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Annual Summer Sneaker Roundup

June 4, 2021

Happy Friday! I usually like to post my daily outfits for the week on Fridays, but my recent move across town still has me scrambling to catch up a bit. And since I’m heading out of town for a little family visit next Monday, I think I’ll just post my How I Really Dressed for My Day then. So today I’m sharing what I think will become an annual post, my Summer Sneaker Roundup. Every woman needs at least one pair of fun fashion sneakers for summer, don’t ya think?

Summer Sneakers Roundup

I enjoy sneakers year round, but during the summer I especially love wearing them with casual outfits. Do you like to wear fashionable sneakers? Or do you reserve yours for exercise?

Just yesterday a reader commented that she had purchased this red side tie shift dress and planned to wear it with sneakers to a picnic.

Red Dress with Sneakers
patio red side tie shift dress // crinkle cotton beach shirt // sneakers // earrings // Unika Watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off OR use code KYHMF for a free extra band with the purchase of a watch, through June 2021 only)

I like wearing nice white leather (or canvas) sneakers with summer dresses. I just find that leather sneakers are easier for me to keep clean. But if canvas works for you, that’s a great option, too. Above and below I’m wearing my Madewell Sidewalk sneakers. I find these to be very comfortable, but they do run large. I sized down one half size. I also appreciate that these white leather sneakers are what they call “pale parchment,” which is not as bright as some whites.

Colorful A-Line Skirt with Soft Blue Sweatshirt
patchwork skirt (similar preppy pastel skirt and patchwork relaxed chino shorts) // soft blue sweatshirt // sidewalk sneakers // seeded hoop earrings // Nordgreen Unika watch with white leather band (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // Sunglasses (same brand on sale) // customized Alex pendant

Of course you can achieve the same juxtaposition with a pretty skirt and sneakers. You can tell that I remembered to apply a little self-tanner in the photo above. I use St. Tropex bronzing mousse. I like this product because you can apply it with a mitt (that keeps your hands clean and helps with application) and you can actually see it as you apply it. That takes the guess work out.

Wearing Simple Separates
 fatigue barrel pants //  crewneck tee // crossbody canvas camera bag //  soft curved gold hoops //  retro trainers

This year retro trainers are trending. These are chunkier sneakers, reminiscent of what you probably wore in the 80s. They look like running shoes, but they’re really just meant to be worn as fashion sneakers. Many of them are colorful, but I chose some in soft neutrals for more versatility. These are really fun shoes to wear. And hey, sneakers are all about fun!

Last year I wore these fun blue Ecco sneakers quite often, but I haven’t worn them yet this year. They’re still available and this color is marked down. I’ll have them in the shopping widget below from a couple of other sources, but the best price and assortment of sizes is available at Ecco. Ecco does make very comfortable sneakers.

similar popover // similar ankle jeans // blue Ecco sneakers – See the original post for styling details.

When I’m wearing my fashion sneakers I often don’t wear any socks. I just find that to be most comfortable, and I don’t wear them that long or frequently enough to have any odor issues. But when I do wear socks, I wear either the Bomba cushioned no-show socks (for a little more cushion) or the Zella no-show socks, which are thinner. Both stay put pretty well for me.

How to Select Shorts
Tory Burch Howell sneakers // See this previous post on how to select and wear shorts with confidence from last year for details.

I’m also still wearing my Tory Burch Howell sneakers into this summer. They’re much pricier, but I purchased them on a rare sale. I’m not sure they’re worth that full price, but they are indeed the most comfortable sneakers I have. And I think they look really sharp.

Tory Burch Howell sneakers

I also recently purchased a pair of black Converse Chuck Taylor low top sneakers after seeing Marie-Anne Lecoeur model them in this video, on which we collaborated. I’ve had navy ones before, but decided the black might be more versatile. And really they’re a great little style investment at a reasonable price, considering you can wear them to modernize so many outfits. These sneakers definitely run large. I ordered down a half size as directed, and they’re still quite roomy and a little long. But I’m keeping them.

t-shirt and white jeans for fun
Converse sneakers // See this original post from three years ago for styling details.

Finally, I do have a pair of leopard print sneakers, too. I almost forgot about those, and I don’t seem to have a photo of me wearing them on the blog. But I do wear them! The Madewell Sidewalk Leopard Print sneakers I have are almost sold out, but I’ll link to a few others. I think it’s fun to have some sneakers with a little character to them as well as classic whites.

Well, that’s a round up of my fashion sneakers for the summer. I’m still enjoying the two pairs of white leather sneakers I own and they’re still in great shape. So I only added the black Converse sneakers and the retro trainers.

But I’ve rounded up lots of great fashion sneakers for you in a Sneaker Shop below. I’m showing the price in this widget so that you can see the assortment of prices and shop accordingly, but be aware that sale prices don’t always show through these shopping widgets. So click on through for more accurate pricing and for additional color options.

My Sneaker Shop

The links above in the copy and below in the shopping widget are affiliate links. That means if you click through them, I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. I try to help you find the best prices possible, too. Thank you for shopping my links and helping me do what I do here. I appreciate you!

All images are shoppable. Just click on the link and you will be taken to the store for more information and shopping. I hear great things about Vans, and I’ve owned Keds, Naturalizers and Supergas before and enjoyed them all. And if you need a really soft sneaker for sensitive feet, I can’t recommend Paul Greens highly enough. You’ll pay for that comfort, but they are amazing.

One more thing, I’m linking mainly to Nordstrom and Amazon because you can get free and fast shipping at both of those places. And remember, Nordstrom price matches and does a good job of lowering their prices when something goes down elsewhere. And they’re return policies are bar-none.

Do you have your sneakers for the summer? What style do you enjoy and how do you like to wear them? Thanks so much for dropping in today. Have a great weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Annual Summer Sneaker Roundup

  1. The Ecco sneakers are available directly on the Ecco website, and some colors (including the light blue) are on sale. I have them in white & black and they are the most comfortable I’ve ever owned! I wear them year round!

  2. I have a serious bunion and hammer toes. Can you recommend which, if any sneakers have the highest toe boxes? Thanks.

    1. Hmm. I’m not really sure. But I can tell you that Paul Green shoes are very soft. So they prevent the pain you can get from shoes running against those places. Otherwise I really don’t know what to tell you just because I’ve never assessed shoes for those features. Maybe other readers will chime in with their findings. ?

      1. Hi there, Jan – I found that Asics sneakers have a comfortable, wide toe box. Especially their Contend style. Got the Contend Walker style in white earlier this year and I am very happy with those. Comfortable and not too hot. Washed them in the machine and they came out like new 🙂 . Asics website currently does not have many sizes left in white but they have a new light mint color that looks like summer to me.

      2. When I lost my sister Jan 3rd 2020, I was devastated. I was weeping in the elevator with my youngest daughter at my side. As I was leaving a lady who had been on the elevator asked if she could give me a hug, she said I looked like I needed one ?. I was so touched by the kindness of a stranger and I sure needed that hug. I stopped crying and went home with my girl driving her poor mom. I’ll never forget that ?. I purchased a pair of Adidas white leather sandals with an blue/green iridescent patch at the heel to add to my small collection this spring. I have white Naturalizer sneaks, black velvet with black satin laces, white platform Keds (dupes) and snakeskin slip ons I jumped on this trend a couple of years ago. I do prefer leather as well for easy cleaning. I wipe them down each time I take them off. Have a wonderful visit with your parents and keep the shiny side up ? safe travels. ❤xoxo

  3. Jan have you tried the popular stretchy “knit” sneakers? Many famous brands offer them. I have been buying them in the Skechers brand for my MIL and they fit wonderfully on problematic feet and are easy for her to put on. I have a dusty blush pink knit pair from New Balance and love how comfy they are and how versatile and flattering the blush color is, blending with my skin tone while being neutral enough to wear with any color or pattern.

  4. In the Converse sneaker, are you wearing the navy or the blue navy? They have both and I’m thinking you have blue navy on. Enjoyed this post and while I usually wear topsiders by Sperry because I get permit fit and comfort, I thought I’d give these converse a try.

    Knit sneakers in blush? Ohhhh!

  5. Thanks for the post about sneakers! I like Sketchers but the Ecco brand looks comfortable also. I have to check them out.
    Have a wonderful visit with your family. Safe journey.

  6. I finally found a wide sneaker with cushioned foot bed at The Spenco Orthotic fits me and is very comfortable and stylish. It is fun to wear them with sundresses, shorts, skirts, and ankle pants.

  7. I Don’t wear sneakers very often except for walking. I do have one pair spa Adidas for that. Bought a pair of Tory Burch sneakers last spring and a pair of eco-silver shoes this spring. They are both very comfortable but don’t wear them very often. I am not a big sneaker person but sometimes I do feel like it. I have a pair of Paul green slide on black loafers like yours, yours in another print and I bet they are just as comfortable in a sneaker. Probably the most comfortable pair of shoes I have
    This is an about sneakers but I finally took the plunge and bought a Nordgreen
    Watch From your website link. I am so glad I did. I got it today and it is just gorgeous! I got an Unika 28 mm rose gold mesh band with rose gold and white face. Also brought a brown band to change out. Really like it
    Thanks for your BFD We must remember to love our neighbor

    1. Oh Sherry, I’m so glad you love the watch. So far everyone who has ordered one and told me about it has been pleased. Thanks so much for sharing. And aren’t those Paul Green shoes just amazing?!?! It just so happens that they ( the Paul Green brand) also reached out to me recently and I’ll be sharing more of their new line soon. I’m so excited about that partnership. ?