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10 Ways to Get Ready for Summer Shorts

April 6, 2021

Well Sunday was a beautiful spring day and yesterday felt like summer. Ha! Seriously, it was only in the mid-70s yesterday, but I sure did get warm when I went for my walk in my 7/8 length leggings. It looks like it’s time to bring out the summer shorts. But first I have some things to do to get ready for summer. Today I’m sharing a great summer shorts outfit from Chico’s but I’m also listing 10 things we might need to do to get ready for summer shorts, skirts, dresses and swimsuits.

Summer Shorts
Brigitte Paisley 10″ Trim Shorts (TTS) // microfiber tank in soft blue // three button cardigan in alabaster // convertible blue double strand pendant necklace // similar earrings // silver tone pave hinge bangle // Born Inlet sandals // shoulder bag or at Macy’s (more economical option)

I know it still may be early for many of us to wear shorts consistently. And I know that many of my readers don’t even care to wear shorts. But if you’re looking forward to wearing shorts this summer, let’s agree those hot days will be here soon. And we’ll need to do a little prep work to be ready.

Here are 10 ways to get ready for summer shorts and skirts:

1. Make sure you have sunscreen for your face.

I like to wear Neutrogena Age Shield Face oil-free sunscreen with broad spectrum SPF 70. I appreciate that it is dermatologist recommended and water resistant (for 80 minutes). I find it to be lightweight enough to wear under makeup and substantial enough to work at the pool, beach or lake.

I’m sure someone will want to know, so if you’d like to learn more about Neutrogena’s product testing, you can check out their policy statement here.

Ways to Get Ready for Summer shorts

I’ve also used the CeraVe Hydrating sunscreen face lotion with SPF 50 in the past and liked it, too. I’ve have several options for you in the shopping widget in the next section.

2. Select a good sunscreen for the rest of your body, too.

But we don’t just need to wear sunscreen on our face; we’re smart to wear it all over. For most days I like the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch sunscreen with SPF 45. But if I’m going to be in the full sun more, I opt for Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Spray Sunscreen SPF 100.

I also like what I read about the Cetaphil Sheer Mineral Sunscreen SPF 50. I like the idea of using a sunscreen made by a skincare brand rather than a suntan lotion brand. Does that make sense?

Here’s a widget with sunscreens for body and face:

Get Ready for Summer

3. Make sure you have sunglasses with UV protection that also fit and flatter.

I have a few pair of more expensive sunglasses and several pairs of cheaper ones. But at this time of year as I’m outside more, I make sure I have sunnies accessible at all times and in several different styles. I have very light eyes, so they’re extremely sensitive to sunlight. I wear sunglasses in the rain! But even if your eyes don’t seem as sensitive to the sun, the protection is crucial. UV light can have harmful effects on the eyelid, cornea, lens and retina.

In this previous post I shared the basics about shopping for sunglasses that fit and flatter your face.

I’ve collected sunglasses in a wide range of price points below, but they’re all glasses that provide UV protection and flatter the face. These and the links in the copy of the post are affiliate links. If you shop through them I potentially earn a commission but at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting the work I do here by shopping my links.

4. Have a wide brimmed hat on hand.

Depending on how much time you spend outside, you may not need a hat every day. But the older I get the more I realize I really need to have one on hand more often than not. Even just darting in and out of a restaurant during the day, it’s wise to wear a hat that shades your face.

Get Ready for Summer

I didn’t have a hat on hand the day we snapped these photos. But I have one from Columbia that I love wearing when hiking or for more casual days. This one is similar.

I also have a wide brimmed straw hat from Chico’s (no longer available) that I enjoy wearing with dresses and other slightly dressier outfits. Be sure to look for a straw hat that truly offers some protection, as well as one that is packable. I’m not seeing many out yet, but I do like this one and this collapsible one.

5. Try some self tanner for your legs.

I generally just apply self tanner to my legs, only occasionally to my arms and chest. You don’t have to wear any, of course. But I do think it makes my legs look a little healthier and more attractive. Let us know if you have a self tanner you love. I can only recommend the one I like and use. But I’m sure there are others that are good.

Get ready for summer

I use the St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse. I think the fragrance is the most tolerable I’ve found. It’s easy to put on with the St. Tropez mitt because you can actually see the bronzing as you apply it, unlike some creams and lotions that go on without any color. It darkens throughout the day gradually, and I recommend showering it off before you go to bed.

But if you’d prefer, you could also try leg makeup. It doesn’t stay on; it washes off. But it does a better job of hiding imperfections. I recommend the Sally Hansen Air Brush Legs MakeUp. It comes in a variety of shades. If you’re using it for a “big day” such as a wedding, I’d practice using it a time or two beforehand.

6. Before self-tanning consider using a body exfoliator.

Before I apply the St. Tropez Classic Bronzing Mousse, I generally exfoliate my legs first. I use a St. Tropez prep exfoliating cream. But here’s a shopping widget with a few other options. You can use a sugar scrub or other granulated scrub. Or you can use an exfoliating glove with your favorite body wash. But exfoliating your legs before applying self-tanner will help it go on more smoothly.

7. It’s time to shave!

I’ve decided it’s time to rethink my shave. Honestly, I’ve discovered that getting older does have its benefits; I don’t have to shave my legs quite as often as I once did. But razors are expensive and frustrating to buy. So I’ve ordered the Billie Smooth Operator kit. But this mail order razor brand also has a basic starter kit for just $9. You can set up a regular delivery cycle of new blades if you’d like.


8. Get a pedicure or do one yourself.

I’ve done some of these steps and others are still on my to-do list. Such is the case with the pedicure. I’ve been doing my best with the occasional home pedicure during the winter. But I have an appointment for a professional and thorough pedicure later this week. I find it’s a necessity to have it professionally done at least occasionally.

You can learn more about how to keep your feet looking fresh and pretty between pedicures in this previous post. I always like to take my own polish to my pedicures so that I can touch them up later if needed. Plus I can use the same polish on my fingernails later, too.

9. Make sure your sandals are in good order.

I love wearing sandals in the summer. And this year athletic or comfort sandals are really trending. But we’re also seeing platform, metallic, animal print and embellished sandals. Really anything goes. But the key is wearing sandals that are in good shape. I’m letting go of the metallic sandals I’ve worn (frequently!) for the past three years and purchasing new ones.

I’m especially enjoying having these Born Inlet sandals because they are a nude shade for me, so they elongate the leg. Since shorts and skirts “chop up” the leg line, nude sandals are a great way to create visual length.

10. Get your sneakers (and socks) ready!

Finally, I also love to wear sneakers with my shorts. This year we’re continuing to see lots of white fashion sneakers, but we’re also seeing retro trainers. But for the cleanest, most classic look I’d choose those streamlined fashion sneakers.

How to Wear Shorts confidently
Tory Burch Howell Sneakers // more economical Steve Madden option

Honestly, I go sockless most of the time with my fashion sneakers. But when I’m going to be wearing them a long time or on my feet a lot, I do wear no-show socks. I have a few options that I can heartily recommend in the shopping widget below.

Brigitte Paisley 10″ Trim Shorts (TTS) // microfiber tank in soft blue // three button cardigan in alabaster // convertible blue double strand pendant necklace // similar earrings // silver tone pave hinge bangle // Born Inlet sandals // shoulder bag or at Macy’s (more economical option)

Thanks for stopping in for a little fashion inspiration. Are you ready for shorts and other summer attire? What do you need to do to get ready? I need to get that serious pedicure! Have a great day.

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16 thoughts on “10 Ways to Get Ready for Summer Shorts

  1. Love the short outfit. It was 81 here yesterday. Was nice out the past 4 days, but rain storms are coming in. Talking about sandals, I need to go get a pedicure. Have been thinking about it for a couple of weeks now. I love to wear sandals in the summer, so need to get going and get one done. Have a great day.

  2. I really like wearing shorts but have noticed for the past year or so my legs are creapping (spelling) and I cannot stand the look. Therefore I like my shorts to be a little longer. Since I’m not that tall I feel like when I wear longer shorts I look even shorter. I think if I was wearing them for dress I could wear about a 2” heel and it would make me look taller.


  3. Kay, today’s post is all that I requested, and more! You have introduced me to so many quality clothing, accessory, and skin care brands! Thank you for putting it all together for us!

  4. Great idea for a post, although it was actually snowing this afternoon in the U.K.(?!) so shorts may have to wait a while yet,lol. (The poor tulips don’t know what’s hit them!)
    I do like to wear skirts or dresses when it gets hot. I have tried the Sally Hansen product and have found it really good, less faffy somehow than leg tan and definitely smells nicer. Another of a similar type is This Works perfect legs skin miracle, which I think is even better and super easy to use. Just somehow makes your legs look “perfect ” and not pasty white (like mine usually are!)
    Our salons are allowed to reopen next week, so there will be a stampede for the pedicures after everyone has first had a long awaited hair cut,lol.

  5. Great post! Love the outfit! Happy to see emphasis on skin protection. Once I had vaccine I got a professional pedicure too. Happy Easter@

  6. I have my first pedicure on Thursday and will continue once a month until Fall. The absolute best no-show socks for me are the Sheec brand.
    They never slip off of my heel.

  7. So agree on the hat. I know you were thinking of the face, but as we age and our crown hair thins, sun protection for the vulnerable scalp area is a must. If I’m going to be out in the sun a lot, I wear a straw hat. I swim a lot in the summer and am going to buy a bathing cap this year. Last year I had a sunburned part line and finally a tan … on my scalp!

    1. I know what you’re talking about, my hair is also thinning on the crown. I have taken to bringing a hat or an umbrella to shield my head, hair and face from the sun. I am 62 and had my face lasered to get the imperfections, age spots removed. It was fairly expensive, so I am keen to keep the sun off my face. I use sunscreen as well.

  8. Great suggestions Kay! I am one of those that does not wear shorts above the knee. While I don’t ever have professional pedicures done, one thing I do year round is thoroughly apply Aquaphor on my feet, then put on socks, at least until it has been absorbed. Doing that helps them to not look so dry and unsightly. We were in the upper 80’s again today, so I suspect our summer will be pretty hot and miserable. I hope that you had a fabulous day! I worked outside from 10a until 3p; definitely got my steps in today!

  9. Shorts… a necessary evil where I live. Our summers are long, hot and humid and I’m outside a lot. I do wear them at home, but rarely out. The shorts I like best are the J Crew 7” chinos. Being a basics person I generally get white, a khaki green or gray.

  10. Kay, I’m so glad I’ve found your blog! I was one of those gifted with nearly perfect skin, and a “tom boy” also that had no interest in anykind of make up or skin care…Until I hit my 60’s!! But choosing a product was always overwhelming and dissapointing so I’m really thankful for good suggestions with price points in mind. And, what a treat to find great tips from God besides!!!

  11. Thank you Kay for keeping me on track with my confidence and touching my spirit to keep me courageous.

  12. I love the large selection of hats from Sun “N” Sand Accessories. They have hats for different seasons. I have purchased summer hats and visors with various sized brims. All can be rolled or folded for travel.