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Sweater Trends 2022 – Still Available in #NSale

July 19, 2022

Well, true to form, items in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are moving fast. With discounts up to 50%, it’s no wonder the fall fashions are flying off the racks, even in the heat of summer. So when I discovered that much of the fall outfit I had photographed to share with you today is already sold out, I decided to focus on what is still available in the #NSale 2022. I’ve rounded up some great sweaters that are still well stocked, at least as of Monday afternoon, July 18th. And I thought I’d highlight a few of the trends I’m seeing as we go through a few that I’ve tried on and/or purchased.

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Sweater Trends We’re Seeing for Fall 2022

Noteworthy Neutrals and Cool Colors

Of course it’s early, but so far the sweaters we’re seeing in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale are showing up in some new and noteworthy neutrals as well as cooler colors. This spring we saw lots of warm yellow, orange and peach, but for fall so far I’m seeing pinks, plums, purples and periwinkles along with cooler shades of blue and green and red.

Pink V-neck Sweater
sweater // earrings // necklace

My Nordstrom brand pink zephyr v-neck sweater is also available in purple cabbage and black. It’s very soft and made from recycled fibers. This is the sweater I originally photographed for today’s post, but the jacket I had paired with it is now sold out. But this is definitely the kind of sweater that can hold its own in an outfit, especially with the seam details and v-neck in the back. It runs true to size.

Pink Sweater with Jeans
sweater // earrings // necklace // jeans (TTS) // boots (TTS)

Although my Paige jeans are almost sold out, I do want to share that they fit true to size or size up if in between sizes. They are extremely comfortable and so on trend with the slight flare leg and chewed hemline. Maybe they’ll restock? Or at least get in a few returns. And while my Paul Green boots are pricey, they are such a good buy for this outstanding brand. And so comfortable!

Sweater and Jeans
sweater // earrings // necklace // jeans (TTS) // boots (TTS)

Let’s move on to more sweaters!

Like I said, I’m seeing lots of cooler toned colors, like the pink zephyr sweater above. But we’re also seeing lots of brown. Of course there is a fair smattering of other neutrals, such as grey and black. And camel has definitely shown up big in this year’s #NSale. But I think the newest neutral to make a mark is definitely dark, rich, chocolate brown.

Paige Laurel Canyon high waist chewed hem flare jeans
Sweater (TTS or size down) // earrings // necklace // jeans (TTS) // boots

The brown temple sweater above has more golden tones, but there are plenty of true chocolate browns in the sale this year, too. And I expect to see more as fall approaches. I’m all in and ready to wear brown this year. What about you?

Loose and Oversized Fits Continue to Trend

I’ll get to a other silhouettes in a minute, but first let’s acknowledge that loose and oversized silhouettes are definitely continuing to trend. That doesn’t mean you don’t need your sweater to fit. I’d say at least look for pullovers that fit in the shoulders. And if you prefer a slimmer fit you can usually just size down in these oversized options.

Camel Sweater
cashmere v-neck sweater // Paige flare jeans // molten pendant necklace // herringbone chain necklace // Camry drop earrings // leather tote

Even the classic camel cashmere v-neck sweater above has an oversized fit. I sized down to a small in this boxy fit sweater so that it wouldn’t be so big on me. This super soft cashmere v-neck sweater is nicely substantial, not as thin as some of the other cashmere sweaters in the sale. And it appears to still be well-stocked. If you like camel at all, I think this cashmere v-neck sweater is such a smart buy. It’s classic enough to stay in your wardrobe for years. And camel, like black, really elevates a casual look. Plus this v-neck sweater really reads like a neutral toned camel.

Lots of Texture

Kut from the Kloth jeans
Kut from the Kloth Rachel fab ab mom jeans // Vince wool & cashmere rib tunic sweater // Madewell desert dune leather belt // Steve Madden Fleur Pointed Toe Mules in black plaid

We’re also seeing some good texture in sweaters this year. Details like ribbing, nubby fabric, rolled edges, lettuce edges and other textures make a sweater more interesting and rich looking. I think the tailored ribbing in the sweater above makes it more flattering and feminine, while the close fitting crew neck and long sleeves give it a contrasting fisherman vibe.

Purple Mesa Cashmere Sweater
cable stick crewneck cashmere sweater // jeans // mules // earrings

I think the sweater above was added to the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale late, so, despite its great quality and appearance, it’s seemingly still well stocked. This cable stick crewneck cashmere sweater runs true to size; I’m wearing a medium. It’s very thick and chunky, but not overly heavy. It’s very soft inside and out.

Cropped Lengths to Wear with Higher Rise Pants & Jeans

Because we’re seeing so many higher rise jeans and pants, sweater lengths are shortening, too. That doesn’t mean we don’t still see tunic length sweaters. We do. But there is a wider variety of cropped length sweaters that look great with higher waistbands and more cropped or ankle lengths.

Eileen Fisher
boat neck raglan sleeve merino wool sweater // Eileen Fisher corduroy cropped tapered pants // Cole Haan Viola skimmer flats // Kendra Scott drop earrings // Argento Vivo Herringbone chain necklace

I like these more cropped lengths because you can achieve good proportions with them without having to tuck them in. But only you can know if they will work with your own proportions and body shape. For instance, if you have a large middle section, you may want to steer clear of sweaters that end right at your widest part, accentuating that width. So shop accordingly.

Eileen Fisher

The Eileen Fisher boat neck raglan sleeve merino wool sweater shown above also comes in other colors and in plus sizes (only in the clearwater blue). I sized down to a small, as I generally do with Eileen Fisher tops.

Polo, Cardigan & Henley Necklines

Because we’re seeing jeans and pants legs get wider and flared, we’re also seeing the return of closer fitting tops. That means there’s room for more form fitted sweaters, and they often feature Henley or polo style necklines. Or they are cardigans designed to be buttoned up and worn as pullovers. In other words, they button at the collar for easy on and off.

Frame Shunken Silk Blend Cardigan // BP Ribbed long sleeve Polo Sweater

The Frame Shunken Silk Blend Cardigan is pricey but I’ve heard the quality is excellent. I’ve ordered it in the medium and large to give it a whirl, and I had hoped it would arrive in time to share with you. It’s a beautiful rich, dark chocolate brown. The BP Ribbed long sleeve Polo Sweater comes in several other colors, too.

Lots of Cashmere & Recycled Fibers

We’re definitely still seeing lots of cashmere sweaters. They’re just so rich and soft. But we continue to see more and more sweaters manufactured from recycled fibers, too. So while these sweaters may feature manmade fibers, at least they are recycled. And technology is improving these blends, too.

Cashmere Sweater and Jeans
Nordstrom cashmere crewneck sweater // Caslon distressed straight leg jeans // leather belt // herringbone chain necklace // cubic zirconia earrings // Kyla flats

Well, that’s all the sweaters I personally have to share with you. I’ve kept most of these, but I did return the one Treasure & Bond Sweater, just because I have a similar one in a v-neck. Oh, and I did return the pink zephyr v-neck sweater because I opted to keep the similarly colored purple mesa cable stick crewneck cashmere sweater.

But there are still more to choose from in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. And prices run the full gamut, starting below $15. And remember, many of the sweaters I’m showing below actually come in a selection of colors and neutrals. So click on through for more options.

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2 thoughts on “Sweater Trends 2022 – Still Available in #NSale

  1. Hi Kay I was very happy to hear that there may be a trend toward shorter sweaters. I’m short so most of the sweaters and T-shirts in the last couple of years almost reach my knees! Ha. I love the Eileen Fischer pale blue sweater but alas, I can’t wear wool. I’ll keep searching however. Thank you for your daily advice and Blessed for my Day.

  2. Hi Kay,
    I love the colors and fabrics of these sweaters. A month or so ago I bought my first cashmere sweater (for fall) and I love the feel and drape of it. I however cannot use the drop shoulders that you’ve shown. I guess I’m sitting-out that trend for a while. 🙂
    I appreciate your BFMD reminder. In the past few years I’ve had 6 surgeries and lots of recoveries and adjustments in my life. In all of that I have seen God working and blessing me in so many ways. My advice??? Keep looking up to the Lord and keep in the scriptures. God is always with us no matter what the trouble may be.
    Thank you and God bless.