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This Wardrobe Classic is Having a Moment

June 3, 2024

I love it when a classic style steps into the limelight and becomes the latest trend. That’s a great time to get on board with a trend because classics tend to stay current looking longer. Remember how leopard print, a truly classic print, trended for a good four years. And you can still wear your leopard and look perfectly modern. Today I’m sharing another wardrobe classic that is having a moment. Can you guess what it is?

The Trending A-Line Skirt

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I’m wearing a few classics here, and they’re all having a moment. Ha! The button-up shirt continues to be everywhere. And we just can’t get enough of cognac accessories these days. For that matter, the belt is hottest accessory to add to your outfit right now. But the wardrobe classic that is freshest on the scene is the A-line skirt.

The Trending A-Line Skirt

Truly, the skirt in general is so in vogue right now. But the silhouette that is really making a mark is the A-line. And this feels a little fresh and new because they’ve felt a little outdated until now. I don’t often say, “pull your _________ from the back of your closet and wear it.” That’s because even older classics can feel a little yesteryear sometimes. But this trending A-line skirt is so basic and timeless that you may just have one already.

The Trending A-Line Skirt

I do think the best way to wear this distinctly feminine silhouette is to tuck your shirt in, otherwise you lose the defined waistline, which is part of the charm of this particular skirt. Another option might be to wear a slightly fitted sweater top with a somewhat cropped length that sits just on that waistline. But you definitely want to define the waist or you’ll get lost in all the volume of this classic.

The Trending A-Line Skirt

I took my time and looked for an A-line skirt that I felt fit my personal style aesthetic, would work for my body (remember, I’m 5’8″) and could be worn in my real lifestyle. I landed on this Veronica Beard Arwen stretch linen skirt, which features a hidden side zipper, functional side pockets and belt loops with a removable fabric belt. It wasn’t inexpensive, but, since it truly is a classic, I’ll wear it for years.

A-Line Skirts
stretch-linen skirt // linen shirt (more economical) // belt // sandals // necklace // earrings // bracelet // shoulder bag

I’d love to help you find a classic A-line skirt to add to your wardrobe, too, if you’re interested in this trending piece. I found so many at the stores you and I love to shop, in a full range of prices and styles. There are certainly more out there, but I tried to fill the shopping boutique below with those that could have the longest life in your wardrobe. First I’m sharing a shopping widget for my exact outfit, but scroll on down for lots of skirt options.

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Did you know that Pauline Esther Phillips took on the pen name Abigail Van Buren because she was inspired by Abigail of 1 Samuel 25, and President Martin Van Buren? Of course that is fitting because as the author of the syndicated advice column, Dear Abby, Phillips would have wanted to reflect the wisdom of King David’s wife Abigail. That is, in fact, why I named my own daughter Abigail. I wanted her to be “wise and beautiful in appearance” like the biblical Abigail. Indeed, my daughter does not write an advice column, but she is a biblical counselor.

The account of Abigail’s influence in 1 Samuel 25 challenges me to be a woman who speaks the right words at the right time in the right way. It’s hard enough to get one of those things right, much less all three. But because Abigail stepped up courageously and confronted David, graciously and humbly but with truth and conviction, she saved him from committing a grave sin he would have later regretted. Let’s ask the Lord to help us be such women who make a difference in the lives of others with our timely, measured words.

Then David said to Abigail, “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, who sent you this day to meet me, and blessed be your discernment, and blessed be you, who have kept me this day from bloodshed and from avenging myself by my own hand. Nevertheless, as the Lord God of Israel lives, who has restrained me from harming you, if you had not come quickly to meet me, there certainly would not have been left to Nabal until the morning light as much as one male.” So David accepted from her hand what she had brought him, and said to her, “Go up to your house in peace. See, I have listened to you and granted your request.” ~ 1 Samuel 25:32-35

xoxo, Kay
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12 thoughts on “This Wardrobe Classic is Having a Moment

  1. I have noticed A-line skirts and dresses with A-line skirts and I’m very happy about that! I’m a pear shape, and A-line is the most flattering on me. I also appreciate the femininity of an A-line. I sew most of my clothes and A-line skirts are not too difficult, although they usually have a zipper. But yes, I’m a fan of the classic A-line and all the variations possible.

  2. Glad to see you are back! I bet you had a wonderful trip! So happy for you and your husband. I hope to make it that way sometime in the future. I am not jumping on the skirt trend .Going to sit this one out, just not my thing ,but you have it styled soo good! Rest up and see you tomorrow!

  3. So…I was trending at a graduation party Friday night with a wrap A-line skirt and didn’t even know it! Thanks for keeping us current! And welcome back! Like many others, I’m sure, I really missed your daily greetings, smiling face, and great style updates.

    We’ll be going to AK in Aug/Sept, and I was following your daily snaps on ltk with interest. I hope you’ll debrief us on how you think your wardrobe choices worked for you. I’m not a hiker, so I don’t think I’ll opt for the sportsy options so much as trying to layer up w my regular wardrobe. Do you think the Talbots fleece-lined travel pants from a couple of years ago will serve me almost as well as the waterproof joggers + base layer you wore? Would I still need a base layer? Did the vest and rain jacket on top of your shirt and base layer keep you warm enough? (I’m pretty cold natured.) I’m thinking about taking a fleece jacket to layer w my rain jacket as well. Thanks for all your feedback.

  4. I like a narrower cut A-line skirt, but only in maxi length or knee length. The midi length just doesn’t work for me, neither does a voluminous cut A-line skirt.

    1. I agree. A-line skirts are so chic hitting at the knee, and maxis flow nicely, but many midi skirts hit the leg unattractively, like pedal pushers … which are trending too, LOL. The VB skirt length would work well with boots, though.

  5. I’m a fan of the A-line skirt but it would have to be not voluminous since I am petite. I’m going to have to look for one that would be proportioned to my body. I like the skirt you’re wearing on you because you’re tall. Glad you are back and had a great vacation.

  6. I’m especially curious about your land part of your trip. Where did you stay? Did you feel like you saw enough and did enough on that part of the trip? Did someone (a travel agent) help you plan that part of the trip?

    Then regarding fashion, all your best choices and possibly regrets or how would you pack differently if you went again? Thanks!!

  7. Welcome back lovely Kay, you look super rested so pleased you and James had a Fab time. Loooooove the A line skirt I’m a massive fan whichever length , you just look so feminine in your outfit and that skirt is a beauty ♥️Aren’t the Styles at the moment whether you like trousers, skirts or dresses just so feminine and lovely 🥰 and you show us how to style them so well.

  8. This color and skirt remind me of the Out of Africa vibe from many years ago which I just loved. I just made a shorter navy linen one and I love it. For those of us with bigger thighs and hips they are the only skirt style. So glad they are back in style even though for me they are never out.