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Why You Need a Colorful Winter Coat in Your Wardrobe

November 15, 2022
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It’s starting to get cold here in Ohio, and I’m taking stock of my winter coat wardrobe. I’ve teamed up today with Nordstrom Rack to share with you why I think you may need a colorful winter coat in your wardrobe.

Why You Need a Colorful Coat this Winter
wool blend coat TTS // sweater TTS // high waist bootcut ponte knit pants TTS // comparable earrings // comparable pumps // cashmere gloves

I think it’s definitely smart to have a nice coat or two in the neutrals you love to wear. But it’s oh so fun to add a big splash of color to your outerwear collection with a colorful coat, too. While adding a coat in a bold color or soft pastel to your winter wardrobe may sound like a splurge, I’ve discovered that Nordstrom Rack makes shopping for those extra special additions more affordable.

Red Wool Blend Coat

Red Coat looks great over Neutrals

I love wearing neutrals all year long, but especially in the colder months. If you like to wear neutrals in your outfits, too, I think having a colorful coat or two on hand to frame those black, brown, camel or grey ensembles is so smart. This red wool blend coat from Sam Edelman will work beautifully in my wardrobe consisting largely of black, grey, brown and camel.

Red Coat looks great over Neutrals

The wool blend coat with notched lapels fits true to size. I always size up to a 10 in coats to accommodate multiple layers and ample room in the shoulders, and that worked beautifully for me here, too. It features a beautiful inverted pleat down the back of the coat.

Red Coat looks great over Neutrals

But the Sam Edelman wool blend coat also comes in other pretty colors and neutrals including boysenberry and lake blue. It features a smooth felted twill hand, and so this coat feels and looks very polished but is still versatile enough for casual pairings.

Blue Wool Blend Coat

They may look similar at first glance, but this blue wool blend coat, also by Sam Edelman, features a nubby texture that feels so rich and on trend. I love how it works with my neutral ensemble, too.

Blue Coat with Neutrals
wool blend coat // sweater TTS // high waist bootcut ponte knit pants TTS // comparable earrings // comparable pumps

This blue wool blend coat has a straighter, slightly slimmer silhouette, but it still fits true to size. I’m wearing a medium very comfortable. For this first outfit, I’m wearing the same neutral high waist bootcut ponte knit pants and sweater outfit underneath the coat. I wanted you to see that most any color of coat will pair so nicely with your neutrals, really elevating the outfit with that punch of color.

Blue Coat with Neutrals

But below I wore the cheerful blue wool blend coat over a sweater in a very similar color. The blue sweater fits true to size and is still available in a couple of sizes. But this is not about the sweater. I wanted you to see how smart it is to select a coat in a color that you enjoy wearing in sweaters in blouses already. So look through your closet and see what color you have a lot of. That’s a great color for you next coat purchase!

Blue Coat with Blue Sweater

Topping a sweater, blouse or even dress with a jacket or coat in the same color is oh so chic. And that tone on tone styling hack is very on trend right now, too. Below you’ll see that I even bookended this look with blue suede pumps from my closet in the same blue. My bet is that if you have one color you wear a lot of, you could create similar elevated looks with a winter coat in that same hue.

Blue Coat with Blue Sweater
wool blend coat // sweater TTS // high waist bootcut ponte knit pants TTS // comparable earrings // shoes not available

Nordstrom Rack has so many lovely wool and wool blend top coats in bold and soft colors. And you’ll find them in a wide range of price points. But Nordstrom Rack is my go-to place for those high quality brands at more affordable prices. I’ve collected more beautiful, colorful wool coats in the shopping widget at the end of this post. But you can also begin your search here at Nordstrom Rack. Then just open the filters tab, select color and choose the color you’re looking for.

Colorful Puffer Coat

But you don’t have to limit your choice of colorful coats to wool blend dress coats. Especially if you lead a more casual lifestyle, a colorful puffer coat or other parka is another fun option.

Neutrals with Fig colored Puffer Coat
Bernardo packable puffer coat // sweater TTS // high waist bootcut ponte knit pants TTS // comparable earrings // similar brown suede booties

I’ve worn this fig colored Bernardo packable puffer coat over that same neutral pairing with the simple addition of brown suede booties (not my exact booties, but so many option!). My goal here was really just to highlight the coats and let you see how they might work with neutrals in your closet.

Neutrals with Fig colored Puffer Coat

But imagine this beautiful fig colored puffer coat over dark wash jeans and a navy sweater, black jeans and a black sweatshirt or grey pants and a grey turtleneck. So, so sharp! But still comfortable, practical and very warm. In fact, my favorite winter coats are my Bernardo puffer coats, and I have several. Nordstrom Rack has a wide variety of them available here, too.

Neutrals Outfit

Above I removed the coat to share with you the simple but really cool pairing I’ve been wearing underneath all the color. I ordered this ivory pointelle mock neck sweater and camel high waist bootcut ponte pants just so I’d have some basic neutrals to show off the coats. Little did I know I’d fall in love with them. The sweater has a slim fit but runs true to size. I ordered a large thinking it may be tight, but it’s too big. I should have purchased my usual medium. It comes in two other colors, too. And the ponte pants also run true to size; I’m wearing a medium. They also come in black and a nice plaid. Really great separates!

Neutrals with Fig colored Puffer Coat

So the moral of the story? Don’t be afraid of investing in a colorful winter coat. It will frame your neutrals beautifully. But if you choose one in a color that already fills your closet, that colorful outer piece will layer on that hue to create rich, sophisticated outfits. And the magic works with dress coats and more casual ones. What colorful coat will do you enjoy wearing? Or what colorful winter coat will you add to your wardrobe? The shopping widget below will help you begin your search!

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Blessed for My Day

After writing about colorful coats and then turning to the Bible, I immediately thought of Joseph and his multicolored coat. Of course that coat ended up being part of quite the tragic story. But it really wasn’t the coat at all that caused the misfortune Joseph fell into. A colorful coat has no more bad mojo than a broken mirror or black cat. Things don’t get it us into trouble; sin does.

Jacob, Joseph’s father, initiated his son’s trouble by favoring him over his 10 other brothers. Playing favorites never bodes well. Favoritism is really a form of idol worship. When we choose to love God fully – with all our hearts, minds, bodies and souls – our love for other people will be more balanced. We will love others with a healthy affection that serves them well and does no harm. Let’s make sure that our first and most encompassing love is Jesus. Then He will help us engage in healthy relationships with others.

Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his children, because he was the son of his old age: and he made him a coat of many colors. ~ Genesis 37:3

xoxo, Kay
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7 thoughts on “Why You Need a Colorful Winter Coat in Your Wardrobe

  1. I totally agree Kay, especially when it is cold and cloudy. A little color makes me feel good. I have a red dress coat and puffer coat that I wear with black boots, gloves and purse. Then I have red to wear with my black coats. Congratulations to you and your new employees!.

  2. First, congratulations on your new hires. I can’t wait to meet them and welcome them to your team! How exciting for your readers to see their daughter/granddaughter join your team; now they will get the inside scoop! Second, I really enjoyed this post. I’m always attracted to color. I have to remind myself to get my basics in neutrals, it’s always a struggle, Anyway, I went into Ann Taylor the other day looking for a camel coat and came out with a teal coat (they call it lavish blue). I questioned my purchase but now I feel a bit better about it. My neutrals are brown and navy so I think teal will be complementary to both.

  3. Liked your BFMD. Went so well with your blog on colorful coats and the verse was so true in how we need to trust in God.
    Like your coat choices. I have a blue and red one already but I was really interested in the purple puffer coat. Nothing left in it but a small and extra small I needed a medium. Disappointing. Have a blessed day.

  4. Love the colourful coats. I live in a part of Canada that has snow in the ground for 5-6 months of the year. I have a large number of coats for various temperatures and settings but the ones that always get compliments is the colourful ones. I adore the SE blue one you showed and may need to add it to my collection…it falls into my signature colours !

  5. I absolutely love the colors of these coats. Even the green in the shopping wizard was a favorite of mine. I now live in Florida for the winter but I still have my bright red long coat and a fuchsia colored shorter type winter coat. I wear these when we go north for Christmas. Somehow I never tire of the colors – I think color makes you feel good. I enjoyed this post a lot!!

  6. Hi Kay,
    I have to say I wouldn’t make it through a winter without my colorful coats. Right now my winter coats are purple, red, and royal blue. They just cheer up gray winter days and make me happy. The purple Chesterfield is the most subdued one and will even get mr through a funeral if need be. Always embrace color it’s what makes us feel alive and happy!