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Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt

May 19, 2020

Yes, I’m a huge fan of having a chambray shirt in your closet…year round! But I don’t think I’ve shared a look quite like the one I’ve created with this classic button up denim shirt for today. This is just one more reason you need a chambray shirt in your wardrobe.

Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt
Sage Green Slim Utility Pants (wearing size regular 1 (8-M) available in other colors) // white v-neck tee (wearing small) // Ecco Soft 7 Sneakers (TTS) //  Chambray Shirt (wearing medium) // Parker chain necklace // compass pendant necklace // similar earrings // sunglasses option // similar cuff bracelet // leather shoulder bag (color no longer available)

You may have seen me style these great soft sage green utility pants in yesterday’s post. In fact, I’m styling them four different ways this week. And these Utility Pants are quite worthy of such attention. They have that gently-worn-in silky soft feel and they’re lightweight enough to enjoy all summer long. I’m wearing a size regular 8 (or Chico’s 1), so I’d say they fit true to size. I also have these pants in camel (styled for the blog here) and have ordered the opal pair, too. The pants are currently 30% off.

Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt

While yesterday I styled them with black and denim, today I simply pivoted to white and denim. In fact, this white v-neck tee is just like the black one I shared yesterday. And it’s by far my favorite white t-shirt. I’m wearing a size small in the white tee, but I need a medium in the grey one for some reason. (Go figure!) The t-shirt is 30% off.

Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt

I don’t have a photo of just the pants and white tee, but I think you can imagine that it looks perfectly pulled together and casual. However, I really love what happens to this simple duo when you top it off with a denim or chambray shirt worn as a jacket. The soft shirt doesn’t really add too much heat worn this way, but it does add sun and bug protection as well as a pretty blue hue.

Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt

So you can leave the shirt completely untucked, unbuttoned and fancy free or you can tie the front ends for a sassy look, like I did in the first photo. Either way, a chambray shirt makes a great topper, adding a touch of denim but with a different vibe than a jean jacket.

I’m wearing a medium in this chambray shirt from Talbots. It’s available in a lighter shade, too. They’re 40% off just through today.

Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt

I thought about wearing my white sneakers with today’s look, and they would have worked perfectly, of course. But then I remembered this lucky gal has baby blue sneakers! Woot, woot! And I love the way a little blue on my feet and blue on my shoulders pull this otherwise basic look together. In fact, these shades of blue and green create one of my all-time favorite color combinations. So fresh, so summery, so earthy, so cool.

Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt
Sage Green Slim Utility Pants (wearing size regular 1 (8-M) available in other colors) // white v-neck tee (wearing small) // Ecco Soft 7 Sneakers (TTS) //  Chambray Shirt (wearing medium) // Parker chain necklace // compass pendant necklace // similar earrings // sunglasses option // similar cuff bracelet // leather shoulder bag (color no longer available)

If you missed yesterday’s post where I styled these Sage Green Slim Utility Pants with black, you might want to check out that post here. I’ll be back with another style on Thursday. But tomorrow I’ll be sharing a new YouTube video with you. I’m spilling the beans on how to duplicate looks you find on Pinterest or Instagram. (Pssst! You might see these Sage Green Slim Utility Pants in that video, too, now that I think about it!)

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I have a confession to make. I still struggle some days with the way our world feels so closed off and changed. Do you? You’d think that after over two months of enduring the social distancing protocol I’d hit a groove and just hum along with all of this. But I still start and stammer and stall in my acceptance of all of this. It still just feels icky to me. Especially when I get out and go to the post office or grocery store or what have you. I worry that things have changed forever and I don’t know what the future holds. Will we ever be the same?

But I am trying to remind myself, when these “icky” feelings arise, that I don’t have to have the answers to those questions. And when I circle through those thoughts and questions in my head I only sink further into despair. Instead, I need to keep my mind focused on the Lord and His Word. When I focus on His character, promises and ways, I can dwell in perfect peace. Let’s try that today and see if it works. I know it will.

You keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed on you, because he trusts in you. ~ Isaiah 26:3

I’ve linked today’s post to the Style on the Daily fashion link-up. If you have a few minutes, check out some of the great looks other bloggers are sharing there.

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11 thoughts on “Another Reason You Need a Chambray Shirt

  1. Thank you Kay for the wonderful reminder. If we keep our focus on our Heavenly Father he will fill us with His peace.

  2. Boy, I can sure relate to your feelings of what’s going on in our world today. It IS a struggle but when I keep my eyes on Jesus I know everything will be alright! I get SO much of my clothing inspiration from you and can often find in my closet similar outfits to put together that you’ve shared with us. I also LOVE your video’s and really look forward to them each week! Thanks for all of the hard work you put in each day to bring us inspirational fashion AND spiritual inspiration!

  3. I can relate to the creepy and uneasy feelings that we all seem to struggle with at this time. This is so unprecedented. Your reminders of keeping faithful in our prayer time , trusting the Lord, and our devotional time have helped me tremendously. I keep thinking: God knows, He cares, and He has our back.
    The way you styled the outfit is so easy, so effortless. This is the way I feel most comfortable in dressing myself. I can’t wait for your video tomorrow.
    Thanks, Kay.
    Blessings to you and your family,

  4. I love it when you style pieces I already have in my wardrobe in new and fresh ways. This is a great combo. I will probably substitute the leopard flats for the sneakers to make it more appropriate for the office – when I get to go back.

  5. The link for the chambray shirt does not look like the one you are wearing…am I doing something wrong? LOL. Looking for pocket with no button – thanks!

    1. No. It’s slightly different. But mine is from Talbots last year. I’ve tried the new one on in the store and it fits the same. So basically it’s just the newer version of the shirt.

  6. Kay, While I can recreate this outfit with items I have in my closet, I am clueless on how to tie the chambray shirt without it looking really goofy. I’d love for you to do a short tutorial on that! I am right with you on your feelings about the way things are now. Up until the COVID-19 roared its nasty head, we spent 95% of Saturday nights with our neighbors having dinner and a bonfire. Because Larry is a cancer patient with a compromised immune system, we can no longer hang around large groups of people. The neighbors are still having the gatherings, but we can’t go, which is making us feel rather isolated and sad. Of course, Larry’s health is our top priority. We are definitely missing hugs from everyone, but especially from the 13, 9, and 4 year olds that have adopted us as their grandparents.

    1. Hi Ginger. I’ll see about doing a style hacks video sometime soon. Meanwhile, I really just did a basic knot in the front, nothing fancy ?. But I’ll gladly do a style hack video. It just may be further down the road. I’m sorry about the feelings of isolation from your friends. I know that has to be hard. I’ll be so glad when we are past all of this! ?