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How to Style a Simple Dress

August 8, 2018

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Tomorrow I’ll be sharing a dedicated travel post about mine and my husband’s trip to the Oregon coast. But after looking through hundreds and hundreds of photos off of his camera (which you do not want to see, I’m sure) it took us a while to settle on the dozen or so that would give you the best glimpse into our vacation. So I just couldn’t quite get it together in time for today’s blog post. Instead, I’m sharing another simple dress with styling tips for how to wear similar ones.

Let’s talk about how to style a casual dress.

Casual Dress with Vera Bradley Crossbody


This simple dress is by Democracy and I bought it at Dillard’s. Now it is greatly reduced, but only available online in medium and large. I’m wearing a small for reference, and that’s what I normally wear in dresses like these.

Casual Dress with Vera Bradley Crossbody

I think the key to styling simple dresses like this one – whether it’s a short sleeve or sleeveless summer shift or a longer sleeved jersey knit for fall – is to resist the urge to over accessorize. Instead, keep simple…simple.

Casual Dress with Vera Bradley Crossbody

Because this dress features a tie up neckline, I didn’t even wear a necklace. I just added silver earrings (similar) and a thin silver bangle (similar).

Casual Dress with Vera Bradley Crossbody

Just pick up a one of the featured colors in the dress and one of the neutral tones and build on those with your accessories. I chose silver jewelry and shoes to play on the thin gray stripe in the dress. And I carried a bright blue handbag that complimented the blues in the dress. I could have as easily gone with a red purse. But the key is to only pull out one of the featured colors, not more. Does that make sense?

Casual Dress with Vera Bradley Crossbody

Don’t you just love the blues in this Vera Bradley iconic crossbody? Of course, I’m not wearing it as a crossbody. That’s the beauty of this particular Vera Bradley style – it can be worn as a crossbody, a wristlet or a wallet. And I’ve used mine all three ways this summer.

I think a small bag is also key to styling a simple dress. A larger bag would overwhelm the simplicity and casual, sporty vibe of this dress.

Casual Dress with Vera Bradley Crossbody

You know, earlier in the summer I bought a pair of gold sandals that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed wearing. But because I wear so much silver jewelry I wanted some silver shoes, too. These were easy on my budget and pretty on my feet! They come in gold, too, and they’re marked down about 70% right now.

Casual Dress with Vera Bradley Crossbody

Look, I know this isn’t rocket science. And there are no hard and fast rules. But if you want to create a chic, current and smart look with your simple dress, add a few simple accessories, keep the color palette simple, carry a smaller handbag and don’t over do it. Remember, you don’t want the dress to wear you, you want to wear the dress. Let it frame you so that you shine.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I did use some affiliate links, so if you shop through those I make a small commission. It also helps me out when you share the posts you like through Facebook or Pinterest. Thanks so much for helping a gal out!

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Blessed for My Day

Today may you notice the simple blessings. Don’t we overlook so many benefits each day? I know I do. But today let’s be especially grateful for the very things that many people in our world go without every day. Let’s counting our blessings, name them one by one. And let’s be sure to thank the God who supplies them graciously, generously and consistently. I’m grateful for you, dear friends. You probably have no idea how very thankful I am for you. And I’m also grateful for good health, food in my fridge, cool air blowing through my Arizona home and children who stay in touch. I’m grateful for a husband who generously takes my pictures and then spends time culling through them with me. And I’m grateful for parents who are vacationing on the Florida coast right now, in good health and an enduring marriage. What simple pleasures are you grateful for today?

…proclaiming thanksgiving aloud,
    and telling all your wondrous deeds. ~ Psalm 26:7

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2 thoughts on “How to Style a Simple Dress

  1. That’s a super cute dress! I love it..and the price point! What a great find….I’d need a small too!
    I’m grateful for simple things like quiet time with coffee, my devotional and kitty in the morning. I’m a fairly simple gal…
    Have a wonderful day!!

  2. As usual, you provide great tips for styling an outfit. Thanks! Today is my anniversary so I’m very thankful for my husband and all of life’s pleasures that we share.