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Try-On Sessions: Gap & Chico’s

October 16, 2019

Happy hump day! I’m a little late getting today’s post up because I was worn out from trying on clothes when got home last night. Ha! But I think I have some wonderful selections from Gap and Chico’s to share with you today. Let’s check out yesterday’s try-on sessions.

gap and Chicos Try-On Session


I’m 5’8″ and weigh about 150. I have an X or hourglass shape and fairly even proportions. I generally wear smalls or maybe mediums in shirts, tops, dresses, coats, etc. I almost always take an 8 in pants, skirts or dresses. But I often wear a 6 in jeans.

At Gap I generally take a small in t-shirts and my usual size 8 in pants and jeans. I often need a small or 6 in jackets. At Chico’s I have worn size .5 (or a 6) in some of their pants, but I generally feel better in a 1 (or size 8). I usually wear a 0 in their tops and jackets and dresses, however.

I’ll let you know if things run true to size and what size I’m wearing in the photos. But if you have any additional questions about fit, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.


First up at Gap, I tried on some flare cut jeans. I appreciate that these modern looking jeans have a high waist and a wide hem. These had a regular inseam, but they’re available in a short and long inseam, as well as tall and petite sizing. I would probably prefer the long inseam so I could wear them with higher heels, but these are a nice length for a 1″ or lower heel with my 5’8″ frame.

Gap Try-On Session
High Rise Flare Jeans with Secret Smoothing Pockets (wearing 29, TTS) // Featherweight Long Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt (wearing small, TTS) // circle buckle belt (alternative) (wearing medium, TTS) // shoes (Sperry, not from Gap, TTS)

Please forgive the trashy tag look at the waist. I wanted to try the pants with this circle buckle belt and of course they always have lots of tags and security tags on them. I’m wearing the belt in a medium and it fits well.

Finally, I tried a featherweight long sleeve crewneck t-shirt just because I’m needing a few of these. I’m wearing a small and I do like this shirt. It’s a nice weight for layering under things. The t-shirt is available in seven colors and in petite, tall and regular sizing. It’s a nice price, too.

Gap Try-On Session
Print Ruffle Collar Split-Neck Blouse // High Rise Flare Jeans with Secret Smoothing Pockets (wearing 29, TTS) // circle buckle belt (alternative) (wearing medium, TTS)

I love this ruffle collar blouse. It comfortable, so soft and has a nice drape. You could wear it untucked if you prefer. But I knew I would need to tuck it with these particular jeans. It’s available in a blue print as well.

Next, I just added Gap’s Modern Wool-Blend Blazer in camel. I’m wearing a size 8, but I might should have tried a 6. The blazer is a nice weight and structure if you’re looking for a camel jacket.

Gap Try-On Session
Modern Wool-Blend Blazer // Print Ruffle Collar Split-Neck Blouse // High Rise Flare Jeans with Secret Smoothing Pockets (wearing 29, TTS) // circle buckle belt (alternative) (wearing medium, TTS) // shoes (Sperry, not from Gap, TTS)

I didn’t especially want skinny jeans, but I was drawn to the camo and leopard print version of these jeans. So I tried them. I tried the 29 (8) in both, but would need to size up to the 30 (10) in these. I do like these leopard print jeans, but I’d prefer a looser fit. They’re available in regular, tall and petite.

Gap Try-On Session
Leopard Print True Skinny Ankle Jeans (wearing 29, need 30) // Gap Denim Western Shirt (wearing small, might prefer medium for chest area) // shoes (Sperry, not from Gap, TTS)

I’d probably also prefer a medium in the Gap Denim Western Shirt instead of the small I’m wearing. It pulled a little across the chest, and I’m not even large in that area. It’s supposed to be tailored and form fitting, but that button area would make me feel uncomfortable, I think.

I tried the skinny jeans in camo, too. I wish I’d had the 30 to try, but the sales associates were busy and few that day. And I didn’t feel like getting dressed to go get another pair.

High Rise True Skinny Ankle Jeans in Camo // Plaid Flannel Shirt // shoes (Sperry, not from Gap, TTS)

This Plaid Flannel Shirt is amazingly soft and comfortable. Often flannel shirts feel tight and uncomfortable to me, but I really like this one. And it’s available in so many nice color combinations and plaids. I’m wearing a small.

Here’s a shopping widget for all of the clothes I tried on at Gap. Right now they have prices marked down throughout the store up to 60% off. PLUS ONLINE ONLY you can get an EXTRA 10% OFF with code GETMORE. Please note, I added the prices to this widget, but they’re not always right. (That’s why I usually leave them off.) And when they say sold out, that’s likely not true either. Click through for more accurate information.


I was actually quite pleased with the few things I had time to try on at Chico’s. Everything fit beautifully and felt like such high quality. And right now you can use code 78344 to get 40% OFF YOUR PURCHASE at Chico’s.

My very first experience with Chico’s years ago was with their Zenergy line. I was looking for something sharp and classy but also relaxed and sporty to wear on a vacation to Seattle in the summer. I absolutely loved the athleisure styled clothes I bought in that line that year. And I was equally impressed with the ones I tried on yesterday.

I especially like these black Zenergy Neema Utility Pants. They move with you so easily and stay sleek and sharp looking with wear. I appreciate the ankle length and the banded, elasticized cuff. Plus there are plenty of pockets. I’m wearing the 1, true to size.

Chicos Try-On Session
Zenergy Neema Utility Pants // Zenergy Crushed Floral Top // Zenergy UPF Neema Knit-Inset Jacket

I topped the pants with this Zenergy Crushed Floral Top . It’s lightweight (as are the pants, by the way) and features 3/4 length sleeves. I think it looks so sharp with the black pants and this Zenergy UPF Neema Knit-Inset Jacket.

Granted these pieces aren’t necessarily winter friendly, but they are essentials if you live in a milder climate or plan to travel somewhere with warmer temps. Honestly, I love so many of the Zenergy pieces, but I always prefer to stick with the classic looking solids like these.

I also love this next chic look. I’m wearing the So Slimming Sophia Slim Ankle Pants in black, size 1 (in other stores, 8M). These are great pants. If I didn’t already have great black pants, I would definitely have bought these. I love the slender fit, but they’re not tight or clingy.

Chicos Try-On Session
So Slimming Sophia Slim Ankle Pants in black, size 1 // black rain trench coat with leopard print trim, size 1, TTS // Ribbed Mock-Neck Tank in dusty cedar, size 0 // animal print y-necklace

Of course, in the photos above, I was really showing off the black rain trench coat with leopard print trim. This is such a sharp looking little rain jacket. You can see it belted below.

Chicos Try-On Session
So Slimming Sophia Slim Ankle Pants in black, size 1 // black rain trench coat with leopard print trim, size 1, TTS // Ribbed Mock-Neck Tank in dusty cedar, size 0 – I have the jacket belted open, but it closes and buttons quite nicely.

I simply slipped on the Ribbed Mock-Neck Tank in dusty cedar to have something to pair the jacket with. Hahaha! But this little sleeveless mock-neck tank is perfect for layering if you’re in need of such a piece. It’s lightweight and available in several shades. I’m wearing a 0.

Chicos Try-On Session
So Slimming Sophia Slim Ankle Pants in black, size 1 // No Iron Sateen Striped Wing-Collar Shirt , size 0 // animal print y-necklace // Convertible Quilted Stud Bag

Isn’t this No Iron Sateen Striped Wing-Collar Shirt smart? It feels crisp, but soft. And I know it won’t wrinkle. I like the contrasting fabric under the sleeves that makes cuffing so chic.

Chico’s definitely does accessories well. This animal print y-necklace is actually reversible and can be worn several ways. And I would have come home with this Convertible Quilted Stud Bag if I could have justified another animal print or black bag. If you’re wanting to add a leopard print to your wardrobe, this Convertible Quilted Stud Bag is a perfect choice. You can convert the bag to a cross body by sliding the chain all the way through.

Chicos Try-On Session
So Slimming Sophia Slim Ankle Pants in black, size 1 // Ribbed Mock-Neck Tank in dusty cedar, size 0 // Animal-Print Jacquard Moto Jacket

This Animal-Print Jacquard Moto Jacket is another fun and versatile way to add some animal print to your wardrobe. It would look great with jeans, too. I’m wearing a 0 and it’s ample roomy.

Next I switched black pants. Below you’ll see the So Slimming Juliet Ankle Pants . These fit closer to the leg, more snug. But if your legs are not as thick as mine, they’ll probably look a little better. I prefer the Sophias above for my build. I’m wearing a 1 in the So Slimming Juliet Ankle Pants.

Chicos Try-On Session
Half-Button Denim Shirt // So Slimming Juliet Ankle Pants

I think I would have preferred this Half-Button Denim Shirt in a 1; I’m wearing a small. Also, check out this shirt on the website to see it worn differently. The sales lady took this one from a display and it was tied, so I needed to wear it that way, too, since it was quite rumpled at the hem. If you can’t tell, the shirt is grey. So I thought it would pair nicely with this Faux-Fur Animal-Print Coat.

Faux-Fur Animal-Print Coat // Half-Button Denim Shirt // So Slimming Juliet Ankle Pants

This Faux-Fur Animal-Print Coat is yummy and chic. It’s soft and light to mid-weight. The coat’s a little pricey, but remember you can use code 78344 to get 40% OFF YOUR PURCHASE at Chico’s.

I’m including a shopping widget with the items I tried at Chico’s. Once again, don’t trust the prices or the “sold out” notification. Click through for more accurate information. If I left out something size-wise, please let me know. I try these clothes on with you in mind, so I want to provide all the helpful information I can.

Thanks so much for stopping in at Dressed for My Day today. I hope you have a lovely day, dear gal.

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8 thoughts on “Try-On Sessions: Gap & Chico’s

  1. ” have worn size .5 (or a 6) in some of their pants, but I generally feel better in a 1 (or size 8).” Can I just say how annoying I find this? It’s already so hard to find garments that are true-to-size. (You can go to three stores, try on a size 10 garment, and it’ll fit you three different ways). It’s even harder to get it right when stores try and get creative with their own numbering system. It’s also insulting to women who have more challenging figures. For me, I know I’m in the plus-sized arena. When stores think they need to make me feel better about something I don’t feel bad about (my size), by telling me I’m a 4.2 when I know darn well I’m an 18 it grates on me.

    Not your fault, Kay! I love your style ideas and the variety of looks you share. I just had to vent.

    1. Ha! I totally get it. I wonder if maybe Chico’s is considering going to the normal sizing numbers because they now have both sizes on most of their garments. But I’m totally with you. I was thinking those very things yesterday as I was trying on clothes at Gap. I’m pretty consistent at Chico’s, but I was way off at Gap yesterday. Sometimes their clothes are truly enormous on me and other times they fit. But yesterday everything was tight. Come on. Just be consistent! I totally agree!!

  2. Hi Kay! Chico’s is my go-to online shopping site! Love your choices! The clothes I’ve purchased from Chico’s remain trendy and last me for several years. Aren’t their accessories so nice?! – Thank you for the self-affirming scripture. ~ xo

  3. I’m late to comment on this post, but have to say the Gap clothes are just ok. But you can really tell a difference, just in your pics, of the quality advantage Chicos has over Gap. Everything you tried on at Chicos looked really good and seemed to fit you well. Plus, being a big fan of Chicos, I can say most of the time, their sizes are TTS.