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Work from Home, Chic to Go this Fall

October 5, 2020

Happy Monday, sweet gal! Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s home to work we go! I’ve actually been working from home for years, but many of you joined me in recent months. And you found that your necessary wardrobe for your new office space is a little different. Add to that the numbers of my readers who are retired from the work force and simply want to dress for an active but home-based lifestyle, and we have a style challenge most all of us can relate to. We want to work from home comfortably and look chic to go out the door at a moment’s notice this fall.

In our Dressed for My Day Private Facebook Group, I’ve seen several similar requests lately: I need help because I like to dress comfortably and casually at home but I want to look pulled together, both for my husband and for stepping out during the day. I hear you! And I’m in the same boat.

While I don’t allow myself to dress in joggers or other athleisure clothing every day (my waistline tends to grow if I wear athleisure or loungewear to often), I do enjoy wearing these comfy styles at least a couple of days a week. In fact, when I’m working on the next day’s YouTube video on Tuesdays, you’ll almost always find me in something like the outfit I’m sharing today.

long-sleeve t-shirt // black Balance joggers // white leather sneakers (more economical option) // Interstellar Blazer // necklace // earrings // reversible faux leather tote bag

Drop the blazer and I have on a very basic but modern stay-at-home outfit. My long-sleeve t-shirt keeps me warm and comfortable, but it also has a modern touch, soft ribbing. And this versatile tee also comes in other trending colors and a beautiful tie-dye peri blue and white. I’m wearing a medium. It’s a fitted tee, so size accordingly.

By the way, my t-shirt is actually from last year. But I know this year’s model, while it may (or may not) be slightly different is probably just a good if not better. I’ve had great luck with t-shirts from Banana Republic.

ribbed t-shirt

My sleek black Balance joggers are from Athleta, and they also come in a pretty sage green. They’re a super soft and nicely thick-but-not-too-thick Tencel/Cotton/Lenzing Modal/Spandex blend. I feel like my, ahem, lumps and bulges don’t show through them, but they still feel polished and put together.

I especially appreciate the full elasticized waistband with the pretty grosgrain ribbon adjustable drawstring, as well as the two full pockets and the hidden card pocket in the front.

Athleta Balance joggers (wearing a medium regular)

I do have a couple of other joggers I can recommend with firsthand knowledge. I love my Zella Live In joggers. But I will tell you that they are a little thinner and also have a more slender fit, less roomy, specifically, in the legs. So I don’t tend to wear them out of the house as much. And this post is all about wearing something at home that you can dash out the door in.

I also have the Talbots terry jogger pants and like them quite well. However, they’re not quite as young and contemporary looking as the Athleta Balance joggers, in my opinion. But I do appreciate that the Talbots jogger pants come in several colors and this pretty melange grey.


One more quick note on the Athleta Balance joggers before moving on to the rest of this comfy but chic look. I’m 5’8″ and wearing a medium in the regular length. They’re the perfect length for me, but you size you accordingly.

While I frequently wear my Acorn mule slippers (love, love, LOVE) when I’m at home, I’m wearing my white leather sneakers to step out of the house. These are super comfortable and fit true to size, but I can also highly recommend these Madewell Sidewalk Sneakers for a more economical choice. The Madewell Sidewalk Sneakers do indeed run large, so size down 1/2 size.


Alright, let’s talk about what to wear when you step out in this comfy outfit so that you look chic and confident. Of course, you can absolutely top this one-two look off with your denim jacket (as I did in this post) or a basic long cardigan. But I think a blazer will elevate this look like nothing else.

I snagged this amazing Interstellar Blazer from Athleta during a flash sale when they were on clearance and I got an extra 50% off the already reduced price. It is a true travel blazer, constructed from a lycra/nylon abrasion resistant, wrinkle resistant and packable fabric. And it has all the pockets! But my olive green has been discontinued and I know this jacket is quite the investment.


That said, just about any classic blazer will do the trick. I wore my 1901 classic black blazer the same way in this post. And you could also wear this popular Gibson knit blazer here.

Tips for Dressing Comfy at Home so You’re Chic to Go

Here are a few tips for dressing in a way that is comfortable and yet pretty at home, but then pulling your outfit together a little more to step out.

  • Choose modern athleisure cuts – joggers are really trending right now.
  • Wear pretty t-shirts, sweaters or sweatshirts that are comfortable but also help you feel your best. Don’t settle for old, sloppy tops.
  • Make sure your clothes fit you. There’s no need to wear pieces that are too big or too small.
  • Tuck your shirt in, at least in the front, if at all possible. It makes a huge difference in how you feel about yourself when you notice your reflection.
  • Comb your hair and put on a little makeup.
  • Add jewelry that doesn’t get in the way of what you’re doing, but compliments your outfit nicely.
Comfy but Chic
  • Wear some cute but functional shoes. Yes, house slippers count, but replace the dingy, worn out ones with something pretty and comfortable. I have these Acorns in raspberry and love them.
  • While at home, top your look with a cozy cardigan in a pretty color. (I’m including some pretty ones in the shopping widget below.)
  • When you step out, top your look with a trending jacket such as a denim jacket, a utility jacket or a blazer.
  • To step out, wear trending sneakers that are clean and sporty. (The black leather wedge sneakers I wore in this post are now deeply discounted. I LOVE these sneakers!)
Comfy but Chic
long-sleeve t-shirt // black Balance joggers // white leather sneakers (more economical option) // Interstellar Blazer // necklace // earrings // reversible faux leather tote bag

Of course, I do own a basic hoodie sweatshirt jacket, too. And I definitely enjoy wearing it as well. But if you’re feeling like you’ve been a little bummy lately (and we all get there occasionally), I think you’ll enjoying leveling up your outfit a little with the tips I’ve shared today.

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12 thoughts on “Work from Home, Chic to Go this Fall

  1. Love the look today….so comfy and practical in today’s world that we are living in. Praying it diminishes very soon??. I would go for the zip up hoodie with it.


    1. Thanks Holly! I’m glad you like the outfit. I do teach for that hoodie a lot, too. And the one I linked to and have is so comfy and marked down. ?

  2. Are the adidas white tennis shoe with black stripe still in style? Are they considered classic?
    Thank you for your informative blog.

  3. I’m working from home about half of the time – but at the beginning of the pandemic, I was full-time at home for a couple of months. As I have a slooooooow metabolism and can gain weight by just looking at a piece of cake, I made a deal with myself that I’d put on jeans every day that I’m working at home…. because that top button does not lie!

  4. I really like this look, Kay! And what great tips! Because I am dealing with a bad sacroiliac, pants with an elastic waist are my go too. I am thinking positively that by mid November my pain will be much improved. Great BFMD.

  5. Thank you for your blog! Have you had any issues with the Athleta joggers after washing? Several reviews noted some problems, but I’d really like to get them because the fit and fabric sound amazing!

    1. I have not. But I never dry my joggers in the dryer. I lay them flat on a drying rack, as I do many of my clothes. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Thanks for letting me know! ?

  6. I love your blog posts and weekly videos! Are you still posting on Bloglovin’? That’s where I first found your blog, but I haven’t seen your updates recently. I miss seeing them there!