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The Trending COLORS of Spring/Summer 2024

January 23, 2024

Let’s warm up a little on this cold winter day by dreaming of the trending colors of spring and summer 2024. These are the colors the Pantone Color Institute™ predicts will be showing up in our favorite clothing retailers because they dominated the runways during the New York Fashion Week for spring and summer. I’ve selected just a few of the expected color trends to highlight today, but there is a bouquet of delightful hues to anticipate.

The Trending Colors of Spring/Summer 2024
lilac pants // blue shirt // palazzo pants // dress

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In fact, I’ve selected some of the colors that I think we ladies over 50 will look amazing in. But of course, colors are very subjective and personal choices. I always recommend that we limit our wardrobe color palette to just 3-5 signature colors and 3-4 neutrals for each season. So you definitely shouldn’t feel the need to wear all of the colors I’m featuring or the others. Choose the ones that excite you, make you feel and look your best and that work nicely with each other.

Where do these “trending colors” come from exactly?

Each year the Pantone Color Institute™ creates a color palette based on the colors they expect to see in the New York Fashion Week shows for the upcoming seasons. These predictions are based on insider knowledge they have of the collections being prepared by the top designers.

Pantone 2024 SpringSummer Colors - Vertical
source: Pantone Color Institute™

The institute also reflects on why the particular colors are expected to trend. Believe it or not, trends do not exist in a vacuum; they generally reflect what is going on in the world and how people are navigating current circumstances. The trending colors for spring/summer 2024 are said to be “infused with a hint of nostalgia,” and the colors are predicted to evoke feelings of comfort and joy.

Pantone 2024 SpringSummer Colors - Horizontal
source: Pantone Color Institute™

Let’s check out the trending colors for spring/summer 2024!

Pastel Lilac

Personally I’m excited to see pastel lilac on the list of trending colors for spring/summer 2024. I started incorporating this pale purple into my wardrobe this winter and have really enjoyed it. I’ve received a lot of compliments when wearing it, too. I suspect that’s because it works nicely with my light skin tone, light green eyes and silvery hair. But I think women with a variety of skin tones and hair colors will look beautiful in the soft, whimsical color.

Pastel Lilac
sweater // scarf // slingbacks // pants // blouse // shoulder bag // blazer

You can wear pastel lilac beautifully with white or ivory pants or skirts this spring and summer. But it also pairs nicely with blue and grey denim. For each of the colors I’m focusing on, I’ve created a style inspiration board (above) and linked the items shown in the captions. Then I’ve found a few additional items currently available and put them all in a shopping widget (see below). But keep in mind that most brands have only a small selection of spring items up. There’s so much more to come in the next few months.


Let’s swing to the other side of the color wheel and check out the next predicted trending color of Spring/Summer 2024, orangeade. This bold orange shade is sure to be a favorite for many in the warmer months. It certainly evokes joy!

blouse // bag // dress // earrings // jeans // sandals // scarf

I think you’ll notice that all of the trending colors of spring/summer 2024 predicted by the Pantone Color Institute™ are deeply pigmented. So even if some of them are rather basic, they’re predicted to show up in depth and saturation. Even if you don’t opt to wear orangeade tops or dresses, this is a fun color to add just a splash in a pretty accessory like a scarf, shoes or handbag.

Desert Flower

Desert flower is a deeply saturated peach shade. It’s warm and feminine and creamy. I think it will look especially beautiful on women with warm and dark skin tones. But this is another one of those trending colors of spring/summer 2023 that can easily be incorporated into your wardrobe through accessories if you’d like to give it a try.

Desert Flower
floral top // joggers // necklace // dress // mules // tote // sweatshirt

Honestly, we don’t see many examples of desert flower in the stores yet. But it’s predicted to be one of the most prevalent shades. So we’ll see! Will you be wearing desert flower?


Now here’s another color I can get behind. I love wearing green in the spring especially. It just feels so seasonally appropriate as the world around us begins to “green up.” Don’t you think? Mint, as the green shade of the season is coined by Pantone, is a deeply saturated true green with a dark blue cast. But I’m seeing stores introduce more true green shades.

scarf // suit jacket // suit skirt // dress // bracelet // baseball cap // tank // sneaker

I generally have a similar shade of green in my spring and summer wardrobe, so this will not be a stretch for me. Definitely lean into your existing wardrobe on all of these trending colors. This is the time to let that trending color you already possess and enjoy shine.

Chambray Blue

Speaking of colors you already have in your closet, if you enjoy wearing blue you almost certainly already have shades of chambray blue in your wardrobe. Chambray blue is a deeply saturated blue with hints of steel grey at its core.

Chambray Blue
dress // cropped pants // slingbacks // necklace // shoulder bag // blazer

I expect to see this shade show up in pants, dresses, skirts and accessories. It will look lovely paired with dark wash denim (which is really trending for spring) and navy as well as white or ivory.

Now let’s check out a couple of the classic neutrals that will be trending for spring and summer 2024.

Northern Droplet

Northern droplet is a cool, icy grey. You can also expect metallic silver to trend through spring and summer. So I suspect that this neutral will be one that pairs nicely with it.

cardigan // pants // striped blouse // sandals // shoulder bag // dress // sunglasses

I enjoy wearing grey. I find that it pairs nicely with other spring and summer shades, such as pink, lavender, blue and even yellow.


And the final neutral that I’ll highlight here from the Pantone Color Institute’s predictions is mushroom. This is a soft, saturated shade of brown that I’ve enjoyed wearing this winter. I’m not sure I’ll be wearing a lot of it this spring, but you never know!

socks // earrings // shoes // lounge pants // zip front pullover // boots // t-shirt

I think we’ll see this shade pop up in basics such as jeans, jackets, pants and skirts, but also definitely in accessories like shoes, sunglasses, handbags and scarves. Mushroom is a nice neutral to wear if you prefer less harsh tones than black or navy. It’s soft and subtle.

Remember, this preview of the trending colors of spring and summer 2024 is just for fun. We certainly can continue to wear the colors we love and that we feel our best in. But it’s always fun to see what will be popular and prevalent in the stores for the season. Let me know which of the trending spring and summer colors you might incorporate into your wardrobe.

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Blessed for My Day

The topic of color reminded me of the biblical account I read recently of Joseph and his multicolored tunic. I have a love/hate relationship with that story. Ha! I imagine the coat that Joseph’s father Jacob gave to him was splendid indeed. But that colorful outer garment was gifted to his 11th son out of favoritism, an attitude that had already created much strife and dysfunction in this family.

Playing favorites never bodes well. But the worst thing about this account in my opinion is that it is an indicator of how irresponsible Jacob was as a parent. Even as parents of adult children we have a responsibility to think before we speak, pray before we offer advice, consider the consequences before we grant a loan and make other decisions based in godly wisdom, not fickle feelings or selfish motives. This causes me to remember to take seriously the way I interact with my children and grandchildren.

 Now Israel loved Joseph more than all his other sons, because he was the son of his old age; and he made him a multicolored tunic. And his brothers saw that their father loved him more than all his brothers; and so they hated him and could not speak to him on friendly terms. ~ Genesis 37:3-4

xoxo, Kay
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13 thoughts on “The Trending COLORS of Spring/Summer 2024

  1. I have the same love/hate feelings for Joseph’s coat too. So good how you related it to our parenting!
    Still think you could put all your devos in a beautiful book but I know you’re busy! Thanks for all you do to encourage us spiritually & help us look better physically!

  2. I loved seeing these Pantone colors. I did the chart and it revealed all are on my classic summer palette except the brush, orangeaid, lemon yellow and roobios tea. I’m exicted to shop my closet and get ready for the upcoming season.

  3. I’ve always thought Jacob loved Joseph and Benjamin more because he really loved their mother Rachel. He just put up with Leah. God favored Leah because Jesus came from that line. That’s just my thinking. As far as colors I like them all and have them in closet. I was confused about desert flower until you showed peach clothes. Other bloggers have been calling it peach. Normally I try different colors with T-shirts instead of other pieces. I stick to neutrals for pieces like pants and jackets.

  4. Some of these colors, such as deep red , chambray blue, light pink and gray I can see me incorporating into my wardrobe as it goes will with colors I already have. Cannot see me doing mushroom, mint green or orange as I am a Winter. Really liked the BFMD.

  5. I forgot to mention lilac. I like this color and goes well with other colors and looks good on a lot of women.

  6. Hello Kay,

    I’m an Autumn palette, so desert flower is my best color of what is currently trending, also the capri. I already have both in my closet. Could probably also do orangeade, watercress, and maybe the rooibos tea, more for bottoms than tops though. The other colors and the neutrals won’t work for me.

  7. Hi Kay! Always love to see what colors are trending each season. For some reason I did not get this post in my end box and the one for Wednesday the 24th. Not sure why, I looked in junk, spam , trash. 🤷‍♀️ Wonder if I am the only one? Hope you are doing well and feel ok?

    1. Hi Karen, emails did go out. I’m doing fine. Thanks so much for inquiring. According to my records, your emails earlier in the week “soft bounced,” which they say may be due to your inbox being full or your email server simply “not being available” during those times. So maybe your email server was having problems and has now resolved them.

  8. Hi, Kay, thanks so much for doing this summary! You either are the only one doing this or are way out ahead – either way, much appreciated.
    As a cool winter, there’s not much for me in what you’ve highlighted. The Rooibos Tea and the bright green are nice, but the neutrals will be awful for me.
    I can do the orange as an accent, though.
    Generally, I think the saturation that’s off for me, but as you say, it’s early days, and I’d rather look great than follow color trends that wash me out.
    Thanks again for the preview.

  9. Hi Kay loved your Devotional today and I love how you explain them in terms that I can relate with , loved how you used parenting as you say we have to be careful and think before we speak/act as this stays with a child even into adulthood♥️

    For me for Spring/Summer Colours it will definitely be Chambray Blue/ Marlin/pastel Lilac ( I have seen how gorgeous it is on you and how fresh and young it makes you look) like you I have silvery hair and light skin but my eyes are dark hazel so I’m a Soft Summer leaning slightly towards Autumn so the Mushroom suits me and in summer it looks so elegant . I love the Orangeade but that will have to be shoes or a bag like you advised, and that Desert Flower looks so soft , but I will see when the time comes . Another colour I think I could carry off definitely would be Capri it’s one of my colours and in Summer always reminds me of holidays with sparkling turquoise seas abroad . Thankyou Kay .

  10. These are some of my favorite blog posts that you do…when you highlight the Pantone colors. I’m so excited about lavender. Lavender has been my favorite color since I was a young girl and had a lavender bedroom. I try to have some in my wardrobe and my new bedding is lavender. Some of these Pantone colors are so beautiful. I’d love to know how they determine that’s the new trending colors.