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Trending: Metallics – How to Add Shine to Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe

October 24, 2018

Tuesday was rainy and dreary all day long. We just don’t get that kind of weather in Arizona very often, so I really didn’t mind it. But in response to the cloudy, wet weather, I decided to go with some shine here on Dressed for My Day. So today I’m sharing one of the hottest trends that is carrying over into fall and winter: metallic shine. Let’s talk about how to add shine to your fall and winter wardrobe…with class and ease.

Trending Metallic Shine

I’m featuring Talbots. Here’s why:

Today I’m featuring fashions exclusively from Talbots for a couple of reasons. First of all Talbots generally provides classic fashions with a modern vibe. That’s especially important when it comes to adding trends like metallics to your wardrobe. And I really think Talbots got metallics right this year because they’re keeping them soft and muted. That way anything in a metallic that you purchase from Talbots will probably carry through to future seasons easily.

Second, it’s just easier on me when I’m doing compositions like these to shop from one store. While I think posts like this one are extremely helpful, they take hours and hours to compile. So if I can pull all the pieces from one store it saves me at least a little bit of time. Mainly I want to provide you with tips and ideas that you can consider as you shop for metallics in all of your favorite stores, but it’s easier for me to focus on one.

And finally, I think keeping the focus on Talbots today will actually help you with shopping, too. You’ll see that everything coordinates well. Plus, they’re having their Friends & Family sale right now, so you do get 30% off your purchase with code FRIENDS30 if you choose to buy anything you see here.

Tips for Adding Metallic Shine & Outfits:

Style tip #1 – You can add a little shine to even the most casual outfit, upgrading it like a polished pro. That’s why a metallic belt is a great purchase that will serve you well for years.

Trending this Fall Metallic
Pebbled Leather Satchel in classic red // The Perfect Shirt – classic red multi // Comfort Stretch Denim Jeggings in black // Leather Reversible Belt in gold/coffee // Delicate Drop Earrings in garnet & gold // Long Metal layering necklace in gold // Olympia Pearl-Detailed Fringe Flats

I love the juxtaposition of red plaid and black denim paired with a flashy gold belt and gold jewelry. The red stones in the earrings and the pearls in the shoes up the shine factor of this outfit even more. Yes, you could also wear the leopard print flats seen on the jeans model, but I love the black suede option, too. The red satchel also boasts some shiny gold hardware.

Style tip #2 – Metallics are not just for evening wear. You can add metallics to your jeans and t-shirt, your joggers and sweatshirt or your office look. Just keep the metallic addition subtle during the daytime. (Unless you just really want to rock the look; and you absolutely can!) Think metallic running shoes, belts, crossbody bags, hats, scarves and tees.

Trending this Fall Metallic
Down Fur-Collar Puffer Vest in metallic gold // Cable Crewneck Sweater in ivory // Comfort Stretch Denim Jeggings in bay leaf // Penelope Scalloped Ballet Flats in gold // Enamel Bangle in ivory and gold // Penguin Leverback Earrings // Quilted Hobo Bag in dark almond

I think the puffer jacket in the combo above is a great piece for adding metallic to your wardrobe this fall/winter because it will go well with many outfits. Talbots also has this silver one, but without the fur collar. So if you prefer wearing silver jewelry, etc., the silver puffer jacket may be a better choice for you.

Style Tip #3 – While you can mix metals throughout your outfit, it’s best if you make it look intentional. So you could mix a silver jacket and gold shoes. But otherwise, try to keep a cohesive look. So if you wear only one metallic “featured” piece, like a gold puffer jacket, then try to keep the hardware on the rest of your clothing and accessories gold also.

Trending this Fall Metallic
Penguin Leverback Earrings // Red Pebbled Leather Satchel // Crisscross Fair Isle Sweater in multi-ivory // High-Rise Straight-Leg Velveteen Pants in black // Enamel Bangle in Classic Red // Francesca Driving Moccasins – Gold Buckle Metallic

Wouldn’t this ensemble be great for attending a special daytime activity, like your women’s Bible study, a lunch with the gals, a matinee performance or a Saturday brunch? But it’s also perfect for a movie and dinner with your guy! I love that these gold shoes add a little sparkle without making you look like a Disney princes. Ha!

Style Tip #4 – Yes, you can wear more than one metallic piece at a time. But be sure to ground your outfit by adding a solid staple like a pair of black pants. And if you want to keep the look classic and more daytime appropriate you can best achieve that goal by wearing just one metallic piece at a time.

Trending this Fall Metallic
Shimmer Earrings in teal quartz // Francesca Driving Moccasins-Kid Suede in greystone // Zip-Top Wristlet – Metallic // Sabrina Cashmere Sweater in teal quartz // Long Metal Layer Necklace in gold // High-Rise Straight-Leg Velveteen Pants in ivory

I love winter white with pretty solids like this teal cashmere sweater. But you can make this look really pop by adding some metallic accessories like this pretty gold wristlet and some simple gold jewelry. At the same time, when you add some jewels like the ones in these pretty earrings, you elevate the look even more, while still keeping it daytime versatile.

This ensemble would be perfect for church, an evening out, a holiday party or other festive occasion. But I would also wear it for a special daytime event or outing.

Style Tips #5 – Use your metallic pieces as a neutral, so you can easily mix them with prints, specialty fabrics and other textures.

Trending this Fall Metallic
Refined Bi-Stretch Straight Leg Pant in navy // Merino Button Cuff Cowlneck Sweater in gold shimmer // Classic Hoop Earrings in gold // Suede Bag in indigo blue // Sylvie Kitten-Heel Pumps – Tortoise

The gold cowlneck sweater in this look is full of sparkle. But by pairing it with classic pieces like the navy slacks, tortoise pumps, tiny gold hoop earrings and the suede shoulder bag, the look stays classic and even appropriate for the office.

Style Tip #6 – Remember, the goal, as always, is for you to shine, not your clothes! So while you should certainly have fun adding some metallic shine to your outfit, don’t hide behind it. Instead, choose pieces that draw the attention to your face.

Trending this Fall Metallic
Holiday Berry Plaid Silk Scarf // Zip-Top Wristlet in metallic gold // Twill A-Line Skirt in classic red // Shimmer Bangle in gold // Delicate Drop Earrings in garnet // Enamel Bangle in ivory // Erica Bow-Detail Pumps in black suede // Audrey Cashmere Sweater in ivory

This classic outfit can go from the office to the office party or dinner out. Or it’s beautiful for church or another special occasion. For an edgier vibe, I love to pair my black suede booties with my red wool a-line skirt and a sweater. I usually wear black tights with that look, but you could probably go bare-legged if you prefer, too.

Where’s the metallic in this outfit? In the bangles and the wristlet, of course. But really this gorgeous holiday scarf adds a silky touch of metallic shine because of the highlights in the Christmas berries. Just goes to prove there’s more than one way to add shine to your wardrobe!

Style Tip #7 – Up your metallic game by layering in some textured shine as well. Think glitter, sequins or jewels.

Trending this Fall Metallic
Flower Statement Necklace // Pearl Stud Earrings // Painted Floral Pleated Fit & Flare Skirt // Charming Shell in black // Charming Cardigan in black // Shimmer Earrings // Pearl Button Shirt // Velvet Bow Clutch // Erica Bow-Detail Pumps in black and in teal

Finally, bring on even more metallic shine for the evening. While there’s nothing dressier than a metallic evening shoe, you can go ahead and raise the shine on your skirt, dress, pants, top, jacket or wrap if you keep your shoe softer. That’s why these suede pumps, whether teal or black, look so dressy and lovely with this metallic floral skirt. They ground the ensemble. That’s important when you’re wearing bigger metallic pieces.

You could pair this shimmery teal and black skirt with either a  pretty white button up blouse (it has pearl buttons!) or a classic black sweater set. Then you can still apply some “frosting” with either the jeweled necklace and some simple pearl earrings or the jeweled earrings. Personally, I wouldn’t wear the jeweled earrings and necklace as a set. And finally, isn’t that a lovely teal velvet handbag?!

Talbots has plenty more shine to offer. In their RSVP collection they are featuring metallic pants, dresses, skirts, jackets, tops and wraps. Plus they have shimmery tees and more shimmery sweaters, too.

Shop all of these looks in the links above or here:

I hope you enjoyed today’s post. I love adding a little shine to my outfits, and I think it’s such a fun and easy trend to play with, especially during the holidays.

Now, you gals go and shine…with or without the addition of metallics!

Blessed for My Day

Sometimes we can lose sight of other people when we’re focused on shining ourselves. Does that ever happen to you? But truthfully, we never shine brighter than when we put the spotlight on others. For instance, I’ve discovered that I ultimately enjoy a conversation more when I focus on asking the other person about herself rather than doing all the talking. In fact, studies show that we feel closer to someone to whom we’ve disclosed more about ourselves, regardless of how well we know that person. That means, if I spend time asking the new woman at Bible study about herself and listening intently to her, she will feel closer to me and even feel like she knows me better than if I had spent the whole time telling her about myself. Not that that’s the goal, necessarily, mind you. But you get my point, right? If we really want to put other people at ease and help them enjoy our presence, we’ll focus more on them and less on ourselves. Then, ladies, we’ll be shining, not our own light, but God’s light. Our good works will glorify Him. 

Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven. ~ Matthew 5:16

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14 thoughts on “Trending: Metallics – How to Add Shine to Your Fall/Winter Wardrobe

  1. I loved this post about adding shine with classic pieces. I’m a fairly new subscriber to your blog but I’m really enjoying it. Thank you!

    1. Yeah, me too. But it’s just easier said than done. Ha! Still, my mom taught me to ask people lots of questions and shift the conversation away from myself. So I really do try that as a rule of thumb. She’s a smart woman!

  2. Kay I’m fairly new to your blog also and I so enjoy your style and outfits. You have such great tadte and your “Blessed for my day” talks are ALWAYS so inspiring and help me stay on the right track. You are so real and down to earth. Thanks for inspiring me in fashion and faith!

    1. Ahh, Kathy. That means the world to me. I’m so glad you found your way here! I love doing this, but only because of you gals! You all keep me on track, too. Thanks for your affirming and encouraging words. 🙂