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Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces

March 21, 2019

Hello, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. LOL! I have to chuckle at that because I never did get dressed for my day yesterday! At least not for the day I had planned. It was one of those crazy days taken up with yucky housekeeping in the morning (sweeping, mopping, changing linens and cleaning bathrooms) and technology mayhem in the afternoon. So all day long I wore my workout clothes. Ha! I guess I was dressed for the day I really had.

But today I’m getting dressed to go out to coffee with some gals from church and later lunch with a dear friend. So I will probably put on something resembling this blue floral top and white jeans. Yep, I’m putting down the mop for a day with gal pals.

Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces

To keep this fairly basic blue and white outfit interesting, I finished it off with my indigo striped d’orsay flats. So yes, when it comes to pattern mixing this is a pretty tame effort, but it works beautifully.

blue floral wrap top + layered necklaces

Honestly, sometimes when we slightly older gals mix a lot of patterns or accessorize with big statement pieces we can look like we’re trying too hard. So I’d rather stay on the side of less than more.

Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces

Do you have your white jeans for the spring and summer?

They can be tricky to find in just the right fit and denim weight. But these from Loft served me well last year, and I’m sticking with them this spring and summer. I have them in the curvy fit, which I generally turn to for white or pastel colored jeans. But I’m wearing them in my normal jeans size, 6. If the white jeans don’t come in a curvy fit, I’d go up a size probably. That little extra bit of room seems to be crucial for modesty and tasteful fit when it comes to white denim.

You can see other ways I styled these white jeans last spring and summer here.

Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces

Of course these white jeans are also available in the regular modern slim fit. And you can find the petite sizes there, too.

Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces

I discovered in my first annual reader survey that many of you shop a lot at Old Navy. I was quite surprised because, honestly, I hadn’t been in an Old Navy since my kids were in high school. But when I checked it out recently I discovered why you gals like to shop there. They have a very wide range of sizes, modern pieces for a fraction of the cost you’d pay elsewhere and so much to choose from.

This cotton blue floral wrap blouse is also available in solid black and a sweet yellow and white polka dot, but the one I’m wearing is marked down. I’m wearing a small, which is my normal size in such tops. It’s also quite comfortable.

Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces

What about accessories?

You could certainly add a fun yellow statement necklace inside the v-neck of this shirt, but I chose to go with my new dainty layering necklaces. I’m really enjoy the whimsy and youthfulness of these pretty little pieces. You can buy these as a set or individually. I’m wearing, from top to bottom, the Chloe Charm Adjustable necklace, the Chloe Mini necklace and the Super Star necklace. They’re also available in silver.

Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces

My indigo striped d’orsay flats fit true to size and actually fit quite comfortably. I wouldn’t wear them shopping all day, but I’ve worn them several times out to lunch or coffee or a movie. Oh, and I thought while I was drawing your attention to these sweet striped flats, I’d also mention these red striped driving moccasins. Darling! I’ve found that novelty shoes like this are much more versatile than you might first think.

Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces

I’m carrying my Fossil convertible crossbody as a clutch. Sometimes I forget that I can do that! But just slipping that strap off really does elevate the handbag and thus the outfit. My earrings and bracelet are no longer available. But Gorjana, where I got the necklaces, has some amazing options that would create a similar look.

Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces
white jeans // blue floral wrap top // layering necklaces // handbag

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Blessed for My Day

Do you have women in your life to whom you give courage, affirmation and support? Do you have those kinds of gals in your life? Let’s be the kind of women who create community rather than competition. Let’s be women who cheer on our sisters rather than compete with them. I’ve found that there’s plenty of room at the table for all of us if we’ll just scooch over a tad. And even if she, at first, seems to bring the same thing to the table that I brought, I soon learn that there’s a different flavor to each person’s offering. When we focus on what we have in common, the beauty of our differences will delight us rather than threaten us. That’s when we’ll find ourselves celebrating each other rather than criticizing. Who could you make room for today?

Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another. ~ Proverbs 27:17

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28 thoughts on “Blue Floral Wrap Top + Layered Necklaces

  1. Cute outfit! Perfect for the start of spring. We’re headed to Switzerland for the weekend, and in looking at the forecast I got excited about temps up near 70, so looking forward to packing a couple of my new spring tops.

    1. Love the top and your blog… I appreciate your ideas about hiding your upper arms… that is one of my biggest issues what sleeve length to wear to cover it!! Thanks for being so lovely!! Have an Awesome Spring day!!

  2. Such a pretty top. I am hit or miss with Old Navy but overall I think the quality is getting better. I really like their rockstar jeans! The yellow and white polka dot top sounds really cute, I’m going to have to check that one out. Enjoy your visits today. Xoxo Deb

  3. Very cute top! I’ve never received a reply from you via email. I have fro IG though. Have fun today with the ‘gurls.’

  4. I have been surprised with Old Navy lately. I even have a moto jacket that is more of a knit that I got from there, and it’s lovely!!
    I know that feeling about the comments. It’s such a shock when technology doesn’t work like you think it is….

  5. I love fun shoes for the spring/summer. (Okay, I just love shoes!) I have found a short video for my arm workout (17 minutes), so I find that if I put dinner in the oven, I can still do these (no excuse not to!) I am not one to go to the gym, so I find videos I can do at home with weights. I cannot wait to start wearing some spring clothes (still some snow on the ground here in New Hampshire, but it is melting!) This outfit is very nice – definitely springy. I wish I could wear a wrap top, but I am larger on top, and these tops never fit me well. Old Navy has a lot of nice, inexpensive workout clothes as well. Thanks for this post today!

  6. Hi Kay! I have not been receiving an email if anyone remarks on my comment. I really like this outfit. ON is now one of my go-to stores due to the savings, variety, and stylish clothes. I really like their Rockstar jeans. I bought a white pair last year and am still very pleased with the ‘no see thru’ fabric. Have a blessed day!

    1. Great to hear about the jeans, Ginger. They didn’t fit for me but every gal is different so I’m glad to hear you like them. Maybe other readers will check them out too.

  7. I love today’s look. Unfortunately, it will be a few weeks before I bring out the white jeans here in Canada. I did get a reply to my email yesterday. It is so thoughtful of you to do that. I particularly enjoyed your spiritual message today.,

    1. Hmm. That’s interesting…about the email. I’ll have to look into why you got one and others didn’t. You’re special, girl!! ?

  8. Such a cute outfit and that blue top looks great on you! I am finding so many tops at ON this season that are quality fabric and extremely low prices.

  9. You look gorgeous in this outfit. I agree with the idea of pattern mixing in moderation. Love the way you did it here! I often copy your looks for work(business very casual). I wear a lot of chinos and you consistently make them look awesome. I often use your jean looks and swap out the coloured denim for my rather large selection of coloured chinos. Thanks again

  10. Hi Kay! You asked if I get an email response from you when I ask questions – NO I do not. Always thought that was a bit odd, but accepted it as the way it is. I always get emails from other people that ask you questions or post comments. Love your blog, it is so helpful for me as a 63 year old homemaker because you address things that are pertinent to me and my age.

  11. I LOVE the blue and white! Blue looks so nice on you. I usually received an email every time someone comments and I get one from you when I comment. I always check the box that says, “Notify me of new comments via email.”

  12. I love this outfit especially the top. I do shop at ON occasionally but I find the majority of their tops are too sheer for my liking. And here in Texas I do not want to wear a cami under my tops in the summertime. ? All that to say … how sheer is this top?