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How to Style White Jeans for Fall

September 3, 2018

Happy Labor Day! Today let’s step away from the work that beckons to be completed and chill a bit instead. I hope you enjoy a nice day with family and friends or maybe just a respite from the normal. You deserve a break today. And since it’s Labor Day, it’s time to put away those white jeans, right? Wrong! Instead, I thought we’d talk about how to style white jeans for fall.

How to Style White Jeans this Fall

I still remember the days when I fiercely avoided wearing white between Labor Day and Easter. And then I remember being informed that it was okay to wear white during the cooler months, as long as it was “winter white.” But it’s a new day, ladies. And we really can wear white year round. In fact, your white jeans continue to be a beautiful canvas for creating stunning ensembles.

How to Style White Jeans this Fall

It’s a good idea, however, to learn how to style our white jeans for fall and winter so that they don’t look out of place. Today we’ll just focus on wearing white jeans in the fall, and I’ll have another post in a few months about wearing our favorite white denim in the coldest months.

Here are a few pointers for how to style white jeans in the fall:

  • Put away the lightweight fabrics you wore with your white denim during the hotter months.
  • Consider pairing your white jeans with more seasonal textures, such as soft sweaters, luxurious leather or textured animal prints.
  • Put away your summer canvas belts and fasten on a belt made of animal print, leather or patent leather instead.
  • On top, wear a denim jacket, thick sweater, sweat shirt, utility jacket, long sleeve button up shirt or add a fall themed scarf.

How to Style White Jeans this Fall

  • You can still pair with pastels, but choose soft shades that make you think of winter, like pink opal, icy blue or pale peach.
  • Layer your white denim jeans with lush drapey sweaters, long tunics, rustic utility jackets or flowing scarves.
  • Change up the shoes. Instead of wearing sandals with your white denim, put on some peek toe booties or animal print flats.

How to Style White Jeans this Fall

Here I’m styling my white denim (40% off today) with a simple navy patterned t-shirt and a supple pink cascading cardigan (similar). Did you know that when you push your sleeves up like this it actually creates a more chic look? It says, “I know what I’m doing, and I’ve got work to do!” (Or maybe it just says, “I’m hot!”)

How to Style White Jeans this Fall

I’ve incorporated pale accessories in order to make the pink sweater look intentional. I have a pink leather belt (that came with a pair of dress pants somewhere along the way) and my bone colored Coach bag. I bought my satchel bag during a pre-Christmas sale one year for a song. But yesterday I purchased this amazing Michael Kors large scalloped leather satchel on sale, and it would work perfectly with this outfit. If you like to keep a lookout for high quality bags at amazing prices, you absolutely must check this sale out. I purchased this bag for 66% off the original out-of-my-budget price. They have some other great buys, too, just through today. But I really think this was the very best buy. I had been wanting a beautifully structured satchel purse in a neutral shade for some time. Oh, and the shipping and returns are free!

How to Style White Jeans this Fall

You’ll recognize my shoes from previous posts. These heeled sling back cut out fashion boots are perfect for the transition months, and they’re a better pairing for my white jeans instead of the flip flop type sandals I’ve been wearing through the summer.

How to Style White Jeans this Fall
Jewelry: Brighton French wire twist earrings // James Avery butterfly pendant necklace // James Avery silver charm bracelet

How to Style White Jeans this Fall

Here are some other pairings to consider experimenting with:

  • White Jeans + a dark wash oversized chambray shirt or tunic
  • White Jeans + taupe, camel, light gray or other pale neutral
  • White Jeans + Navy, anchored with thick fabrics
  • White Jeans + a college logo sweatshirt and Converse sneakers, topped with a jean jacket
  • White Jeans + a solid black or autumn hued sweater and leopard print shoes

How to Style White Jeans this Fall

So don’t spend your day stashing away your white jeans. Instead, relax a little. And if you’re checking out the sales online, why not shop through the shopping widget below? I’ve gathered the items in this post (or similar ones) plus those amazing Michael Kors handbags for you to look through. Remember, sometimes the photos in the widget don’t represent the color of the item I mentioned, so you have to click on through to see the other available colors.

Of course, the post and the widget above include affiliate links. These help you shop more efficiently and they help me make a little money to keep this puppy going. Thanks so much for supporting what I do here by shopping through them, but also by sharing the post on Facebook and Pinterest.

If you’re not already a subscriber…why in the world not? I treat my subscribers well. In fact, just this week one of them won a $25 gift card to Nordstrom just because! Find out more about what I do for my email subscriber community and even subscribe here. Thank you so much for reading today. Have a blessed and beautiful Labor Day!

I have linked today’s post with all the other great style bloggers at Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up. So be sure to check out a few of those blogs.

Blessed for My Day

Rest. We want it. We crave it. We complain when we don’t get it. But then we neglect to take advantage of it or seek it out at the appropriate times. Why is that? Today I pray that you be rested. Whether you’re just getting home from vacation or you had to work through the weekend, I pray that you feel the rest that comes only through a peaceful relationship with your God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Enjoy His presence, lean into His strength, taste and see that He is good and remind yourself that He is enough. Cease striving and just know. Today may you rest.

“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” ~ Psalm 46:10

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6 thoughts on “How to Style White Jeans for Fall

  1. I am so glad seeing you wearing white jeans after Labor Day. I never understood no white before Easter and none after Labor Day. I love my white jeans

  2. I love that white can be worn all year long. It’s one of my favorites because it pops the dark colors so well. In fact, it took awhile before i could get my mom (the 80+ model on my blog) to wear her white in the colder months. But now she’s a fan too!!