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3 Jewelry Trends to Enjoy this Fall & Winter

October 15, 2019

Today let’s look at 3 fashion jewelry trends that are peaking this fall and winter. These are fun jewelry trends that can help keep your classic looks more modern and even a little edgy, if desired. Or, if you choose the right pieces, the jewelry can elevate a look so that you appear more elegant and chic.

3 Jewelry Trends to Enjoy this Fall and Winter

Here are just a few of the fashion jewelry trends I’m drawn to this fall and winter.

Fashion Rings

My daughter has been wearing rings on most every finger for years. And while, I generally just wear my one silver adorned hearts ring on my right hand, I’m considering purchasing a gold fashion ring or two to begin interchanging with it.

Jewelry Rings
top left around clockwise: Luna Set of 3 Rings // Tory Burch Kira Logo Ring // Crystal Enamel Ring by Argento Vivo // Nordstrom Pave Eternity Band // Kendra Scott Collins Cocktail Ring

You can get pretty fashion rings or stackable sets for around $30-90, depending on the type and brand. I’m especially drawn to the cubic zirconia rings, like this eternity ring, to add just a touch of tasteful bling to dressier outfits.

I also love this stackable luna set for more everyday wear.

Bold but Classic Earrings

Because I’ve taken to wearing more dainty necklaces, I enjoy adding rather bold earrings to my looks. But I’ve just never gravitated toward what I call the “fuzzy earrings.” As much as I love them on other women, I just don’t seem to be able to confidently wear a pair of fringy thread earrings. You probably have personal preferences like that, too, huh.

from top left around clockwise: Halogen® Abstract Metal Leaf Drop Earrings \\ Halogen® Resin Drop Earrings // Halogen® Rippled Teardrop Earrings // Jules Smith Imitation Coin Pearl Drop Earrings // Akola Meriah Statement Drop Earrings

So I love that there are currently so many large, modern looking gold and silver earrings to choose from. I also like the acrylic or resin earrings if they are still fairly pared down and fuss-free.

Wearing large but simple earrings elevates a look instantly. Choose earrings with clean lines and simple construction for the most chic look.


Pretty brooches continue to show up in chic looks this fall and winter. You can wear them on your coat or jacket lapel. But you can also add a few at a time to your belt loop area of your pants or on one side of your chest on a pretty dress or sweater. Of course, you can also use a pretty brooch to complete a scarf.

Jewelry brooches
from top left around clockwise: Multicolored Hummingbird Flower Brooch // Marks and Spencer Dog Brooch // Banana Republic Avocado Brooch // Banana Republic Zebra Brooch // Banana Republic Pear Brooch

I think the best way to wear a brooch and keep your look contemporary and youthful is to select a very fun, even somewhat whimsical brooch. While more formal brooches are certainly beautiful and acceptable, the more artsy looking pin will translate into a more current look.

What do you think? Are you looking for new jewelry pieces to help keep your looks current and fun? Are you adding color or shine with rings, earrings or brooches? I’d love to hear about your favorite jewelry trends today, too.

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13 thoughts on “3 Jewelry Trends to Enjoy this Fall & Winter

  1. Thank you Kay … even tho you DO NOT know me you still say Good Morning Sweet Betty. That little phrase has helped me so much … even tho you DO NOT know me. Your inspirational words are also helping, PLUS all the fashion advice that is helping me think through new wardrobe choices. Have a wonderful day for yourself and thanks.

    1. Ahh, I’m so glad you enjoy the emails. It’s a small thing really, but my mother taught me over and over for years that people love to hear their names. She said it made us feel significant and special. I think that’s so true. I try to call people by name when I see them because she encouraged me to as a child. But sometimes that gets me into trouble! Sometimes I blurt out the wrong name! Ha! Fortunately, that shouldn’t happen in the emails. Hahahah! Anyhow, thanks for sharing…and for subscribing!

  2. Thanks for the link to the free workouts. I work out at home, and I am always looking for new ideas (I hate to work out so anything to motivate me, and new videos and ideas are great.)
    I have short hair, and I find that larger earrings look too “forced” at my age (65). I don’t seem to be wearing any hoops these days, just studs. Is that just me?

    1. Hi Arna. I definitely think you should wear whatever you’re feeling comfortable with these days. But sometimes we just get used to ourselves in certain things and then when we try something new or out of the box it feels awkward. I think I do wear a lot of hanging earrings because my hair is a little longer and I want them to be seen. But if studs are your preference, maybe consider trying some just a tad larger for a while and see how you feel about them. But whatever you choose, wear what you enjoy!

      1. You are so right. I have been following you, Cyndi Spivey and Jo-Lynne, and I am definitely pushing myself out of my comfort box to find a new comfort zone. Thank you.

  3. I have always loved broaches! I still have some from my youth that I occasionally pull out. I also enjoy looking for them in vintage stores when I go junktiquing! I like wearing them on my jean jacket, too. Great conversational pieces!

  4. I need more help with broaches. Can you style some, please. I look at them in my jewellery box but just can’t figure out how to wear them without looking matronly.

  5. I needed to hear your message today. I had a light stroke a month or so ago and I am forgetting everything! I feel like such a failure. Please pray my memory gets better. Forgetting has made me VERY depressed, like I can;t be responsible for anythin g and I was always the person who could be counted on. Makes me so angry at myself. This morning I forgot a hair appointment! I hate3d it for my dear hairdresser. who I have had for 30years plus. She is a sweetheart and will brush it off like nothing, but it hurts me!

    1. Janice, I will keep you in my prayers! I will ask God to help you not be so hard on yourself about forgetting things. I have a paper calendar that I rely on heavily or I would forget appointments. And at times I will put a note to myself on the fridge.

    2. Hello Janice. I’m so sorry to hear about your struggles. I know this must be a very hard season for you. Please press on and know that, while life may have changed in some ways, you are still an amazing, wonderful person. I’m sure the people in your life do not feel like you are a failure. Instead, they are probably amazed and thankful for any progress you’ve made. Be patient with yourself. Little steps of progress are a big deal after a stroke or any other life-changing event. I’m praying for you to have a full recovery, but even if life is different from here on out, you are significant and beautiful and precious. Don’t let the enemy of your soul tell you otherwise.

  6. Oh my goodness Kay! I love all the trends shown here! I have some vintage brooches I collected a few years back…time to dig those out and enjoy them all over again! – Thank you for the timely scripture! A blessing, as always!

  7. Hi Kay! I had no idea that brooches are back. I definitely like earrings that are on the larger side, that aren’t heavy. I am going to check out the Halogen ones you showed. I hope that you have had a great day! BFMD was spot on!

  8. What a clever post! Thanks! I had the same itch in the last year and purchased two rings for my right hand….first time I’ve added any ring other than my wedding ring. You’ve posted a nice selection.