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2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

October 18, 2018

Good morning! I was determined to get today’s blog post up at the break of dawn since I was so tardy with yesterday’s post. If you didn’t get a chance to read about the 5 Shopping Mistakes We All Make and How to Fix Them (because I got it up so late!), I hope you’ll take some time to do that today. But first, let’s look at my 2 ways to style camo this fall and winter. Plus I have additional tips for styling this trending print.

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

I must confess, when it comes to wearing camo, I’m late to the dance. There are a couple of reasons for me joining in so late. One, the last time I wore camo was when I was in college. And somehow it’s just harder for some of us gals to repeat a trend that we embraced when we were so much younger. But what the hey! Let’s go!

Second, since I live in a military town, I have come to associate camouflage with the soldiers I see on a daily basis at the grocery store, Target and the post office. Somehow it has seemed a little presumptuous to don the fabric I see these brave men and women wearing in preparation to defend our country. And honestly, I’m still not sure how I feel about that one. If you have thoughts on that I’d love to hear them.

All the same, I’ve decided to join the dance, for the sake of fashion. Because that’s what I do here. So let’s talk about how to style this unique but very versatile print.

Camouflage Skirt + Sweater + Booties

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

First I paired a straight fit camouflage skirt with a cotton sweater in winter white for a sporty, fun look. I finished off the look with my split shaft neutral toned booties and a sporty Michael Kors pebble leather messenger bag.

Style Tip #1 – Pair your camo with a pretty neutral such as winter white or cream, grey, black or burgundy. Steer clear of red so you don’t create a distinctly Christmas look. 

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

I found this straight camouflage skirt at Steinmart and they still have them in stock, but they aren’t priced as low as they were when I picked this one up. I’m wearing a 6 whereas I normally wear an 8 in skirts. This skirt has lots of stretch and is kind of wide in the waistband and more fitted in the hips. It’s really quite comfortable, but in the interest of full disclosure, I did return it. Only because I could only justify keeping one camo item (see yesterday’s post!).

I also love this camo skirt if you’d like more to choose from. Plus, I’m including others in the shopping widget below.

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

This Michael Kors messenger bag is marked down significantly right now. I did return this one, but I kept the maroon one like it.

Style Tip #2 – Provide an interesting juxtaposition by pairing your camo piece with something lacy, ruffled, shimmery or metallic. Or add dressy pumps to achieve the same effect.

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

I’m wearing my jewelry from Fashion & Compassion which features upcycled bullet casings from war torn Ethiopia. You can find similar jewelry here. Somehow it just seemed appropriate to wear this redemptive jewelry with camouflage, which is often worn on battlefields.

Style Tip #3 – Wear your camouflage pants or skirt with a black & white novelty t-shirt or sweatshirt. Keep it simple, though. Maybe your shirt could even feature a slogan that is both respectful of and goes contrary to the battlefield purpose of camouflage, like a scripture about peace or hope. You might find an appropriate one at Crazy Cool Threads.

Camouflage Pants + Henley Sweater + Booties or Sneakers

Next I tried a pair of camouflage straight cargo pants from J. Crew. These pants feel great on, with lots of stretch and a high waist band. I’m wearing the 29 tall. The regular fit was just too short on me, and I’m only 5’8″, so order accordingly. Today they are 25% off with code BUNDLEUP, plus coats, sweaters and boots are 40%. But this is an “online only” sale.

2 Ways to Wear Camo + More Ideas

First, for a dressier casual vibe, I wore the pants with my Vince Camuto split shaft booties again. On top, I wore this simple, thin burgundy curved hem sweater. I’m just loving burgundy with camo, and it’s definitely a trending color this season.

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

Style Tip #4 – Soften the look of camo by adding a draping cardigan over a simple white, beige, black or grey t-shirt. 

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

When James and I were looking over the photos to choose the ones for the post, I told him camo sure doesn’t camouflage a rear end. I think it accentuates it! At any rate, I wanted you to see the all important rear view of the pants. So there it is. Moving on.

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

Finally, my favorite look. I simply switched out the split shaft booties for my Teva sneakers. The fig color happens to work wonderfully with my burgundy shirt. But they’d look just as good with a pale pink t-shirt or grey one or whatever really. And of course, your navy or black or white sneakers would look great with camo pants, too.

Style Tip #5 – Camouflage also looks great with denim or chambray. So you could pair camo pants or skirt with a white t-shirt and a jean jacket or just top either of them with a long sleeve chambray shirt.

I returned the skirt, like I said, but kept the pants. In fact, I’m wearing them right now:

2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas
camo cargo pants // white t-shirt // ribbed cardigan // brown suede loafers (similar)

Style Tip #6 – You can also add a classic cut blazer to your simple camos and t-shirt ensemble. Maybe a black or grey blazer would work best. But then again, if you have a soft pink one, wouldn’t that look great over a white tee and a pair of camo pants?

What’s your favorite way to style camo? I’d love to hear from you. If you enjoyed today’s post, why not pin it to one or more of your Pinterest boards? Also, you could share it with your friends on Facebook. I love it when you share. Just yesterday I got an email from a subscriber who found Dressed for My Day via Pinterest. Isn’t that cool? Happens all the time, thanks to you!

I have used affiliate links in this post for your shopping ease. I try to link to the retailer where you’ll get the best price and where you’ll find the best size selection. I do earn a little bit of commission if you purchase anything through the links, but at absolutely no cost to you. Thank you for supporting my work and my effort to share style tips and encouragement with older women…so we can remain relevant and influential in our world.

You gals have a great day! And, hey, as you go through your day, if you happen to come across someone who is wearing camo, not as a style statement but as a uniform, be sure to thank them for their service.

Blessed for My Day

Lord, today as we talk about wearing camouflage as a style statement, I want to pause and thank you for those who are currently wearing the uniforms of our country’s armed forces. Thank you for calling them to defend and protect our nation. Thank you for equipping them, for seeing them through difficult training, deployments and assignments. We also thank you for the care you give their families in their absence or as they deal with the unique problems that accompany that lifestyle. Please bless the men and women in uniform with courage, knowledge, skill, wisdom, endurance and safety. And give their families an extra dose of your grace.

The Lord bless you, and keep you;

The Lord make His face shine on you,

And be gracious to you;

The Lord lift up His countenance on you,

And give you peace.’ ~ Numbers 6:24-26

I’ve linked this post to Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up, so be sure to check out the other great styles there.

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16 thoughts on “2 Ways to Style Camo + More Ideas

  1. I have to admit that I am not a fan of chamo, but I am wearing the white sweater from Loft today (love it!) and maroon (I guess the “in” color for this fall) leggings. I have saved your post from yesterday since I have not had a chance to read it yet. I hate shopping, so anything that makes it easier is great. Thanks.

    1. I totally get that, Arna. But I’m glad you like the sweater. I bet it does look great with maroon leggings! Yes, I’m loving that trendy color, too. 🙂

  2. Great post and tips for wearing camo! You are rockin that camo skirt! And I love the sweater. It took me a while to get on the camo bandwagon but I now own camo pants, vest, and jacket. Oh, and a t-shirt. Oops. I should probably reread your post from yesterday. Lol

    1. Ha, ha! That’s kind of how I am about leopard print! It’s definitely time for me to call it quits there. How fun that you went from being hesitant to fully embracing camo. I have to admit, I’m loving my pants! And thanks for the affirmation. A girl needs that occasionally, you know!

  3. It’s amazing how camo has become so mainstream, and I think that’s a good thing. It makes us change our thinking about something and be a little more open to change!!
    Heck, if my mom (the 80+ model on my blog) can wear camo….we all can!!

    1. Yes, it is a fun fabric. And I think that’s wonderful that your mom has embraced it. I’m going home to visit my mom next month, and I’ll have to see if she’s up to the challenge! Ha! Thanks for reading and commenting, Jodie. 🙂

  4. Thanks for sharing your concern about wearing camo. I too live in a military town and have always believed this fabric should be reserved for those men and women who are truly serving our country. I don’t read many fashion blogs but it is nice to hear your thoughts on this trend. You look great, a breath of fresh air! Thank you for showing us how older women can still look nice in fashion. First time I’ve ever commented on a blog…guess the camo trend made me do it! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much for commenting and sharing your perspective, Merri Lynn. I can certainly appreciate it. As I was thinking over my similar concerns I was reminded that camo is also a pattern worn by hunters, not just soldiers. Still,… At any rate, thanks so much for reading…and for leaving that long awaited comment! I hope you’ll comment again sometime, now that the ice is broken! 🙂

      1. Thank you for the connection to hunters….never thought of that! Wow…two comments – I’m getting bold! 😉

  5. I love the camo on you! I just can’t do the camo though. Just not sure about that look. But like you it took me awhile to embrace leopard and now I am all in. Hopefully it stays in style a little longer

    1. Hi Susan, I don’t really think leopard print will ever be completely out.That’s why I think it’s one of the safest trends to invest in. Even if it’s not as “hot” in the future, it will always look elegant and classic. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very timely post for me as I just this morning ordered Camo pants and a maroon sweater from Loft. 40%off by the way. I’m 70 and have been reluctant to buy this trend. I’m sure my husband will have a humorous comment when he sees them on me. We’ll see. Love ❤️ your blog.

  7. Hi Kay…LOVE that camo skirt! Would love to order it, but the website is saying it’s 32 inches in length??? Unless your really tall, I’d say that’s a typo. If you still have the skirt, would you be so kind to measure it’s length? Thank you! Love your blog!!!

    1. Hi Cathy, I don’t have the skirt, but I measured one I do have that fits the same as it did, and it measures just under 17”. Yeah, that’s definitely wrong on the website. For reference, I’m 5’8”.