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These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

November 6, 2023

With the holidays drawing close and in anticipation of most stores offering significant discounts for at least a couple of days around Thanksgiving, I thought it might be a good time to share a few of my favorite things. These are the items I’d suggest if we were sitting over coffee and you said to me, “What should I ask for this Christmas?” Not that we’re little girls with long wish lists, mind you. But just on the chance that you or someone who loves you desires to treat you to something nice, I do indeed have a few suggestions.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

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Where to start? Honestly, let’s just go with the conversation over coffee. I’ll just let the list build as they come to mind. So these are not in order of most favorite or anything. And I’m not bothering to organize them either. We’ll just see where my mind takes us!

Away Luggage

I’ve done a good bit of traveling this year, and I’ve absolutely loved using my Away luggage. I like that it feels sturdy, but also light. They include little magic erasers with it, and they have wiped away any scuff marks I’ve gotten with travel.

Travel Photo
The Away Bigger Carry-On // The Large Everywhere Bag as seen in this blog post

I have the The Away Bigger Carry-On and The Large Everywhere Bag, shown above. I took those two pieces for a week in London and did just great with it. But I also have the Medium suitcase and the Medium Everywhere Bag. I really think you get about the same amount into both of those carry-on tote bags. The Medium suitcase is one you have to check if traveling by air.

The Away Bigger Carry-On // The Large Everywhere Bag // the Medium Away suitcase // Athleta bomber jacket // top // Endless pants in abalone grey // sneakers // shoulder bag // earrings // necklace 

Travel with Discover Walkabout

Speaking of traveling, I’d be amiss not to mention how much I enjoyed traveling to England in August with Shelly Wildman and Discover Walkabout. That’s definitely a gift worth giving to yourself or receiving from someone (who loves you a whole bunch! Ha!).

Scripture Meditation and Memory Banners (12)
going to a pub in Oxford, England

I shared more about my experience traveling with Discover Walkabout in this blog post. And you can learn more about Shelly and her travel service in this blog post. Shelly offers two to three trips to Europe each year for just a small group of women. She specifically hopes to provide meaningful and well-crafted travel opportunities for women who are traveling alone – maybe because a spouse doesn’t care to travel or the woman is single or widowed.

Magdelen College at Oxford University, where C.S. Lewis was a teacher, lecturer and tutor, but never actually a professor

Shelly includes morning Christian devotionals in her itineraries and helps the women in her group explore the area and learn more about the place they are visiting, while also enjoying delicious meals, lovely accommodations and first-class tours.

The Kilns – the Home of C.S.Lewis, author of Chronicles of Narnia and other classics.

It looks like she still has openings in her Provence, France trip and her Cotswold, England trip for 2024. Get more information HERE. Oh, and tell her I sent you!

BK Beauty Angie Hot & Flashy Makeup Brush Travel Set

And let’s hit one more travel favorite before moving on to other things. I got the BK Beauty Angie Hot & Flashy Makeup Brush Travel Set just before going on my last couple of trips, and oh my! I love this little brush set.

BK Beauty Travel Set
BK Beauty Angie Hot & Flashy Makeup Brush Travel Set

I use the Angie Hot & Flashy 7-piece makeup brush set on a daily basis. Her brushes are especially designed for mature skin. So they’re super soft and won’t tug on your skin. So when BK Beauty came out with Angie Hot & Flashy Makeup Brush Travel Set I was quick to buy one. I love that the carry case opens up and folds down to become an upright holder for the set. Perfect for travel! The set only contains five of Angie’s regular set brushes, but it also has room to add other brushes as needed.

Read the reviews on this brush set. Women LOVE them. It’s not just me. These are high quality brushes that do not tear up with wear and they stay soft with use. Oh, and they don’t lose their bristles either. You can use my code kay10 for 10% off, too!

Veronica Beard Dickey Jacket

Let’s get the big guy out of the way now. This would not be a complete list of my favorites if I didn’t include my Veronica Beard Dickey jackets.

Blazer and Heels
Miller Dickey Jacket

While I do think the above camel Miller Dickey Jacket is definitely one of my favorites, this isn’t even about just one jacket. I just love ALL of my Veronica Beard blazers. Every single one of these beautiful blazers are expertly crafted, so you know you’re getting a jacket you can keep in your closet and enjoy for years.

What to wear to a Funeral or Memorial Service
Navy w/ Gold Buttons Miller Dickey Jacket // coordinating Renzo navy pants // block heel pumps (use code KAYHEELS for $40 off your first pair of Ally heels) 

They do have several timeless styles, like the Miller Dickey Jacket above, which comes in navy with gold buttons, navy with silver buttons, black with gold buttons and black with silver buttons. But they also have more trending styles, like my azalea oxblood Somner dickey jacket below. This one is evidently a Nordstrom exclusive. Similarly, I’m crushing over (but don’t own) this Lawrence plaid jacket which also has coordinating pants sold separately.

Reasons You Should Wear Red
plum wine silk cowlneck blouse (more economical option) // necklace // earrings // Veronica Beard Somner Dickey jacket (more economical options below) // similar black jeans // black Ally leather booties (Use code KAYBOOTS for $50 off your first pair of Ally boots.) (more economical option)// convertible satchel bag (more economical option)

And of course all the Veronica Beard dickey jackets have the dickey function. That simply means they have buttons and zippers inside so that you can insert a Veronica Beard dickey. These are sold separately. Neither the blazers nor the dickeys are inexpensive, but they do run sales or discounts occasionally. And I would definitely classify these classic jackets as investment pieces that keep giving you returns if you enjoy wearing blazers frequently.

Veronica Beard Scuba Dickey Jacket

If I were going to have just one Veronica Beard jacket, I probably would opt for one of the navy or black Miller Dickey Jackets, but I also think the iconic scuba dickey jacket is a really nice option. I have it in black but it also comes in navy and white.

Leather Blazer with Pleated Midi Skirt
My Veronica Beard Cooke Leather Dickey Jacket has doubled in price (and value) since I purchased it two years ago.

Tarte Tartelette in Bloom Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow

Okay, that was expensive! Let’s take a deep breath and check out one of my favorite things with a smaller price tag, LOL. I get questions, especially on Instagram, almost daily about my eyeshadow. And I have to say, my Tarte tartelette in bloom Amazonian clay eyeshadow palette is definitely one of my favorite things.

tartelette™ in bloom Amazonian clay palette
tartelette™ in bloom Amazonian clay palette

Tarte eyeshadow in general is a favorite. It goes on so smoothly and easily. And I find that the shades blend nicely without becoming muddy. I generally use the top two shades on the left in the tartelette™ in bloom Amazonian clay palette plus the top shade on the second column to create my everyday look. Then I use the darker shades on the right as eyeliners. And I use the glittery shadows by dabbing just a finger onto them and then “fingering” that shimmer onto the center of my lids for a little glam…only on special occasions.

You can use code kay15 for 15% off at Tarte if they don’t have any other specials going.

City Lips Lip Plumpers

The other question I am asked consistently on Instagram is for information on my lipstick. And my favorite lipstick right now (and probably through the winter) is Estee Lauder’s Rebellious Rose. But the secret to making that or any lipstick look great at my age is to use a City Beauty City Lips Lip Plumper before and after.

solid calf sock 4-pack
Estee Lauder’s Rebellious Rose lipstick // City Beauty City Lips Lip Plumper (use code KAY15 for 15% off) // sweater // necklace // solid calf sock 4-pack (use code DRESSED20 for 20% off your first purchase at

I apply a sheer City Beauty City Lips Lip Plumper when I first start applying my makeup. That way, by the time I am ready to line my lips with this liner and put on my lipstick, my lips are slightly plumped but also moist. And after I apply my lipstick I apply another dab of City Lips Lip Plumper, sometimes in a tint and other times in the clear. I find that using the City Lips Lip Plumper during the day and their City Lips Night Oil at night keeps my lips healthier than ever before, truly.

City Lips Lip Plumpers (they’ve discontinued the matte plumpers)

You can always use my code KAY15 for 15% off at City Beauty. However, I’ll give you a little scoop. This Friday, November 10, you’ll be able to use code KAY50 for a rare Buy One Get One FREE on their City Lips Lip Plumpers and their Beyond Mascara (which is, in fact, another one of my favorite things!). And you can mix and match those, too. But you must have two items (or four or six, etc.) in your cart to see the 50% off all plumpers and mascaras.

Tory Burch Signature Eau de Parfum Spray

While we’re on beauty, I’ll share that my favorite scent these days is my Tory Burch Signature Eau de Parfum Spray. I’ve been using this a couple of years now and always get compliments on it.

Tory Burch Signature Eau de Parfum Spray

The Tory Burch Signature Eau de Parfum Spray is bright blend of florals such as peony and tuberose and citrus notes. I think it’s lovely.

Athleta Activewear

I do wear some other activewear, including some Zella leggings, occasionally. But my clear favorite when it comes to activewear is Athleta. I find their leggings and tops to be durable, so soft and comfortable and really nice looking, too. I like these seamless Momentum tops and the Rainier tights for cold weather walks. And I wear the Salutation stash tights for weight training workouts.

Flurry Force Insulated PrimaLoft jacket // top // Rainier tights // socks // similar running shoes

When I was in the store the other day (and purchased the Salutation stash tights in that beautiful red), I noticed that the Flurry Force Insulated PrimaLoft jacket above is back this year. I had just worn it for my walk that morning. It is a clear favorite and a must-have for cold weather (not below freezing necessarily) walks. I warm up quickly in it and I love the close fit. I have a size medium in that jacket.

Jenni Kayne Fisherman Sweaters

I absolutely adore my Jenni Kayne fisherman sweaters, both the cashmere and the cotton. I really like the oatmeal shade in both, but I recently got in this undyed stone shade in the cashmere also.

Jeans and Sweater Outfit
Alice Walk Cape // jeans (TTS) // sweater in undyed stone (TTS) (more economical option) // booties // necklace // earrings (use code KAY15 for 15% off your purchase at Penelope Jewelry)

I do have it on good authority that Jenni Kayne will be running a decent sale during Cyber Week. So if you’re interested in trying one of their lush sweaters or other items, keep that in mind. But I can also heartily recommend the cotton and cashmere fisherman sweaters from Quince, an equally sustainable brand, but at a much lower price.

100% organic cotton fisherman sweater (c/o) //  convertible leather satchel (c/o) // chain necklace

Coach Dakota Leather Bucket Bag

I have been surprised at how much I have enjoyed carrying my Coach Dakota Leather Bucket Bag. It has become the bag that I grab almost every time I head out the door.

How to Wear a Blazer and Look Casual
Coach Dakota Leather Bucket Bag

This bag is the perfect size for carrying all my essentials and then some. It fits so nicely on my shoulder. And it has several nice features like a feeted bottom, a zipper pouch inside and a snap closure. I find that it works well with most any shoes I’m wearing and it’s a polished bag for casual outfits.

Levi’s Classic Denim Jacket

I’ve had my Levi’s denim jacket for over 30 years, but it’s still a favorite. Other styles of denim jackets come and go…and feel dated after a while. But my Levi’s original trucker jacket keeps looking current and perfect.

denim jacket
Levi’s original trucker jacket (TTS) // bracelet // earrings // everything else sold out

I wear my denim jacket mostly in the spring and fall. And I pair it with everything from skirts and dresses to chinos and dress pants.

Denim Jacket with Black Tribeca Pants
Audrey cashmere Donegal sweater // Tribeca pants // necklace // loafers // earrings // bracelet not available (substitute) // sunglasses

Lagos Jewelry

I was gifted several pieces of Lagos jewelry in the spring, and it has fast become my go-to accessory. In fact, the last few times I traveled, the only jewelry I took or wore were my Lagos onyx pendant necklace, two-tone caviar buckle bracelet and caviar gold station huggie earrings. Because these pieces are gold and silver they go with everything.

Lagos Jewelry
Lagos onyx pendant necklace // caviar gold station huggie earrings // two-tone caviar buckle bracelet // three-bead station caviar necklace

I’ve been trying to upgrade my jewelry collection a little this year, so, while I was gifted the first three pieces of Lagos jewelry, I purchased the white three-bead station caviar necklace. I think this jewelry looks a little elevated and very classy, and it works with most anything in my wardrobe. If I keep it in the bags it came in and polish occasionally with the cloths included, it keeps its shine beautifully.

Rifle Paper 17-Month Planner

I’ve been using the Rifle Paper 17-Month Planner for the past few years and I absolutely depend on it. I really don’t use the first 5 months of this planner, but the format is the one I love so I stick with it.

Rifle Paper Accessories

I’ve already purchased the Peacock 2024 17-month large planner for this next year. And why not? Right now you can get 25% off your order of $50 or more at Rifle Paper Co. And you get 30% off an order of $85 or more. And they’re giving FREE shipping in the U.S. right now, too.

I like that this planner includes large, full-spread months at a glance pages at the front and then weekly planners, too. It also comes with a double pocket page in the back as well as fun stickers. It has year-in-review pages, goal pages and blank pages in the front, too. And I like that it opens easily, lays flat and even doubles over if needed.

Charles Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible

Speaking of my daily planner, here’s another favorite I use on the daily. I’ve already decided to just flip from the back to the front of my Charles Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible and read it through again in 2024. I’ve read this particular Bible through several times now, but I think this is the first year I’ve stayed completely on schedule as the year progressed. It truly delights me.

Charles Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible

The Charles Stanley Life Principles Daily Bible features daily readings from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs, along with additional readings from the late Dr. Stanley. He was a masterful communicator and devoted to biblical accuracy. So I can heartily recommend this Bible for your daily quiet times. I’ve linked to Walmart, It’s also available through Amazon. And I just noticed they have an imitation leather version, too.

More of My Favorite Things

I’m running out of time and need to get this post published. I may add more to it later, and I’ll let my email subscribers know if I do. But for now I did want to provide a quick list of a few more of my favorite things that I don’t have photos of.

  • Lake DreamKnit Kimono Pajama set in fern – Now that I’ve tried these pajamas I think I’ll never wear any others. Oh. My. They are so dreamy soft and just the right weight. I also have the Pima long-long set in red stripe, but I think if I were to choose between the two, the kimono set has the more flattering fit.
  • Talbots Straight Leg Jeans – After looking forever and a day for classic, straight leg jeans with a finished hem, no distressing, minimal fading and a slim cut, I realized I was evidently looking for a unicorn. Ha! That’s when I remembered how much I actually love Talbots jeans. So when I was in the store recently I got these straight leg jeans in the Amagansett wash. They are officially my new favorite jeans and you will see me in them frequently. I give up trying to find what I’m looking for amongst “the premium denim set.” These are perfect for me. I wear a size 8 in them as I do in most Talbots jeans. However, I also got the Talbots high waist relaxed jeans in the Huron wash, and I did size up to a 10 in this less stretchy denim.
  • Estee Lauder Futurist SkinTint Serum – I recently started using the Estee Lauder Futurist SkinTint Serum because I wanted a lighter consistency foundation than the Tarte Babassu Foundcealer I’d been using (and still may use occasionally). I’m really enjoying wearing something a little more sheer and I’m getting lots of compliments on it. I wear shade 2N1, desert beige. This foundation goes on beautifully. I use the BK Beauty 106 round foundation brush – another favorite! And then I follow up with the BeautyBlender – yet another must-have.
  • Penelope Maya hoop earrings – I don’t have a great photo of me wearing them, but I’m loving these dainty, 14k gold earrings (use code KAY15 for 15% off your purchase at Penelope Jewelry). Rachel sent them to me to share with you, and I’m so pleased with everything I’ve received so far from Penelope Jewelry. This is her fine jewelry collection. I wear them frequently, so you’ll see them in my daily looks like in this post.

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Thanks for dropping in today. Have a blessed and beautiful day!

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Blessed for My Day

Last week in our Blessed for My Day sections I shared a few verses for us to think on and pray through in regards to the situation in Israel. Today I would like to provide you with a resource that I think will be invaluable to you and others in your life. I believe that most Christians really want to know how to respond to and pray for the crisis in the Middle East correctly, biblically. But many, like me, have limited knowledge about this situation.

That’s why I was so grateful when my husband took the time to preach two thorough sermons on the history of Israel, the future of Israel and how we can pray for the country. James has a doctorate in ministry, over 30 years of experience pastoring Bible-based churches and over 10 years of teaching Bible history on the university level. He is a master communicator, especially when it comes to history. You’ll find his recent podcast about Israel along with his other recent teaching HERE. Watch for him to upload part two in a day or two.

How I love Your Law!
It is my meditation all the day.
Your commandments make me wiser than my enemies,
For they are ever mine.
I have more insight than all my teachers,
For Your testimonies are my meditation.
I understand more than those who are old,
Because I have complied with Your precepts. ~ Psalm 119:97-100

xoxo, Kay
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8 thoughts on “These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Hi Kay,

    I also love the Tartlette in Bloom shadow palette. It is great for every day wear and has those couple shimmery options for – as you said – glamming it up. I also love a classic denim jacket. Mine is from Talbots. I must say you look amazing in those VB dickey jackets. They look incredibly polished. Thanks for sharing this list of your favorite things!

  2. Thank you, thank you, for the info about the City Beauty sale on the 10th. I was just thinking (hoping) for a Black Friday sale. 2 for 1 is great! I’m interested in the mascara, as well. Kay, what blush do you use with the Rebellious Rose lipstick? Your coloring is just gorgeous.

  3. I really found your “Favourite Things” message today very helpful! I am also getting some good ideas for my family for Christmas from your gift suggestions!
    Very Helpful, and Thank You

  4. Hi Kay,

    Thank you for the beautiful job you do each day ! I look forward to seeing what you have for us, including your daily devotional.

    I was wondering if you have ever tried the pants by “Not Your Daughers Jeans” ? I have had a lot of luck with their pants.

    Take care, and keep up the good work making the world more beautiful.

  5. Love your husband’s podcast. It helps us understand the ancient and more current history of Israel. We believers in Christ benefit from knowing as best we can at such a time of this what God has in place for his chosen people. Please continue to send us more.

  6. So happy to hear about the City Beauty sake coming up! I’m in need of more mascara!!
    Some great ideas for Christmas gifts too!
    Thank you!