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5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants

January 25, 2019

Happy Friday! This has been the craziest week for me. I’ve been behind all week, and still have things I need to catch up on. But I am so thankful for the weekend! And in honor of the weekend I’m sharing one of my favorite casual fashions – camouflage! In fact, I’ve got 5 ways to wear camo pants.

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants

I hesitated to even purchase any camo when the trend first became big. I had worn it in my 20s and it just felt like a young person’s trend to me. Plus, I live in a military town where I see men and women wearing camo daily, but not as a fashion statement. These people are putting on camo and putting their lives on the line. So I felt a little awkward wearing what I see daily as a uniform of honor.

But when I got past my concerns, for better or for worse, I was hooked. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wearing my camo pants this fall and winter, and I suspect I’ll wear them year round to some extent.

In all 5 ways to wear camo, I’m wearing my vintage straight cargo pants. I have the size 29 tall (I’m 5’8″), and they feel amazing on. These pants have a lot of stretch in them, but they never stretch out as I wear them.

Let’s look at 5 ways to wear these camo pants or whatever camouflage pants you have in your closet.

#1 – Wear Camo with Black

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants

You can’t go wrong pairing your camo print with black. Here I’m wearing a black cashmere v-neck sweater and my black booties. But you could just as easily pair your camo with a black tee, sweatshirt or even silky blouse.

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants 01
5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants 01

#2 – Wear Camo with Cream

5 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

Of course, here I’m wearing a camo skirt I purchased in the fall at Steinmart. So the skirt’s no longer available. But you could achieve the same light and airy look with my camo pants. And by the way, this sweater is still available in most sizes. I’m wearing a small.

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants 01

I thought I might have a mirror selfie of me wearing the cream sweater with my pants, but no dice. I do, however, have this mirror photo of me pairing the camo pants with a white tee and a cream colored drape cardigan (a nice option). Now that I look at these two photos, I’m prone to say that camo and cream is my favorite combo. Hmm.

#3 – Wear Camo with a Graphic Tee & Denim

Fresh Casual Look with Camo Pants

Then again…. I really do love the casual appeal of this “unmatched” outfit. You can see more in this post of how I paired a simple graphic tee with my camo pants. And the denim jacket definitely works with camo, regardless of what you wear as your first layer. I could just as easily be wearing a mustard yellow tee, a white sweatshirt or another graphic t-shirt.

It’s the mixing up of textures and prints that really makes this super casual combination work.

#4 – Wear Camo with Burgundy

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants

This was the first look I showed with my camo pants in this post back in the fall. And this is still one of my favorite ways to wear my pants. Truthfully, I’ve worn my camo pants and burgundy sweater mostly with my fig sneakers, as seen above. But I do love the look with my suede booties (similar) below, too.

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants

The curved hem burgundy sweater I’m wearing here is no longer available, but this sweater is the same color. And this cashmere burgundy sweater is greatly reduced in price.

#5 – Wear Camo with Pink

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants

Well, just when I think I’ve shown you my favorite camo pairing, here’s another one! I love camo with soft pink.

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants 04

My modern v-neck is no longer available in the pink. But it is significantly reduced and available in a couple of shades that would also pair nicely with camo or your jeans. However, this soft pink cashmere sweater is way, way reduced and still available in most sizes.

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants 06

I think my taupe colored slip on sneakers are a great pairing with camo.
But sometimes I do wear my booties with my camo pants, too.

5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants 08

Honestly, I don’t know which pairing is my favorite. I guess whichever I’m wearing at the moment! But camo has certainly proven to be versatile and fun to wear.

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I hope you have a great weekend! Be sure to check back here tomorrow for some try-on sessions I’ll be posting. Thanks so much for stopping in today.

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6 thoughts on “5 Ways to Wear Camo Pants

  1. Love all the looks on you but especially the pink sweater. I actually bought Camo skinny pants but ended up returning them. I felt like at 71 years old I looked like I was trying too hard. Maybe I would have liked the straight leg better but still think I’ll pass. I How did your talk to MOPS go? I prayed for God to use you to touch those young mothers’ hearts and give them strength to stay the course. Love ❤️ you.

    1. Hi Wanda. That’s the beauty of trends – we absolutely do not have to participate! And I totally get feeling like you might have looked like you were trying too hard. I have felt that way in some styles too.

      My time with the MOPS group went great. Thanks so much for asking. I should have thought to share that in my email. Thank you so much for praying. ?

  2. I just can’t get myself to do Camo. But I find all of these looks work with my olive pants. Somehow I missed the burgundy. I will try that out next! Thanks as always for another helpful blog

  3. I really like all of the different colors you paired with camo. I have camo pants that I love, but for some reason, when I step out of my comfort zone with the color selection of a top, I question whether or not it looks okay. But, I’m going to keep trying. Have a blessed day and weekend. I hope you are able to have more down time.

    1. Thank you, Ginger. I’m sure you look great in your camos. They do just take some getting used to. One trick that really helps me is to take a mirror selfie or have someone take a photo of you in your outfit. Then step away from it for a while and then go back and look at the photo. I can assess my outfit more objectively that way.