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Trunk Club Try-On Session

January 19, 2019

Happy Saturday! Is everyone else as antsy for spring as I am? I’m trying desperately not to get too eager because we still have at least 8-10 more weeks of cold weather, and you may have more, depending on where you live.

But for my most recent Trunk Club trunk, I did request to see clothing that I could easily wear now and later in the spring. At this point I have no desire to buy pieces that I’ll only be able to wear another month. So today I’m sharing with you my trunk club try-on session featuring jeans, blouses and trench coats.

Trunk Club Try-On Session featuring jeans, blouses, and  trenches

Before we start

When I publish try-on sessions like this one, I think it’s always beneficial for new and repeat readers alike if I remind you about my sizing. I do this purely so you can gauge the sizes you might need.

I’m 54 years old, 5’8″ and weigh about 148 pounds. I have an X or hourglass shape and I am pretty evenly proportioned. I generally wear, in U.S. sizing, an 8 in pants, a 6 or 8 in jeans (28 or 29), an 8 in dresses and jackets. But, because my shoulders are slightly broad and my arms are long, I sometimes wear a 10 in jackets.

How to get the most of out your Trunk Club experience

I thought I’d also offer you some tips for how to get the most out of your Trunk Club experience today. If you haven’t tried Trunk Club, it is a personal styling service for both men and women. It is a subsidiary of Nordstrom, so the clothing all comes from there. In fact, if you have a Nordstrom credit card, the $25 styling fee is waived. However, if you do have to pay the styling fee, it is applied toward your purchases.

You get to communicate with your personal stylist as much as you’d like, so I suggest you take advantage of that. In fact, create a Pinterest board with your fashion preferences and make that available to her. You can ask for particular types of items or themed trunks. For instance, last month I requested a J. Crew trunk.

Let’s get started with my try-on session and I’ll offer you more Trunk Club optimization tips as I go.

Skinny Jeans & Faux Wrap Blouse

I had asked Shelly for blouses and jeans that could help me transition into spring, which comes fairly early here in Arizona. I also requested trench coats.

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
Faux Wrap Blouse || Ankle Skinny Jeans || Waterproof Booties

These skinny jeans fit me pretty well, and they are a size 8, which is the higher of the two sizes I normally wear. They feel nice on, and have a good amount of stretch. They’re definitely ankle length on me.

I love this faux wrap top, but I just happen to have several similar tops. So I didn’t keep it. I think they’re pretty much out of this particular print, but the shirt comes in several other very nice prints and solids here and here.

Shelly sent me these suede waterproof booties in dark taupe. They come in several other shades and nubuck leather, too. They fit true to size. Honestly, they feel great on. And I would have loved to have kept them. But, while I do need some new booties, I’ve decided to put off purchasing them for now. I want to purchase them when I have the whole season ahead of me.

Trunk Club optimization tip: Trunk Club keeps a record of all my past trunks, including the exact items and sizes I tried. There’s a place on that online record for me to make notations, too. That way if I ever want to buy something by that manufacturer again, I’ll know what sizes worked and didn’t work. I’m also sent a printout of all the items in my trunk and can make notations on that for future reference.

Trench Coat

Trunk Club optimization tip: When the clothing arrives, it is all individually packaged in plastic wraps. Of course, some of it is very wrinkled. I always hang each piece up and steam it before trying on.

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
Trench Coat with detachable liner and hood

I asked for a trench coat because I do think they are classic and smart, and I’d like to have one at my disposal. But, because I won’t wear it often in a season, I’m willing to be very choosy and wait for just the right one to come along. I want a trench coat that will serve me well for years.

I wasn’t crazy about the waterproof shell of this coat. It’s a little too “raincoat-ish” to me. And I want one that looks more like an all-weather coat.

However, this coat does feel great on. I think it’s a little too big, and I’m wearing a medium, which is what I would think I should wear in coats. So maybe it runs a little big. It’s also available in black, which would look smart and dressier.

Skinny Jeans & Floral Jacquard Top

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
ankle skinny jeans || waterproof suede booties || floral jacquard blouse || bar pendant necklace

The jeans in the photo above are a different pair from the previous picture. These jeans are a little pricier, and I did find them a bit more comfortable. But I don’t know that they are significantly more comfortable, enough to justify the higher price. And again, I already have two pairs of good skinny jeans, so I just didn’t need these.

This floral jacquard blouse is delightful, and it’s available in several other beautiful shades. My favorite, besides this one, is the burgundy plum. I’m wearing the small and it fits true to size.

I also put on this bar pendant necklace at this point. I LOVE this necklace. It looks so dainty and contemporary. And it falls at a nice place where I’m in need of a necklace to wear. It doesn’t seem to be available in gold anymore, but they still have it in silver. And you can also get the gold with rainbow crystals.

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
bar pendant necklace || floral jacquard blouse || skinny jeans

Trunk Club optimization tip: When I receive jewelry like this from Trunk Club, I always wear it around the house for a few hours to see how it feels and performs on.

Skinny Jeans and Classic White Shirt

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
skinny jeans || suede waterproof booties || classic white shirt

I just wasn’t very impressed with this classic white shirt at all. (I’m not very impressed with my photograph either, ha!) It’s just too thin for my liking. I’d definitely have to wear a camisole under it, and it’s not worth that to me. The shirt does come in black as well, so maybe that would be a different story.

Bootleg Jeans and Black Blouse

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
black pleat blouse || bootleg jeans || leopard print block heels

I was thrilled to try on these bootleg jeans and find that they were long enough to accommodate my long legs and my almost 4″ heels. With heels on, they come to just within 1/2″ of the floor. Perfect.

This is exactly how long I want my bootleg jeans to be with heels.

Trunk Club optimization tip: I always try on the pieces I receive from Trunk Club with every pair of shoes I might possibly want to wear them with. Shoes can completely change the look of an outfit.

By the way, my Sam Edelman Halton block heel leopard print pumps, a favorite purchase from a previous Trunk Club trunk, are available at Sam Edelman right now for a reduced price, and you can take another 30% off with code WINTERSAM30.

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
bootleg jeans || black pleat blouse || black micro suede pumps || leopard print belt

Here I front tucked this black pleat blouse and added my leopard print belt. So I tried the jeans with my black pumps, and the hem length was still great.

Trunk Club optimization tip: Don’t forget to add accessories when trying on your loot from your trunk. That’s one of the perks of shopping at home!

By the way, this black blouse is a winner. I’m wearing a small and it fits nicely. The only problem is I can’t find that it’s available in black anymore. It is, however, available in a number of other nice colors and prints.

Bootleg Jeans & Chambray Shirt

This next piece is my favorite.

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
bootleg jeans || chambray shirt || leopard print block heel pumps

I think I’ll be reaching for this chambray shirt again and again. It’s lightweight and has a classic cut. Nothing trendy about this piece, just timeless, casual and comfortable. I’m wearing the small and it fits perfectly. In fact, sometimes I have troubles with structured blouses being tight in the arms, but this one is not.

Plaid Trench Coat

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
bootleg jeans || chambray shirt || plaid trench coat || leopard print block heel pumps

I liked this trench coat as a trendy, second coat. But it’s not what I’m looking for. It does fit true to size or maybe a touch large; I’m wearing a small. And I think it looks really smart with jeans, the chambray shirt and my leopard print pumps.

This coat also comes in a different color set at a significantly reduced price.

Chambray Shirt with other pants

Trunk Club optimization tip: Once you think you might want to keep a piece or two, be sure to look for other things in your closet you might want to wear them with. I stick with my shopping rules even when shopping with Trunk Club. If I can’t wear it with multiple other things already hanging in my closet, I don’t buy it.

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
chambray shirt || comfort stretch denim jeggings in merlot || leopard print block heel pumps

When I decided I wanted to keep the chambray shirt, I tried it with a couple of other pairs of pants. I also added in other accessories, such as scarves, necklaces and belts.

Trunk Club optimization tip: Your stylist will give you recommendations of how to mix and match the pieces she or he sends. Use those! Here, Shelly recommended I try the chambray shirt with my wonderstretch straight leg pants I had purchased from a previous trunk. I liked that she was helping me fit this new item into my existing wardrobe.

Trunk Club Try-On Session January 2019
chambray shirt || wonderstretch straight leg pants in black || leopard print flats (similar)

Trunk Club optimization tip: You have up to five calendar days before you have to return your trunk. Use that time! I usually unpack my box one evening and hang up the pieces. I steam the items before trying them on and go ahead and schedule the pick-up for my return trunk. I try the items on the next day and make initial decisions. But I wait until the third or fourth day before I make final decisions.

It was especially fun deciding which pieces to keep this time because I have some referral credits to spend. Yippee! I ended up only keeping the chambray shirt. I’ll enjoy wearing it with colored jeans, white jeans and pants, blue jeans, cords and my black pants. I love the bootleg jeans, but decided to keep looking a bit. And I’m kinda regretting returning the necklace now. Oh, well.

Trunk Club optimization tip: It’s not just bloggers who can earn referral credits. Anyone can share their referral link with a friend through an email or with the world wide web on Facebook. With each referral who purchases something through your link, you’ll receive a $50 credit!

If you’d like to give Trunk Club a try, but still have questions, let me know. I’d be glad to answer anything I can. But you’ll also find a wealth of information at their website. I find Trunk Club is a great way to try develop your own sense of your style while being led by a professional stylist to try new things.

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Blessed for My Day

Do you have friends who are older and younger than you? I have to say, I really enjoy my time with both older and younger women. There’s so much to be gained either way.

From my older friends I learn wisdom. But from my younger friends I am gain perspective, too. They remind me to be grateful for the journey the Lord has brought me through thus far. They keep me current, too. I like to think that I contribute something to my older and younger friends, but mainly I like to listen when I’m in their presence.

In the same way, older women are to be reverent in behavior, not slanderers, not addicted to much wine. They are to teach what is good, so they may encourage the young women to love their husbands and to love their children, to be self-controlled, pure, homemakers, kind, and submissive to their husbands, so that God’s message will not be slandered. ~ Titus 2:3-5

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7 thoughts on “Trunk Club Try-On Session

  1. I always enjoy these try-on sessions. I think you should have keep the bootleg jeans. They looked awesome on you! You have me thinking that I need a chambray shirt. The “Blessed for My Day” was wonderful!

    1. I probably should have kept the jeans. ? But I’m trying to be very scrutinizing these days. Becoming a style blogger has made it TOO easy for me to add things I don’t really need or wear. So since they weren’t marked down any I decided to wait. I know where they are!! ?

  2. I am late reading this post because I am a care giver on weekends. But I loved your Trunk Club showing. Especially the black blouse with leopard belt. Also like the tan trench coat. Everything looks good on you, chambray denim shirt – so South Western. I live in San Diego and there are some days that scream Western! It has been cold here for a month so I have been wearing a lot of sweaters with boots to keep warm. I have a pair of leopard wedge boots from last winter and they are getting a lot of use!

  3. Love these trunk club posts. When the boot cut jeans are marked down you should totally get them. They look fabulous on you. 🙂

  4. I just loved those bootleg jeans on you!! Your legs look a mile long! I also love these try on sessions so thank you!