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a Sneak Peek at the Spring Fashions coming to DFMD

February 7, 2023

Hello ladies! What a day I had yesterday. James and I drove the less than two-hour trip to Columbus, Ohio, on Sunday to stay at a nice hotel for a couple of nights so we could photograph some spring fashions coming to DFMD and resort clothing. I have an Instagram reel coming out tomorrow and then a blog post on Thursday with some beautiful resort style dresses. So, since it definitely doesn’t look like a warm-weather resort anywhere near me right now, we selected a hotel with a nice, well-lit indoor pool. You gotta do what you gotta do. Ha!

a Sneak Peek at the Spring Fashions coming to DFMD

I’ve been studiously scrolling through the newest arrivals at our favorite retailers lately and ordering things that will help us build a beautiful and versatile spring wardrobe. Of course you won’t need everything I’ll include in my DFMD Spring Wardrobe because you probably have a lot of the basics. But I’m planning to share an entire shoppable Spring Wardrobe in just a few weeks. And I wanted to give everything I share in the curated wardrobe a thorough try before I recommend it to you.

I have to tell you, I’ve picked some winners! I absolutely loved wearing these clothes yesterday…and I wish it were warm enough to have worn them outside. Indeed, it will be a while before I can wear these clothes, but I will start sharing them later this week. In fact, you’ll see some of them modeled in tomorrow’s video. Yay!

a Sneak Peek at the Spring Fashions coming to DFMD
pink stripe relaxed button down // cotton fisherman sweater // sunrise ombre kaftan // beach cover-up shorts // white slim boyfriend jeans // puff-sleeve crewneck t-shirt // pearl ball bracelet // high-neck one piece swimsuit

But because I’m so excited about the Spring Capsule Wardrobe I’m putting together for you, I couldn’t resist sharing with you now the pieces I already have in and have test-tried. I’m not promising that these are marked down right now; some may be, but I’m not taking the time to check since things change so quickly. But I do know these early spring styles generally go quickly.

I can tell you that the pink stripe relaxed button down and the cotton fisherman sweater both fit true to size, and they look beautiful and cheerful together or separately. Both are so versatile. And the pink stripe relaxed button down pairs perfectly with the pink tank you’ll see below.

The sunrise ombre kaftan is one of three amazingly beautiful and oh-so-glamorous resort-worthy dresses from Walker & Wade that I’ll be sharing later this week. I have a size M/L in it for a very nice fit. And I’ll be showing you the gorgeous pink high-neck one piece swimsuit under the kaftan. I sized up to a 12 in the suit for a very nice fit. (I’m 5’8″ and generally have to size up two sizes in swimsuits for the right torso length.) I’ve ordered the beach cover-up shorts to wear over the swimsuit, but they haven’t arrived yet.

The white slim boyfriend jeans are my favorite white jeans I have EVER put on my body. No kidding. They’re thick enough to not show all the lumps and bumps and undie lines, and the silhouette is darling. They do run large. I’m wearing mostly 30 or 31 in jeans these days and I wear a 29 in these very comfortably.

I bought the puff-sleeve crewneck t-shirt in black, but it comes in other colors. It has just the most minimal puffing in the shoulder, and I sized up to a large. I didn’t add much new jewelry to my collection for spring, but this pearl ball bracelet was a must-have. It will be so impactful.

You’ll find everything I’ve ordered so far in the shopping widget below. You can click on items to shop them or just to find out more details. I can’t wait to show you these items in outfits.

This post contains affiliate links. When you shop through my links I potentially earn a commission on your purchases, but at no additional cost to you. Thank you so much for supporting my work here by shopping my links.

I’m filling two shopping widgets with the items I’ve ordered or have and will be showing in upcoming blog posts and videos.

I hope you enjoyed this little preview. If you’re hunting for anything in particular to add to your spring wardrobe, let me know and maybe I’ll help you out. Have a great day!

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16 thoughts on “a Sneak Peek at the Spring Fashions coming to DFMD

  1. I would actually love to see a whole post about how you choose different locations around town to shoot your posts. Do you always use the same place? Do you have to get permission? Do you get odd stares or people gathering to watch? I’m just curious how that part of your business works.

  2. I’m hunting for a white T-shirt. V-neck that isn’t too low, short sleeves. I’m short waisted, so nothing long in the v-neck or in the hem.

  3. Love most of the items you picked out for your Spring Capsule Wardrobe! The colors are so pretty! Could you do a French chic blog sometime? Hope you had fun in Columbus Ohio. Love the.BFMD. Trying to figure out how to print it out on my computer that has some issues. Would love to give it to my family to read and women and Bible study. I do have a blessed day.

  4. I’m so excited that you are posting your entire spring wardrobe! When you posted your Fall wardrobe, I used it as my inspiration for adding pieces to my wardrobe. I love all your posts, but I thought the entire Fall wardrobe post was the best, most helpful, post ever! Can’t wait to see what lovely Spring things you’ve chosen for us..

    1. Hi Kay! I quickly grabbed the white sweater from your post! It looks beautiful and 30% off with code. What do you think of pairing the white sweater with white jeans. Monochromatic look or too much white?

  5. I got the boyfriend jeans in the blue wash and then some tops from J.Crew to go with them. VERY VERY READY FOR WINTER TO BE OVER.

  6. Hi Kay! I quickly grabbed the white sweater from your post! It looks beautiful and 30% off with code. What do you think of pairing the white sweater with white jeans. Monochromatic look or too much white?

  7. Quince has a similar 100% cotton fisherman’s sweater for $39.90, which they’ve just restocked. I bought mine several months ago and I love it!

  8. Kay, thank you for today’s BFMD post. God s GOOD and has chosen to bless me even though I am so undeserving. By and through His saving Grace He says I am a co-heir with Jesus of His inheritance! Glory to Him in the highest!