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10 Lifestyle Tips to Help You Look Younger

April 6, 2019

Hi gals, and welcome to Dressed for My Day. You’ve probably noticed I like to do things a little differently here on Saturday. Weekends are when I tend to post try-on sessions, Coffee Times, favorites of the month, etc. I did try lots of things on Thursday in a variety of stores, but I didn’t get enough photos of anything I particularly like. So I’m not going that direction today. Instead of clothing, beauty or even strictly fitness, I thought we’d talk a little about lifestyle. I have 10 lifestyle tips to help you look younger.

10 Lifestyle Tips to Help You Look Younger

Now before we start, let’s understand that these are not earth shattering, new tips. Most of these are things we all know we need to do. But maybe we need a reminder of the importance of each of these. And we might need to be reminded that these lifestyle habits not only affect our health or how we feel, but they potentially weigh in on how we look. These are lifestyle habits that truly make us look younger, among other things.

So let’s get started!

#1 – Practice good posture.

Hahaha! I bet I lost some readers right there! Who wants to be reprimanded about their posture? But truly, good posture takes practice, especially as we age. And sitting and standing up straight is a lifestyle habit that profoundly affects our appearance. In this post, 5 Body Parts Making You Look Older than You Are, I share some practical tips for correcting your posture.

#2 – Move a lot every day.

As someone who sits at a desk most of the day, I need to be reminded that moving our bodies intentionally, rhythmically and forcefully is crucial to our well being. While it’s recommended that we get in at least 2.5 hours of cardio per week, we also need to just move some each day.

By getting in some intentional and face-paced cardio each week along with some daily movement, such as a quick stroll around the block, we’ll brighten our skin, keep our weight in check, practice better posture and move more gracefully.

#3 – Drink lots of water.

Look, I’m not going to tell you how much water you should drink. The recommendations are all over the place. But I know most of us need to drink more than we did yesterday. Amen? Water helps with digestion, skin tone, joint condition, vibrancy and overall health.

Especially if we consume any alcohol or caffeine, we need to drink even more water to flush all the impurities and additives through.

#4 – Eat to fuel your body.

I think one of the main benefits I received from going through two rounds of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss is that I developed a food for fuel mindset in place of a food for feelings mentality. Not that I don’t enjoy my food. I definitely do. And I certainly still eat plenty of goodies. But I’ve learned to predominantly consider how I’m fueling my body with what I eat rather than eating to feed my emotions.

I suggest generally eating a balanced diet of 50% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 30% good fats. We need to eat plenty of leafy greens, colorful berries, lean proteins and nutrient rich starches (like sweet potatoes!). These foods truly do affect our appearance. A healthy diet improves our nails, hair, skin, eyes and of course our fat composition.

#5 – Lift heavy.

Lifting weights is not just for the super pumped. When we have a regular weight training routine in place, we improve our strength and vitality, but we also improve our posture, the way our clothes fit and our body composition.

In this post, 15 Reasons Women 50+ Should Lift Weights, I provide all the impetus you’ll need to start lifting regularly.

#6 – Make skin care routine.

Skincare can’t just be an afterthought anymore, ladies. We’re past the luxurious years of just maybe washing our face when we feel like it’s a little grimy. It’s important that we daily cleanse, tone, moisturize, protect with sunscreen and exfoliate our faces and decolletage.

Every woman needs a skincare routine that fits her skin type and lifestyle, but you might want to check out my morning routine and evening skincare routine just for reference.

#7 – Get those ZZZZZs.

Sleep greatly impacts our overall well-being, but also our appearance. Did you know that sleep is even a crucial step in losing weight? Yep, it turns out that if we don’t get enough sleep our bodies begin to fail to respond to insulin level signals. Also, hunger is controlled by two other hormones that respond to sleep cues: leptin and ghrelin. When we don’t get enough sleep those hormones, plus the hormone cortisol, are not produced in the correct amounts and hunger is increased.

Of course, sleep is also for crucial for skin and eye vibrancy and hair production.

But how can you get better sleep? Oh my, that’s another blog post, right? But I simply encourage you to do the research you need to find out how to correct your particular sleep issues. For me, I’ve learned to go to bed at the same time each evening, end the day with reading rather than electronic usage, stop eating at least 3 hours before bedtime and use a fan for white noise.

#8 – Keep learning.

As we age it’s important to keep learning new things. It’s been proven that using our brains to learn new material actually helps ward off dementia and keeps our brains sharper. But what does that have to do with our appearance? When we are conquering new tasks and learning new mental and physical skills, our self-esteem is boosted. Conversely, as we age self-esteem naturally begins to wane. And gals, self confidence is crucial to looking youthful and vibrant. Healthy self confidence helps us maintain better posture, engage with those around us authentically and enthusiastically and simply shine.

#9 – Have some quiet time.

In a world filled with noise – both physical and informational – we do well to seek some time of silent reflection each day. Of course, as a Christian, I suggest spending quiet time with our Maker. In His presence I find perspective, peace and purpose. In His presence I am reminded who He is, who I am and what my role is in this world. And after spending time with Him and in His Word each day I am more prepared to engage with other people gracefully and graciously.

#10 – Smile.

Honestly, nothing makes us look more beautiful or youthful than a genuine smile. While that sounds simple enough, many of us move through our days neglecting this one lifestyle practice. Make sure you take time to smile each day. Read the comics, call your grandchildren on the phone, scroll through pictures of your family on your phone, watch a funny show, have coffee with a lighthearted friend, do whatever it takes…but smile.

A final word.

No, these were not revolutionary tips. You know these things. I know these things. But today I’m encouraging us to really look at that list and consider which of these we know, but don’t do. What one lifestyle tip do you need to take to heart and practice more conscientiously today?

Blessed for My Day

Some days I just feel old. Ha! Last night I had dinner with three of my “young gal” friends. I looked around the table at these vibrant, young women and felt a little out of my league. But then I shifted my thoughts to remember that they appreciate and enjoy what I bring to the table, too. Honestly, I pretty much keep my mouth closed and listen to these gals when I’m with them. I enjoy hearing about their busy, full lives.

But every now and then they turn to me and ask, “What do you think?” And they listen. I’m able to give a little perspective and experience and balance. I do indeed still have something to contribute. You, dear gal, have something to contribute, too. Do not allow your self-esteem to wane because you are growing older. God still has a significant purpose for you. Stay engaged, keep learning, be healthy, show up. You are a woman of influence. And you are beautiful.

I will be the same until your old age, and I will bear you up when you turn gray. I have made you, and I will carry you; I will bear and save you. ~ Isaiah 46:4

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xoxo, Kay
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25 thoughts on “10 Lifestyle Tips to Help You Look Younger

  1. It’s great to be reminded that it’s not necessarily a big change in routines that will keep us looking and feeling our best … so often it’s the simple things that can really add up. After reading these reminders, I immediately rearranged my sitting position while working here at my computer … definitely an area I need to be more mindful of! Thanks, Kay!


  2. As soon as I started reading, and you mentioned posture, I straightened up! I have been following some of your skin care routine, and I think at least my skin feels softer. I never see a difference, but we, women, tend to judge ourselves so harshly. Finally some warmer weather here in New England, and I will soon need a break from work and take the dogs for a walk. Thanks for these reminders! Arna

    1. Great to hear Arna. I do hope you get some warm weather soon! It actually fluctuates here a lot. Yesterday was quite chilly!

  3. Good reminders, Kay! I do all of these, but need to do them all more often, especially getting enough sleep! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I always notice my posture when looking at pictures and how when I am standing I and still slumped. Need to remember that.

    1. Such a common theme for us all! I really think standing and sitting up y’all can take YEARS off our apparent age. ?

  5. Kay, such great reminders. We are never alone! Beautiful “Blessed For My Day’ and scripture. You’re a blessing. Have a great weekend!

  6. I do think that learning thing is more important than we realize. We get scared and annoyed with change and new technology, but it’s good to keep up. Now just for keeping in the know, but also for our brain.
    Great post, Kay

    1. Exactly, Jodie. And the sharper our brains, the more self-confidence we exude! Thanks and you have a super weekend, too. Are you guys finally getting out of the snow???

      1. Oh, yay!! I received your reply in my email…it’s so nice to hear your thoughts!!
        Thanks Kay

  7. Love this — especially the Blessed for My Day thoughts. Keep sharing your wisdom; you provide so much more than style tips for your readers. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks Betsy for that affirmation. You don’t know how much the feedback from you gals helps. I appreciate you all!

  8. Hi! I am new to your blog and am really enjoying so many things about it. I love your kind spirit and helpful beauty tips, not to mention your taste in clothing. The ONLY thing I’d like to suggest is to use a darker font. The current one is a little dimmer than most type and I find myself struggling to read it, especially the longer posts as my eyes get tired, even with my new glasses.
    Thank you so much for all you put into your posts. I get excited when I see one in my inbox!

    1. Hi Cindy, I hear you and I darkened it as much as I can…I think! Let me know if that helped or if I need to work on it more. You’re not the first person to ask this, but I’ve struggled to get it much darker. It may just be that the package I use won’t allow it to get much darker. But maybe it’s better.

      1. Thank you! It is better but I was wondering if it would improve it even more if you can change fonts altogether.

        1. Yeah. Sorry. This is the only San serif font, which is really better for readability, that is available in my package right now. ?

  9. Great tips! I do most of them! And although we eat healthy we are always learning to eat more healthier! I think good makes such a difference!