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5 Wardrobe Staples that Never Go Out of Style

October 10, 2022

Welcome to Dressed for My Day! Before we go one sentence further, let me assure you that I did not break a sweat (or work up a fever!) writing this blog post. We took the photos several weeks ago, and James assures me he didn’t over exert himself developing them. I’m taking several breaks as I write this post, and I’m still in my pajamas. But after 10 days of constant rest and fastidious attention to good health protocol, I’m aching for a little normalcy and productivity. I am so grateful for the sweet concern and prayers expressed by this community during my illness, but, at a gentle pace, I feel comfortable pressing forward today. And I’m eager to continue our Fall Classics style mini-series with these five wardrobe staples that never go out of style.

Classic Wardrobe Staples that Never Go Out of Style
Spanx the Perfect Pant Slim Straight (sized up to L) (also at Nordstrom) // white ribbed tank // blazer (also at Nordstrom) (another casual option) (more economical option and another) // similar pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of Ally heels) (more economical option) // similar shoulder bag (more economical option) // necklace // similar bangle // similar earrings // scarf (wearing large size; smaller size available) (more economical option)

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Remember, for this Fall Classics style mini-series I’m mostly pulling classic fall pieces from my personal wardrobe. Most of the ones I’m showing today are indeed still available. But for those that are not I’ve easily located substitutes. And I’ve rounded up a more economical option or two in some instances, as well.

5 Wardrobe Staples that Never Go Out of Style

5 Fall Wardrobe Classics that Never Go Out of Style

Can you spot the five wardrobe staples that never go out of style? These are classics I can wear year after year and still look modern and chic because they truly are timeless. Very slowly over the past seven days I have been cleaning out my closet and getting it fully operational for fall and winter. If you’re doing a similar closet purge, don’t get rid of these five wardrobe staples.

Classic Black Pants

The first wardrobe staple that never goes out of style is a great pair of black pants. Whether you wear black up top near your face or not, I think every woman needs a pair of classic black slacks.

A Great Pair of Black Trousers

I’m wearing the Spanx Perfect Pants in slim straight, but I’d consider their wide leg Perfect Pants to be just as timeless. I sized up to a large, but they are quite roomy on me. Of course, in Spanx a large is a size 10-12, and I sometimes wear 10s. Both the Spanx Perfect Pants in slim straight and the wide leg Perfect Pants also come in petite and tall sizes. And I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love these pants. They are made in a thick, luxurious ponte knit and the silhouette is impeccable. The Spanx Perfect Pants hold you in and hide all panty lines like you’d expect anything made by Spanx to do. But they do not feel tight or binding at all. These Spanx Perfect Pants also come in navy and a navy pinstripe. And yes, those would be just as classic.

Classic Blazer

The second timeless piece in this outfit is my camel Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket. I prefer to spend 80% of my clothing budget on high quality investment pieces that will hold their value year after year and only 20% of my budget on a handful of more trendy items. Even then, I purchased this Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket mostly with Nordy notes I had earned over the course of a year. When you invest in a good quality, classic statement piece that can complete multiple types of outfits, you get a better cost per wear in the long run. And you have what is necessary to create great outfits…over and over.

Camel Blazer

And in this case, this Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket is a year round closet staple, so the investment is even sweeter. Of course, you don’t have to spend this much on a good blazer for it to be timeless and worthy. I also have this camel blazer from Express in my closet and I can attest that it is good quality for the price. And if you’d prefer a black, navy or grey blazer instead, you’ll still be able to create countless outfits with those classic closet staples.

If you’re considering purchasing a blazer for the first time or to round out your wardrobe, I suggest choosing one in a more classic cut instead of the trending oversize blazers. The oversized blazers are definitely on trend and can look oh so sharp. But if you’ll only have one and you want to wear that blazer for years, opt for a more traditional style, such as my Veronica Beard Miller dickey jacket or this blazer or this one from Talbots.

Blazer with Scarf

Silk Scarf

The third wardrobe staple that never goes out of style is a beautiful silk scarf. Again, my Sarah Flint Folklore Forest scarf was an investment. But I’ve been studying scarves for a few years now and I’ve noticed that if you choose a truly beautifully crafted silk scarf it will not go out of style. Few accessories hold their value the way an exquisite scarf does.

Silk Scarf

Choose a scarf in your signature colors. And always consider how the scarf looks and adds interest to your outfit folded and draped, not just spread out. Take good care of your scarves and keep them. I let go of a few silk scarves years ago and I’ve regretted it ever since. While there are so many elegant and beautiful ways to wear a scarf, the most modern styles right now are the relaxed, never-do-mind ones. Just drape a large scarf over your shoulders and tuck it in a little around the lapel of your jacket. Or tie it loosely.

Leopard Print Pumps

The fourth classic closet essential that will never look dated is a pair of animal print heels. Yep. You read that correctly. Do not ditch your leopard print pumps.

leopard print pumps

For several years there everything leopard print was, well, everywhere. The classic print is not as “of the moment” now, but it’s timeless all the same. If you wear leopard print sparingly it will never look out of style. If you need to rotate your leopard print cardigan, pumps, skirt or jacket out of your closet because you wore it to death…fine. But you definitely do not need to ditch the animal print just because it has faded in popularity a bit. It’s still sophisticated and oh so chic. Add just a splash to your outfit for the best effect these days.

Classic Black Shoulder Bag

Classic Shoulder Bag

And finally, if you take good care of your classic black shoulder bag with clean lines and classic hardware, you absolutely can carry that bag for more than one season. Most good quality bags come with dust bags these days. Use it. When your bag is out of the rotation, keep it stuffed lightly with the tissue paper that came with it (and that moisture proofing pouch), and place it in that dust bag. I love a new handbag each season, but I try not to buy the same color each year because I like to carry mine about six or eight years if possible.

Classic Closet Staples that Never Go Out of Style
Spanx the Perfect Pant Slim Straight (sized up to L) (also at Nordstrom) // white ribbed tank // blazer (also at Nordstrom) (another casual option) (more economical option and another) // similar pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of Ally heels) (more economical option) // similar shoulder bag (more economical option) // necklace // similar bangle // similar earrings // scarf (wearing large size; smaller size available) (more economical option)

So can you create a modern, chic look with all classics from your closet this fall? You absolutely can. These are the pieces worth investing a larger portion of your clothing budget because they can stay in your closet for years. But don’t leave them in your closet. Wear them! Enjoy knowing that these classics will keep you looking polished and in style on any given day.

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5 thoughts on “5 Wardrobe Staples that Never Go Out of Style

  1. Good Morning, Kay!
    I’m glad you and your husband are feeling better! We really appreciate all you do to help us make good wardrobe choices! You can’t go wrong with a good classic handbag.
    Unashamedly, I will admit I have a couple of great purses that are over 30 years old, which look like new and are in perfect style! Thanks again for all you do!

  2. So thankful you are feeling better, Kay. I loved this post and thought about what’s in my closet in these categories. I no longer enjoy wearing structured jackets, but agree about the necessity of a 3rd piece to pull an outfit together. Since I am retired, I do not need this in my wardrobe any longer. Can you do a post about less structured jackets, cardigans and other pieces that fit this category? Thanks so much.

  3. So happy you and James are on the road to full recovery, but still taking it easy. I love the classic Veronica Beard with the grey jeans. So chic but casual all the same. Thanks for putting these lovely looks together for a stylish fall!

  4. Kay
    Glad you and your husband are recovering well. BFMD hits home with me. I need to be more open to new ideas…and yes it’s my age. I like to feel that I know a thing or two at this point in my life. LOL
    Your posts are read and appreciated (which isn’t until later with my new schedule).

    Thanks for all your great outfits and ideas.