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Silky Cutout Surplice Top + Skinny Jeans

October 25, 2018

Hello ladies, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. Do you like to get dressed up a little for a casual date…say dinner and a movie? Because I don’t have to or need to dress up for work, I really like dressing up a little to go out to dinner or to a movie.

Cutout Surplice Top + Skinny Jeans for casual date night

It’s not at all unusual for me to be dressed up a bit more than James. And he doesn’t mind, and I don’t either! So today I’m sharing an outfit similar to what I generally wear when we go out for a casual date night.

Cutout Surplice Top + Skinny Jeans for casual date night

I received this teal silky surplice top in my last Trunk Club trunk. This is definitely something I would not have even tried on if my stylist Shelly hadn’t sent it to me. But because I’m committed to at least trying everything in my trunks, I discovered that I really like this feminine blouse. I’m wearing a small, which is my normal size in blouses.

cutout surplice top + skinny jeans

This cutout surplice top really lays very pretty, but it was extremely windy out the day we snapped these photos. It’s also available in black, ivory, blue clematis and red tomato.

Cutout Surplice Top + Skinny Jeans

My earrings and necklace are several years old and no longer available, but I found this necklace and earrings from Banana Republic that are similar in style. Well, kinda. Actually I think the BR jewelry is much prettier than mine. I have several pieces of jewelry from Banana Republic, and I love them.

Cutout Surplice Top + Skinny Jeans

By the way, yes, those are cutouts at the fronts of the shoulders.

The jeans are the pricey sort, but I have to admit, they are scrumptiously comfortable. Still, I don’t mind telling you that I didn’t keep them. However, if you’re in the market for some really good denim, these would definitely fit the bill. They feel great on and wear easy and smooth. AND right now they are 25% off at Bloomingdale’s. Now is the time to buy.

Cutout Surplice Top + Skinny Jeans

My handbag is a Rebecca Minkoff leather clutch – oh so nice! And my booties are these, which are available still at Nordstrom Rack for 53% off. I’ve included some with lower heels in the shopping widget below.

Cutout Surplice Top + Skinny Jeans

Cutout Surplice Top + Skinny Jeans for casual date night

Not only is this an outfit I’d wear for a date night with my husband, but I’d also wear it for a girls’ night out or other festive occasion. It’s easy to slip a heavy coat or a black blazer over this ensemble, and later I could wear my knee high boots instead of these booties. The teal cutout surplice top would also look lovely with my black straight let pants. So these are very versatile pieces.

That’s another thing I love about Trunk Club. Shelly always sends me outfit combination ideas, showing me how to wear the different pieces several ways. If you’re interested in trying Trunk Club you could work with Shelly, too. I’m really enjoying the process. I have scheduled my trunks to arrive once a month because that works well for me as a style blogger. But you don’t have to get them that often. You set the schedule! You can check out Trunk Club here.

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Have a blessed and beautiful day, you beautiful ladies! Oh, and tomorrow I have my “What to Wear this Thanksgiving” post, so be sure to open that subscriber email and check it out!

Dressed for My Day

Lord, fill us with Your wisdom. Oh, how we long to live as wise women who can navigate our lives with Your perspective. For my sisters, I pray that You would give them insight and knowledge that would help them to make good, healthy and holy decisions. But I also pray that you would help them and me to know that ultimately…You’ve got this. So often we forfeit wisdom because we assume that we have to figure things out…both for ourselves and others in our lives. But Your Word teaches us that to grow in wisdom begins by leaning in to You, bending the knee, submitting to Your will and trusting You wholly. Help us today to grow in wisdom and we confess that You alone are God and we are not.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, And the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding. ~ Proverbs 9:10

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