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What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

October 26, 2018

Can you believe Thanksgiving is now fewer than four weeks away?!? If I were cooking Thanksgiving dinner this is about the time I’d start planning and even preparing some of the dishes to freeze. I just love Thanksgiving, don’t you? Since this favorite holiday comes a little early this year I thought we’d better start talking about what to wear Thanksgiving Day. After all, you might want to get a little something new for this special day!

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

Of course we all celebrate Thanksgiving a little differently, but generally we look for a perfect intersection between comfortable, seasonal and festive when it comes to our attire on this day, don’t you think? I mean you want to be comfortable enough in your clothing so that you can eat…and eat and eat. Right?

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

Your day may also include a little travel…over the river and through the woods. Right? And then there’s always the potential for an after dinner walk to burn off at least a dinner roll. So comfort is definitely key.

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

But I always want to look a little festive on this day, too. Whether I’m volunteering at the Salvation Army in the morning (as our family does annually), joining another family for an alfresco meal, gathering with extended family for an all day affair or going out to a restaurant to eat (as James and I will do for our third time this year), I want to wear something that is pretty and fun and colorful.

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

Finally, regardless of what the weather is like, I want to wear something distinctly seasonal for this fall holiday. Growing up in Georgia and living the rest of my years in Texas and Arizona, I’ve had some unseasonably warm Thanksgivings. But I refuse to put on a pair of shorts on this day. Even if I’m wearing short sleeves, I want to wear something in the colors of autumn.

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

So that’s why I think this classic plaid button up shirt, jeans and colorful quilted vest trio is such a great outfit to wear Thanksgiving Day.

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

This poppy plaid cotton shirt is soft and casual, but colorful and sharp, too. If I get warm, I can roll up my sleeves. Plus, this Talbots classic is 30% off during Talbots’ Friends & Family sale right now with code FRIENDS30. In fact, most everything in this post is part of the Talbots sale.

My necklace is my favorite gold layering necklace from Talbots. Can you gals tell I like this necklace? I wear it SO much. It really is perfect for just adding a little shine to your look without adding distracting flourishes. It’s on sale, but you still get to take another 30% off.

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

My belt is this one from Target and I’m wearing a medium. Remember, as I shared in this post on wearing leopard print, it’s perfectly acceptable and fun to wear leopard print with other prints, like this plaid.

My convertible black satchel is out of stock, but I also found this one at Target, and I really like it even better.

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

I’m wearing my dark wash straight leg high rise jeans from Talbots. They fit so easy, but there’s plenty of stretch so I can have a piece of pie after dinner. They also come in a curvy fit, but I’m wearing the regular fit, size 6.

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

This quilted vest pairs beautifully with the poppy plaid cotton shirt. But it also comes in indigo blue and carriage green (teal), and either of those would look great with this particular shirt, too. While Talbots has heavier down puffer vests (and some with faux fur collars, too) this one is fairly light weight. So it’s more of a layering piece, while the others are more true outer wear.

Finally my shoes are from a couple of years ago. But this season Talbots has these tassel loafers and these suede flats in a similar shade, which works wonderful with this shirt and vest (and several other Talbots pieces in hawthorne rose).

What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

Talbots has several other soft, classic button up shirts that would pair beautifully with this or the other two quilted vests. I’ve provided links to most of them in the shopping widget below. Well, I think this comfortable, seasonal and festive combination answers my question for what to wear Thanksgiving Day. What about you? Would this kind of outfit work well for your traditions and itinerary? Or do you usually wear something even more casual or more elegant? I’d love to know.

But don’t forget, if you’re planning to get something new and festive to wear Thanksgiving Day, now is the time to shop for it. Turkey day is November 22nd this year, and it will be here before we know it!

Shop This Look Here:

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Blessed for My Day

Yes, we’re still four weeks from Thanksgiving. But it’s never too early to practice gratitude. Why don’t we prepare for this significant holiday by beginning today to count our blessings? When we cultivate an attitude of gratitude by reciting our blessings instead of focusing on our woes, it strengthens our prayer lives, builds our confidence in God’s trustworthiness, puts our problems in perspective and renews our hope. Today I’m especially grateful for my parents. They are the most gracious, giving and generous people I know. Not only am I glad to have such wonderful parents, but I’m overwhelmed by the blessing from God they are to me and my family. For what are you especially grateful today?

Oh give thanks to the Lord, call upon His name; Make known His deeds among the peoples. ~ 1 Chronicles 16:8

I’ve linked today’s post to Jo-Lynne Shane’s Fashion Friday Link-Up. She’s sharing a possible Thanksgiving Day outfit today, too. Be sure to pay her and the other style bloggers a visit. Have a great day!

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14 thoughts on “What to Wear Thanksgiving Day

  1. You look beautiful in those colors! I’m from Texas and, yes, the weather could go either way. But I’m look you, I’m determined to wear something tallish. Hopefully we won’t still be flooding and rainy. It’s been a weird two months. But sun this weekend, finally!

  2. Love my quilted vests from Talbots. I have 3! They provide that essential 3rd layer for me to camouflage my ample bosom. On another note, I made your apple ? cake recipe yesterday and noticed you didn’t say when to add the oil in your directions. I also added just 4 Granny Smith apples as the ones I bought were XL and at that, the cake rose above my bundt pan. Maybe saying how many cups of apples instead of 6 would be helpful. Anyway it turned out delicious. My husband thanks ? you. ?

    1. Great! I’m glad it turned out well. Yeah, I just kinda add the amount of apples I want to. And the original recipe doesn’t say when to add the oil either, so I probably just add it at a different point every time. Ha! But I really should correct that. I’ll be sure to do that. Thanks for letting me know, Wanda. 🙂

    1. Ha, ha! Yeah, that’s a good point. I guess that’s why I like jeans with a little stretch. If I were to wear sweat pants or leggings, I’d be in trouble! 😉

  3. Hi Kay,

    I will wear an outfit like this because I do not cook or have people over on Thanksgiving. I am a clown every year in the Macy’s parade and I’m pretty beat after my
    clowning duties! I do make in advance an Irish soda bread (family tradition) and a dessert to bring to my brothers. Here in New York the weather can be anything. I’ve marched in it all?

    1. Oh wow!!! I’ve never met anyone before who is annually in the Macy’s parade! That’s wonderful!! I watch it every year religiously. I’ve known kids who have been in the parade with their marching bands, etc., but never anyone who is in it annually. I love that! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I’ll be watching for you! 😉