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Trunk Club Try-On Session: Fitness + PJs

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April 8, 2019

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you had a beautiful spring weekend. Today I’m sharing my April Trunk Club try-on session. I asked for a trunk with workout clothing and shoes, bralettes and pajamas. I also received one piece of jewelry in this trunk. It’s a fun one, y’all!

Trunk Club Try On Session Featuring Workout Clothing, PJs, bralettes and jewelry

Before we start…

When I publish try-on sessions like this one, I think it’s always beneficial for new and repeat readers alike if I remind you about my sizing. I do this purely so you can gauge the sizes you might need.

I’m 55 years old, 5’8″ and weigh about 150 pounds. I have an X or hourglass shape and I am pretty evenly proportioned. I generally wear, in U.S. sizing, an 8 in pants, a 6 or 8 in jeans (28 or 29), an 8 in dresses and jackets. But, because my shoulders are slightly broad and my arms are long, I sometimes wear a 10 in jackets. I wear a 9.5 regular width shoe. In pajamas I often wear a small and in athletic clothing I generally size up to a medium or even a large.

About Trunk Club

If you haven’t tried Trunk Club, it is a personal styling service for both men and women. It is a subsidiary of Nordstrom, so the clothing all comes from there. In fact, if you have a Nordstrom credit card, the $25 styling fee is waived. However, if you do have to pay the styling fee, it is applied toward your purchases.

You get to communicate with your personal stylist as much as you’d like, so I suggest you take advantage of that. In fact, create a Pinterest board with your fashion preferences and make that available to her. You can ask for particular types of items or themed trunks. For instance, this month I asked Shelly for a trunk with athletic wear and some pajamas.

Trunk Club makes it so easy to try new fashions that you might not would take into a fitting room yourself. The shipping is free both ways, and you have plenty of time to try on and review all the pieces you receive before returning or purchasing. Of all the new services and shopping experiences I’ve tried since starting this style blog, Trunk Club is my favorite and the one I recommend with the highest confidence.

Let’s See What I Got

With this trunk I was given the opportunity to add on a few items once my trunk was packed by my stylist. I was able to choose from some lingerie and jewelry, I believe. So I added some Gorjana hoop earrings and a couple of bralettes.

Trunk Club Try On Session April bralettes
SPANX Bra-llelujah! Bralette // Halogen Seamless Day Bra

Of course I won’t be showing you the bralettes on me! Ha! But both are very comfortable. Shelly sent me a small in both and I think if I keep one I’ll probably return it for a medium. I prefer the fit and feel of the Spanx bralette, but I like the racerback feature of the Halogen seamless day bra. As I mentioned in my post last week about spring undergarment essentials, I think having one or two of these in your drawers is such a lifesaver.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
Gorjana G Ring Hoops // Gorjana Mini Chloe Strand necklace // Gorjana Palm necklace // Gap vintage wash v-neck t-shirt in belle pink

The necklaces and shirt in the photo above are ones I already own, but I provided links in the caption in case you’re interested. I do love these earrings. They are surprisingly very light weight. And I think the rough hammered finish gives them a modern vibe.

I haven’t decided if I’m keeping the earrings, but I really love them. In fact, I haven’t decided at all what I’m keeping from this trunk. Maybe you gals can help me with that!

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
J.Crew Floral Print Pajamas – wearing a size medium

I do love these soft floral shorty pajamas. They’re a medium and I often wear a small in pajamas, so maybe size up if you like a roomier fit. They’re definitely on the roomy end, but not overly large on me. These 100% cotton pjs are also available in an ivory with tiny flowers.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019

Of course I don’t usually do a front tuck with my pjs. Ha! But I wanted you to be able to see the top of the shorts.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
Moonlight short pajamas in navy peacoat – size medium

These 95% modal/5% spandex pajamas are very comfy, but I feel like something is lost on me here. Maybe they’re just too big. These pjs also come in black and a pink print.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019

You can see in the above photo that the shorts in this pj set are considerably shorter. And I think they get lost under the top. But maybe if they fit better they wouldn’t. I’ve seen other bloggers show these pajamas, and they look darling. So if you have a longer torso they would probably also fit better.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
Zella Live In High Waist Print Crop Leggings (size M) // Zella Intention Tank (size S) // Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 running shoe

I asked for some workout clothes for spring, both leggings and shorts. While I have Zella athleisure joggers, I’d never tried any of the Zella leggings. Y’all! These Live In high waist leggings feel so yummy on. They do provide firm shaping for support, but they feel so effortless…like you don’t have anything on!

At first I didn’t like the fact that these high waist leggings are white. I felt like I might look like a big white elephant in them. (Yeah. I think things like that about myself, too.) But after looking at these pictures, I don’t think I look like a large zoo animal at all. Huh. We’ll see. They sure are comfy.

The Zella Intention Tank is comfortable and light weight. But I’m not thinking I need it. If you are in need of running tanks like this, it’s is definitely worth consideration.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
Zella High Waist Print Crop Legging (size M) // Oiselle Flyout Tank (size 6) // Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 Running shoe (size 9.5) in pure platinum/wolf grey

I just noticed that this Oiselle Flyout Tank is a size 6. I think that explains why it’s a little snug on me. It doesn’t feel tight at all, and it is supposed to fit close to the body. But if I keep it (and I definitely may) I’ll exchange it for the 8. This tank is a beautiful pastel color with little flecks of smoke grey in it. And it feels amazing. Like the Zella leggings, you hardly know you have it on.

(By the way, I just have on one of the bralettes under all these athletic wear looks. I’m not wearing my sports bra in any of these.)

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
Oiselle Flyout Tank in size 6 // Oiselle Roga Floral Print Shorts in size 8 // APL TechLoom Phantom Running Shoe in sea salt

I’d never even heard of Oiselle before, much less tried any of their products on. Have you? Any how, both the tank and the shorts fit beautifully and feel so very comfortable. And I love that they have a built in liner panty. It doesn’t even mention that on the website, so now you know. I sometimes struggle with finding athletic wear that doesn’t feel tight and binding. But both of these pieces feel so nice on. I’m really impressed. And I definitely am considering purchasing both pieces.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
Zella Strength Racerback Tank in size S // Sweaty Betty Challenge Run Shorts in size M // APL TechLoom Phantom Running Shoe in 9.5

While this Zella racerback tank is definitely soft, light weight and easy to wear, I didn’t find it to be anything special. It does come in black and a vintage blue that I think might be a nice choice. I’m wearing the small and I think the size is fine.

I wanted to like these Sweaty Betty running shorts because, well, because I like the name! Ha! Sweaty Betty. I just like saying that. Plus, I am a bit of a sweaty Betty when I run. Hehehe! But, alas, they’re a bit short on me. I would want the undershort to be a bit longer. And maybe a little roomier. Or maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about. But they didn’t feel all that comfortable on me.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
APL TechLoom Phantom running shoe

Okay. Let’s talk about these shoes. These APL TechLoom Phantom running shoes are evidently made famous by the likes of the Kardashians, whom I know nothing about, so that doesn’t really impress me. However, they are very lightweight, beautiful shoes. And they’re quire comfortable…once you get them on your feet.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019

I had to use a shoe horn to get them on because they don’t have a true tongue, so they don’t widen up when you unlace them a little. They go on more like a sock. Plus, the laces are supposed to be tucked inside. I found that quite uncomfortable and hard to manage.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019

So my quick assessment of these shoes is that they feel good on, but they’re difficult to get on. They’re beautiful, but I’m not sure they’re practical for me. And they’re quite pricey for me, too.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
Zella Live In Pocket 7/8 Leggings (size M) in blue // Sweaty Betty Double Time Seamless Tank // Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 Running Shoe

Here are another pair of great Zella leggings. These Live In pocket 7/9 leggings fit dreamy, too. And these were the ones I was most likely to get until I looked at the photos today. I do still like them, but I only need one pair, and the white ones are pulling me in.

I’m not a big fan of the double time seamless tank (it’s two tanks in one package, really). It fits fine and looks okay, it’s just not calling my name.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
Zella Live In Pocket 7/8 Leggings (size M) // Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 Running Shoes in pure platinum/wolf grey

The above photo shoes how nicely these leggings fit. No gaping, whiskering or binding. If you’re looking for good exercise leggings, you really might want to give these a try. Yeah, they cost more than the ones I’ve bought previously at Marshalls, but I’m learning you do get what you pay for in exercise clothing just like everything else. And as much as I wear these, they might be worth it to me.

About the shoes. These Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 running shoes are actually a lot like the APLs. They, too, fit like a sock. They don’t have a true tongue, so I had to use a shoe horn to get them on as well. I’m not a fan of that. But if you don’t mind working to get them on, they do fit like a dream. And I imagine they would run pretty well, too.

Trunk Club Try On Session April 2019
Oiselle Flyout Tank // Oiselle Roga Floral Print Shorts // Nike running shoes

So as of yesterday afternoon this was the pairing I had kinda settled on. And I still like these floral print shorts and flyout tank, but I think I’d want to size up in the tank. However, I’m also strongly considering the Zella leggings, but I don’t know which pair I’ll go with.

What do you think? Feel free to weigh in.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking to refresh your spring workout wardrobe, you might want to shop some of these items. I really like all of them. Yeah, I don’t think the shoes are for me, but they do feel nice on and look oh so pretty. If that’s your jam, go for it. I think they’re beautiful. And they’d be really cute with shorts or joggers this summer.


Thanks so much for dropping in today. If you have any questions about the items featured in this post, please let me know.

And if you haven’t tried Trunk Club yet, girl, you need to do that! They make the whole process so easy and fun. They even send you the tape to re-tape the box and help you schedule the UPS pickup. But most importantly, I think the program helps you explore new clothing options you wouldn’t have necessarily considered otherwise. Give it a try here.

One more thing!! Speaking of all these athletic wear, today begins a new round of FASTer Way to Fat Loss, but it’s not too late to get in on this amazing program if you’re interested. Let me know if you have questions. Or you can read more about my experience here. And you can register for the program TODAY here.

And by the way, I’m signing up for the VIP program, which begins April 8th. I’d love you to join me if you’ve been through 2 rounds of FWTFL already.

Have a blessed and joyful day.

Blessed for My Day

Have you ever been through a season of life in which you knew the prayers of other believers were seeing you through? Maybe the circumstances were weighty, tiring and difficult. Maybe you just couldn’t think clearly enough to pray for yourself, but you knew others were wording prayers for you? Or maybe you just saw amazing things happening before your eyes, evidence that God was at work?

Now consider, are you praying anyone through right now? Has someone asked you to pray for them recently? Or did you mention to someone – someone who was hurting, facing a challenge, needing direction or hoping for healing – that you would pray for them? Why not pause right now to pray for that person or persons. They may be counting on you to voice prayers they just can’t seem to put words to. And they may truly need you to pray them through.

For this reason also, since the day we heard this, we haven’t stopped praying for you. ~ Colossians 1:9a

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13 thoughts on “Trunk Club Try-On Session: Fitness + PJs

  1. Haha I liked just about everything. But Mt favorite was the black and gray double time tank. I loved it for fit, overall look on you.

    1. Huh! Isn’t it funny how other people see us differently than we see ourselves. After a couple of you gals have mentioned liking this double tank I’ve looked back at it and decided i kinda like it, too. We’ll see!

  2. I had a dark time in my life where I couldn’t pray for myself. God whispered my name in some precious people’s ear and prayed me through. Now I am so sensitive to the voice of God when he whispers somebody’s name in my ear.

  3. I appreciated seeing new brands! I too liked the white marble on you. My style would be to get the double layer tank. But I was wondering in your climate if that would be just toooooo hot?? Thanks for sharing your trunk club. It does seem like a fun thing to do!

    1. Yeah, that’s why I don’t really care for the double tank. I love the look, but it seems like overkill in this climate. Thanks for sharing, Kristin!

  4. Hi Kay, I liked all of it, but if it was my trunk, I would keep the j crew floral pajamas, and the double layer tank with the Zella blue leggings. I think they looked the best on you. My daughter, and I have both tried stitch fix, and have not had much luck with our boxes, so maybe will have to try trunk club. Thanks for your sharing, love all of your posts!! Have a blessed day!

    1. Thanks for that. Yes, that helps. I do like those pjs, too. Ugh. Too much to choose from. I tried Stitch Fix, too, but didn’t really like what I was receiving. But I feel like everything I get with Trunk Club is at least quality. Some of it is toooo much quality! But at least it’s good stuff. Also, I do think you have to give a shopping club like this some time. It takes a while for the stylist to pick up on your personal style. Let me know if you try it. Thanks so much!

  5. I like the Zella Live in Pocket 7/8 leggings in blue, Sweaty Betty Double Times Seamless tank, Nike Epic React Flyknit 2 runners shoes. You probably need shorts in Arizona so the Sweaty Betty Challenge Fun shorts and Zella Intention Tank. Does that help you?!
    That was quite a lot to choose from!

    1. Hahaha! I’ll just have to run all that by my hubby and see what he thinks!! Hahaha! Yes, thanks for sharing, really. It’s like having a friend out shopping with me!

  6. The white leggings are the way to go. Look great on you! I have a pair of “no tongue” tennies. They do get better over time, then no shoe horn. I too don’t like the laces inside the shoe. They hurt.

    1. Good to know. Thanks for sharing. I love it when readers share their experience or perspective of something I’ve shown on the blog. Sooo helpful!