

Hello, friends! I’m still getting my bearings about me after returning home from vacation. It really was a lovely trip. I enjoy the Pacific Northwest so much. This time our stay at Cannon Beach was a little on the cool and dismal side, but what you gonna do? We still enjoyed walking the beach, browsing downtown and eating lots of fresh fish. But it wasn’t until we got to Portland that I was able to pull out the shorts I’d packed. That’s where we shot these photos of my two summer staples: a linen tunic and a wide-brimmed straw hat.

Summer Staples Linen and Straw Hat

I had grand visions of wearing this blue linen tunic on the beach. In fact, that’s exactly what I bought it for. But, believe it or not, it was too cold for even this three-quarter length sleeve tunic in Cannon Beach during our stay.

Summer Staples Linen and Straw Hat

The temperatures stayed in the 50s and 60s the entire time we were in Cannon Beach, but it felt even colder when the sun was behind the clouds. And with the wind blowing in off of the ocean, it was just too chilly to go without a jacket on the beach. But during the days we were in the Portland area, just 100 miles away or so, the temps reached the 90s. Crazy!

Summer Staples Linen and Straw Hat

I think these photos accentuate the wrinkles in my linen tunic, but honestly this no-iron tunic really keeps its shape well for linen. It also comes in a pretty soft lime and a lovely Malibu punch. Oh, and it comes in white.

Summer Staples Linen and Straw Hat

***SALE ALERT*** Through July 29th, Chico’s is giving 40% off your total purchase with code 92820. This tunic and white shorts are both from Chico’s.

These are my white slimming Brigitte Bermuda shorts, which I styled previously here. They are made of a thick rayon/nylon/spandex combo that is both comfortable and flattering. You just pull them on, and they have a tummy minimizing panel at the front waistband.

Blue Linen & Wide Brimmed Hat

I may not have been able to wear my linen tunic at the beach as planned, but I definitely wore my wide-brimmed straw hat. I was very thankful for heavy duty sunscreen and this hat. This one is by Columbia and a similar one is available at Macy’s. I love this Columbia straw hat because it is woven with wire that allows you to shape it. It also offers UPF 30 sun protection.

Summer Staples Linen and Straw Hat

I enjoyed wearing my gold toe-ring sandals throughout our vacation. They’re still not marked down, doggonit! (I bought them with a gift card I won.) But these similar gold sandals are significantly reduced and fully stocked.

Summer Staples Linen and Straw Hat

I enjoyed using my straw crochet tote during our vacation. When I wanted to carry something less bulky, I just slipped my Vera Bradley crossbody wristlet out of the purse and carried it solo. You can see my Vera Bradley wristlet in this post and this one.

Summer Staples Linen and Straw Hat

My shorter beaded necklace is one that local jeweler Kathy Riebock made. My French heart necklace is a favorite from James Avery. I’m wearing my earrings from Brighton. I also have on a bracelet from James Avery, my Adorned Hearts ring and a silver bracelet James brought me from St. Thomas.

Summer Staples Linen and Straw Hat

I have come to think of linen clothing and straw hats as summer staples. And what’s interesting to me is that I didn’t wear either for so long because I thought they were hot. In fact, linen stays amazingly cool on your body. And a straw hat may had a little heat to your head, but it certainly keeps down on the sun hitting your face and neck. I’m really loving both of these summer staples this season.

Thank you for spending some time with me here today. I am so blessed by your presence. Of course, I’ve used some affiliate links in this post. They help me keep this blog going. I simply get a little bit of a commission when you shop through them…at no cost to you! Thank you for supporting Dressed for My Day by reading, sharing, commenting, shopping and subscribing. Not a subscriber yet? Oh my! Let’s take care of that right here. And if you’re visiting for the first time today, you can find out more about me and this blog here.

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Blessed for My Day

Today may you be blessed with clear thinking that helps you to live well. When the enemy begins to whisper dangerous lies into your thoughts, may you immediately detect them for the fallacies they are. Lord, help you to not be duped! And when your thoughts drift into areas that are not healthy for you – and you surely know best what those are – may the Holy Spirit alert you to the danger. But may He also equip you to push those unhealthy thoughts aside and to focus instead on that which is true, honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent and praiseworthy. Oh, protect your mind, sweet sister. It’s a battle ground. Lift them higher and higher by focusing on your Lord and His Word. Yes, fill your mind with truth. And it will stand like a fortress to keep the enemy at bay. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things. ~ Philippians 4:8

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4 thoughts on “2 Summer Staples: Linen Tunic & Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat

  1. Beautiful color on you Kay. I have enjoyed reading about your vacation and that you are having a good summer….most of all, I look forward to reading your BFMD. Have a great weekend. ~Lisa~

  2. One of my favorites, Kay! Neat, colorful, crispy! And the scripture is a favorite,too! One to live by every dsy! Thank you!

  3. Thanks for the post today. Your outfit is lovely. Thanks especially for the prayer for me. I really needed to hear it. You are a blessing. Sharon