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What You Can Expect in 2020 at Dressed for My Day

January 1, 2020

Happy New Year! Today we begin a new year on the calendar and somehow that always causes me to reflect on the past and project into the future. As we drove home from Georgia recently, I had my 2020 calendar in my lap along with a notebook. And I carefully thought through how I’d like to proceed here at Dressed for My Day. So today I’m sharing with you what you can expect in 2020.

What to Expect in 2020 at Dressed for My Day

Yesterday I took us along on a look back at 2019 here at Dressed for My Day. It helped me so much to look back over the posts from the previous year, evaluate whether or not I’d been true to my style, see what resonated with you and just think about where I wanted to go from here.

While I want to meet some felt needs for you, my valued reader, I also want to be true to my personal values, maintain some balance in my life and begin some new ventures. Add to the equation my need to continue to increase my earnings (just keeping it real!), you might begin to understand why striking a balance can be both challenging and oh so important to me.

Let’s cut to the chase. I have to make money here. Dressed for My Day is a business, in the same way that any other blog you might read is a business for whoever is at the helm. So as I set goals and determine the atmosphere I want to create here, I have to think about the bottom line.

BUT Dressed for My Day is much more than a business to me. It’s also an extension of myself. It’s a creative expression, a diary of a wardrobe-in-progress, an opportunity for me to speak into the lives of other women and even a ministry of sorts. Plus, it’s a community. Oh, how I love the community! So I’m thinking about where I want to go…with all of those nuances in mind.

I simply tell you these things so that you’ll know that I’ve put a lot of thought into where I’m heading. And yes, I’ve prayed about it, too. I continuously pray about it.

Here’s What I’ve Gathered

I love connecting with you gals. If you’re not with me, I can’t proceed. Plus, you bring me great joy. Thank you for showing up here. Thank you for reading and commenting and emailing me and subscribing and shopping and following me on social media.

I have learned so much about building a working wardrobe this past year. I know I keep saying this, but learning how to build a wardrobe that really works has been crucial to me. As much as I’m drawn to the beauty of lovely clothes, I don’t want to own all. of. them. Know what I mean? I don’t want to be a shopping machine! And I fear that a lot of fashion bloggers have gone that route. Y’all, I just can’t.

More than loving clothes, I love putting together beautiful looks that communicate who I am. Getting dressed for my day has never been about wearing all the things. For me, getting dressed for my day is about equipping and empowering myself to engage with the world around me. I’m a communicator at heart. That’s what I do. I speak. I write. I get dressed. (Not in that order, hahaha!) And all of that is to communicate. I’m not sure if that makes sense, but it is a vital part of the equation for me.

I’d rather share value than sell things. Believe it or not, I’m not a salesperson. I don’t like selling things. And yet, largely, that’s what I do here at Dressed for My Day. But I heard a statement recently that really resonated with me. Someone said something to the effect that if you really love and believe in what you’re offering, then you’re not selling, but you’re sharing value. That, dear gal, is what I want to do. I want to share value with my readers. Whether it’s style formulas, inner beauty tips, fitness information or makeup application steps, I want to share something of value.

I’m weary of buying clothes. Yep, you read that right. It was fun for a while, especially after I’d lost some weight and could fit into things better. But buying clothes and accessories has lost its sheen.

But I love styling outfits. And I’ve learned that most people come to my blog initially because they’re looking for a little styling advice. Whether they want to know how to wear certain jeans with certain boots or they want to know how to start looking for a mother of the bride or groom dress, most gals originally come here to get styling tips. And I’m all over that!

BUT the pull is real. My biggest challenge is comparison. I’m struggling with how to word this because I don’t want to throw anyone under the bus. The problem is not other fashion bloggers. Every fashion blogger I know personally (and that’s a lot at this point) is a beautiful woman with an even more beautiful heart. My problem is that I compare myself to them. And as I compare I start fretting that I need to do more of whatever they’re doing, whatever they’re offering. And then I get off track. That’s on me.

So Here’s Where I’m Going…

First up, you won’t necessarily notice a huge change. At this point in my musings you may be expecting some huge announcement. Unfasten your seatbelt and relax. Hahaha! I’m continuing in the same direction, but with a few shifts in philosophy mostly.

I’ll be sharing more of my real wardrobe. I’ve accumulated a beautiful, functional wardrobe at this point. And I love wearing my clothes. So you’re going to be seeing me wear more from my closet and less from the stores. I’ll continue to link to the items (if they’re still available) or to similar pieces so you can shop the looks. But I want to share the value of a capsule wardrobe that can be used to create myriad looks.

I’m departing from the fast track and slowing down. Fast fashion is simply the concept of buying new clothes on a fast track. Years ago most brands released one new line of clothing per season, sometimes only two lines per year. But recently most brands have begun putting out new clothes monthly. And we’re buying them!!

But along with the rapid turnover, clothing is made with poorer quality. We’re blowing huge portions of our income on clothes rather than experiences and meaningful pursuits. And we’re disposing of our clothes more frequently, filling landfills at an appalling rate. I’m just pretty much done with that.

So I’ve decided to move toward a slow fashion philosophy. I’ll continue building a wardrobe that works for me. But, because I want it to last longer and function well, it will consists of quality clothing, mostly neutrals and mostly classics. I don’t think you’ll notice a huge difference. And don’t worry; I’m not talking a big price jump.

I’ll continue to cover the trends. But I won’t push you or me into trends that I don’t just love. I’m going to stay true to my personal style. And I’ll probably mostly be incorporating trends through accessories and less expensive pieces – think t-shirts, belts, sneakers, etc.

I’ll do more styling and less just showing. You can count on finding outfit posts here, but you’ll find even more how-to or five-ways-to type posts in 2020. I’m vowing to offer you as much value as possible with every post.

I’m moving into video. What???? Yep. (It’s in print now, James. So we gotta follow through!) It won’t happen immediately, but James and I are in the process of suiting me up with the necessary equipment to start producing YouTube videos. These will be style videos that piggyback off of the blog posts you’ll continue to find here. I’m so very excited (and nervous) about this venture. But I love public speaking and I want to be able to share more content than I can provide through blog posts.

Dressed for My Day is getting a new do! I’ve hired a website designer to give the blog an updated look and some new functionality. She’s the same website designer who set up, so I know we can look forward to a wonderful atmosphere here. And, just as importantly, I can get some functionality issues under control. Hopefully the new look will roll out sometime this month.

Join me for the new style series. In 2018 I presented Dressed for My Day My Way in which we discovered our body shape and proportions as well as other keys to dressing our unique silhouettes. Last year we walked through Building a Wardrobe that Works for You. This year, picking up with the theme I introduced above, we’ll be Moving Toward Slow Fashion. I don’t think anyone can reasonably just suddenly determine that she’s “going slow” and stop buying clothing. Instead, I’ll map out a path to transitioning from fast fashion to slow fashion. We’ll start with a primer on the difference between the two philosophies and go from there.

Alrighty, I’ve probably over shared! Not that I have anything to hide. But you’ve got a life and other things to do besides read my ramblings. Ha! Thanks so much, dear reader, for affording me the opportunity to share with you from this platform. I’m honored and I value your trust. In fact, that’s one of the primary reasons I want to do everything I can to maintain a little more integrity here and stay far away from hawking my wares. Yeah, that’s what it starts feeling like occasionally. And I don’t want that. Please, dear reader, know that I value you.

Blessings to you for a wonderful New Year!!!

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Blessed for My Day

Honestly, I’m not sure how I’m going to reach the destination I’ve set for my blog in 2020. I’ve also got engagement and monetary goals on the back end. And I’m trying some new things as far as work flow, too. None of it will be easy. And it all feels sort of like a big experiment. It’s all in pencil, no ink.

But I’m trusting that God will illumine each step. I’ve included Him in my evaluations, reflections and planning. So I trust that He will direct my path one day at a time. You can trust Him to do the same for you. Just be sure to include Him in the process. Talk to Him about what you’ve learned, share your heart and your dreams. And then seek Him each day in the pages of His Word. That’s where you’ll find just enough light to point the way.

‘Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path.’ ~ Psalm 119:105

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xoxo, Kay
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89 thoughts on “What You Can Expect in 2020 at Dressed for My Day

  1. Happy 2020 Kay!!! I am looking forward to many of your videos and definitely how to style more of what is in your closet. I am going to be “real”…..not intended to you. I follow a few other bloggers and I am not sure how they completely earn their money so I do not want to judge. I do enjoy seeing how they style their outfits too. I just do not see how they afford all the clothes they style unless they don’t buy it all and send it back. I would literally have to have a completely separate room, not a huge closet but a huge room to store all the clothes, shoes, purses, accessories, etc. I have more clothes, etc. now than I have ever had in my entire life. However, I am truly amazed how certain people continuously buy clothes, etc. Twice a year I go through my closet and donate older items and replace with newer ones and many are consignment items as well. My philosophy is all “my stuff has to fit on my side of the closet and if it doesn’t, then I know I have way too much.” I am in my 50s and my three children are grown…just one left in college so I am able to buy a little more for myself. As I am getting older I start thinking “do I really need all this stuff”? I enjoy “my stuff” because that is my unique style. I just have to have a balance and not let comparison overrule me and have some willpower. I apologize for the rambling. So, Kay this is refreshing to hear you are taking a different outlook/twist toward your blog. I want to encourage you. “Don’t compare yourself to other bloggers”. Kay, you being who you are makes your blog stand out from the rest. Keep doing the things you used to do especially BFMD. Many blessings in 2020. ~Lisa~

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lisa. I really appreciate hearing from you today. I woke up this morning fearing that I very well could lose some subscribers today – and I probably will – but I feel good about the decisions I’ve made. Now if I can just stick with them! Have a happy new year!

  2. Happy New Year!! I’ll. be saying “2020”….it just rolls off of the tongue a little easier! Ha! I LOVE where you’re taking your blog in the new year! You’ll be staying true to yourself which is important for all of us. I’m not interested in seeing “NEW clothes” every time I read your blog. I love your style and am looking forward to seeing how you style your classic wardrobe. I need ALL of the help I can get! Ha I have spent the last several months revamping my old worn out wardrobe with classics that I can wear from here on out! I’m cutting back now that I have a beautiful, workable wardrobe….thanks to you…and looking forward to ALL of your style tips and advice. I don’t think any of us want to see 2 dozen things in one post….just ONE good outfit styled maybe more than one way. Looking forward to your videos too! Can’t wait!! Oh, and your revamped website too!

    1. Great! Thanks for the feedback, Sondra. I really appreciate you taking the time to read my thoughts and share yours. Have a blessed day!

  3. I love your blog ,Kay and your 2020 direction resonates with me. Shopping my closet, having a mix and match capsule wardrobe of classic pieces is what I try to maintain. I love your heart for your readers and your daily encouragement, your confident expression of your faith has made your blog such a success. It is truly a ministry. Keep up the good work!

  4. Kay, thank you for sharing your goals for 2020 and your heart. More importantly thank you placing God at the very core of your life to direct you and your work! I’m very excited to learn more value and slow fashion content. I’ve had to regroup my myself as well. I follow a few fashion bloggers and have noticed I’m buying much more than I really need and that’s not being a good steward of my money. Don’t take me wrong, I’m not blaming the Fashion Blogger, they are doing their job. I shoulder all the blame and it’s called lack of self-discipline. Thankfully, I realized this stronghold on me last September and have been successful in reigning in the temptation to buy unnecessary clothing, etc. it is liberating! Thank you for keeping it real on your Blog. God bless you and Wayne in 2020!

    1. Thanks so much Nancy for sharing your experience. I appreciate you being so candid. Good stewardship is certainly a priority for me too. Let’s have a smart, savvy and beautiful new year!!

  5. Thank You for all you do! I look forward to seeing more posts of using base pieces different ways. I want to be a good steward of the clothes that God has provided and not just want more and more. I truly enjoy your daily and weekend devotions. You are truly a blessing to all readers! May God bless you and your family this new year!

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words, Tanya. It’s sounding like many of my readers are on board. That does my heart good. Thanks so much for reading regularly. Blessings!

  6. I’m so glad you’re taking your blog in this direction. I struggle with putting outfits together, what colors make an outfit pop, and color coordination. I’m retired so I don’t need a ton of clothes, but I like to dress stylishly and spend my money on clothes that are of a high quality, stylish and age appropriate. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for your readers in 2020.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Anne. It really helps me when readers let me know what they are looking for. Now I just hope I can live up to my goals! ? hahaha! Thanks for reading.

  7. You never have to apologize for wanting to be true to yourself and your values. Quite honestly, I’m a woman who just turned 60 and have always appreciated being able to “mix and match” the pieces in my wardrobe. Now that’s a challenge. Anyone can go out and buy new clothes frequently, but the real challenge is making the pieces in your closet work together. Let’s face it, we always gravitate toward those pieces in our closet that fit well and are of good quality – the other stuff just hangs there and eventually gets donated away. Such a waste. I love that you shop at Talbots and Nordstrom’s as I feel they carry classic styles that work well over many years. I look forward to seeing the changes to your blog and where 2020 takes you! Happy New Year!

    1. Yes! I love what you said here: “Anyone can go out and buy new clothes frequently, but the real challenge is making the pieces in your closet work together.” I just hope I’m up to the challenge! Ha! But I’m certainly going to try. ?

  8. Happy New Year Kay! Wishing you all you hope and strive for in 2020. My daughter once told me she read “Comparison is the biggest thief of joy.” Just think about that for a minute. I feel it is human nature to compare which can make it easy to forget every person has a special value all their own. I subscribe to a handful of bloggers and find you to be one of the cream of the crop!

    1. Ahh, thanks so much, Mary. That’s definitely true. Comparison just creates anxiety!! I’m doing my best to stay in my lane and face straight ahead this year. ?

  9. Your 2020 goal for your site sound wonderful! It will be great! Wishing you as well as James a blessed New Year!

  10. Hi Kay, As always thank you for sharing your thoughts. I realized recently that I prefer a more classic look than what we’re seeing in so many stores. I’ll appreciate your insights and tips.

  11. Dearest Kay… have spoken to us with your heart and the Lord, that’s what I love about you, honesty. You have made me realize also how much clothes I have bought in the last year and I do not need to buy anymore! I am looking forward and walking with you on this blog and seeing what we can do with what we already have in our closets! Thank you for all you do for us women. God bless you and James this coming year with health and wealth. Happy 2020 New Year?

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Holly. You are kind. I wish you and yours a wonderful new year, too. I really appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts.

  12. Happy 2020! Thank you for sharing and your transparency. We must have been thinking much the same way about buying clothes. I was part of a seasonal stying challenge group for a few years that I really enjoyed, but have taken a step back this past year. Those years helped me find brands that fit me well and styles I love (classic, colorful ) and places to shop. I still follow all my favorite blogs, but try to work with my closet and add only what I love. I’ll buy from my favorite Talbot’s, Loft, JJill when needed, but will look at Old Navy, Target and Kohl’s for budget friendly. Looking forward to seeing what you have planned!

    1. That’s such helpful feedback, Teresa. I really appreciate it when my readers share. Thanks so much for taking the time to let me know you’re on board. Have a happy new year!

  13. Kay, I love where you are headed with your blog and future You Tube videos for 2020! Learning how to better streamline and shop my closet is exactly what I’m looking for this year. So kudos to you in your shift of direction.

    1. Thanks so much, Marlene. It’s really helpful to know that some is you gals are on board. Thanks for letting me know. Have a wonderful day celebrating the New Year. ☺️

  14. Kay — GREAT IDEAS and thanks for sharing your thinking. Since your blog is a reflection of you, it will shift and change. . . a reflection of your personality and goals. And we will be faithfully reading every word, so don’t worry about losing your core group. Of course I read other blogs, but when I want to actually buy something, I come back to yours. My style journal is full of “Kay-isms” as I am learning so much from your posts.
    Have a great day with the hubs, and great job on charting a fun course into 2020.

    1. Thanks so much Betsy. I really appreciate your kind words and encouragement. You gals keep me inspired. I’m so thankful and honored to have this platform. Blessings to you on this first day of 2020!

  15. I love this Kay! I’m looking forward to your new direction. I recently retired (just a few weeks ago) and I want to take a fresh look at my wardrobe, determining how to re-work pieces into my new lifestyle (whatever that ends up being – I have no plans :)) It’s great how you’ve thought this out and prayed on it. Best wishes and I look forward to seeing your videos!

    1. Congratulations on your retirement! ? That’s wonderful. I hope the Lord blesses you with many beautiful years of joy past your career. May you enjoy the sweet fruit of your harvest! ?

  16. I have been following fashion bloggers for over ten years now and I’ve seen some come and go. As an ex-magazine editor and fashion lover bloggers have fulfilled the need for visual inspiration and I truly enjoy reading the stories and lives they so generously share. My reality is that I’ve had to transition from New York professional to Southern California retiree and while I love seeing beautiful coats and boots, I have no need for any of it. My struggle is letting go of items and buying what fits my new lifestyle. I look to bloggers who share their style but I don’t necessarily purchase what they’re wearing. One of my favorite bloggers has gone high end and while I may like looking at her pages I just can not afford those garments. Bloggers who style their own clothes with tweaks each season appeal to me. You are doing a great job and I am looking forward to seeing what you bring in 2020. Make it fun but keep it real! Your individuality, beauty and faith are amazing.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing, Linda. I have always had a huge love affair with magazines and have sometimes wondered why I didn’t major in magazine instead of PR. But then again my degree has definitely served me well. All that to say that I’m glad you think I’m accomplishing my goal of creating a magazine experience here at Dressed for My Day. Thanks so much for sharing your perspective and encouragement. Have a lovely New Year’s Day.

  17. Kay, I continue to be drawn to your blog for so many reasons, and I know that is not going to change in this new year. Your love of God shines through your posts, and I love that. You have helped me to stay true to myself and to only have colors and styles in my closet that work for “me.” We live in a very rural area and our lifestyle is super casual, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t look put together. I really like the path you are taking your blog down, and I look forward to taking the path with you! God bless and Happy New Year!

    1. Thanks so much for being a loyal reader and commenter, Ginger. I always love hearing from you even I don’t manage to respond every time. I wish you and your husband all the best during 2020! ?

  18. I just wanted to say that I also like your new approach to 2020. I am actually more apt to buy something you feature after I’ve seen you wear it a few different ways in a few different blog posts. I think it’s very well worth bringing back great pieces of clothing to your readers’ attention more than once. Also, I will just throw in that since I live a long ways from any big stores like Nordstroms or Talbots, I have to order clothes online and I usually only order from places that offer free returns. Stores that charge me to return an item are ones that I won’t order from. Just trying to give you some insight from a remote reader/shopper point of view. Keep up the good work! I read every post you make.

    1. Thanks Sherri for that insight. Since I used to live far from stores in Arizona I completely understand your desire to only shop from retailers that offer generous return policies. I try to look for those as is, but I’ll make that a priority this year. Thanks so much for sharing. ?

  19. I agree with everything you said Kay. I have plenty of clothes so for me shopping isn’t as big of a draw as it used to be. I need help deciding if an article of clothing is too dated or out of style so perhaps you could offer some guidance there? Keep on doing the blog your way, it’s perfect!

    1. Great to hear, Sandy. I’m so very thankful for readers like you. I think a “what to toss” post sounds like a great idea.

  20. I enjoy your blog so much! Yours is so interesting and informative, not just a lot of pictures of cloths. Like you, I am working on a good basic wardrobe based on neutrals, with a little flare added. I’m committed to making more considered purchases and concentrating on quality and fit. For me that often means a bit of tailoring. Thank you for the styling advice and articles on dressing for your body type, etc. I look forward to 2020’s blogs.

    1. Thanks so much for sharing Marcia. I’m a little blown away by the response to this post today. But I’m so thankful that many of us seem to be wanting the same thing. Here’s to a wonderful 2020!

  21. Thank you for your blog. I like your styles because they fit me better. I live in the Midwest and your styles fit me and where I live better. I like the direction you are going. I follow bloggers to see ways to style my clothes to look current and not frumpy. I am a professional, but work in a business casual environment, so your styles are perfect. This past year I was introduced to the concept of slow in different areas of life and I love it. I like that you are moving in that direction. I am guilty of keeping classic styles I love and pulling them out later. So, you help me in not looking dated. Thank you again for your blog.

    1. I’m thrilled that you enjoy the blog. I’m looking forward to another year of doing exactly what you described on the blog. Thanks so much for reading and sharing. ?

  22. Lovely goals for 2020. I especially love your focus on slow fashion not fast fashion. I too recently have been thinking I’m tired of constantly buying clothing. I’ve started to “invest” in quality pieces. Looking forward to your youtube videos. Happy New Year!

    1. Oh I’m so glad I’m not speaking a foreign language to you gals! Sounds like many of you are already going in that same direction too. This should be a fun and challenging year. Thanks for sharing!

  23. I am SUPER excited about your youtube venture…. I am currently focused on living more minimally…and only owning what I LOVE and need!!! I love your style and can’t wait to see your new content in 2020!! Happy New Year! Blessings, Leanne

  24. I love the direction you are taking your blog. I can’t afford to own a lot of expensive clothes and I love the idea that we may see the same clothes styled in different ways. After all, that’s what most of us have to do. We have to be creative with what we have. It is keeping it real for most of us. I predict you will increase your following because your sweet spirit and gifts of helping others comes through. Happy New Year and I know God will bless this blog.

  25. Happy New Year, Kay! I hope 2020 is a fantastic year for you. You are one of my favorite fashion bloggers because a lot of your looks tend to be what I call “dressy casual,” which is how I dress most of the time. I am thrilled with the direction you are taking Dressed For My Day. I am trying to stop making unnecessary clothing purchases and mix and match my own wardrobe to achieve many different looks. It sounds like you will help me do just that! What I’d like to see is how I can imitate a certain outfit formula – such as a print tank, cardigan, jeans, and shoes and then incorporate items I already own to create variations of this formula. Thank you for your positive inspirations in your blog posts too!

    1. Thanks for sharing, Shirley. What you’ve requested there is exactly why I want to go into video. It’s so hard to talk about those things in a short blog post. I think I can explain formulas and how to emulate looks so much more thoroughly through video. We’ll see!

  26. I just found your blog recently (still working my way through the 2018 and 2019 posts) but am excited about following you in 2020! Love your classic style and the new focus on transitioning to slow fashion. Over the last few years I’ve participated in seasonal styling groups, done online courses and followed a few blogs. They’ve all been helpful but they do tend to encourage me to own more than I need. I’m ready to slow down and focus on wearing what I already own and choosing quality items that will last when I do make a purchase.

    1. Thanks so much for introducing yourself and sharing, Thanna. I’m thrilled that you found your way here. Welcome! And I’m glad we’re on the same page! Have a Happy New Year!

  27. Kay,
    I especially loved today’s post! We all seem to have more than we need and I think it would be great for guidance in using what we already have in our closets! Today, I woke up feeling like we were off to a clean start! 2020 seems to be promising and the beginning of a new decade! So much opportunity for new beginnings!
    I started something new for me this year – journaling. I wrote my first inserts this morning and started a separate goal journal. When I finished, I felt empowered! I hope I can make these changes in my life this year.
    I love your idea of the videos! I had already wished you had some Podcasts! When I am getting ready for my day, it helps me get off to a better start to hear a podcast. Sometimes, I don’t always have time to read all the posts until later in the day.
    Have a wonderful day and new year! I am looking forward to your posts this year!!

    1. That sounds wonderful, Evelyn. May you have great and fulfilling success with your goal of journaling. That is such a worthwhile endeavor for sure. I hope it provides you with added clarity and wisdom and confidence. Thanks so much for sharing. Happy New Year! ?

  28. Kay, you are a shining example of bringing God’s Kingdom into the center of all you are and do. And doing it with courage and grace. Our culture puts such great value on clothes and image. And for those of us who want to follow Jesus, we always feel ourselves in tension between focusing on externals like clothing and jewelry and our calling to focus on the “hidden beauty of the heart”–the “imperishable beauty” that God loves. Thank you for helping us live in that tension with grace and humility as well as creativity and joy. As a “winter” I’ve always loved color (and some bling.)
    But you are drawing me towards more neutrals and simplicity, which is a good thing. I love your vision for 2020. Yes, let’s be more creative about shopping our closets,. More iron sharpening iron about how to live with a little more simplicity and value in a culture of affluence. Maybe even some posts on how we work to move that direction–maybe take an outfit and show it both ways–fast and slow fashion–and how we can join you in mentally and aesthetically processing the difference. Looking forward to learning and growing with you in 2020.

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments, Lael. You hit the nail on the head: I feel a tension between the focus on the external and remaining true to my inner ideals. The external requires some consideration for sure so I don’t apologize for that. But I want to talk about this externals with proper balance, good stewardship and grace. Thanks so much for your encouragement and kindness. Blessings!

  29. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Kay! I’m looking forward to your new direction on the blog. I’m feeling just like you when it comes to purchases and fast fashion. I’m ready to reign in some control and make more use of what I already have. I really want to be more intentional about purchases, wardrobe, quality….your modeling that for us on the blog is a great help! Happy New Year!

  30. Thanks for sharing this today, Kay. Your heart for the Lord shines truer on your blog than any other I’ve read. Based on that, I’ve often wondered if you struggle to balance modeling Godly stewardship with the very real need to make an income as a blogger. I’m a mom of 9 and have a little one with severe special needs , thus have a minuscule clothing budget for myself of $20 a month! So, I learn about style from your blog and then scour resale shops to find similar clothing that will work. I get lots of compliments on my wardrobe and feel more pulled together even though my life is often rather challenging. However, I am well aware that as thankful as I am for your “Titus 2” influence in my life, I am not helping you pay your bills! God’s blessings as you seek His will for each step. I may not be paying for your service, but please know that there are many of us out here who are truly blessed by your labors.

    1. Thanks so much, Nancy, for sharing this. I appreciate your honesty. I trust the Lord completely to meet my needs so I welcome you and others on a restricted budget gladly. I’ve been there! I’m more than thrilled to offer you any help I can without one worry about how I’ll make money from it.

      That said (and I mean it completely!), here’s a thought. Remember, you can shop through any of my links anytime. So if you – or others – ever need to order anything from Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc., you can enter those retail websites through the links in my sidebar and I will make a small commission from your purchase…at no additional cost to you. That works for large or small purchases. And if you’re shopping online for anything…a new television, telephone, books, cleaning supplies, kids clothing, anything…you can email me and ask for a link to the store you’re shopping from and I’ll gladly give you…and be very grateful. I have access to most any store you’d shop at, not just women’s clothing stores.

      Hopefully that wasn’t offensive for me to share that. But I just wanted you and others to know that you may be able to help out more than you think. ?

  31. Kay, I am so excited to hear that you will be doing some videos. I know that will be great. Also, I was very glad to hear of the other directions you are headed. I know the Lord will lead you and we ladies will continue to gain from your spiritual wisdom and your fashion savvy!! Happy and blessed New Year sweet, beautiful lady!!!!

    1. Thanks so much Debbie. I’m glad you’re excited about the videos. I am too. Now I just have to get to work and make it happen!

  32. Kay, I look forward to your 2020 blog. You are so real in you approach to fashion and real life! You are an inspiration in many areas. Keep sharing that encouragement as you help us be our best ! God Bless!

    1. Thanks so much, Melba. I’m glad you’re on board. I’m excited about the year to come. I really appreciate your encouragement.

  33. I can’t wait to see your videos! That is a unique idea and you are the person to do it!
    Better than Face Book Live I think. Everybody does the FB Live and sort of boring.
    Also I don’t buy the trends for example the Jeans that aren’t hemmed look awful.
    I have shopped for your clothes at Loft, Talbots, Nordstrom, Target. But now my
    closet is fully stocked and my New Years Resolution is 1) Don’t buy anything!
    So I’m on your side so don’t give up. Others will still need to make purchases.

  34. Happy New Year, Kay! I love your blog and your classic looks. I am also trying to buy less, higher quality items. Looking forward to your suggestions and videos in 2020. We all need to learn how to do more with less! I love your blog and the direction you are going!

  35. Your changes don’t sound radical, they sound refreshing! I liked Oprah’s reasons for New Years ‘Evolutions’ rather than ‘Resolutions’ and sounds like you’re following in a similar track. Looking forward to 2020!

  36. Happy New Year Kay! I am excited to see where your blog takes you in 2020. I purged a good amount of clothing that I was no longer wearing today as I’m trying to start the new year with less excess and more thoughtfulness. It’s hard because I really love shopping for clothing. I also love Blessed for my Day so I hope you are not changing anything about that portion of the blog. I read it as a daily devotional. Many blessing for the new year?

  37. Kay I look forward to reading your blog every day and I’m so excited about the direction the blog is headed in 2020. Ive been focusing on being intentional with what I purchase – classics and neutrals that I can update with current accessories. I don’t need or want (and can’t afford!) tons of clothing – but what I do have I want to really work for me and I want to love every item! Also I really enjoy the Blessed for My Day feature — thank you for sharing your faith – it’s an encouragement to me. Have a great 2020 – thank you for all you do and please know I’m looking forward to reading every post.

  38. I love your ideas for your direction in 2020. I want a wardrobe that works for me rather than being a slave to a wardrobe. That’s exhausting, expensive, and poor stewardship. Thank you for the research you do and ways you share it so we can wisely build wardrobes that are ready for our daily lives, easy to add to for special occasions, and evolve with us.

  39. I agree with everyone else and you, I too am tired of trying to purchase new things. I like new things but, I have enough and like what I have. I am so happy to see you go in this direction. Thank You So Much!

  40. Hello, Kay. I love the direction you plan to take with your blog and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for your readers in 2020. Happy new year!

  41. Great direction for the new year. Thank you for keeping Christ at the center. Your classic style really speaks to me. Yours is the only blog I consistently follow. I enjoy reading each day and learn much from you. God bless!

  42. I’m new to your community here but over the past week have spent a good deal of time catching up with your past posts etc. I have really LOVED everything I’ve seen and read; however, probably the thing I liked the best is the recent post on how things will be changing here in 2020 on your site. This is right where I am!! I am an empty nester, re evaluating every area of life, and wanting to slow down and be present in all of those areas, as well as finding God’s presence in the midst of them. Having LESS clothes and just finding creative ways to style what I do have is one of my goals this year so I was thrilled to see the changes you’re making.

    A couple of things I’d love to hear/see at some point is…. will this new philosophy include any ‘rules’ for yourself about how much or how often you shop/buy? Or how much is enough/too much? These are a couple of discussions I’d love to have with others in this community as I work through them myself. (I’m having to avoid all of the January sales right now as I don’t need anything but do love to shop and have something new in the closet) 😀

    Thanks for your ministry/business. 😀 God bless as you follow His lead this year.

  43. I love your 2020 sentiments and honesty. It’s been fun seeing you embrace the colder weather and new adventures that come along with relocating to the north. Similar to you, I also revamped my wardrobe in 2019 due to retirement from the banking world and easing into a more functional wardrobe. I agree, though I can’t certainly continue to purchase new clothes monthly. I did like the idea of one of your readers suggesting that you showcase one outfit or continue to show us how to work with our existing wardrobe. I have always had a lot of clothes in my closet, but you have helped me put together a special coordinated look and I love how I see myself when I leave the house to embrace daily life happenings. I also support you in your goal to be compensated for your time, effort and blogging/media resources. A bit long winded but so thankful for crossing paths with you. Blessings to you!

  44. Your direction for 2020 sounds perfect. I am retired and don’t need lots of clothes. Our church is small and casual so I don’t buy special items for that. Looking forward to your 2020 blog.

  45. Kay,

    While I enjoy all the different outfits and fashion advice you give, I follow you because you have a heart for Jesus. So, stay true to Him and He will provide. Praying for God to bless you for being obedient and following you heart.

  46. Kaye! I just wanted to say that I fully support your new direction with your blog! I’m not a blogger but feel exhausted by “Fast Fashion “ too and was already thinking that I won’t be buying so much or so frequently anymore (or at least for this year Ha!) but start having some real fun using all the pieces I already have in my wardrobe. I have plenty! We probably all do! Geesh! My last comment is that you are one popular lady! I think I spent 10 minutes scrolling fast to the bottom here to leave a comment! You are loved! Cheers to a new clothes attitude in 2020!

    1. Thanks so much for sharing your encouragement, Barbara. Yes, I’ve been amazed at the turnout in this comment feed. I think God has been so gracious to build this community. I’m grateful. I’m looking forward to a good year with you gals. Thanks so much!