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White Denim Jacket + Friday with Friends

March 22, 2019

Hi gals! I’m so glad you stopped by Dressed for My Day today. I have a great spring outfit for you, but I’m also introducing you to a new friend. One of the sweetest perks of beginning this blog about a year ago is that I have met some of the most amazing women…you precious readers and other style bloggers. Today I’d like to introduce you to Tania Stephens at 50 is Not Old. Now does that blog title resonate with you, or what???

I first encountered Tania on Pinterest. For the past several years as I perused the virtual bulletin board for styles for women over 50, I kept seeing this darling, pixie-like woman smiling back at me dressed in styles that really resonated with me. No wonder. Tania identifies her style as “classic meets trendy.” Sounds like our kind of gal, huh!

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

I want to tell you a little more about Tania at the bottom of the blog post. But, hey, she did invite me to collaborate with her on an outfit post, so let’s check out the spring look I’ve chosen to share today.

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

My regular readers know that I, too, identify proudly as a classic dresser. But, like Tania, I try to keep my classic looks modern and fresh by mixing my wardrobe essentials with a few trending pieces or accessories. In fact, my challenge this year is to make sure every outfit I share contains both a classic piece or two and a few modern touches.

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

My white denim jacket is lightly distressed, just enough to add interest and keep the look contemporary. I’m wearing a small, which is the lower of the two sizes I normally choose. It’s a comfy fit, close to the body to create a slimming silhouette without feeling tight.

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

The jacket also comes in petite and tall sizes.

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

I just love this pretty floral smocked yoke blouse. It’s slightly fitted and hits at the hips, but I’ve done a front tuck here for a modern finish. The top is lightweight and comfy. I’m wearing a small, true to size. I chose to pair it with these skinny crop blue jeans, but it would also look nice with white jeans.

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

Oh! And this beautiful top is 40% off today. Yay! And on the retail website they have it paired with these sweet pink azalea girlfriend chinos. Love that combo, too!!

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

Adding a modern touch to this outfit, I wore my gold layering necklaces, which sit nicely above the round neckline of my blouse. Remember, these ultra contemporary accessories also come in silver and each necklace can be purchased separately as well.

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

I’m wearing my usual 6 in these skinny crop jeans, but I wish I’d gone with the curvy fit to provide a little more wiggle room in the calves. They do come in petite sizes, too. I found these jeans to be very, very comfortable.

My gold flats are no longer available, but I think they’re the perfect shoe to add a little sparkle to this outfit.

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

My Michael Kors mini bucket bag is no longer available, but this full size bucket bag is, and it comes in several beautiful colors. (I just ordered the soft pink!) Plus, right now you get to take another 25% off that price with code SPRING. This is definitely the time to purchase a Michael Kors bag if you’re interested. Be sure to sign up for the KorsVIP program, too, in order to receive free shipping and free return shipping.

White Denim Jacket and floral Top

If you have any questions about this outfit, please let me know. This is definitely a great look for lunch with the gals, a weekend getaway or even a day working from your home office.

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If you’re visiting here from 50 is Not Old, welcome! I’m so glad you dropped in. Tania was so gracious to introduce us. I hope you’ll stick around a bit and even introduce yourself in the comment feed. You can also:

Be Sure to Visit Tania

If you haven’t met Tania before, be sure to head on over to 50 is Not Old to say hi. She’s a Virginia gal, born and raised in Tennessee. You’ll undoubtedly get a taste of her Southern charm very quickly upon meeting her. She’s a mom, empty nester and grandmother, too. But, my! She’s a pretty grandmother! Most importantly, Tania is a sweet soul, easy to identify with and gracious to those who read her blog regularly. I should know. I’ve been reading 50 is Not Old for a couple of years now!

Blessed for My Day

I love the word “invitation.” I’ve never heard that word used in a sentence I didn’t like. Invitations are inherently warm, generous, appealing and kind. I still get all bubbly inside anytime someone invites me to do something with them. But I especially thrill when someone invites me into their home.

As much as I love invitations, sometimes I neglect to extend enough of them to other people. You, too? We get kinda caught up in our own little corners of the world and we forget there are people looking in from the outside, wishing they could be included, wanted, invited in. I’m grateful Tania invited me to do this collaboration with her. And that encourages me to invite someone in, too. What about you? Who is standing on the outside, peering in, waiting for you to invite her? Why not reach out today.

When Jesus came to the place, He looked up and said to him, “Zacchaeus, hurry and come down because today I must stay at your house.” So he quickly came down and welcomed Him joyfully. ~ Luke 19:5-6

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31 thoughts on “White Denim Jacket + Friday with Friends

  1. You are a doll, Kay! I am thrilled that we have become friends and I hope to meet in person on day. I love your outfit today. I agree with Susanne, so fresh and crisp!

  2. Can you believe I don’t even own white trousers! I need to buy that before summer is over! Haha, Hope to see you on my Fancy Friday linkup party!

  3. I love that my favorite bloggers are all friends. Cyndi, jolynne, Tania and Kay. I found all of you because I follow Cyndi and Jolynne. Tania is very inspiring to I should look like when i get to be in my fifty. im always there. lol i love this outfit excellent casual friday workout. have a wonderful day! Im off to the outlets

  4. Tania sent me over today! I enjoyed your blog today especially because I have a white jean jacket!

    1. Great! I know it gets lots of wear. So versatile. Thanks so much for dropping in and leaving a comment. I’m so pleased to meet you! ?

  5. When purchasing denim jackets, do you buy a size that you can button or always plan to wear it open? I am loving all the spring outfits…as I watch the snow fall outside my office window here in NH.

    1. Hahaha! Well spring will eventually get to NH!! Hang in there! You can do either. I can button mine but I probably wouldn’t. So ultimately I’d go with what creates a pretty silhouette but also feels comfortable and functional.

  6. Great outfit! I love that the fashion bloggers I follow invite each other in, work and collaborate with each other ?

    1. Thanks Teri! And trust me, we’re glad that you gals share a little love with all of us. There’s truly room at the table for all of us! ?

  7. Hi, Kay! Actually, I already follow both you and Tania . . . and Cyndi, Jo-Lynne, and Susanne! Love how your communities overlap and you each brighten my day! Belated congrats on your one-year anniversary. Love your variety of helpful topics. And I’m so impressed how you put that fun Style Essence quiz together–that must have taken some know-how and time! (I was somewhat surprised to learn I lean toward bold, so now I consider my style classic bold!)

    1. Hi, nice to meet you and read your blog! Cute outfit and I appreciate the links! Ive been following Tania’s blog or about 3 yrs. and look forward to her folksy humor and style everyday. Thank you for sharing your Jesus w us too!! It is so refreshing in today’s scary world to hear pretty southern women sharing wisdom about how to live a Christian life! I look forward to hearing more from you!

      1. So very nice to meet you, Charlcy! Welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed the post and what you see here. Thanks for sharing. And have a great weekend! ?

    2. Thanks Jena. It did take quite a bit of time and research to create the quiz but it was fun too. So do you feel like that result was accurate for you? I’d love to know. Have a wonderful weekend! ?

      1. Yes, Kay, I’d say it was pretty accurate, given that I wear an abundance of leopard print and bold colors–no pastels!!!! Thanks!

  8. Hi Kaye! I enjoyed your blog today and have been following Tania’s blog for 3 yrs and love her folksy humor and sincere style of witing, plus her super fun styles! So glad she shared you w us, and I’m so impressed by your sharing your Jesus w us! We women who love the Lord all need to encourage each other to be our best selves! Cute outfit too, and I appreciate the links!

  9. Love that top Kay, it looks very pretty on you. I’m dying to wear spring things but it’s just still too cold. All the pretty things I see are making me very impatient for the warmer weather?.

  10. Hi Kay…I’m a little late dropping in to say hi after Tania sent us over. I enjoyed reading your post and look forward to reading through your blog a little closer. It looks like you have a lot of information to take in. Cute outfit and looks so comfy.

    1. Welcome, Sandy. Better late than never. And I’m open 24/7!! Anyhoo! Thanks for dropping in. I hope you look around and enjoy what you see. ??