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Time to Update Your Personal Wardrobe Wish List

Building a Wardrobe
July 8, 2021

As I browsed the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale preview yesterday and began filling my wish list on their website, I remembered that I definitely need to check my own personal wardrobe wish list before I seriously shop the sale. When I did go back to this previous blog post where I shared how and why to create a wardrobe wish list, I discovered that, indeed, I needed to make some major revisions to my list. And that made me think that you might need to, too. Let me explain.

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Is It Time to Update Your Wardrobe Wish List

What is a Wardrobe Wish List?

About this time last year I introduced the concept of a wardrobe wish list here at Dressed for My Day. I didn’t come up with the idea, mind you. I’ve seen other smart women use a wish list to plan and shop for their wardrobes and wanted to use the strategy, too. You might want to go back and read my original post, How (and why) to Create a Wardrobe Wish List, for even more details. But I’ll gladly give you the quick version here.

Having a Wardrobe Wish List does not make you greedy or silly. This list is not a pie in the sky kind of want list.

A Wardrobe Wish List is a strategically devised list of the pieces that you think might would work well in your existing wardrobe to help create outfits that line up with your personal style essence, lifestyle, color palette and body shape and proportions.

from How {and Why} to Create a Wardrobe Wish List

It’s all about strategy. And remember, the purpose for the strategy is to, eventually, create a more minimal wardrobe, a more streamlined and efficient one.

Psst! If you want to see my first picks in the Nordstrom Anniversary Preview, check out yesterday’s post.

Here’s How I Updated My Personal Wardrobe Wish List

With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale approaching, I felt like I needed to go ahead and start thinking strategically about how I would shop it. I don’t mean to over emphasize this sale or treat it like a life-changing event. Then again, it is a sale that could drain a good chunk of my wardrobe budget if I’m not careful. And I don’t want to make senseless, expensive purchases that I later regret…in this sale or any shopping experience.

So here’s how to create or update a personal wardrobe wish list:

  1. Revisit your Pinterest boards. I took a deep dive into my Syle Inspiration Pinterest Board and identified again what I want my fall & winter outfits to look like. It’s not about what clothes I like, what colors I love or even what the trends are. I wanted to remind myself about the outfits I see that resonate most with my personal style and lifestyle.

This is a snapshot of my current Syle Inspiration Pinterest Board, the one I use currently for pinpointing styles that really resonate with me.

My Pinterest Boards

Look how the board above compares with the snapshot of the board I used to build my personal wardrobe wish list this time last year. It’s below. I noticed some pretty significant differences in the images I’m saving now and then.

Psst! If all this talk about a personal style has you confused, check out my styles series, Building a Wardrobe That Works for You. It’s always in the top menu bar under Fashion.

When I compare the pins I’m saving now to the ones I was saving a year ago, I realize I’ve begun to move toward a more relaxed look. I’m enjoying the straighter and even roomier jeans. I still like monochromatic looks and shy away from a lot of prints. I still like blazers, but I’m also pinning fewer images with heels and more with sneakers and loafers.

If you built a wish list along with me last year, you might want to compare what you’ve been pinning on Pinterest (or clipping from magazines, etc.) recently to what you were saving a year ago. Or if this concept is new to you, I suggest you begin by taking a deep dive into your Pinterest boards or the images elsewhere that have grabbed your attention. (Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest while you’re at it!)

Now, let’s move on with the process of creating or updating your personal wardrobe wish list.

  1. Note the articles of clothing & accessories needed to create those outfits. I made lists of the specific types of jeans, pants, sweaters, outer garments, shoes and accessories that comprised these looks.
  1. Decide on your wardrobe neutrals. I’ve decided that my wardrobe neutrals will once again be black, grey, creamy white and denim blue. But I added a good bit of brown and camel last year and enjoyed it. So I’ll add those to the list of my neutrals. I’ll continue to say no (for the most part) to navy, olive, and burgundy. There will be exceptions, like my utility jumpsuit. In fact, I’ve discovered that one-and-done pieces like dresses and jumpsuits are a good place to diverge from your color palette if inspiration strikes.
My Personal Wardrobe Colors 2021-2022

Psst! If you need help determining the best colors for you or narrowing them down, check out my post How to Choose the Colors of Your Wardrobe.

  1. Determine your signature colors {in broad strokes}. I’ll be steering toward shades of red, pink, blue and green again. These are the colors that make my eyes pop. (Want to know the colors that make your eyes pop? Find out here.) Also, whereas last year I just said one of my colors was “blue,” this year I’m widening that up…or maybe I’m actually narrowing it down. I sticking with cobalt blue and baby blue. You might want to make adjustments to your color palette, too.
  1. Write out a list of items already in your closet that contribute to your aspired looks in the appropriate colors. I haven’t actually done this step yet. So this is where I am in the exercise, but I thought today would be the best day to get you on board. Girlfriends don’t let girlfriends shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale without a personal wardrobe plan! But I do think it is important to write or type this list out. Doing so will help prevent us from purchasing duplicates in the #NSale or any other shopping experience.
What I already have...
  1. List out the items you think you might need to add in order to create on-trend, interesting outfits that flatter your unique body and fit your lifestyle. This is the beginning of your personal wardrobe wish list.

At this point in the process, I generally realize I don’t actually need anything. I could live just fine without making a single purchase. And that’s true for most of us! So this wish list really is an “icing on the cake” kind of list. But these are also the items I’d like to have in order to bring some color, modern touches and interest to my looks. And I do have a few items in my wardrobe that truly just need to be replaced because of wear and tear, such as my black riding boots, which I meant to replace last year and never did.

What I Might Add

That’s not my actual list, by the way. I need to spend more time thinking through this. Maybe you do, too.

By the way, in case you’re wondering why I suggest doing this now instead of the beginning of the year… I still think in terms of the school year. That’s just how I’m wired. But I think fashion trends tend to run their course along those same lines. The break between summer and fall just seems like the clearest time to reassess our personal styles and wardrobes.

The Benefits of a Personal Wardrobe Wish List

Notice this list is NOT called a Shopping List. I will not be shopping for all of these items, neither in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale nor any other sale. But these are simply the items I can buy if I happen to find them. So I’ll have “an eye out for them,” as they say.

The real beauty, however, of the personal wardrobe wish list is that it steers me clear of everything else that is not on the list. I will not be looking at anything else this fall or winter. And if I see something that strikes my fancy but is not on this list, then I’ll remind myself that keeping to the list will help me create the outfits I love while diverging from it will only eventually frustrate me and lead to waste.

I could (and probably will – let’s be honest!) buy a few things that are not on my Wish List. But having this Wish List and focusing on it will help me stay in my lane, so to speak. I will evaluate new items I see by the research I’ve done, determining if they will help me reach my style goals or not.

Finally, having a wish list helps me to look for the very best item at the very best price. If I’m looking out for one black dress and only one black dress, then you better believe I’ll be looking for the very prettiest one I can find and at the best price. And by “best price” I don’t necessarily mean cheapest. I just want the best dress at the most reasonable price for the quality. Remember, these are items I want to have in my wardrobe for years.

By the way…speaking of black dress. A versatile black dress was indeed on my wish list last year. And I did buy one…after searching for a number of months. You can see the one I bought and have hanging in my closet in this video.

Hahaha! Well that was a freebie! Let’s get back on topic and wrap this up!

Will you create or update your personal wardrobe wish list?

What about you? Would you like to create a wardrobe wish list? Or maybe you did that last year and want to update yours now, too. I’ve got everything you need to do so in my Freebies for Subscribers page. So if you subscribe to my daily or weekly emails you can print out my blank lists and use those. (In the Freebies page, click on My Current Wardrobe Check List and My Current Wardrobe Wish List.) (You’ll need your secret code, which is always in the emails, to gain access to the goodies!)But if you’re not a subscriber (of course you can become one!) you could just do like I did and write out your own lists on notebook paper.

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Blessed for My Day

When your friends sit down to have a conversation with you, do they know what to expect? Are you the same person at church, home, work and out? Do your words reflect a consistency that begins with your relationship with Christ?

These are questions I asked myself this morning. And I had to dive deeper than the surface. For instance, I don’t ever use swear words or course language anywhere. So that’s easy for me. But I have to admit that sometimes I slip into other “speech patterns” that are not consistent with the woman I want to be for the Lord. Today I’m challenging myself to resist whining, complaining, criticizing, mocking and raising my voice in anger. Even these types of talk should not come out of a mouth that begins the morning with praise and prayer.

With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water. ~ James 3:9-12

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xoxo, Kay
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142 thoughts on “Time to Update Your Personal Wardrobe Wish List

      1. I prefer a straight leg or skinny jean. I’ve tried the new wider leg styles and they just aren’t as flattering on my body type.

    1. Thanks Gayle. I’m glad you enjoyed the post. I do feel like the sale is a good one and worth checking out and potentially shopping. But having a plan is crucial.

  1. I am looking for black riding boots, too! Really great ideas in the blog post. Will definitely be more intentional with my NSale purchases this year.

      1. I don’t really need anything. Always looking for a good bra that is comfortable and fits. I would also love a classic trench coat. I will be shopping for my Mother of the groom dress sometime this year. That will be stressful.

        1. Oh it doesn’t have to be. Get a good start by shopping early. I used Nordstrom’s Trunk Club service to find my MOG dress. I only tried on two dresses in the store and realized that was going nowhere fast. I really recommend Trunk Club for this. You can read about my experience here. Or if you don’t want to use the Trunk Club service I still recommend shopping Nordstrom online for the dress because you can order as many as you want and return as many as you don’t want…at no charge for shipping.

  2. Excellent and very helpful information! I will be rereading and applying all of it! Thank you, thank you.

        1. Hi Kendra. Yes, last year I got him a great coat. His birthday is in August so I actually also bought him a couple of shirts too. I’ll definitely provide a “best of menswear“ post too.

  3. I put all three colors of the layering tee on my wish list. Hard to focus on long sleeves now, but I really need that sort of item in the winter!

    1. Exactly. I really enjoyed having those last winter. I just folded once and rolled them up and put them in a drawer. Pulled them out to wear so often. ?

  4. This giveaway is so generous a d I appreciate the information in this blog post. I have yet to make a wardrobe wish list…maybe it is time.

  5. I also plan to be very intentional with my purchases this year. Thanks for your balanced approach. It’s easy to get carried away without a plan!

  6. Great ideas. I enjoy the sale preview time to really figure out what I might want to purchase this year. Your thoughtful approach will help me with that.

  7. This was a great post, start to finish! I would like to enter the giveaway, But I only just signed up on Instagram this past week and have no idea what my username is! I’ve been looking for over an hour and can’t seem to figure out where to find it. Thank you so much for all of your Devotional blessings, and also the practical information on fashion, style, et cetera. As a Christian woman, it was always looked down upon that I genuinely enjoy lovely fashion….. Not expensive, and not in place of Christ, but I was definitely made to feel that I was less of a Christian because I enjoy being feminine, elegant,and dressed well. There are no adequate words to explain the feeling I get from being blessed with like-minded ladies.. Jesus 1st ALWAYS , and then enjoy how he made us to be!! Love love love this

    1. Hi Cynthia. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. I have felt the same way. I was thinking just yesterday, “I just love pretty clothes and wearing the.” Ha! And when I consider that most everyone I know has some “thing” that they enjoy and invest in, I realize that my affinity is not silly or vain. It’s just something I enjoy. And I definitely think I keep it in balance. I’m not obsessed with clothes. I just enjoy them. I’m glad you feel you have found a good fit here.

      Your Instagram handle or username should show up at the top of your Instagram screen when you click on the little person icon in the bottom right hand corner of your screen. ? I’d love for you to follow me and Suzy on Instagram.

  8. I enjoy your blog and your YouTube channel! It’s wonderful to receive style information that is geared toward the “seasoned” woman!

  9. I find wish lists very helpful! They really help me budget those wardrobe dollars. Ive been shopping at Nordstrom since I was 19 and had my first professional job in Downtown Seattle. The store was across the street from my office. My first high end purchase as a professional was a very expensive (at the time $104 in 1979) wool Evan Piccone navy blazer. That was was first lesson in quality over quantity. I worn that blazer out.

  10. Looking for dark wash bootcut jeans. Will check the sale for those. Thank you so much for this blog post and the giveaway!

  11. I will be starting at square one: Wardrobe Wish List. This activity just makes a whole lot of sense, and I agree with you about fashion and purging following the school year cycle. Summer is a great time to examine, toss, and make a list. Great post Kay!

  12. Thanks so much for this organizing post. It is so helpful to have a wardrobe plan. I have a plethora of clothes, but still struggle to be put together.

    I am pretty new to your blog, but really love reading it everyday. It is the perfect mix of chat and fashion.

    Thanks, Julie

  13. Good info as always. And I always love a new blogger to check out, especially with your Recommendation!

  14. Thanks for this reminder to curate a list of what I’d like to buy that fits with my actual wardrobe. It’s so helpful to shop with a plan!!

  15. Thanks for the update on the sale and helping me discover my personal style! This is very helpful and keeps me from too many random purchases!!

  16. Thank you so much for providing such a commonsensical way to approach the Nordy sale. Love your advice for making a list, I’m such a list girl! And appreciate your heart for the Lord and pointing to Him in some way in each and every post. Love that about you!

  17. I so enjoy reading this blog and watching you each Wednesday! Thank you for sharing real ideas that I can use!

  18. Hi everyone!
    I make most of my clothes, but I do prefer to purchase most lingerie ,hosiery, outerwear, and accessories. Even though we have no Nordstrom store where I live, we do have a lovely Belk departmant store. I’ll use the Wardrobe Needs strategy to pare down my impulsive purchases to a reasonable number. Thanks , Kay,–Anne

  19. Because I have several fit challenges, I can be rather haphazard in shopping for clothes. This is a helpful reminder to be intentional and have a plan. Thanks!

  20. Thank you for all of the great fashion tips you give! They’ve helped me to dress more confidently. I’m currently looking for a dress and accessories to wear to two fall weddings (mid October and early November). 🙂

  21. Thanks for all of your great info Kay! I do need to make a list. I need to make a capsule wardrobe that works together well. We are going to do lots of traveling for work this Fall.

  22. I have been shopping completely differently since I started following your blog and videos a few months ago. I really worked on my spring and summer wardrobe and this blog today was helpful to begin thinking about fall and winter and how I will add to what I have. Thank you so much!

  23. Thanks for this post. I looked through the NSale yesterday and saw lots of things I’d like. I’m downloading your wardrobe checklist and wishlist right now!

  24. As a Retired teacher lists are my jam! Making my list and will be checking it twice! Thank-you for the great ideas!

  25. Like Julie, I’ve been shopping completely differently since I found you, Kay. I needed to (and DID) purge my wardrobe of things that didn’t fit, didn’t suit my lifestyle, didn’t look good on me. Rebuilding with much more intention. I NEED more neutrals! I love color and buy so much of it that things don’t look modern and elevated. So, my wish list includes black riding boots and brown loafers. And not much else! This is a relief when it comes to getting dressed. I also downloaded and filled in the Stylebook app. I have significantly pared down my wardrobe and organize the app by color. This way I can see the gaps more clearly … and can see I don’t need any more black clothes for the next 5 years!

    Thanks for your very helpful and practical posts!

  26. Your “Blessed for My Day” verse and thoughts are always SO “meaty” and encouraging. God is truly using you to bless me and others with HIs truths. Thank you!

    1. I purchased a beautiful Italian flannel camel colored pants and jacket last year at Talbots. They’re pricey, but I waited until they were 50% off. And I think I even managed to get in on one of those deals where you could stack additional savings. Score! They’re sold out now, but I’d watch there. They are lovely.

  27. I have gravitated towards flatter shoes in the last five year. With my feet it HAS to be about comfort! I only look to buy “kitten” heels in any dressier shoe. And monochromatic dressing looks great on everyone! I’m with you, a more relaxed style and a whole lot less “fussiness”. I’m soon to be 65.
    Do you have any problems with hair thinning as you have aged and, if so, what are you doing about it?

    1. Hi Kimberly, I did have some problem with my hair thinning right about the time I started going through menopause. But the hair loss seems to have stopped now. At the time I tried the Keranique products here: That’s a link to their store on Amazon. But they seem to be available a lot of places now. I really think they helped. I used the treatment serum, the lift spray and the shampoo and conditioner.

  28. Having just retired and moved to a different part of the country (different climate), I am not sure that I can even think of a wardrobe wishlist. I think I need a year to figure out what I will be doing and what I will be wearing. I did a lot of purging before we moved, and I know I will have more to do as I go through this first year. I am following your lead, and the other fashion bloggers I follow, to get out of work-out clothes at some point during most days. Since we are not going out and doing a lot (yet), and I am trying to work out more, it is so easy to dress for our morning walk, and then not change (so I am more apt to do yoga.) I am working on that. I so enjoy reading your blog posts (and seeing you on Instagram), and I find lots of ideas . Thank you!

    1. Thank you Arna. How are you enjoying your new home? I bet you love being closer to your daughter and her family. I think you are wise to take it slow. My first year in Ohio was such a learning year as far as how to dress. I do know you will probably need some thinner pieces for the winter where you are now.

  29. I know that I really need to do the work of figuring out my wardrobe but so unmotivated! I recently lost weight so need to build my wardrobe back up. Since I cleaned out my closet.
    I’m in between sizes so not too excited about it. But I need a pair of jeans and also not loving the wider legs so need to try some different ones on.
    Hopefully this will motivate me!

    1. Hi Dorene. Don’t worry about the wider leg jeans; just try some straight leg jeans. They are generally the most slimming on any body shape. ?

  30. I noticed in my pinterest board that I did the same as you and started pining more straight jeans and no patterns. I set my budget and added some items to my wish list so I’ll see what’s left by the time I can shop!

  31. I love to follow you and Suzy! You both give such practical tips! And encouraging words to live by daily!

  32. I’ve been a member of the Nordy Club for years but never had the credit card or shopped the anniversary sale. This year YOU convinced me with some fabulous choices. I have a camel blazer and Calvin Klein beige slingbacks that have been on my “need list” ready to go!

    1. Wonderful Connie. That sounds like a smart lady with a strategy. That’s definitely the best way to shop the sale. ?

  33. Thank you for the opportunity to win a gift card. I will be shopping for some stylish and comfortable shoes if I do!

  34. Thank you Kay for ALL the hard work you do for us ladies!!!! I truly appreciate it!! I am so Happy I have found your blog. You have helped me in so many ways!

  35. I could use a new dress for a wedding coming up Labor Day weekend. This Nordstrom sale would be great. I watch all of your blogs and posts. I’ve gotten a lot of ideas in my clothing choices. Have a great day, Kay.

  36. Thanks so much for this Kay!!!! I need to reevaluate my wardrobe using the steps you give. Hugs!!!

  37. Confessions of a list maker. If I wear an outfit I really love, I write it down on my favorite outfit list. I have legal pads full of ideas to organize my closet. It’s the staying with a plan and carrying through with it that I fail. I vow to do better. You inspire me to give it another go.
    BFMD Is always a blessing. God gave us things to enjoy. We all have our things we enjoy. For some it’s a hobby, cars or food, horses, music but something we spend our money on. Enjoy them. Put God first and love your neighbor. Be a giver. You’ll be fine.

  38. Thank you, Kay for sharing your inspiration and grace. I look forward to reading and seeing each post, knowing that I will learn or be reminded of something new every time. I’m so excited to try to plan ahead and shop with intent toward sprucing up my wardrobe!

  39. I am in the process of losing weight, I have taken your ideas as I have bought several ideas from sales. Once I achieve my goal weight or one I am comfortable with I will then use what I have learned from your site, the facebook Dressed for My Day site,as well as several other bloggers to build a wardrobe from the ground up! You have given me a great foundation of ideas to work with.

  40. Thanks Kay for the timely reminder of lists. I have been keeping a style journal I first learned about from Marie-Ann Lecouer when I decided to rediscover my style a few years ago. I have a simple journal that has what I have and need (wish). A list will enable us to carefully curate as you have so aptly demonstrated.

  41. Last year was my first year to really shop the sale and I still have stuff hanging in my closet I haven’t worn ? I appreciate this post and your advice, I will definitely be more mindful of what I buy this year!!

  42. Thank you for sharing with us –
    my wish list keeps growing – thank you for the shoe post

  43. Looking forward to your Nordstrom Sale reports! Also love your daughter’s devotionals on Instagram. Thank you for a great blog!

  44. I would definitely want to invest in a new pair of booties. I’ve got grey and black, but could use some brown ones this year.

  45. Personal wardrobe wish list is a great idea. Something I need to work on. Although I have been a LOT more picky when shopping these days. I do stop and ask myself “do I really need it?”.

  46. I like the idea of a wardrobe wish list to keep on track because I’m anything but on track. Thanks Kay. That will help me in my sewing too!

  47. Thank you, Kay, for your generous spirit. I have a wish list going. This is my first Anniversary Sale and have been looking at the many sales. It’s truly a great time to shop. I have some beauty items and some dress pants I’d like to get.

  48. This post is incredibly helpful and is very easy to follow the step by step instructions. I’m 52 and have never been through a process like this so I’m very excited to go through the steps and finally understand who I really am!

  49. I am working on a functional travel wardrobe for a couple of exciting trips I have booked this Fall. Since they are to different climates, I am focusing on basic layering pieces using your tips about a capsule with mostly neutrals and a few signature color (mustard yellow and deep oranges) pieces. Thank you for the chance to win.

  50. so exciting! I’m always looking for a blog that speaks to my empty nest years. thank you. heading over there now.

  51. I read your post every morning! You have inspired me to take a close look at my wardrobe and make it work better for me. I have lots of clothes….too many, in fact. This spring I bought some good hangers and arranged my clothing by style and even by color. That’s when I realized I have too much and too many things that go with nothing else! So I plan to work on my closet and get rid of what I don’t wear and try to make for myself a wearable wardrobe instead of just a closet full of clothes. Thanks for your wonderful advice. I look forward to further posts from you to help me on my way.

  52. I continue to work on updating my wardrobe after losing a significant amount of weight but I am trying to be budget conscious as well. I do not buy anything unless I know it is a good value & fits into my list of what I need to add into my wardrobe! Thanks for your continuing good advice!

  53. Love this post. Such good and balanced information. I loved the devotional, but, ouch! 🙂 Something I need to be more aware of.

  54. Thanks for the lists and love so many of your style options. My closet is a mess and I am tackling thinning it out with a lot of your advice.

  55. Thanks for the wardrobe-building tips, Kay. Very strategic! I like that. I had forgotten that the Anniversary Sale is fast approaching. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  56. I love the structure and intentionality you provide through your ideas of a wish list, basics wardrobe, and color stories.

  57. Thank you for all your tips. My list is for tall black boots and a new long raincoat so I surely can remember since I have wished for the same items this past two years.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card. I love Nordstroms and shop when I can afford to.

  58. Thank you for sharing Suzy at “Emptynestblessed”. I do like looking at several influencers in my age group and her website and Instagram look great. Kay, I enjoy spending Saturday mornings with you reviewing your week and good finds. Thank you for all you do!

  59. Thank you for helping us PLAN our wardrobes. I have never done this before, and I am super excited to get a few nice things instead of grabbing this or that — hit or miss. Love you blog and channel! Blessings!

  60. This idea to use my Pinterest “Outfits I Love” board to actually shop and create a capsule is fantastic! I always just thought of it as aspirational. You put so much thought in to giving us helpful content on your blog. I really appreciate you, Kay!

  61. I rarely shop Nordstroms although I keep a running “general” wish list of things I’m looking out for. Thanks for all your insight and suggestions!

  62. I am looking for a casual style jacket (not a jean jacket) that will go with most pants. Just a throw on style that I can wear to the grocery store or going for a walk. I’ll check Nordstrom’s sale.

  63. I am just starting to build a decent wardrobe – I am a retired nurse and always wore scrubs. Kay, you are helping me develop a better eye for color and texture. You tall women always seem to look so elegant. At 4’11” I struggle not to look too childish.

  64. Oh my goodness! I had always dressed well but over the last few years I gave up and let myself go. Your videos are helping me get back to my old sharper self. Thank you!

  65. I’ve been working remotely since last year and mostly purchasing comfy but cute loungewear. We’re returning to the office now so I’ve got to step up my game. Thanks for the tip to review my Pinterest style board and update my wish and need lists.

  66. This is a great giveaway! I found you recently and have been enjoying your blog and seeing your outfits.

  67. Love you posts! Better yet, love your spiritual words of faith. We both have very similar tastes, makes following you so much fun! Have a blessed day!