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What to Put On in the AM for a PM Workout

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October 6, 2020

These days I’m doing everything I can to get outside and move a little each day. And some days the best way for me to ensure that I get that afternoon walk or evening workout in is to put on suitable clothing for those activities from the get go. Otherwise I end up using my zipped up, buttoned up and styled outfit as an excuse to forgo the workout. So today I’m sharing what to put on in the AM for a PM workout.

Yes, we’re continuing with the athleisure themed outfits for one more day. As I said in yesterday’s post on what to wear when you want to be comfy at home but also chic to go, I’ve been getting a number of reader requests in this area. Here’s the request that sparked today’s post.

“I need inspiration. I have been in a rut. I workout with my husband in the evening. I have been waking up, dressing in gym clothes with no makeup for the day so I am ready for our evening workout. Then the next day all over again. Ugh I am sure my husband would appreciate at least a little makeup now and then!”

~ a Private Facebook Group Member

It sounds to me like my reader might benefit from simply creating some pretty athleisure looks that help her look and feel feminine during the day. Then she could make a few simple switch-ups before working out with her hubby in the evenings.

What to Put on in the AM

Daytime Athleisure
Zenergy camo leggings // Momentum Tee (TTS) // Zenergy soft essentials cardigan (TTS) // Felicia Wedge Sneaker (currently pricematched at 41% off) // earrings // customizable necklace // shoulder bag (more economical option)

If I’m really serious about working at my desk or in my home during the day but then getting that workout in later, I’ll frequently put on leggings like these in the AM. That way I have no excuse not to shift gears later on. These Zenergy camo leggings are sporty enough to keep up with you in that workout, but they also look fashionable and on trend for the day.


Personally, I only wear leggings like these for daywear if I have something covering my bum, either a full length tunic or at least a long jacket or cardigan like the one I’m wearing here. These leggings fit true to size and are quite comfortable, but they also feel like they’re holding you together…know what I mean? They’re not flimsy!

top for AM

For this post, I originally purchased this Soft Essentials Tank that coordinates with the cardigan. But it ran large and was too big for me to show. So I opted for my Athleta Momentum Tee that I had purchased for a similar purpose. This Tee is fitted, but so breathable and silky comfortable. It comes in several other colors and runs true to size.


I like the way the light salt and pepper grey cardigan lightens up this otherwise very dark look. It’s made in a super soft rayon, polyester, spandex fabric and is machine washable. It’s also available in deep olive and black and comes in petite sizes, too. There’s just something about wearing your leggings, joggers or other athleisure pants with a cardigan that completely softens the look, making it more feminine.

Before I move on to the PM look, I want to point out that my leather wedge sneakers are currently marked down in a hardly ever heard of price match that probably won’t last long. These sneakers run true to size and they are amazingly comfortable. And I don’t mean they’re just comfortable “for heels.” They really feel good on your feet. And I think they elevate this look tremendously.

to Workout in the PM

When you’re ready to head out the door for a brisk walk or bike ride, simply make a few changes to this smart outfit.

PM Workout
Zenergy camo leggings // Momentum Tee (TTS) // FASTer Way to Fat Loss jacket compliments of FWTFL (comparable jacket) // Adidas running shoes // Bombas ankle socks

I simply changed into my running shoes and switched out of my cardigan and into an athletic jacket. My jacket was gifted to me by the FASTer Way to Fat Loss, not because I’m an influence, by the way, but simply because I’m in the monthly program. Yep. About once every few months they just send their members a sweet gift like this.

In case you haven’t heard before, I have participated in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss for almost three years now. I originally joined the program to lose some weight and inches, and I did lose over 20 pounds and went down two sizes. Since then I’ve continued with the FASTer Way to Fat Loss lifestyle program of intermittent fasting, carb cycling, cardio and weight training workouts and macro nutrient balancing in order to maintain my weight and stay healthy. I absolutely love the program and will gladly share more about it if you ask. Meanwhile you can get lots of information here. By the way, the whole program is now available through a very handy and intuitive app.

PM Workout

As I mentioned in yesterday’s athleisure post, I really can’t afford to let myself dress this way more than once or twice a week. If I wear stretchy pants too often, my waistline starts growing! Ha! Plus, I just work more efficiently and maintain a better outlook if I “get dressed” a little more than this. But this kind of look really does work for me on those days when I need to grind out work at my computer, but want to be able to hop up at a moment’s notice and head out the door for a quick walk.

AM to PM
Zenergy camo leggings // Momentum Tee (TTS) // FASTer Way to Fat Loss jacket compliments of FWTFL (comparable jacket) // Adidas running shoes // Bombas ankle socks

Thanks so much for dropping in today. Let me know if you have any questions about today’s looks. I hope you have a lovely day!

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When we believe God this way, amazing things happen. Not only do we receive the promise of abundant and eternal life, but we also begin to see God do amazing things in our lives. He transforms us from the inside out as we take Him at His Word. Today let’s choose to believe God. And let’s allow Him to transform us by the renewing of our minds.

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7 thoughts on “What to Put On in the AM for a PM Workout

  1. Since I am teaching online, I am at the computer all day every day. So this is the look for me – workout leggings/yoga pants, camisole/tank and cardigan or sweater on top. I have to look “professional” for zoom classes and meetings. I put on my make-up and jewelry (no one sees this except me), and I am ready to work. I am also ready to try to do yoga and and walk as my breaks. Yes, I also find it is easier to fit “me” in if I am partially dressed to work out. Easy to put on sneakers and a hoodie and walk the dog if I am partially dressed for that already. I can quickly change my top for some time on my yoga mat before my next meeting.
    I buy most of my workout clothes from Old Navy, Kohls, Target. Even though I wear these all the time, I cannot see spending a lot on them. Maybe when I retire in May, and I don’t have to have work clothes (at least on top haha!)

  2. Fabulous BFMD! I really like this outfit and how you shared the few changes you would need to make to get out and move. Like you, I prefer to keep my bum covered for so many reasons. When I am out for appointments, it does amaze me how many women of all shapes and sizes I see in yoga pants, leggings, etc., and their backside is not covered. I hope you have a productive day!

  3. Wonderful idea that I will start today. Thank you for the beautiful spiritual words also.
    I love to start my day in God’s Word.

  4. I’ve been wanting an elevated look black sneaker and ordered the sneaker wedge you were modeling. I will let you know how I like them. Thanks for helping those of us who need a little push to go beyond in our daily wardrobe.