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Warm & Inviting Fall Home Accessories from Kohl’s

September 13, 2022

Fall is almost here. Can you smell it? Can you feel it? Well, maybe you just need a little help! I recently found several warm and inviting fall home accessories from Kohl’s that are making my home feel a little more autumnal. Let me show you what I found!

Fall Home Accents from Kohl's
shirt // necklace // earrings

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I don’t necessarily like to decorate with a lot of seasonal specific things at this time of year. But I do like to add home accents that feel natural, season appropriate and homey. This is the time of year when I like to “nest” a little. What about you?

Biscotti 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

I’ve always had a thing for table linens. I think new placemats and napkins can make your table look fresh and festive. For fall I’ve selected some warm hued round braided placemats and beige cloth napkins (similar). While my kitchen table has a leaf in it that we can use to extend it to an oval, we usually leave it small and round. So these round braided placemats work beautifully on it. Kohl’s also has this same pattern in a braided table runner.

Place Mats

I like that these placemats look very fall-ish, but I can certainly envision using them throughout the winter, too. They make my table look so warm and inviting.

Our daily dinnerware is solid white, so I thought it would be fun to add just four place settings of this beautiful biscotti dinnerware to our rotation for fall and winter. It looks so much more earthy and warm than my white plates and bowls.


I anticipate filling those ample stoneware bowls with all of our favorite chilis, soups and stews during the cold months. This 16-piece dinnerware set is beautiful in this grainy grey and steel trim, but it also comes in a soft beige white with what looks like a copper trim. The set includes dinner plates, salad or dessert plates, bowls and mugs for four. They’re dishwasher and microwave safe. You might want to check out the wide selection of earthy dinnerware available at Kohl’s. I am quite impressed by the offerings.

Table Set

I hadn’t really anticipated purchasing a fall centerpiece. Remember, I don’t like to be locked in to the orange, yellow and brown of the season. But the simplicity of this cheerful faux flower arrangement in a glass jar caught my eye and I decided it was just the thing to add a little whimsy to the deep tones in my table setting. It makes me happy.


On my kitchen sideboard I’ve created a place for appetizers or an afternoon snack. I already had the faux apples, but I would also put real fruit or bread in this lovely wire serving bowl. I purchased a new Yankee Candle in Autumn Wreath for the metallic leaves candle holder. The double wick candle has notes of apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, vanilla and other aromas of autumn.

sideboard without apples and cheese

I also found this fall harvest sharing board at Kohl’s. I thought it would be fun to serve apples with cheese and peanut butter, but of course I can serve more traditional charcuterie with it, too.

Lighting Candle

I’m all set to have a couple over for a warm fall supper. We’ll start with apples and the fixings. Then I’ll serve warm sausage, tortellini and vegetable soup along with toasty bread. Maybe after we play a game we’ll top off the night with a yummy pumpkin dessert and coffee.

Sideboard and Table

I’m getting cozy vibes just thinking about the good times we’ll have around our table decorated with these warm and inviting home accessories from Kohl’s. Right now Kohl’s is having a Flash Sale with 20% off your purchase with code SAVE. It’s a great time to shop for something festive to bring all the fall vibes into your home.


Oh, and you can take an extra 15% off your purchase of $100+ at Kohl’s with the code CATCH15OFF.

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I’ve created a shopping widget below with all of these and other warm and inviting fall home accessories from Kohl’s. Thank you so much for stopping in today!

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Blessed for My Day

Sometimes I’m guilty of working myself into a tizzy as I’m preparing for the arrival of guests. But that’s usually for one of two reasons. Either I haven’t planned and prepared well enough in advance, so I’m dashing about at the last minute trying to do things that should have been done well in advance. Or my focus is in the wrong place.

What’s the wrong focus? I’ve discovered that when I’m set on impressing my guests or trying to wow them with something – my decorations or cooking or home – rather than simply helping them to feel welcomed and comfortable, I get more and more flustered as the time for their arrival approaches. But when I go about all the preparation with a heart for serving, I don’t experience that panicky build-up. Instead, I feel joyful as I anticipate ways to put my guests at ease from the moment they walk in the door until they leave. I consider things like pointing out the powder room as they enter, taking their coat and bag and letting them know where it will be if they need it, and giving them something to drink and nibble on while we settle in. Let’s remember that hospitality is a lovely way to minister to someone if we focus on them rather than ourselves.

Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. ~ 1 Peter 4:9

xoxo, Kay
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12 thoughts on “Warm & Inviting Fall Home Accessories from Kohl’s

    1. Hello Jane. Yes, it’s from Kohl’s and it is linked in the post under the first photo and it’s also in the shopping widget.

  1. I really like your blouse today you look so pretty. I enjoyed your fall touches to your home. The round table is really cute. Safe travels and try to relax. You seem stressed out.

  2. Pretty fall decor, pretty blouse and if you ever want to share that delicious sounding soup recipe, we’re all ears (or eyes as the case may be)

  3. Kay – If you don’t mind me asking, where did you find your round dining table/chairs? I have been looking for something similar for a while.

  4. Upon your receiving guests, really appreciate your recommendations for pointing out powder room, coat drop off and purse placement. So considerate of others and shows one’s nature to be thinking of the other person.. Thank you for reminding me how these small gestures can put people at ease and show your care for them.

  5. Thanks, Kay! Love the placemats – the table runner in that pattern will work well for my kitchen table. Have a great day! Lisa

  6. I’m having my daughter and her family come to stay for a week and many relatives will also be visiting to see them so the timing of this blog post is perfect. Your remarks are spot on…I won’t be so stressed if I’m well prepared and remember that I am there to serve my guests and make them feel welcome.
    I’ve just recently discovered you and I’m really enjoying your blog, emails, and videos. I’ve ordered several outfits and have loved them all. I hope you continue this for a long time as I’m having so much fun. Thank you!

  7. Hi Kay, i love the shirt you’re wearing in this post. have you shown it elsewhere? Would you please send a link or let me know where it’s been posted earlier. Those aren’t necessarily my “colors” but it’s very beautiful and a nice addition for Fall. Thanks! XOXO

    1. Hi Nancy. I linked the blouse in the caption of the first photo and it’s in the shopping widget at the end of the post.

  8. You mentioned some enticing food combinations for your guests. If you had a recipe (s) to share, that would be great. I have recently felt convicted of choosing to not open my home up to guests because of prideful reasons such as my home is not as up to date as others or it’s just a small country home. God is convicting me that the ministry of love and sharing is far more important than my prideful attitudes. Now I’m learning and growing on the aspect of planning ahead and not being flustered when the time draws near. Perfection is an unattainable pie in the sky notion after all.