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Working the Pull-On Pants

August 10, 2018

Hello, friends! And welcome to today’s edition of Dressed for My Day. Today I’m dressed for work! Seriously, while I work from a home office and only rarely need to really “dress up” for a day’s work, I thought it was time I posted a wear-to-work outfit again. It’s been a while. And I know many of you do dress for work, whether you’re teaching children, tending to patients, managing an office, working the books or connecting with clients, many of my readers are working gals. So this one’s for you!

Wear to Work Blue Popover

I’m glad I looked up the actual name of these pants before titling my post because I was thinking that Talbots had called them pull-up pants. He, he! If I’d named my post “working with pull-up pants” no telling what kinds of baffled readers I would have attracted to my website through google searches. But alas, these are not pull-ups; they are pull-on pants. And even that name kinda makes me scrunch up my nose and wince. Do we really want to wear pull-on pants?

Wear to Work Blue Popover

Well it turns out that yes, yes we do want to wear these melange bi-stretch pull-on skinny ankle pants. I’m amazed, honestly. Other than the name and the concept of pants that you just pull on without any zipper, buttons or snaps to fasten, these are really great pants. Indeed, they go on easily, but more importantly they fit beautifully.

Wear to Work Blue Popover

Now I am wearing the curvy fit. I just thought it was safest to order the curvy fit since these are fairly close fitting pants and I didn’t want any bulges (ahem!) to show through. But it turns out the 53% cotton/42% rayon/6% spandex fabric is a nice, heavy weight that probably would conceal any bumps and bulges pretty well if you’d like your pants a little snugger. For me, these are the perfect fit. They look nice and lean, but they also feel extremely comfortable.

I’m wearing an 8, which is my normal size in Talbots pants. By the way, both the regular and curvy fit are available in petite and women’s sizes as well. Hooray for everyone!

These trousers do come in other colors and for some reason those are listed separately from the gray pants I’m wearing. I think it’s because the fabric make-up is just a little bit different in them, so I can’t really attest to the fit. But I think they’re worth a try, and I will be ordering a pair.

Wear to Work Blue Popover

I ordered this beautiful washable silk popover to wear with my gray dress pants. While I love the color and the fabric, I returned it because it’s too big. (I clipped the shirt in the back for these photos because I wanted you to see the shirt the way it’s supposed to fit.) For some reason I ordered a medium and I should have gotten a small. Now the shirt is greatly reduced, but they only have x-large available in the blue.

Wear to Work Blue Popover

I really think you can’t go wrong with well fitted dressy ankle pants and a silky top. And if they’re pull-on pants, all the better! I think if I did work in an office somewhere and needed to dress for work, this is the sort of outfit I would wear almost every day. It’s a breeze to throw on in the mornings, easy to move and work in all day, classy, elegant and smart.

Since this top is practically sold out, I found you some others that would be equally beautiful with these or similar pants. I tried on this silky soft shirt in bella pink at Chico’s yesterday, and it fits and looks beautiful on. It also comes in a deep teal that would work nicely with these gray melange ankle pants.

Ann Taylor has this floral branch camp shirt in garden azalea available in a full range of sizes, and it’s marked down considerably. I also like this Savannah floral camp shirt. And here’s yet another silky camp shirt at Ann Taylor that’s available in multiple colors, some of them on sale. Like I said, if I were an office girl, these would be in my closet for sure. And as it is, I have several similar ones.

Wear to Work Blue Popover

Because this is work attire, I kept my jewelry simple and classic. I wear mostly silver, so I chose to go with a silver statement necklace, earrings with an ivory inlay and my silver Fossil watch. A silver or gold pendant on a long chain would also work well, though.

Wear to Work Blue Popover

I bought my pumps at Banana Republic years ago. They are extremely comfortable for heels. Of course they’re no longer available. But I found these suede kitten heel pumps and these block heel suede pumps that would do nicely for work and with these trousers. I suggest that you go with a shoe with a low vamp so you can show some ankle, since that is what these pants are made for. And if you want to elongate your leg, flesh toned shoes are always a good idea, so these Eryn suede pumps would be great. But you could also choose shoes the color of your slacks, like I did, or match them to your blouse.

I hope you enjoyed today’s working attire post. Even if, like me, you don’t work in an office environment daily, you probably do need a few business appropriate separates for various occasions. If so, I think slenderizing pull-on pants like these with silky tops is the way to go.

Of course, I used affiliate links in this post, so if you shop through them I earn a little income. Thanks so much for stopping by today. If you share the post on Facebook or Pinterest that helps me out tremendously. And if you’re not already a subscriber, well, why in the world not? Sign up girl! I treat my subscribers well. And I’d love to see more of you around here.

I’m linking today’s post with Jo-Lynne’s Fashion Friday Link-Up, so be sure to check out other great style posts there.

You gals have a blessed and beautiful day!

Blessed for My Day

Today I pray that you will pause to hear God’s voice. I love seeking His presence each morning, reading my Bible and spending time talking with Him in prayer. But if not in the morning, then I pray that you still your heart before your Maker at some point today so that you can indeed hear His voice and feel His presence. Lean in and allow Him to give you the peace and assurance you are thirsty for. Cast your cares upon Him. And then continue through your day with the assurance that He remains with you. May you be blessed today with His lovingkindness.

Let me hear Thy lovingkindness in the morning; for I trust in Thee; teach me the way in which I should walk; for to Thee I lift up my soul. ~ Psalm 143:8

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xoxo, Kay
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10 thoughts on “Working the Pull-On Pants

  1. That color of blouse on you is stunning Kay!!! Thank you for styling these pants. I have several pair as I work in an office. (SteinMart though) They are extremely comfortable and for more of a casual look, you can wear them with flats too. I do not comment on your posts as often as I should. However, I do want to say that not only do I like seeing your outfits, accessories, etc., I thoroughly enjoy your Blessed For My Day and look forward to it daily. Enjoy your weekend. ~Lisa~

    1. Yes, great point about the flats for a casual vibe, Lisa. I’m so glad you’re here and that you enjoy the posts. Thanks for leaving a comment, but don’t ever feel guilty for not leaving more. Ha! I know you are all busy gals. But it sure does feel sweet when I get to hear from some of you. Have a beautiful weekend! 🙂

  2. Kay I love this outfit !!! I have been wearing pull on pants for awhile. I like that i dont have to fight w a zipper and the flat shilolette. No button bluges i have enough of those on my own. Have a wonderful day !

    1. Yes, that is definitely the big win for me: no weird tummy bulges and a flat silhouette! Thanks for chiming in, Nicki! 🙂

  3. Liking the idea of pull-ons for ease & comfort, especially for gals with hips & waists that are hard to find a good fit! Not “grandma-ish” makes it more appealing! Appreciate to helping us gals out, Kay!

    1. Yes, not grandma-ish at all. Very pretty pants. Thanks for reading and commenting, Anita. Have a blessed weekend! 🙂

  4. I felt the same way when I saw Chicos have this kind of pants, but they are great nowadays. I think it’s a good lesson to be open to these styles. Even if you’ve worn them in the past and didn’t like them, some things change!!
    You look so lovely, Kay!!

    1. Yeah, now that I think about it I have several pairs of Chicos pants that are pull-on, but somehow these are different to me because they’re dress trousers I guess. But at any rate, they’re a great find! Thanks for dropping in, Jodie. Have a great weekend! 🙂

  5. I work in a business casual office and wear lots of pull on pants. When you are sitting almost all day these pants are perfect. I have added a complimentary jacket for a more business attire look and they work great for that too. It takes courage to try them based on name lone! When I bought my first pair I thought of the stretchy polyester pants my mother wore but these are very different. I waited for comments from coworkers but no one noticed! I assume because they look and fit so well. Thanks for spreading the word that pullon pants do not equate to frumpy.

    1. Yes, Catherine! You’re right. Not frumpy at all. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. And you know that’s a great point, too, about sitting. Sometimes pants don’t “sit” very well because of binding snaps and zippers, but these “sit” with you. You gals really should have written this post for me! You’re all making so many great additional points that I left out! 😉