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Recent Fall Outfits + New Talbots Deliveries

November 3, 2023

Happy Friday! I do indeed have my recent daily fall outfits to share with you today. But I also got in some fun new things from Talbots so I thought I’d share those, too. I ordered several pretty things to create fun holiday party looks as well as some warm T by Talbots items for getting out and about and staying cozy. But first, my real life outfits. Let’s get at it!

Daily Fall Outfits for Women Over 50

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How This Works

These are my real life outfits from my own closet. Many of these things are available, but some may not be. When I can locate one quickly I’ll share substitutes and/or more economical options. But if I don’t provide one and you’d like for me to, just ask.

All available items are linked in the captions of the photos. Even if they don’t look like links (sometimes they don’t highlight for some reason), they generally are. So just click through if you’re interested.

I’ll share the Talbots outfits after my daily looks. Right now you can get 30% off your entire purchase at Talbots.

My Recent Fall Outfits

This first outfit is one I wore to church a couple of weeks ago. Remember, we have a small home church, and everyone dresses very casually. It was a cold day, so it felt like a good time to wear my Alice Walk Cape. So classic and pretty. I’m wearing a medium.

Jeans and Sweater Outfit
Alice Walk Cape // jeans (TTS) // sweater in undyed stone (TTS) (more economical option) // booties // necklace // earrings (use code KAY15 for 15% off your purchase at Penelope Jewelry)

I wore the Alice Walk Cape over my lighter wash jeans and a new Jenni Kayne sweater in undyed stone (TTS) (more economical option). I finished the look with my light suede booties. But since then I’ve purchased these slightly darker suede booties, and I’d definitely swap them in here next time.

The next outfit is basically sold out. But it’s a black lounge set that I love from Athleta

loungewear outfit
pants // similar top // sneakers

Next is a work from outfit. I had gotten these jeans in and wanted to give them a try. So I topped them with this pretty lavender sweater I’d purchased in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s available again and marked down temporarily.

Jeans and Sweater Outfit
jeans // booties sold out // cashmere crewneck sweater // necklace // earrings // bracelet

The jeans are great, but I do have to wear a heel with them. That’s not a problem since I really don’t care for wide leg jeans without one. I did size up in these jeans.

I’m loving my Madewell Harlow wide-leg pants, and last week I got the chocolate raisin color in. So I wore this fun outfit to church last weekend.

Brown Harlow Wide Leg Pants
wide-leg pants in chocolate raisin // t-shirt // denim jacket // similar sneakers (more economical) // bucket bag // earrings (use code KAY15 for 15% off your purchase at Penelope Jewelry)

It’s funny; that t-shirt always gets a lot of attention. People seem to love it. Go figure. I also wanted to point out the earrings I’m wearing above and in several other outfits. These are 14k gold mini hoops from Penelope jewelry, which is the fine jewelry collection of Rachelyn Jewelry. I’m wearing these so often, and I’m really enjoying rebuilding my fine jewelry collection. I sold all my 14k gold years ago to help take my family on a vacation to New York City. So it’s nice to begin to restore that.

grey jeans and oatmeal flannel shirt
t-shirt not available // flannel shirt // jeans no longer available // loafers // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I wore the above outfit while taping videos on Monday and just kept it on the rest of the day. That Frank & Eileen flannel shirt is pricey, but it is absolutely the softest flannel shirt I’ve ever come across. It’s a nice thickness, too. Thick, but not like a jacket.

Next is an outfit I wore to work during the day because I knew we wore going out to dinner at night. I love this velveteen shirtdress from J.Jill. I do wish I’d gotten the size small (which I always do from J.Jill), but I was in a hurry that day and settled for the medium instead. Definitely size down.

Corduroy Jeans
velveteen shirtdress // similar boots // necklace // similar clutch // earrings (use code KAY15 for 15% off your purchase at Penelope Jewelry)

And this next outfit is what I wore yesterday in our Instagram Live. I was sharing outfit ideas for hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Several readers had requested that. This particular outfit was a suggestion for a more formal dinner. You can still watch that Instagram Live if you’d like to see the other options I presented.

Party Outfits
black pants // woven sleeve v-neck pullover // ballet flats (use code SARAHFLINT-CCLAURAKAY1 for 15% off your first full-price order at Sarah Flint) // earrings (use code KAY15 for 15% off your purchase at Penelope Jewelry)

The thinking behind this outfit is that those Spanx black pants look great but they’re also comfortable. And you can eat in them. Ha! You’ll see that woven sleeve v-neck pullover again in a bit. It’s one of the new deliveries from Talbots. I LOVE it. And it also comes in black. I’m wearing my usual size medium.

T by Talbots
top // pants // sneakers // necklace // earrings // bracelet

After the Instagram Live I changed into one of the other outfits I had shown for a more casual family only option. These black out & about stretch pants (also a new delivery from Talbots) are elevated yoga pants. They fit so nicely true to size. They have a very high waistband. They have a seam down the front that makes them a little more polished looking. On the website Talbots shows them on models out in the snow. I would not wear these in the snow. They are not that warm. Truly, they are elevated yoga pants.

More New Deliveries from Talbots

So that leads us to the other new deliveries from Talbots. First up, I ordered a few casual T by Talbots jackets to wear the top and pants combo above. Originally the idea was to return one of them. But…hmm. I love them all!

T by Talbots
sherpa jacket // top // pants // sneakers // necklace // earrings // bracelet

The colorful plaid sherpa jacket above is so soft and cozy. I’ve already taken the tags off of this one. It’s definitely staying with me. I can wear this inside and out. It fits so nicely true to size. And that zipper operates like a dream. It’s very well made. I love that the sleeve ends with an elasticized fabric cuff that will keep my wrists warm.

T by Talbots
high shine quilted puffer vest // sherpa jacket // top // pants // sneakers // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I was intrigued by this high shine quilted puffer vest and thought it would look sporty and fun. I do love it, but it is quite large. I don’t know that going down a size would fix that; then it might be a little tight under the arms. I love the jacket itself, but I’m not sure about how I think it looks on me. What do you think?

T by Talbots
woven trim jacket // top // pants // sneakers // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I also got this violet and black woven trim jacket to wear with the Out and About pants. It features a similar stretchy fabric cuff and zipper front. It fits just like the other jacket really, just looks a little more subdued. I’m not sure I need both of these, but they do offer very different looks.

T by Talbots
woven trim jacket // high shine quilted puffer vest // top // pants // sneakers // necklace // earrings // bracelet

And here’s the high shine quilted puffer vest over that woven trim jacket. And I turned around to give you a back view, too. The puffer vest is a little longer in the back, covering your assets nicely.

Next I have some pretty party clothes from Talbots. I’m loving the red and pink this year.

Party Outfits
button-shoulder mockneck top // Weston pants // boucle block heel pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I really like how this red button-shoulder mockneck top works with the violet rose Weston pants. But the mockneck top feels a little small on me. I’m wearing my usual medium, but it fits snugger on my upper arms than it does on the model on the website. That I can understand, but it also looks a little too snug across the chest on me, and I’m not large in the chest at all. So I’d need to size up, but then the top may look like a tent. Not sure about this one. Also, you do (or at least I do) have to unfasten those buttons on the neck to get the top on and off. Otherwise, it’s a gorgeous, silky top.

Of course I would wear this jewelry with this outfit; I just had these pieces on and wasn’t paying much attention to them. By the way, I actually purchased (and already received and love) these earrings from J.Crew to wear with this pink and red combo. You can get 30% off at J.Crew today with code FRIENDS or 40% off with code FAMILY if you’re a rewards club member.

Party Outfits
button-shoulder mockneck top // Weston pants // suede Evelyn pearl pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

In the first photo I was wearing this mockneck top and Weston pants combo with the pink boucle block heel pumps, which I love. They fit true to size so comfortably. But here I switched in the red suede Evelyn pearl pumps. These shoes are also very smart, but are a little roomier. I’m keeping both pair.

The Weston pants fit true to size or size down if in between sizes; I’m wearing an 8. They have a nice high waistband. Obviously they need to be pressed, but these are gorgeous pants. They come in red, too. And I would be so tempted to buy them except I have the red Hampshire ankle pants from last year, which you’ll see below.

Party Outfits
woven sleeve v-neck pullover // Weston pants // boucle block heel pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

I also topped the Weston pants with the gold woven sleeve v-neck pullover so you could see how that combination works. It’s not my favorite look, but it definitely is an option. And I do love that woven sleeve v-neck pullover. I’m especially a fan of the polished button cuffs, such a nice detail. To me this is so much more comfortable than wearing a button front blouse, and quite flattering. Remember, it is also available in black here.

Party Outfits
woven sleeve v-neck pullover // red Hampshire ankle pants // suede Evelyn pearl pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

Now here’s a pretty pairing. I love the woven sleeve v-neck pullover over my red Hampshire ankle pants. I purchased these pants last year, but they’re back this year. They fit true to size or size up if in between; I’m wearing a 10. The suede Evelyn pearl pumps complete this outfit beautifully.

Party Outfits
cashmere charming cardigan // red Hampshire ankle pants // suede Evelyn pearl pumps // necklace // earrings // bracelet

And finally, I also got the red cashmere charming cardigan to wear with the red Hampshire ankle pants. I adore this monochromatic look. The cashmere charming cardigan fits true to size. It features pretty gem studded buttons that elevate the look nicely.

That’s a wrap! Let me know if you have any questions. And remember, right now you can 30% off your entire purchase at Talbots. You’ll also get free shipping on a purchase of $150+.

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Blessed for My Day

This week I’ve been sharing scriptures that help us to understand the biblical and historical context for the ongoing conflict in the Middle East. I’m asking that we continue to take these words from Scripture in and allow the Holy Spirit to teach us from them. Instead of commenting, just ask God for insight and guidance. Thank you so much for helping me with this.

“Behold, I am about to make Jerusalem a cup of staggering to all the surrounding peoples. The siege of Jerusalem will also be against Judah. On that day I will make Jerusalem a heavy stone for all the peoples. All who lift it will surely hurt themselves. And all the nations of the earth will gather against it. ~ Zechariah 12:2-3

“Thus says the Lord God: When I gather the house of Israel from the peoples among whom they are scattered, and manifest my holiness in them in the sight of the nations, then they shall dwell in their own land that I gave to my servant Jacob. And they shall dwell securely in it, and they shall build houses and plant vineyards. They shall dwell securely, when I execute judgments upon all their neighbors who have treated them with contempt. Then they will know that I am the Lord their God.” ~ Ezekiel 28:26

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! “May they be secure who love you!” ~ Psalm 122:6




xoxo, Kay
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12 thoughts on “Recent Fall Outfits + New Talbots Deliveries

  1. Hi Kay I Loved ALL of your Outfits you wore this week and your Try Ons too ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️I do think you suit that Pink puffer jacket and I don’t think it would look right sized down. You totally Rock the colour Red and also Bright Pink . WOW to that outfit of Red cardigan + Red trousers Absolutely Gorgeous !!!! You look so Classy Elegant and Chic. What a Beautiful and Selfless thing you did selling your gold to have a family vacation🥰So pleased you are now able to replace your gold jewellery 💛

  2. I LOVE the colors that you combine! I tend to be too matchy-matchy and that ends up looking dated or boring or something not good. Your combinations look current and fun!

  3. The puffer jacket need to go! There is just too much material around your neck. I love the other 2 tops with the outfit! Maybe keep both?!. Have a good weekend!

  4. Everything you put on looks good on you! Thanks for all the hours and grace you put into your work. Like many women, the priority for me is always whether an outfit or piece looks good on me. That means paying attention to my figure and all its flaws; big hips, narrow sloping shoulders, double chin, wide ankles. There are styles that work best. Have you ever thought of addressing how to look fashionable when the body is not proportional?

  5. So, I’m not in love with the pink puffer jacket but that’s just me – reminds me of doll clothes my daughter’s Barbie had, maybe because it appears plastic to me – it is nice and bright, though, and would certainly lift your spirits on a dark winter day! Having said that, I feel like the violet and black woven trim jacket seemed too dark and almost frumpish for my taste. I like the plaid jacket the best – with Talbot’s, there really aren’t any bad choices, though!

  6. Kay, thanks for all the outfits and styling. With one exception, everything looks terrific on you. I LOVE that plaid Talbot’s jacket you modeled so happy to see it on a real person rather than their model! I also love the pinks and reds — a bolder look than I normally wear, but there’s a first time for everything, right? I have a short “lady” jacket in pink from eons ago, but it looks on-trend again. I don’t have red, but I do have new burgundy pants and will try them together. So, the exception is that puffer vest: all one sees is the vest and you and the rest of the outfit disappear, so that would be a big ‘no,’ from someone who loved quilted vests. Happy Friday.

  7. I love the shiny puffer vest! I like the stitching and the way it goes with the tops. I do not like the fit of the red mockneck.

  8. For our Thanksgiving dinner at our inlaws country club, I was thinking of wearing my black Talbots pants, the new Audrey sweater in an abstract animal print pairing with the brown suede boots that Talbots has. Good combo?