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Fall Outfits I’ve Worn Recently

November 11, 2022

Happy Friday! I’m so ready for the weekend. It’s been a busy week, and I’m gearing up for even longer hours as the month goes on. But this weekend I’ve got a little time off. So I’m going to soak it up. Today I’m sharing 7 fall outfits I’ve worn recently. This is how I really Dressed for My Day!

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Fall Outfits I Wore Recently

Most Fridays I try to share my real life outfits. I especially enjoy doing this at the beginning of seasons. Sometimes when we get to the end of a season and I start growing weary of my wardrobe, I don’t post them as frequently. But right now I’m still enjoying mixing and matching items in my closet to create fun outfits.

You can assume that everything I show you runs true to size unless I tell you otherwise. Because these are just items from my closet, I’m sharing links when they’re available, but I’m not taking the time to look for substitutes for everything that is sold out. If you especially like something that I don’t provide a link for, just let me know and I’ll see what I can find that is comparable.

Friday for a Nail Appointment

Last Friday I drove into northern Kentucky to my much needed nail appointment. But I didn’t even have time to stop for lunch at Chicken Salad Chick like I normally do. I had to get home to shoot a video I think. Anyhow I wore these dark wash jeans and lightweight, floral top.

Jeans and Floral Top
jeans // floral top // necklace // shoes (use code SARAHFLINT-BAKAYH for $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flint Shoes) // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

We’ve had some quite warm weather lately, so I’ve been putting together outfits that look like fall, but feel cool. I like the way this dark floral top works with dark wash jeans. I’m pretty sure I ended up wearing it untucked since it’s slightly cropped anyhow.

What I Wore for a Very Casual Saturday Gathering

Saturday we continued shooting videos and then I made a large pot of chili for our church fellowship that evening. I knew everyone would be dressed extremely casually, so I decided to go with that, too. Plus, I thought it was a good opportunity to wear these fun cropped chinos for probably the last time this fall.

Cropped Chinos and Johnny Collar Top
cropped chinos // popover // similar sneakers // earrings // mixed metal pendant necklace // gold and silver necklace set

Plus, I take every opportunity I get to wear that fun cotton popover. I chose to mix the metals in my jewelry. The key is simply to have at least one or two anchor pieces that feature mixed metals. Then you can add other pieces that are solids of those tones. My earrings and the mixed metal pendant necklace are essentials in my wardrobe. The earrings are actually reversible, so you can wear them gold and silver or just gold.

What I Wore to Church and Lunch

Sunday we attended church. I know it seems to some that I dress very casually for church, but it’s just the way our small home church is. In fact, most people wear jeans and t-shirts and such, so I tend to look a little over dressed to them, I’m sure. I do miss dressing up more sometimes, but I’m content with the situation as it is, too.

Coated Jeans and Sweater
sweater // coated jeans // mules // necklace // earrings // handbag no longer available

But I had received these brown coated jeans earlier in the week and was anxious to wear them. I put these trending jeans together with a soft oatmeal colored sweater and my sand suede mules for a bookending effect. The coated jeans are from Kut from the Kloth, so they’re nice quality but at a good price. Coated jeans are simply knit jeans that are coated to have a sort of leather appearance, but they’re much more comfortable and affordable than leather. I love these brown ones. They run true to size; I’m wearing an 8.

Working from Home

I’m not very impressed with Monday’s outfit, but then again I was just working from home. Even though I didn’t leave my home office, I decided to put on some slacks. But since it was still warm outside I struggled a bit with how to top them. I ended up wearing this black Durham ruffle neck top from J.McLaughlin, but I’m not convinced they’re a great pairing.

Black and Grey
slacks // Durham ruffle neck top // similar loafers // necklace // earrings not available

And as much as I love wearing neutrals, even I think this particular black and grey outfit looks a little boring. I think what it’s missing is texture. One of the keys to wearing monochromatic or tonal looks is to layer on some texture. Everything here looks slick. So I think if I’d worn a black chunky sweater or even a cashmere, this outfit would have looked much richer and more interesting.

Yes, I Wore This to the Dentist

Tuesday I had a dental cleaning appointment. It was a little cooler that day, so I wanted to go full on autumnal. I wore my stretch corduroy straight leg pants in caramel with my floral Audrey cashmere sweater. Of course when the dental hygienist asked where I work and I told her at home, she thought I was a little overdressed. Ha! But some days I just feel like dressing up a bit more.

What I Wore to the Dentist
stretch corduroy straight leg pants //floral Audrey cashmere sweater // mules // necklace // earrings // bracelet // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // faux leather car coat

And really there’s nothing fancy going on here. These stretch corduroy straight leg pants are very comfortable and casual. And the cashmere sweater is nice, but not over the top. These mules are heels, but I have to wear at least a little bit of heel with these pants. Now that faux leather car coat. That’s a winner. And the price is quite decent for the quality and versatility. It runs true to size and comes in black, too.

What I Wore Thursday for Instagram LIVE & an Interview

Thursday I worked in my office and then hosted our weekly Instagram LIVE in our studio. I had worn this soft, icy pink cashmere sweater paired with these grey flare trouser jeans for an upcoming video the day before. (That’s why there’s no photo for Wednesday; I was changing clothes all. day. long. for videos.) Any how I loved that color pairing and was anxious to wear it “for real.” But instead of the grey flare trouser jeans, I opted for my grey Mother straight leg jeans.

Thursday for LIVE
cashmere sweater // grey Mother straight leg jeans // silver & gold chains // silver coin pendant // earrings // ivory leather mules // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off)

At this point I’m really ready to wear more full length jeans, but when it’s warm (as it has been all week) I still opt for the ankle length because it’s so easy to wear a pair of mules with them. I chose to wear my ivory leather mules from Kohl’s. It’s really surprised me how frequently I’ve worn this shoes, and they’re quite comfortable, too. The Nine West mules are still available in the ivory as well as dark orange suede and black, and they’re marked down. Get another 20% off with code YOUR20.

Because I love wearing silver with grey, but the hardware on my mules is gold I decided to mix the metals in my jewelry again. I love this look. The sweater is a nice cropped length so it helps you achieve those great proportions (especially with these ankle jeans) without a tuck. Oh, and the sweater is discounted and also available in a truly lovely wheat color.

Date Night!

That evening James and I turned the lights out in our offices and went out to a movie. We are working really hard to maintain some work/life balance during this busy month. Because I still need to take photos of that pretty pink sweater for next Monday’s blog post, I decided to change clothes before heading out.

I wanted to wear this out that I showed in a recent video…

similar brown sweater // red cords (also in other colors) // brown Chelsea boots // parka // necklace // earrings

but it was a little warm for that. It was chilly, but I thought a cotton sweater might be a better option…as much as I really wanted to wear that brown and red pairing. So I wore this grey 100% cotton fisherman sweater in charcoal with the red cords instead.

100% cotton fisherman sweater in charcoal with the red cords
100% cotton fisherman sweater in charcoal // red cords (also in other colors) // black Chelsea boots // silver & gold chains // silver coin pendant // earrings // ivory leather mules // watch (use code KAYHRMS for 15% off) // wristlet

I ordered the fisherman sweater from Quince when I ordered the cashmere sweater I featured in yesterday’s video and I’ll be sharing in Monday’s cashmere review post. I’m quite impressed with everything I received. They run true to size, but on the more fitted end of the spectrum. This cotton fisherman sweater does have a good bit of stretch in it however, so it’s quite comfortable. Of course it comes in other colors, too.

I’ll admit, this outfit does look especially feminine and “date night-ish,” but James likes this outfit on me, so that’s all that mattered in the end. I didn’t actually end up wearing the parka, by the way. But I did carry the leopard print wristlet. I find it easier to hold in a movie theater than a large shoulder bag. And it’s washable! In the end I did in fact take this throw with me to the theater.

That’s a wrap! Have a great weekend. We’ve got cold weather moving in and I’m here for it!

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Blessed for My Day

Yesterday I asked for prayers for wisdom as I make some big decisions regarding my business here at Dressed for My Day. All is good…and getting even better! But I do have decisions to make and I don’t want to make them without God’s guidance. The power of prayer always amazes me. I’ve already begun to have things fall into place, crystalize in my mind and settle in my heart about these issues. Thank you for praying. And it’s definitely not too late to join the prayer chain if you’re just learning about my need for intercession.

If you have a prayer need this weekend, please let me know. I’d love to pray for you, too. I’ve already spent time praying scripture over a dear friend whose husband is having a surgical procedure this morning. And that, too, reminded me that we need to be lifting each other up before the throne room of God. 

Brothers, pray for us. ~ 1 Thessalonians 5:25

xoxo, Kay
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24 thoughts on “Fall Outfits I’ve Worn Recently

  1. Please pray for my grand-niece who has a court hearing on Monday 11/14 with her ex-husband regarding custody issues for her six year old son. It may be quite ugly. She wants only God’s will. Thanks much.

    1. I’ll absolutely pray for your dear grandniece and her family. I know this weighs heavy on your heart. Cast those cares upon the Lord and He will take care of this.

  2. I am on my prayer chain at my church also and I am so glad to hear about yours and can join in prayer with yours if we have a request. Have a blessed day

  3. GOOD morning Kay,
    I too know the power of prayer. Please add my sister Monica to your prayers. Her husband passed unexpectedly and as many couples, didn’t have a plan for her future without him. As a close family, it has been a huge loss. Have a blessed Sunday at church.

  4. Hi Kay,

    I’ve never done this before, but you’ve inspired me! (I don’t do any social media – you’re the one and only blog (or anything else, for that matter) that I follow. You should feel special! I look forward to your Blessed for My Day post just as much as the fashion advice. I’m in much need of both! I live in Northern Kentucky (an Erlanger lifer) and was curious if you’d be willing to share the nail salon you go to. I’ve only had gel nails applied once, which I really liked, but when I went back for the removal, they destroyed my nails. I was hoping you could recommend a good place.

    Thanks for your time – Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth. I go to Paint Nail Bar in Florence. If that’s close to you it’s worth it. They use all clean products and it’s very different from most nail salons. No smells or machinery or harsh chemicals. My nails have gotten so healthy and I do get gel polish, but it’s very different. If you go tell them I sent you. 😉 Oh and they don’t generally take walk-ins. They’re just always booked. So you have to make an appointment.

  5. I love your reversible earrings Kay! Are they lightweight? My ears are stretched out from wearing heavy earrings in the ’80s so anything heavier than a feather is too much. Dressing up is my jam too! If someone comes to my door unexpectedly, I would rather they ask if I was on my way out somewhere nice than if they interrupted me cleaning the basement. Each day is a blessing and I want to show up for it.

  6. Hi Kay, May I ask what size you ordered in the fisherman sweater. I am thinking of purchasing but cannot decide on a small or medium. Thank You

  7. Kay, I absolutely love the outfit you wore to the dentist! And the soft pink sweater is lovely! I will definitely keep you and your business decisions in my prayers. I can use some prayers for several things: I am having shoulder surgery on the 18th. We won’t know how extensive it will be, but I will be in a sling anywhere from 2-6 weeks. Even though Larry is a cancer patient, he will have to take care of me for a bit. The other request if for my stepson, Robert and our 22 yr. old granddaughter. Rob moved out last Tues., and is living in his van because he and his wife are getting a divorce. There are a lot of challenges, with the biggest being that none of them, but especially Rob, have a relationship with God. He will now be with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas (he lives 3 hrs. away), and our granddaughter will be here for a few days during both holidays, which we will enjoy. It will be tough on me since I won’t be able to clean the house, cook, etc., and will be forced to let others take over. The one thing I can say is that God is giving this 66 year old opportunities to grow and make some changes all because of the life changes Rob is going through. Thank you!

    1. Oh I know this are things that are certainly weighing on your heart. I am praying for you and your family this evening. Bless you.

  8. November 11th is a national, statutory holiday in Canada. On Remembrance Day Canadians honour all who served and are serving in our armed forces in World War One, the Spanish Civil War, World War Two, the Korean conflict, Afghanistan, other conflicts, and as UN peacekeeping forces in various locations around the world. In your prayers, please remember them, their families, and their sacrifices. And please remember that the famous poem “In Flanders Fields” was written by a Canadian doctor in WW1. 🇨🇦

    1. Thank you for the reminder, Elizabeth. Yes, we honor our veterans today, too. And we are very grateful for their service and the sacrifices of their families.

  9. Kay, always enjoy seeing what you actually wear – good styling inspiration and tips! Thank you for your offers of prayer. Appreciate you’re saying one for a cousin and a friend, both dealing with serious/critical health issues, surgery. So glad you did not remove the Blessed For My Day portion from your blog posts. I recall a survey you did a while back and that seemed like a possibility. Glad BFMD is still featured. A source of comfort and spiritual food for many. Have a blessed rest of the day and weekend yourself!

    1. Hi Pat. Thanks for sharing. No, I will never, ever remove the blessed for my day portion of this blog. That’s a deal breaker for me. 😉

  10. Dear Kay,

    I will certainly keep you in prayer.

    Please pray that my husband and I are able to sell our home to people who will be good neighbors to our wonderful neighbors here.

    We have felt called to move to another area of the country. I am involved in religious education for children and we have found a great faith community where I can continue to volunteer.

    It’s not the best market to sell in (understatement) but as my husband always says, it’s not on our time, it’s on God’s time.


    1. Oh I’ve been there! We always buy high and sell low😂🤣😂. And never when it’s the best time. But God has never failed to provide. I’m fact I could tell you some amazing stories! But yes, I will pray for that house sell. 😊

  11. I love that you’ve been sharing your everyday outfits. It really helps to see how you pull an outfit together. Slowly I’m elevating my style with your help.

    Kay, I am praying for you as you make your business decisions… you work hard AND I know you work smart, so I can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!
    Thank you for the blessing you are to me and many other subscribers. I am telling my friends about your Youtube channel and want to help you grow your business – you and James deserve it!!!

    I appreciate the, Blessed For My Day, personal note. What a great way to touch and inspire us.