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Athleisure for the Transition into Fall

active wear
August 27, 2018

Recently I got a hankering for some athleisure clothing. What is athleisure? It’s a fairly recent style trend in which clothing that is traditionally designed to be worn in athletic activities or exercise is fashioned to be worn into the marketplace.  The trend has been spawned by improved textile materials, which allow sportswear to be more versatile, comfortable, and fashionable.

Athleisure Transition Fall

Athleisure isn’t Sweats

Yes, I did my time in oversize sweat pants and grungy t-shirts when I was juggling the demands of raising littles, managing a house and just trying to get food on the table each evening. Back before boyfriend jeans were a thing, I’d made husband sweats my daily uniform.

Athleisure Transition Fall

But my baggy Hanes sweatpants and gimme t-shirts wouldn’t qualify as athleisure. The fashion industry has seen our desire for comfy clothes and raised us one. They’re producing svelte and flattering pieces of athletic-looking clothing that are really meant to be worn while lounging around the house, doing yard work, playing with the grand kids, reading a book or travelling.

Athleisure isn’t Athletic Wear

Honestly, you probably don’t really want to work out in your athleisure wear either. I have athletic wear for working out. I run in leggings and singlets. And I work out in body hugging shorts or jogging shorts with liners. Quite honestly none of that stuff smells nice enough at this point to wear out in public. I mean I really work out in my athletic wear. And I sweat a lot when I work out. Ew.

Athleisure Transition Fall

Besides, I don’t think true athletic wear is even all that comfortable. It’s kind of binding, you know? So run your 5k in your running shorts, but make your Target run in athleisure.

Athleisure isn’t a Suit or a Set

Call it the latest version of the 1970s jogging suit or the 1990s windsuit. Remember those? But generally today’s athleisure wear consists not of matching coordinates, but mismatched separates which appear to be casually and carelessly thrown together. In fact, you can mix pieces of athleisure wear – like silky joggers – with regular street clothes – like fluid cardigans or denim jackets or even high heels. No, I probably won’t be mixing my joggers with heels. But I do appreciate that I can create a stylish, put together look with pieces of comfy, ultra casual clothing. And then I can put my hair in a pony tail, add a little jewelry and go out with confidence.

My Athleisure from Nordstrom & Nordstrom Rack

Athleisure Transition Fall

I got my deliciously soft zip up jacket with the wide slouchy collar at Nordstrom through my last Trunk Club trunk. It’s also available in black, but I have the blue insignia. I’m wearing a small and it fits nicely. Not too tight in the arms and just right through the body. I’m going to love throwing this jacket on as the days get cooler. And I can finally give back the oversized Hanes hoodie that I stole from my husband almost 30 years ago.

Oh, and this jacket is 50% off right now, and they have it in most sizes.

Athleisure Transition Fall

I’m wearing the Madewell Whisper Cotton V-Neck Pocket Tee from Nordstrom. I was advised to size up in this t-shirt, but honestly I think a small would have worked better. I’m sticking with the medium I bought though. I wanted a good, basic white Tee, but this one comes in seven other great shades as well.

My cropped joggers are from Nordstrom Rack, but they only have x-small available now. I’m wearing a medium. I’ve included several other similar options in the shopping widget below. I will say that these and the jacket are by Zella, and I’m sold. I have another pair of full length Zella joggers I’ll show in another post and they are winners, too. So keep the Zella brand in mind. In fact, these cropped joggers are similar to mine. They’re probably the newer edition, in fact.

Athleisure Transition Fall

You’ve probably seen me wear these Teva sneakers before here or here. And that’s exactly why I chose these particular fig colored shoes. I think they look great with either athleisure or sportswear. I wanted a dark color, but I wanted something trendy and modern. So I chose the fig.

Athleisure Transition Fall

I think I can confidently wear this athleisure outfit to Target or just about anywhere else. But I’ll undoubtedly enjoy wearing it mostly at home. And that’s the real beauty of athleisure.

Do you feel comfortable wearing clothing like this out and about? Where do you draw the line? Or is there one?

The shopping widget and the copy above has affiliate links for your shopping ease. You can shop through them safely and confidently, knowing that I try to provide you links to the best prices and widest selection of sizes. I do make a commission when you shop through them. Thank you for supporting me in this venture by reading, commenting, shopping, sharing and subscribing. I really do appreciate you!

Now, go slip on something comfortable and cute…and have a great day!

Blessed for My Day

I may feel most comfortable physically when I’m dressed in soft, giving fabrics, but I feel most relaxed emotionally and spiritually when I keep my focus on God. I’m prone to get up tight. You, too? I find that my shoulders tense, my mind races and my words become clipped and short when I dwell on circumstances out of my control. But when I meditate on the truth of God’s Word, His promises, His faithfulness to me in the past and His proven character, the tension leaves and I am at peace again. The problem is, this isn’t an easy practice. It takes work and I’ve had to put some systems into place to help the process. For instance, I consistently read scripture each morning and pause for prayer. And at night as I go to sleep, I try to thank the Lord for at least three unique blessings I’ve received from Him that day. Also throughout the day I repeat Bible verses, like the one below, to myself, memorizing them. Today I encourage you to do whatever it takes to keep your mind focused on the only One who can truly put you at ease.

You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. ~ Isaiah 26:3

I’ve linked today’s post with all the other great style bloggers at Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up. Be sure to check out their fashions, too.

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12 thoughts on “Athleisure for the Transition into Fall

  1. Kay, your Blessed For My Day section is wonderful – each and every one. Really, you bless me each time I read one. You’re so on point and articulate. I especially appreciate how how make the Bible verses “come alive” in my life. God has certainly gifted you. I thank Him for you.

    1. Ahh, I’m so glad to hear that my words are resonating with you, Lisa. That does my heart good. All the glory to God. I’m thankful for this outlet, and want to make the most of it. It feels like a pleasure and a responsibility. Thanks so much for reading and leaving this comment today. 🙂

  2. I’m new to your blog… I found you when you joined up with JoLynne last week. I’m your sister in Christ so I really love your words of encouragement and challenge at the end. On a fashion note, I love the earrings you are wearing with the athleisure look. Where did you find them?

    1. Welcom, Karen! I’m so glad you found Dressed for My Day. I’m glad you enjoy the blessing at the end of the post.

      I apologize for neglecting to mention the earrings in the post. I got them through my last Rocksbox box. They’re by Aster, and they don’t seem to have them anymore. But, while I’m not doing Rocksbox anymore, you might want to give it a try if you like discovering new jewelry styles. You can read all about the program at the link. I did it for about 4 or 5 months, and I got some nice pieces out of it and a great experience.

  3. I have these Zella cropped joggers and really like them also. I have worn them on longer flights with a T and a jacket. Great for travel and perfect for leaving a cooler place and arriving in a warm setting.