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Hallmark Christmas Movie Style Inspiration

November 15, 2023

Have you been watching any Hallmark Christmas movies yet? Or maybe you, like me, have shifted some of your viewing to the newer Great American Family Channel. I’m finding movies I enjoy on both networks. And in today’s YouTube video I interviewed a costume designer for some of Hallmark’s most noted Christmas movies of the season. So I thought it would be fitting to offer us all a little Hallmark Christmas Movie style inspiration here!

Catch the video HERE.

Iconic Hallmark Movie Christmas Casual Look

This first outfit is the one our Hallmark Christmas movie heroine would wear to drive home to the little town she has not been back to since college graduation. Of course, she’ll encounter her old boyfriend or fiancé as soon as she crosses the first railroad track. She might even run into him at the local coffee shop or candy store where she used to work, you know, the one that’s going under…unless she saves the day. Ha!

Hallmark Christmas Movie Style Inspiration
shoulder bag // sweater // loafers // leather gloves // earrings // 10″ rise slim straight jeans

In our interview, Keith pointed out the importance of a good pair of jeans for this look. He recommended that we find a pair of jeans that fits well and buy them in several washes even. And he also noted that he frequently dresses the characters in dark wash jeans because they look more wintery. I love these vintage 10″ rise slim straight jeans from J.Crew, which is one of the places Keith shops for his Hallmark characters.

Iconic Hallmark Christmas Movie Casual Outing Look

The vintage 9″ rise slim straight jeans in black in our next Hallmark movie inspired look are also from J.Crew. This red and black outfit is one our Hallmark Christmas movie lead will wear to help her best friend bake cookies. She’s looking confident and sharp in the black coat with the red plaid shirt underneath.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Style Inspiration
vintage 9″ rise slim straight jeans in black // red satchel // wool blend coat // stud earrings // Chelsea boots // plaid shirt

Iconic Hallmark Christmas Cocktail Attire

Keith mentioned to me that velvet is always a great choice for taking photographs. He said it always shows up beautifully on the screen. That’s why you’ll see so many Hallmark Christmas movie characters wearing something like these velvet trousers and jacket.

Hallmark Christmas Movie Style Inspiration
velvet trousers // earrings // camisole // jacket // sandals // clutch

By the way, I’ve ordered those pretty blue velvet trousers and jacket, and I can’t wait for them to arrive. They come in other colors, too.

Iconic Hallmark Christmas Elevated Date Outfit

If she’s spending Christmas in a small town, this plaid skirt is about as dressy as she’ll get. This will serve her well for a date night, but she could also wear it on Christmas Eve to church. Come to think of it, we could do the same!

Hallmark Christmas Movie Style Inspiration
hat // boots // sweater // satchel // tights // coat // plaid skirt

Iconic Hallmark Christmas Movie Polished Style

For our final look we have a pair of classic black pants with a super soft ivory sweater. And like Keith mentioned in our video, we’ve layered a red plaid scarf over the red wool blend coat. Ooh la la!

Hallmark Christmas Movie Style Inspiration
black pants // shoulder bag // red plaid scarf // necklace // sweater // kitten heels // red wool blend coat

By the way, I selected all the iconic items for today’s Hallmark Christmas movie style inspiration. But my assistant Holly put them together into outfits and created the pretty style boards. Didn’t she do a great job? I just love these outfits!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little bit of style inspiration from our favorite Hallmark Christmas movies. Don’t forget to check out the video interview with Hallmark Christmas movie costume designer, Keith Nielsen.

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So today while we may have talked lightheartedly about looking like a fictional character on a feel-good movie, let’s honestly remember that our lives are of much more value when we stay authentic to the woman God has created us to be. Set your eyes on Jesus. Run your race with endurance. And trust that God will provide the joy in a life well lived.

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11 thoughts on “Hallmark Christmas Movie Style Inspiration

  1. What a cute post! Such fun! I love Hallmark movies. They are so sweet and happy. Unfortunately I couldn’t open your link to see the interview with Keith. 😔

  2. What I like best is that the female character gets all of those clothes, including multiple coats, jackets, boots, into a single small rolling bag. Add to that nothing is ever wrinkled or creased. Best packer ever! 😂😂

  3. Thank you Kay for your fun blog post today/video interview with Keith , ive always wondered about the Stylist who creates the ‘LOOKS’ for the Characters . Love the outfits you chose to put together and Holly has done a fab job of the Style Boards . You’re right that velvet suit is gorgeous❤️I love velvet so sumptuous and elevated looking , think I will be dropping Hubby some massive hints . Do you know your BFMD answered me directly today , a question I put to God this morning , so Praise be to our ever loving God and also to you Kay for the Beauty you put before us Daily not just the clothes/outfits but the daily devotionals that you take the time to explain in such a human way, and also for you Kay you are a beautiful person outside and in.

  4. Just loved this blog and video! Love the boards with the clothes and choices. Loved the blue velvet blazer and pants that you showed and purchased. I told myself would not order another blazer or velvet one, as I have a red one from either last year or the year before from Talbots and just ordered the red velvet pants a couple days go. I could not resist the blue velvet pieces. Reminds of when I was a kid, Bobby Vinton song, She Wore Blue Velvet (oh, oh, oh) lol. So, it is on the way! lol. I also really enjoyed the video with Keith from the Hallmark channel. Got a lot of insight and ideas from him. I just love the Hallmark channel! I want to start watching the new Great American Family channel movies also. Nice BFMD.

  5. I liked that Keith stated it’s not the amount of money you spend on your wardrobe, but how it fits you. I agree well fitting clothes make you look more polished and put together! I love the jewel tones and also believe your wardrobe tells your story! But my favorite part of your post was how you shared that we are all unique and wonderfully created by God to be individuals with our own special plan! Thank you!

  6. I really enjoyed this fun blog post! I haven’t had time to watch the video yet, but I will be watching it soon. I’m still trying to figure out how to look fashionable and put all the pieces together. I notice that in all of the style boards the purse and shoes don’t match. I understand that they don’t have to be matchy/matchy but was wondering from a style point why they don’t match. Is it for more interest in the outfits?