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Coffee Time with Kay

Coffee Time with Kay
August 14, 2019

Hello dear gals! I know it’s not normal for me to have a Coffee Time post on a Wednesday, but I have a couple of reasons for asking you to grab a drink and sit with me a spell. First of all, so much has happened lately. And I just want to catch up with you! Second, my schedule has still been a little wacky and I couldn’t get my other planned post together. So there’s that!

I’m enjoying having coffee most mornings lately on my back deck, seen in the photo above. It’s a relatively small deck, but it’s large enough to hold my beloved black iron glider, a couple of black iron rockers, a table and a couple more chairs. So I guess that’s plenty! Ha!

Anyhow, I think we got spoiled because the first few days we were in our new home in Cincinnati the mornings began cool, breezy and gorgeous. I’ve told myself not to get used to this! Hehehe! But I’m enjoying it while I can and when I can.

We’re renting for at least a year as we attempt to sell our home in Arizona. Plus we want to take our time getting to know the area and figuring out where we want to reside permanently. Right now we live in a sweet little three bedroom house in a charming little section of town. We downsized considerably, but we do have a full basement. So that’s where a lot of our belongings are. Ha!

Our little dog Benji is 15 years old and has never really traveled much. But he did great on the trip across the country. You may recall that his sibling Tommy died back in the early spring. But Benji has adjusted beautifully and we are enjoying doting on him. He’s still finding his place in our new home, but he absolutely loves his grassy, fenced-in back yard.

In case you’ve just begun reading Dressed for My Day, my husband James took a new pastorate at a church in Cincinnati, and that’s why we moved here. We had a wonderful Sunday at Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Sunday. The people here are just lovely, and I know I’m going to enjoy getting to know them over the years to come.

In fact, tomorrow night I’m going to a gathering of just six women for dinner. The women’s ministry here does a thing called Dinner for Six. Women sign up and are put in groups (I guess…I’m not really sure who does the “putting”!) of six with a hostess. The hostess has dinner for the other five women in her home. I guess this group had an opening, so I was invited to join in. That’s such a lovely way to meet other women…sitting around a table and visiting.

This past weekend my son Daniel and his fiancee Stephanie came for a visit. They arrived Saturday around noon with pizzas and their dog Cooper.

We had such a good time with them. We ate yummy pizza on the back deck (it was a glorious day weather wise!), played with the dogs in the backyard, played board games and then finished up with cheeseburgers. Stephanie is finishing up her residency in pediatrics in Columbus, Ohio, this next year. So we don’t know for sure where they’ll go after that. But we’re really hoping they stay here, of course. They get married in October.

James and I managed to take 5 sets of photos last night. Yay!!! You know what that means! I’ll have outfits to share with you starting tomorrow. And I have a few 5 Ways to Wear… series coming, too. I’m very excited to get back to some normalcy here on the blog. Thanks for your patience as I’ve moved across the country.

Well, I think that’s about it. As I’ve shared with my email subscribers, everything went very smoothly during our drive across the country. I’m so grateful for safe travels, a reliable automobile, a happy dog, an even happier husband and all the family we got to see on the way. I feel so very, very blessed.

And you, dear gals, are a blessing to me, too. Thanks so much for sitting with me for a while. I’d love for you to talk back a little. Maybe tell me if you have post ideas for the upcoming weeks. Or let me know a little of what you’ve been up to. I’m still open to tips about living in Ohio or the midwest in general – what I’ll need in my wardrobe, where we should go for day or weekend trips, restaurants we need to try, etc.

Have a blessed day. And, more importantly, be a blessing to someone today!

Blessed for My Day

Don’t ever forget that you, dear gal, are a work of art. You have been created for special purposes. Regardless of your education, employment status, age or background, God has a work for you to do. And only you can accomplish it.

Only you can influence the people around you in your unique way. Use that awesome gift of influence to give grace, lavish love, listen well, encourage wisely and glorify God. You may feel like no one really needs anything from you, but that’s just not true. You have so much to contribute. If you’ve lived more than a few minutes and experienced God’s faithfulness, you have much to share: perspective, hope, encouragement and empathy.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. ~ Ephesians 2:10

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34 thoughts on “Coffee Time with Kay

  1. A new start in a new location is always invigorating and your new home (for now) is a good place to start. You’ll enjoy many hours on that new deck. Sounds very similar in size to our deck and I would literally LIVE out there if it were covered. The past two weeks here in Oklahoma have made it unbearable to use though due to the very high temps and humidity. I have lived in OK all of my life and still can’t get used to that!! So looking forward to Fall and another new season. I love all of the seasons, actually. I get excited for each one. I’m especially looking for transitional clothing ideas now…..hopefully with items I already have…..mixing things up a bit. I’m not very good at that. Loved your Coffee Talk today. Hope you can do that more often!

    1. Hi Sondra. Yes I’m sure the humidity will hinder me from sitting on the deck as much as I would like to, too. Im glad you are looking for transitional outfits because that’s exactly what I took photos of yesterday. And most of them are extremely basic and easy to duplicate. ?

  2. It sounds like you are getting settled in and making friends. What a blessing to be close to your son even if it’s just for a short time. I’m guessing you will love the change of seasons that the Midwest brings. I’ve lived in Iowa and South Dakota all my life and love each season. Although last winter was a bit much to bear! I think you do an awesome job with your blog and look froward each day to reading it. I work out of my home as a professional seamstress. I specialize in bridal. I call my style, casual professional. I’m put together for a good first impression but comfortable enough to be on the floor pinning hems. You do a pretty good job of giving me lots of fashion ideas. Thanks!

  3. Hi Kay,

    I’m in a rush this morning but, off the top of my head, here are a few day trip ideas. I remember that you all like to hike so I’ll stick to that category for now ?

    Closer to home: The Cincinnati Nature Center ( consider a yearly membership), The Cincinnati-Hamilton County Parks, I would start with Sharon Woods. Definitely get the sticker for your car!

    Easy drive: John Bryan State Park and Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve in Yellow Springs. Be sure to check out the quirky, hippy town of Yellow Springs! The trail in John Bryan connects right to Clifton Gorge, however, pets aren’t allowed in the Nature Perserve.

    Hueston Woods State Park in Oxford. Home to our beloved Miami University!

    A little further away but worth the drive! Hocking Hills State Park in Logan, Ohio. It’s do-able for a long day road-trip or stay in one of the many cabins you can rent.

    Finally…for now haha…if you want to spend a night or two, check out Red River Gorge in Kentucky!

    I’m sure I will think of more but I have a two-year-old granddaughter who is waiting to celebrate her big brother and sister’s first day of school with a trip to KI with Mommy and Mimi ?

    1. Wonderful!!! You gave us so many ideas. We’re going to try to commit to one day or two-day trip per month as an incentive to get out and explore. Thanks so much for taking the time to share these. Have a wonderful day! ?

      1. I second Deb’s suggestions! I live south of Dayton and love John Bryan, Clifton Gorge and Yellow Springs. I live less than an hour from Cincy and I need to check out those places closer to your new home. Hocking Hills is amazing, but go on a weekday if you can. Welcome to Ohio! I look forward to seeing your photo shoots and outfits!

  4. Good morning Kay,

    Welcome to the area! I live near Lexington, KY and it feels like you’re moving close to my neighborhood ?

    I’m not sure if you’ve been there, but the Creation Museum and the Ark Encounter are probably less than an hour away from you. I’ve read good reviews and you’d probably enjoy them. I’m hoping to take my grandchildren.

    I’ve been enjoying your blog for quite some time now, and I always look forward to it. I’ve been inspired by your style and enjoy your sweet personality. I’m sure you’re a wonderful addition to the church alongside your husband.

    The BFMD seems to be something I need to read every day. That’s always been an area where I’ve struggled. Thank you for sharing that with us.

    1. Hi Cindy. Thanks so much for commenting today. It’s such a pleasure to meet you. Yes we’ve driven through or by Lexington twice now on our little side trip to Atlanta last week. We definitely plan to visit the Ark and the Creation museum sometime. We’ve also heard good things about it. My parents and my brother and sister-in-law have been and really enjoyed it. We look forward to exploring more of Kentucky, too. Have a wonderful day! ?

  5. Good morning Kay. So happy that you are settling in and that you are close to your son, even if just for a little while. My son is on the opposite coast and I miss him terribly. It sounds like your church community will be a blessing to you and James. And your home looks adorable, can’t beat a deck for outside living! Today I am leaving for a short trip to Montauk with my daughter and my two precious granddaughters!

    1. Wonderful! Have a lovely and safe trip. Thanks so much for sharing. Indeed, we are very grateful to be close to Daniel again. We’ve lived apart from him since he graduated college in 2013. He’s lived in Seattle and Atlanta before moving to Columbus, so the fact that our paths have intersected here is purely providential! ?

  6. So happy the move was successful and Benji did well. What kind of pup is he?
    I love your blog and enjoy all the fashion tips and true descriptions of all the clothes you try. I love fashion but am not good at putting things together. I’m the same height as you but a little heavier and older . Thank you so much for all you do.
    I live in the Midwest and enjoy the seasons . Winters are harder , just because of the dreariness . But then you get spring ! Take care and enjoy your new adventure.

    1. Thanks so much Laurie. Benji is a shihpoo. Half Shih Tzu, half poodle. He’s 15! Because he’s small people tend to mistake him for a puppy, but he’s no puppy! I’m so glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks so much for sharing. ?

  7. Glad you are getting settled in! I am south of Columbus near Circleville. Just southeast of there is Hocking Hills State Park. It is one of the prettiest places I have been in Ohio especially in the fall. Many hiking trails! Also in October, Circleville has a Pumpkin show where there is a contest to find the largest pumpkin. Sometimes, the pumpkins are almost 2,000 pounds.! Traditionally, Pumpkin Show is when we start wearing sweaters and sometimes coats. Ohio weather verys from day to day. I have been to the Show in snow and 80 degrees! You will need sweaters and a winter coat in Ohio. They are saying to expect a hard winter this year, but only God knows! Welcome to Ohio!!!

    1. Ahh, that’s good to know. I was wondering what the winter weather predictions were. I’ve heard good things about Hocking Hills. I’m looking forward to checking it out. Thanks for the recommendation! ?

  8. I saw your son had a Carolina Raptor Center t shirt on. I live near that place if it’s the one in huntersville, NC. I love it! Cool place to visit and take my school kids on field trips.

  9. Hi Kay, I live in northern Kentucky and was going to suggest you look there also for a place to live but when I read further into your blog I see that you would want to naturally be closer to the church where your husband is the pastor.
    Our Northern Kentucky/Greater Cincinnati area is a wonderful place to live. It’s beautiful here! Make sure you check out our award winning zoo and visit with our famous little hippo, Fiona. The Cincinnati riverfront is also a great place to visit. I hope you enjoy all four seasons because you will be getting it here! Enjoy exploring your new area!

    1. Hi Trudy. Thanks so much for sharing your suggestions. Actually our church’s children’s minister and his family do live in northern Kentucky. ? But we probably do prefer to be closer to our church. We’ll see though. And we’ll definitely explore the waterfront and zoo. We’ve heard such good things about both. Thanks for the welcome. We are definitely looking forward to experiencing four seasons. Have a blessed and happy day, neighbor! ?

  10. So glad you are settling in and sharing the process on the blog; the Coffee-Time today was a great way to catch us up with your activities. Loved the Blessed for My Day! Downsizing and moving at this stage of life is a wonderful opportunity to reflect, scale back, think deeply about all the STUFF we accumulate! We moved 2 years ago after a long stretch of time. . . and I’m still taking things to the GoodWill. Keep your toes and fingers safe as you unbox; you’ll be ready for a mani-pedi! Blessings!

    1. Hi Betsy. Speaking of unpacking I just spent an hour searching through boxes in the basement for my clothes. Ha! I have all my hanging clothes, but I cannot find anything from my dresser. That includes my workout clothes!! And since the one set I took with me are dirty from several workouts, I’ll have to wash before I can get another workout in. Ugh!! Just venting! The only thing I can conclude is that my clothes are on the other truck, which still hasn’t delivered. They couldn’t fit just about a dozen of our boxes on the one truck (it wasn’t just our household on the truck) so they put those final boxes on a separate truck. We assumed it was all garage stuff, but I think the box with my clothes must be there too. Hopefully they are delivering tomorrow.

      Well, that was more than you bargained for! Hahaha. Pardon my rant! Thanks again for your sweet, encouraging comment. ☺️

  11. I’m so happy all is going well for you. We are from New York and have two sons that went to The Ohio State University. They loved it because of the wonderful friends they made – almost all from Ohio. Several of them from Cincinnati that we now consider family! It was our experience that they are the nicest people. You are such a lovely and genuine person; I’m sure you’ll make many friends. I enjoy your blog very much. Have a wonderful day.

  12. Hi Kay! I’m new to your blog an enjoying it so much. I’m married to James’s distant cousin Claudie. We live in Lubbock,Tx. James’s Aunt Jan introduced me to your blog. I’ve been praying for y’all about your move that you would settle in beautifully and it sounds like you have.. It will be exiting for me to keep up with you in your posts. You are beautiful in all the clothing ideas. God bless!??

    1. Ahh, hi Jane! Thanks so much for leaving a comment and introducing yourself. We are grateful for all the prayers of friends and family. Welcome to Dressed for My Day. I hope you continue to enjoy it. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

  13. Hi Kay! Thanks for sharing a picture of the home y’all are renting and your son and future DIL. I bet your pup is loving having so much grassy area to explore. I have really missed your posts, so I’m thrilled you are able to resume them. Let’s see, what have I been up to – staying inside a lot due to the extremely and dangerous high heat index we continue use to have. We are going to the beach at the end of the month, so I ordered a couple of swimsuits from Lands End, but I did not like what I saw in the mirror. Since I am not a water person, I returned them and ordered 3 sleeveless tops from Lands End. When making my selections I chose colors that I know compliment my skin tone and a style that I would feel good in on the beach and beyond. All 3 of them fit and I can’t wait to wear them. I am enjoying using my signature colors when deciding what to wear, especially when leaving the house. I know that you will enjoy getting to know the women and families in your new church. How many members are in the church? I grew up in the Baptist church and we made sure to always make visitors feel welcomed. The Baptist church in the town closest to us is a good size, but not huge. When we visited it, not one person welcomed us or asked our names. I was so disappointed ☹️ and very surprised. Enjoy the rest of your day.

    1. Hi Ginger. I’m not really sure how many people are members at Mt. Carmel, but we had a little over 350 in worship on Sunday. I’d say it’s a nice size church. But more importantly it’s a healthy church. I’m sorry you weren’t welcomed at the church you visited in your town. That’s a shame. Let’s hope it was just a bad day for some reason. But unfortunately churches, like all living things, can become unhealthy, too. Thanks for sharing today, dear gal! ?

  14. I enjoyed your Coffee Talk very much and reading through the comments of other readers! I think that was so fun to ask your readers to tell a little about ourselves! It’s fun just to read their stories! I’m from Colorado and it’s been home for most of my life. We’re at a crossroads right now and praying, trying to decide if we sell our home and downsize into something smaller. We’re just getting to that age where we could use less house and yard but not quite ready for a patio home, although that looks attractive at times!. We have so much stuff and the thought of sorting, packing and donating, etc. to move is pretty overwhelming to me right now. But a day at a time as God directs us. The BFMD is one I really needed today so thank you! It’s as though you can read my heart but I know it’s God who reads the heart and He uses the wisdom i
    if fellow followers to speak truth into us. I hope your boxes arrive safe and sound tomorrow! Enjoy that deck and grassy yard!

    1. Thank you, Nancy. I’m sure everything will fall into place for us soon. We almost moved into a town home and are still considering that option when we buy. James, who worked as a gardener through seminary, does not really care for yard work at this point, so there’s a definite attraction. We’ll see. Honestly, I’ve always wanted to have a warm and inviting and lovely home, but I’ve never been one to put too much into my home either. So I don’t think I really mind downsizing at this point. I do envy women who have beautiful, spacious homes they’ve cultivated over time, but that has not been in God’s plans for me. Maybe in heaven I’ll have a lovely mansion! ?

  15. I look forward to your blessed for my day always. It reminds me to live a life of kindness and spread the love of God. You are a blessing to everyone. Good luck with your new home. I too will be moving if everything falls in place. We’ve been in our home for 33 years and will be sad to leave but know that it will be best for us for the future.

    1. Thanks so much Julie. I’m glad you like the blessing. Stay tuned because tomorrow I’m beginning a new series. EVERY SATURDAY I’m going to start focusing on inner beauty. So each week I’ll address in a very brief post how to cultivate inner, spiritual beauty. ?

  16. I am enjoying an afternoon coffee and getting caught up on posts. I enjoyed our little piece of coffee time. As you start getting use to a new climate an interesting post (S) might be about adapting. I am thinking shopping for winter coats, how to stay warm but stylish in the snow, footwear that makes sense in the ice and snow. We could all gets some tips and hints while you learn and we can share what we have learned with you.